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Cast Royale is a bi-weekly podcast on the hit Supercell mobile game Clash Royale. At the helm are brothers Rob & Joe, two casual Clashers who have an appetite for delivering news & hot discussions, relevant tips & strategies, chest openings, deck spotlights, and so much more. They are even family-friendly so you can listen with people of all ages! This is the Clash Royale podcast for casual players, and we are here to help players learn, grow, and play together. See you in the arena!
Barkly Pets is an app-based dog walking service with the highest vetting, training, and safety standards. Every Barkly walker goes through a thorough onboarding process that includes hours of in-person training and vetting resulting in a community of the most reliable, trusted, and safety-focused professionals. This podcast will be used to share news, spotlight walkers and provide some education for our walking community. Our target audience is primarily dog walkers, but anyone who loves pet ...
Reviewing the Hell Out of Horror Movies.
Is the economy on the verge of a recession? Or a boom? Or something in between? What did that employment report really mean? Investors are faced with a blizzard of economic data, most of it hard to interpret. How do you know what really matters and what can safely be ignored? Every two weeks, Wall Street veteran Joe Calhoun cuts through the fog of statistics and zeroes in on the important reports and market indicators.
Geekly Bi-Weekly
It's all about the content. Preferred Weapon? Podcast. Here we talk about it all. Games, movies, comics, movies.... shoot, anything that you like. For me for you. Enjoy
Makeshift Stories
A bi-weekly journey into the improbable. Original speculative fiction, sci-fi & fantasy stories for all Ages.
Gravy is a biweekly podcast that tells stories of the changing American South through the foods we eat.
They Walk Among Us is an award-winning bi-weekly UK true crime podcast covering a broad range of cases from the sinister to the surreal.
A biweekly podcast covering the last great war. Join Ray Harris Jr as he explores World War Two in intimate detail.
Keepin' it 1600
Four former aides to President Obama — Jon Favreau, Dan Pfeiffer, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor — host a biweekly Ringer podcast to discuss the political world, analyze the Trump presidency, and welcome commentary from journalists and politicians.
The BackBeat
Biweekly podcast dedicated to talking about what's happening in popular music.
Palaeo After Dark
A group of fresh faced scientists have biweekly informal discussions about evolutionary biology and palaeontology... over beer.
Current's The Pub
Current's biweekly podcast about news and trends in public and nonprofit media.
Imaginary Worlds
Imaginary Worlds is a bi-weekly podcast about science fiction and other fantasy genres -- how we create them and why we suspend our disbelief. These are the backstories to our stories.
Making It is a biweekly audio podcast hosted by Jimmy Diresta, Bob Clagett and David Picciuto. Three different makers with different backgrounds talking about creativity, design and making things with your bare hands.
The Black Tapes
The Black Tapes is a bi-weekly podcast from the creators of Pacific Northwest Stories, and is hosted by Alex Reagan. The Black Tapes Podcast is a serialized docudrama about one journalist's search for truth, her enigmatic subject's mysterious past, and the literal and figurative ghosts that haunt them both. Do you believe?
Bi-weekly news and interviews about communicating effectively in post-secondary education
Filmspotting: SVU is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Alison Willmore and Matt Singer focusing on the world of online movies. Part of the Filmspotting family of podcasts and the Panoply Network.
Fatum Music
A bi-weekly podcast hosted by Grammy Nominated Fatum.
Illegal Argument
Mark, Greg, and Peter's bi-weekly discussion about topics relating to the Java/JVM space with an Auckland and New Zealand focus.
Reading Women
Reading Women is bi-weekly podcast featuring books by or about women.
Chef Soleil Ho and journalist Zahir Janmohamed interview chefs and purveyors of color and tackle food's relationship to race, gender, and class in their bi-weekly podcast from Portland, Oregon.
Tech Talk Y'all
Tech Talk Y'all is a bi-weekly show with your hosts Sanjay Parekh and Adam Walker. Sanjay and Adam dish about technology and often other seemingly random topics. Episodes are targeted to be about 30 minutes in length.
