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Best black out podcasts we could find (Updated October 2019)
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Will Ferrell reprises his role as Ron Burgundy in his brand new Ron Burgundy Podcast! Each episode has a different theme in which Ron engages in conversation with another notable person on the topic at hand. In true Ron Burgundy fashion, these conversations have a tendency to go off the rails, and we find out things about people we never knew we wanted to know. In season 2, Ron considers a run for President, continues to perform music, and blacks out at work. In Season 1, Ron addressed impor ...
Black on Black Cinema is a weekly podcast where 3 guys discuss the ins and outs of Black films. With a touch of humor and a drive for relevant discussion, Black on Black Cinema will entertain, as well as, inform. Hosted by Jay, Micah, and Terrence.
No Play In This Ride is a weekly podcast focused news ,sports, hip hop, and politics from a Black guy stuck in traffic.
The Black Dude Podcast is hosted by Jordan McDonald Williams and is a view into the world of being a Black Dude in Los Angeles and figuring out life. The Black Dude Podcast is created by a black dude and is for the people.
Mike Hill, front man and founder of metal band Tombs is the man behind the Everything Went Black Podcast. Check out his candid no-holds-barred conversations with guests ranging from extreme metal, punk, hardcore and black metal musicians to writers, martial artists and other free-thinkers.
Black Culture
Black culture is an Afrocentric podcast hosted by @d__captain @abelz_way @LeDopeChef and @damolagos. It’s an avenue where we discuss everything from entertainment to pop culture to politics, not leaving out your everyday banter. If it’s black! If it’s popping!! You can be sure to hear it on blackculture.Vibe with us on social media @blackculturepod
YBM is a Podcast from the perspective of a Young Black and Married couple from the south just figuring it out. Support this podcast:
Black Girl Nerds
Black Girl Nerds is an online community devoted to promoting nerdiness among Black women & people of color. Check us out on and play with us on social media by following us on Twitter @blackgirlnerds! Support this podcast:
Black Girl Brunch
Tune in as the best friend duo, Iman and Sabria, talk their trash about celebrities, culture, health, dating, politics and navigating through life as black girls. Join them to find out who's in the Sunken Place each week and for their Common Sense Sis conversation, where they spit some truth on an array of subjects. So pull up a seat to the most guilt-free brunch around!
Gettin' Grown
Keia and Jade are two happy and hard working (Blackity) Black Women who are just trying to learn how to adult, for real. Join us each week for Kitchen TableTalk, Petty Peeves and Lessons in Black Women Self Care, as we try to figure out life as 30-somethings.
Raw and uncensored monologues and conversations about race relations, the ins and outs of the unique perspectives of a black woman Whois FROM the Pacific North West, (Rare!) specifically from the predominately white state and“ SUPER” white city of Eugene, Oregon. Be a fly on the wall...listen as this Black woman works through what I see, feel, talk and think about on a daily. Sometimes Uncomfortable convos in comfortable spaces.
This podcast has one mission - to rally a generation that’s been labeled and groomed as lazy, triggered and entitled and invite us all to write a new story - one of a generation that’s willing to challenge the status quo, reject black & white thinking and opt out of each & every repressive system and box that we’ve been placed in. Above all else, I want to invite millennials to step up to the plate, to be vulnerable in owning our responsibility to ourselves and for walking this planet throug ...
Black Out Girls
Two best friends gossip about flatulence, vaginal cysts, aliens and conspiracy theories. Booze may or may not be involved.
Neon Black
A weekly dose of what is and what isn’t with hosts Mike Catherwood, Ryan Jaso, Seb Webber and Cheyne Gilmore
Pop culture, politics and entertainment from a Black Ass perspective.
"Dear God, it’s me 30" is a Mr. Toad’s wild ride through marriage, mean moms, the fine art of blacking out, and dating in your 30’s. Re-examine everyday happenings that these 30-something twisted minds just see a little differently and hilariously. One day you’re 21, living off vodka, dreams and parliament lights, and then *POOF*, you’re 30 something- trying your hardest not to think about carbs.Join Rikki and Charley, two 30-something gals living in a small beach town in California, as they ...
Two breathtakingly normal 30 somethings recapping and reviewing and the ins and outs of pop culture, sports, politics and relationships.