Pleasing Terrors
Join acclaimed ghost storyteller Mike Brown for a bi-weekly tour through the shadows of history. The Pleasing Terrors Podcast features stories about haunted places, creepy history, and forgotten folklore.
Theater People
Interviews with Tony Winners, Broadway Legends, and Today's Hottest Theater Stars. Brought to you biweekly by Patrick Hinds and Mike Jensen.
A bi-weekly conspiracy theory podcast hosted by comedians Adam Tod Brown and Connor McSpadden.
The Blues Record
The Blues Record podcast, with @_HarperJohnson & @EddieDelta. Your bi-weekly blues music show, with a side of silly goose & talk too much. Feel free to subscribe!
36 Times
A podcast featuring all things criminally Canadian, as told by two ladies. New episodes biweekly!
This Week in Kpop
This Week in Kpop is a bi-weekly discussion podcast of the newest Kpop music video releases. Join two guys discover, discuss, and digest a healthy scoop of Kpop goodness each week!
The Wicked Library
The Wicked Library is a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to bringing you stories of horror by the newest and best independent authors. We showcase original short stories, from various horror sub-genres, dramatically read by talented voice actors. Stories feature musical scoring to create truly immersive experience. Enjoy a story? Most of our authors have more stories available on their websites, own podcasts, Amazon pages and elsewhere. Hosted and produced by Daniel Foytik.
PR Hangover
A bi-weekly advertising and public relations podcast featuring some of West Michigan's most knowledgeable professionals in the area.
The SBS Cycling Central Podcast is a bi-weekly cycling podcast. A sometimes irreverent and punchy look at the world of professional cycling with some serious bits profiling the big races and riders thrown in. Recorded at the SBS Radio studios.
BasilTonic is a group aimed at promoting up and coming Independent Musicians. Each episode, we review different tracks and covers for up and coming independent musicians. Along with this, a different composer is brought in for an exclusive interview each and every episode. We release New episodes Sundays at 7:00 PM central every two weeks.
Join hosts Matt Bowes and Erin Fraser for a bi-weekly podcast that explores the wonderful world of Hindi Cinema through the lens of two Canadian film fans! Part of the Alberta Podcast Network powered by ATB.
The Big Loop
The Big Loop is a biweekly anthology series from the co-creator of The Black Tapes. Hosted by Michael Kim, each episode is a self-contained narrative exploring the strange, the wonderful, the terrifying, and the heartbreaking. Stories of finite beings in an infinite universe.
Join "Cowboy" For his bi-weekly partycast. You can also enjoy "1-on-1 with Cowboy" for an in-depth personal interview with guests.
Israel Story
Israel Story is a bi-weekly podcast, hosted by Mishy Harman and distributed by PRX, the Public Radio Exchange. It tells modern tales from an ancient land – the kind of stories you’d share with a friend over a plate of hummus on a Friday afternoon, or with your partner at the end of a long day. These are everyday stories, told by, and about, regular Israelis. The award-winning show is produced in partnership with Tablet Magazine.
A biweekly roundtable by the former editorial team of The Dissolve examining how classic films inspire and inform modern movies. Episodes take a deep dive into a classic film and its legacy in the first half, then compare and contrast that film with a modern successor in the second. Hosted and produced by Genevieve Koski, Keith Phipps, Tasha Robinson and Scott Tobias. Part of the Filmspotting family of podcasts and the Panoply Network.
Lewis H. Lapham, the founder and editor of Lapham’s Quarterly, interviews authors of new books of history. New episodes are released biweekly.
Tanis is a bi-weekly podcast from the Public Radio Alliance, and is hosted by Nic Silver. Tanis is a serialized docudrama about a fascinating and surprising mystery: the myth of Tanis. Tanis is an exploration of the nature of truth, conspiracy, and information. Tanis is what happens when the lines of science and fiction start to blur... Support TANIS to hear exclusive MINI and BONUS EPISODES and more! Please rate and review on iTunes if you enjoy TANIS! http:/ ...
This bi-weekly podcast combines personal stories of the autoimmune experience, with interviews with experts in the field of health and nutrition. We are empowering ourselves to reclaim our lives! Do you have questions? Please visit
whistlekick Martial Arts Radio is a bi-weekly podcast interviewing traditional martial artists. We hear their stories and journeys, the way they overcame challenges and learn how to be better people through the guests martial arts experiences. Past guests have included many famous martial artists from Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu and other disciplines.
Crossover Appeal
Crossover Appeal is a bi-weekly podcast about media, fandom, and who you’d ship. Hosts Annie Cardi & Walt McGough take two popular pieces of culture, analyze their thematic relationships, and then figure out how to mash 'em up together. Basically, it's like tumblr for your ears.
RC Afterhours
Join us bi-weekly for news, products and entertainment in the RC world of flight.
WoW! Talk! is Mash Those Button's bi-weekly podcast about World of Warcraft. Expect to hear news, rumors, and just the general on goings in the WoW world.
Biweekly interviews and mailbags from Joe Chaffin, MD, the "Blood Bank Guy"
The Spokesmen Podcast is a bi-weekly roundtable discussion of all of the issues and events surrounding the world of cycling. It features cycling insiders including those from current and former media, marketing, manufacturing, racing, etc. These are some of the most well-known and trusted voices in cycling.
Podcasting 101
A Podcast all about Podcasting. A Bi-weekly chat with the brightest and best podcasters out there, to learn how they built their podcast from the ground up! Learn new tips and tricks each new episode!
A short biweekly podcast covering a variety topics around the World of Warcraft
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In this episode, Paco can't seem to impress the intake clerk at a community health clinic. Milky gets upset about all the stupid bitches that come up during each story. Pouch here. It's been quite some time. Due some mental health issues, both related and unrelated to the passing of Eugene, I've just decided to go bi-weekly for a bit. There may ...…
Slim finally decided to slam his fist straight through all of our equipment and delete a good 20 minutes of this episode but we're so dedicated that we started from scratch and tried to bring it back. Listen to us struggle to touch on the things from the deleted segment, flea markets, waiters and waitresses, the strange stuff young boys do toge ...…
Steve Saleen gets everyone up to date on the S7 and his new Saleen 1 and why it is powered by a 4 cylinder engine. Hear the inspiration behind the S7 and the new limited production of them he is going to reissue but with double the horsepower. Yes, you heard us right, some new S7’s are going to be built! Skidmarks Show friend Corey from the ban ...…
What's going on Ragers? Hope you're enjoying the hell out of Spring Time as we dive ever deeper into the magical time of year that is Festival Season. Huge new mix right here, highlighting the latest and greatest releases. New music coming to you from the likes of Tiesto, Riggi & Piros, Arty, Bailo, Dodge & Fuski with PhaseOne, Super8 & Tab, Af ...…
Episode One of True North Crime: The Podcast.A bi-weekly, light hearted look at all things mysterious in Saskatchewan. Tales of murder, mystery, conspiracy, cults & much more. This week we feature the despicable Dr. John Schneeberger of Kipling, Saskatchewan and mass murderer, Victor Ernest Hoffman, who committed the Shell Lake Massacre.…
What the hell is “Pig-Headed Horror”? In Episode 144 of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, your horror hosts go hog wild as we explore this phrase coined by Jay of the Dead, who defines it as a bizarre horror sub-subgenre (or at the very least, an odd trend), in which a human wears a pig mask—or even pig head—and leaves their victims boared to death! We sho ...…
When author, Mark DeWayne Combs started his own business in the fall of 2007 there was no local networking group to join and the local Chamber of Commerce only offered monthly, meet & greet, social events. The opportunity to start a group from scratch was just too appealing to pass up. With the help of a few local business owners, the Amelia Bu ...…
Download Bi-weekly Wanderings: Isaac has been helping out listeners get their resumes lined out, had issues with two hard drives in one computer and finished a book. Rob’s been GM’ing a Starfinder campaign, finished a book, and doing some yard … Continue reading →By mintCast.