Colour Out The Box
A fortnightly show with lively discussions from the black British/ African prospective.COLOUR OUT THE BOX, is a podcast, community, blog and platform all in one. Started as two friends who wanted to document their weekly conversations about their everyday lived experiences has now grown into an online community that gives a voice to people of the African and Afro Caribbean Diaspora to tell stories and share their unique take, all whilst navigating the complexities of modern life.A podcast th ...
Welcome to the Happy Black Woman Podcast, a show for ambitious Black women who want it ALL! If you’re ready to transform your mindset, get out of your own way and become the woman you know you were meant to be, then you are definitely in the right place. Join mindset coach and business mentor Rosetta Thurman each week and get the inspiration, motivation and “tough love” you need to create the life you really want.
Minority Korner
Are you easily confused by terms like cultural appropriation, cisgender, toxic masculinity, twunk, black girl magic, and woke? Or maybe you’re tired of explaining terms like these and you need a community that gets you! Sounds like you need MINORITY KORNER! Nnekay & James dish out your weekly serving of pop culture, social commentary, nerdy stuff, politics, empowerment, celebrity feuds, zanny anecdotes, mispronunciation of most names, and things they left out of the history books, all from a ...
For the Girls!
The gay Diva Podcast is here! Queer people are obsessed with iconic female performers, so hosts Jason Black & Nick Westrate set out to talk to every queer obsessed with a queen. Fandoms collide, learn from each other and grow. Come and Join. Share the love.
This podcast features conversations with Black Millionaires and Billionaires to find out the child-rearing strategies their parents used to get them to their respective points of success, as well as those they've used to rear their children to continue the legacies they've created for their families. Each week, Bestselling Author, Thiah Veona Muhammad, delves deeply into the landscapes of these Black Millionaires & Billionaires' upbringing to give listeners the advantage they need in Raising ...
knowledge, production, performative, & liminality: At the Edge discusses ideas, crossing cultural boundaries to expand ideas about art, writing, knowledge, publishing, and production, while contending with challenges about access, virtual space, political context/challenges, and incursion of cyber cultures.
How to Raise a Maverick is a daily parenting podcast that supports and inspires the movement to parent kids that know how to work, have grit, show empathy. Emily Gaudreau interviews the top independent thinkers, entrepreneurial parents, and family experts. How to Raise a Maverick is for anyone with kids in their life that wants to see them grow into happy, resilient people that work their butts off and do the right thing. This Podcast was created for YOU, if you’re co-parenting, a single par ...
Listen as Tam Finley speaks on life, Lifepreneuring and resolutions for 39-yr old black woman problems. Tam is the owner of the Tam Finley Design Studio™️ where she works with faith-fueled entrepreneurs to create standout brand and web design.Find out more about her work: www.tamfinley
Diving into the lives of "everyday" people and their real life experiences. Learn from their challenges, goals, failures, ability to overcome obstacles and how they grind through life and carve their own path. This podcast is not all about martial arts, even though we will speak with many Black Belts, it is however designed use the martial arts journey as a parallel comparison with life’s journey. Black Belts don’t know everything. They still have to fail, learn, grow and constantly set new ...
Black Gals Livin'
Two black girls from London and Essex chatting about mental health, pop culture and random shenanigans. Hosted by Vic and Jas.VicTwitter: @victoriasanusiInstagram: @vicsanusiJasTwitter: @jas_bwInstagram: @jas_bwHolla at us using the hashtag #blackgalslivin
A content creator podcast focused on providing stories, theories, tips, tricks, and some INSANE advice from the illest in the game. We guaranteed by listening, you will cut corners in your creative journey hands down.
Taking a closer look at all things Bronx just in case you may have blacked out. A weekly discussion focusing on politics and culture in our borough.
winecellarmedia.comPhoenix Calida And William J Jackson are producing news and comment without corporate backing. We do news, comment and discussion. We also spread our ideas in social media so don't forget to check us out there.
Imma Tell It!
Omega Red (from Black on purpose. Hip hop group based out of Seattle, WA) expresses himself like none other. Raw, witty, organic, & all over the place.Original podcast was to promote Black on Purpose. Now it's just been fun exploring this medium whether I speak on group activities or not.The motto is undivided attention not necessary lol. Be apart of the dirty lil secret. Support this podcast:
Race Capitol
Where a biologically biracial, politically black woman dissects racist and misogynistic narratives in the former capitol of the confederacy.