Hall’Em In Fishin’ is proud to bring you our bi-weekly series; the “Florida Fishing Report” brought to you by our friends at C&B Custom Jigs and Coastal Angler Magazine Fort Myers! In this episode our Hall’Em In Fishin’ team of expert fishing Captains will bring you the best fishing tips along with some invaluable angling advice for the beginne ...…
Air Bazaar #20Welcome to the official reboot, Air Bazaar is now bi-weekly! For exclusive content and Bonus Episodes, subscribe at Seaside Lovers - Lovers’ Paradise2. King Sunny & His African Beats - Gboromiro3. Arthur’s Landing - Your Motion Says4. Barbra Streisand - Guilty5. Young Enya - Love Goes On and On6. Yumeko Ki ...…
What's up Ragers?! Stylowtrix here, back with episode 150 of RageCast! Huge mix right here as festival season '18 kicks off, bringing you brand new music from the likes of Ummet Ozcan, Afrojack, Maor Levi, Slander, Downlink, Super8 & Tab, Mike Williams, Valentino Khan, and many more! This is the only bi-weekly podcast that packs in 40 all new s ...…
Dave offers hope and financial advice to callers who are sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck! Featured Calls: Essence: Budgeting for biweekly pay? Morgan: Pay off the car while pregnant? Debt-free Scream: Lin paid off $33K! Erika: How do I get started? Dean: Broke and need a new car! Win With Money: Budgeting is easy with EveryDollar: ...…
ProgStock 2018 is coming! The sophomore edition of the three-day Progressive Rock music Festival will take place Oct 5-7, 2018 at the Union County Performing Arts Center in Rahway, New Jersey, USA. ProgStock will be three days of fun, food, merriment, photos, recalling stories, hanging out with old pals, making new friends, and sharing in our m ...…
In this streaming pile of success and greatness Drama recaps his experience seeing Hannibal Buress live, proper bar etiquette, what makes Slim nauseous, job interview questions and the weird jobs they lead to and so much more you're probably gonna be like wow that was quite a bit. Hit the 5 star review and never look back Buy merch and be the e ...…
Shawn Jolicoeur is a Public School Teacher from Ontario, CA. A part-time maker, Shawn spends the majority of his time creating Geek Related Items, primarily using free materials. Shawn shares a passion for comedy and wants to educate others about how to find their own passion. Have a listen! Visit the show notes for this episode. This episode i ...…
Meet Dan and Dan! Dan Reed, Music Director and Afternoon Host at WXPN/Philadelphia and Dan DeLuca, Music Critic and Columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer sit down on a bi-weekly basis to talk MUSIC! What the heck makes the Grateful Dead so great anyway? The songs? The jams? The culture? Dan and Dan debate with longtime Deadhead and music indu ...…
In this episode of High Spots and Chair Shots Random News of the Week Daniel Bryan returns, Shane Mcmahon and Charlotte Injured, Wrestlemania news, Chris Raven has a rant about wrestling and the internet. Why John Cena sucks, Ultimate Deletion, and More..... Mention of the week: Spike Trivet for going through a mirror, getting glass in his leg ...…
Hey listeners! We’re taking a tiny break while we get Season 2 rolling—launching April 17!—but we wanted to make sure you heard about the latest addition to the NYG family: I Love That, our biweekly newsletter of all the stuff we can’t stop thinking about. Every other Friday, you’ll get: Personal notes and behind-the-scenes pics Links to all th ...…
Intro and preview by the host of Art & Company: Miami artist Alette Simmons-Jimenez. Art & Company is a new biweekly podcast of spontaneous conversation on art and creativity in Miami and beyond. This short trailer includes audio samples from upcoming guests Neil Ramsey, Thais Fontanel, Dennis Scholl, and Debra Scholl.…
On the first episode of “Spoilers,” listen as hosts Jamin Gin, Katie Grier and Hanna Tucker discuss the Marvel Studios film Black Panther (2018, Ryan Coogler).New episodes of “Spoilers” will be posted bi-weekly.Hosts & Society of Broadcasting members: Jamin Gin, Katie Grier, and Hanna Tucker.Executive Producer: Ben Goodman…
*NSFM* Join the vengeance seeking members of Circus Chimera! A real play D&D RPG podcast and social revolution Our Cast: Violate(Evie) the half orc, Ray(Jocelyne) the half elf bard, Melvin (Jaaz) the Gnome illusionist, Blain (Cody) the half orc cleric of knowledge and Mam'selle Dangerous (Kellie) the dagger juggling Rogue. Enjoy our silly Drunk ...…
Which song is guaranteed to make it rain? Former exotic dancer Rachel helps Jaxon and Sara narrow it down, with discussions on strip club etiquette and bleaching our unmentionables along the way. New episodes of Attack Of The Brackets are posted bi-weekly. Follow us on Twitter: @BracketsPod See the completed brackets: ...…
Sadly Radio Telstar is in the process of closing down, as such this was hour 1 of my 2 hour show. however, ill still be doing my bi-weekly shows for Pure 107 & Marilyns Podcasts.