Millionaire Mindsets is a podcast hosted by entrepreneurs & investors Xavier Miller & Deanna Kent. This podcast promotes financial literacy & personal growth to millennials with lively discussions & tips on topics such as entrepreneurship, investing, saving, tech, & more. For more information visit,
Dan & Danny are two single black men trying to figure out women, dating, and love. Join them every other week, as they discuss their struggles and share their vulnerabilities living single.Watch us on youtube! Search LivingsinglepodLiving Single is a Bluecast Network™ production
AM is Australia's most informative morning current affairs program. With key political interviews and stories about the Australian way of life, AM sets the agenda for the nation’s daily news and current affairs coverage.
Just 3 black guys reppin the DC area giving you multiple shows that talk about everything ranging in topics from movies, comics, television, wrestling, video games, and just plain random shenanigans.
Part of the Voyages Extraordinaires series by French novelist Jules Verne, and also a sequel to his classic science fiction novel From the Earth to the Moon, Round the Moon presents the continuation of the gripping tale which ended with a cliffhanger and left readers to ponder over endless possibilities. Published in 1870, the novel presents an unprecedented journey into space, while focusing on space navigation, scientific calculations, unforeseen circumstances and dangerous encounters, whi ...
The Coming Out Tapes is an audio archive of LGBTQ+ stories curated by comedian Cerys Bradley. Or, in their words: "It's essentially a bunch of interviews with people I love, admire, and respect where we chat about coming out and how wonderful and/or terrible that can be".
Infamous America
Infamous America dives into the wildest and darkest chapters of American history. Assassins, gangsters, mobsters and lawmen; manhunts, scandals and unexplained phenomena — we'll cover them all. It's historical true crime.
Female Criminals
The true crime podcast where women aren’t just the victims. Every week, we examine the psychology, motivations, and atrocities of female felons. New episodes come out every Wednesday. Female Criminals is a production of Cutler Media and part of the Parcast Network.
The podcast about Oakland. A sonic cultural ode. From the locals to the transplants, the deep East to the Lower Bottoms, and the kickback to the function. Each month, we'll take a theme and dissect the different nuances of being Black in the Town from historical and current perspectives. Welcome to the land of the woke.
Comedian Michael Ian Black is tackling a great work of literature. Actually, Tackling might be too strong a word. More like “light caressing” plus a lot of complaining. He’s reading the Thomas Hardy classic, Jude the Obscure, out loud and commenting as he goes. Join Michael and friends like Jen Kirkman, Mike Birbiglia, Michael Showalter, and even his teenage daughter, as he discovers the world of Victorian England. Is it a terrible idea? Probably. But it’s a terrible idea he wants to do with ...
Thinking out loud to explore Martial Arts.
Black Whole Radio
Black Whole Radio is a subsidiary of Black Whole Entertainment, LLC. Our Mission is to disseminate information that will inform, elevate, educate and improve the Human Condition through out the Diaspora.
The Black Brigade
Hàng tháng
We make you see the truth. What's real.
Woke N Broke
Woke N Broke is a space where friends vent about real life topics, figuring out life and taking black excellence to new heights. If you know that you are royal but are still making your way to the throne join the movement and represent a new generation of young go getters who have no time for anything less than respect, community and excellence. Grab some merch, check our podcast, and follow us on social media to raise your vibration and navigate from a place of brokenness to living your bes ...
Soul Society 101
Cultured AF. Soul Society 101 is Travel, Food & Culture from the lens of young black professionals and creatives! Each episode we invite a special guest - we share inspirational stories, dive into black pop culture, drop travel gems and in between we talk smack and crack jokes. For us, by us. Soul Society 101 The Podcast.
Black Girl Abroad
As a result of listening and subscribing to Black Girl Abroad Podcast you will gain informative and entertaining content on EVERYTHING International. Together we will explore how stepping out of my comfort zone and taking that leap of faith led me to the life I want and desire. Do you know anyone wanting to get UNCOMFORTABLE... well this is the Podcast for them. Let’s Go!
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Part 2 of our UK Black Pride special. In this episode I chat to Oz Ismail about our experience of the UK Black Pride festival and all the things we loved about it. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
The Internet lost its mind after a video was leaked of Pastor David Wilson speaking in tongues on vagina, chile. Obvi, NSFW.
In an unprecedented move, all major newspapers in Australia have redacted most of their front page as part of a co-ordinated campaign calling for a review of laws the media says are curtailing press freedoms.