Welcome to MCHD's Paramedic Podcast - a biweekly podcast dedicated to EMS Providers across the world.
Welcome to the Performance Science Podcast! This week’s episode marks the start of our new series, “Brain Basics.” This series is aimed at explaining complex scientific jargon so listeners can better understand our podcast. Listen and subscribe for bi-weekly insight into health, mindset and high performance strategy for entrepreneurs, business ...…
In Episode 7 we meet back up with Ruby and Harrison as they follow Ruby's plan to go to the basement. Tensions rise as more secrets are uncovered. We also get introduced to a new character, Rosa Queso, who has come up from South America on a revenge mission.Coup de Grace is a biweekly podcast created by Katie Noland and written by Katie Noland, ...…
Kit Whistler is probably the sweetest rebel you’ll ever meet. When she first hit the road in 2010, it was in response to the physical stagnation she felt as a college student-- which resulted in a year of farmwork and backpacking around the States, and led her to discover parts of herself, and the land around her, she is now deeply connected to ...…
In What’s Happenin’ What’s Up we discuss the recent Facebook controversy. Check out these links:Today, Explained:’s Political Gabfest: ...…
Ineducated will now be released on a bi-weekly schedule until I can afford to take more time to work on the show. Follow us on Instagram at Ineducatedpodcast and dont forget to rate us! Find out more on the InEducated website. This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
Daniel T, one half of the production duo Cosmic Kids, is a Los Angeles based producer and DJ. Daniel runs Distant Works Records along side Cooper Saver. He is an active contributor to the labels Young Adults and Chit Chat Records. With Cosmic Kids he has released original productions and remixes for Let’s Play House, Throne of Blood, and DFA Re ...…
Today we sit down with Dr. Scott Gillingham, poultry veterinarian and author of the new book "Raising Amazing Chicks: the first 7 days". Scott discusses best brooding practices, management strategies and elaborates on F.L.A.W.S.S., M.B.A. and all his other favourite acronyms. In the Coop is an educational biweekly podcast series brought to you ...…
Welcome to Wig! A PodcastJoin co-hosts William Moncayo and Yebon Park bi-weekly discuss, digest and dissect pop culture and current events with a queer focus!Follow us on Instagram: @wig.apodcastTwitter: @wigapodcast
Joe and Bob discuss the Weekly Economic Review, published 03/13/2018
Way back in october i did this rad interview with stems! Now we're finally back with a new look and new podcasts bi-weekly! Check out Stems! Out of Fear releasing Friday March, 23rd, 2018!
🔊 So Future Sounds is a bi-weekly mix series that invites the most plugged in DJs to give you a taster of the sounds that represent their world.🔌 This mix comes DJ Nanita (@djnanitax3), an LA based selector by way of New York and Puerto Rico. Reppin’ the music collective Cultravibe, Nanita has gone in with some clever rnb mixes and mash-ups, so ...…
Today we get all timey-wimey with it and talk about Passenger and Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken. It’s a time travel duology, so we talk about when we would time travel to, why human history is bad and terrible, and whether bi-weekly means twice a week or every other week. It’s thrilling stuff, y’all!! As always: SPOILERS FOR EVERYTHING. Please ...…
DUE TO THE WEATHER, THIS WEEKS EPISODE WAS RECORDED VIA SKYPE In this episode of High Spots and Chair Shots WE HAVE AN ALL NEW INTRO!!! Random News of the Week Rich Swann retires, Jeff hardy gets ANOTHER DUI and we run down the rumoured card for Wrestlemania Match Dissection: Jimmy Havoc vs Will Osprey fans bring the weapons Chapter 46 - Black ...…
An in depth discussion about the best RPG currently on the Nintendo SwitchThe Thirsty Mage is a quiet place for a group of friends to enjoy a pint while discussing their favorite RPGs. This episode is located in the Goldmouth Warehouse at the Argentine Trade Guild and will feature veteran NWR podcasters discussing Xenoblade Chronicles 2.At the ...…
Wade Keller and Sam talk about how the Wrestlemania build has been going, and where WWE is at with 3 weeks left. Sam goes over his top 5 stories in The State of Wrestling 5) Fastlane Recap 4) The McMahons are on TV 3) NXT North American Championship 2) Braun Strowman > All Tag Teams 1) Ronda Rousey no shows? Get $20 off your first purchase from ...…
Laurie figured out at a young age that society is trying to place us into a box and that she didn’t want to be in that box. French Canadian, she came to Costa Rica for the first time with her mother and found her love for surfing, speaking Spanish & being connected to nature. Her heart remained when she went home & after returning to travel aro ...…
Come one, come all to the first episode of Talk to Me! Among other things, we discuss a scandalous encounter with Alexa and 20 Questions, our Spotlight Skill of the bi-week, and Alexa's vaguely creepy knowledge about your daily activities. You can also get to know a little more about us and a little more about the voice-first world.…
Show Notes Wednesdays mean new comic day but bi-weekly it means a fresh serving of comic book commentary courtesy of The Variant Issue. The boys pull no punches when it comes to comics so listener discretion is advised! The Pull List March 14, 2018 Bloodshot Salvation Volume 1: The Book of Revenge Ninjak Deluxe Edition Volume 2 Ninjak Vs The Va ...…
Hello and welcome to The Five By. Your bi-weekly source of quick-fire board game reviews. 00:00 Sarah - Introduction 00:38 Mason - Islebound 05:54 Mike - Heaven & Ale 11:34 Stephanie - Dastardly Dirigibles 16:41 Sarah - Hardback 22:08 Lindsay - High Treason! 27:12 Ruth - Outro 27:33 Network Bumper Inside Voices Network: https://www.insidevoices ...…
Download Bi-weekly Wanderings: Isaac ordered a new Linux Mint shirt, finished a book on Bayes, then realized he’s volunteered for too many things. HELLOTUX Rob’s been away in Australia for the past month, finished a book by Andy Weir, and … Continue reading →By mintCast.
Download Bi-weekly Wanderings: Isaac ordered a new Linux Mint shirt, finished a book on Bayes, then realized he’s volunteered for too many things. HELLOTUX Rob’s been away in Australia for the past month, finished a book by Andy Weir, and … Continue reading →By mintCast.
Download Bi-weekly Wanderings: Isaac ordered a new Linux Mint shirt, finished a book on Bayes, then realized he’s volunteered for too many things. HELLOTUX Rob’s been away in Australia for the past month, finished a book by Andy Weir, and … Continue reading →
Following a passing comment from Greg in a previous podcast, Jem has decided to declare Greg the 'Highwayman expert' in a podcast which includes poetry readings!We had some problems with the files on Greg's side of the recording, so we apologise for the occasional blip in his sound.Condensed History Gems podcast is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by ...…
On this episode of My Biz Bestie, Maelisa and Amber welcome Biz Besties, Jeannine Widmann, and Geraldine Carter. These independent women found each other at a networking event in their small town in Montana. When they realized that they served the same market as business coaches they made the conscious decision to see how collaboration works fo ...…
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