Kids out of control? Think you need to see a therapist? Well, Stacy Jagger is giving us a sneak peek at her most powerful tool to bringing peace back into homes. Here new book “30 Day Blackout” even gets a Thumbs up from Dr. Sears!By Emily Gaudreau.
Hey gang. We're back at it. You may notice, we're using Williams old raps as bumpers sometimes now. It won't be too regular of a thing. So there's some goings on in California behind abortion pills on campus and perinatal care for Black women. William is a little skeptical because... white people but we'll see where this goes. From there, we go ...…
Welcome to Neon Black where we talk all things pop culture, music, art, and film. This week we discuss Chromatics - Gucci Mane - Kanye West - Travis Scott - Super Bowl 2020 Halftime Show - Tekashi 6ix9ine - Kurt Cobain - Diplo x Jonas Brothers - ‘Joker' - 'Birds of Prey' - '6 Underground' - Adam Sandler - 'Uncut Gems' - DaBaby 'Kirk' - Post Mal ...…
This week at the kitchen table Jade and Keia discuss personal productivity hacks and the importance of knowing what works for YOU and holding yourself accountable. Shout out to my Sis: Supporting Megan Marie ...…
LeeAnn Kreischer, Wife Of The PartyBy Rikki and Charley.
Bad guys. Black hats. Evildoers. They are the bane of every hero’s existence…and the subject of Parcast’s dastardly new original series, VILLAINS. Every Friday, VILLAINS dissects the greatest foils from history and fiction—uncovering origins, analyzing impacts, and exploring the complexity of character and motive. In this clip, we explore the c ...…
CJ, Lucas, and Sam talk about this attention grabbing season premiere of Watchmen. Lots of stuff to unpack which leads to a fun discussion. Enjoy!!!Site: www.3blackgeeks.comFacebook: our Facebook Group: 3BlackGeeks.
Who's that Girl? It's Annie Lennox! Halloween month continues so come find your witchy anthems as we jam through Annie's discography this week with superfan, Spindle A. Webb. We celebrate the changing identities of this story-teller, Drag King, activist, legendary Diva while also learning how she guided a young queer from Little Bird to full fl ...…
The head of Australia's powerful Home Affairs Department has firmly resisted calls to extract the Australian women and children being held in northern Syria; And a new study's finds glass and mixed plastics could be diverted from landfill and turned into new roadways.
The head of Australia's Home Affairs Department, Mike Pezzullo, has maintained it's too dangerous to extract Australian women and children from northern Syria. Mr Pezzullo was quizzed over whether Australia would take advantage of a ceasefire in the region.
The US President Donald Trump says he'll keep a small force of US soldiers in Kurdish-controlled Syria to protect the region's oilfields. The blunt statement has been taken as another insult by locals.
Fewer subjects, more vocational training and a possible shake-up of the HSC system are among the possibilities being considered by the NSW Education Minister, after an interim review of the curriculum recommended significant change.
Figures from the Bureau of Statistics show that the number of regional and rural women who've taken their own lives has risen over the past decade, and some health experts suspect the drought is to blame.
Some of the Nationals Deputy leader Bridget McKenzie's colleagues want her gone, and voiced their opinions in a meeting yesterday. They expressed discontent with her leadership style and her handling of some key issues in the Senator's agriculture portfolio.
The companies at the heart of Australia's embattled recycling industry are imploring federal and state governments to introduce mandatory requirements for set amount of recycled material to be used in road construction.
Canadians are voting this morning in a closely fought general election to decide if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will remain in power after a few scandals. Polls indicate the race is incredibly close, and that Mr Trudeau will lose his majority.
Australian companies are expected to be among the bidders for new oil leases in the Alaskan Arctic. The plan's split Alaska's Indigenous tribes and dismayed conservationists, because it involves drilling for oil in the pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
For most people in Australia, triple-zero is the first and only point of call in an emergency, but tens of thousands of Chinese-speaking Australians are also using the social media app WeChat to get help, effectively making it a digital neighbourhood watch group.
A special BONUS for AM listeners today.The Russia, If You're Listening podcast is launching season 3.The first episode is all about when the residents of the sleepy English town of Salisbury woke up one morning to find their town in chaos. Russian agents had attempted to assassinate a traitor with a terrifying weapon, in a brazen chemical attac ...…
The Starz TV series Power is in its final season, also known as “The Final Betrayal”. Angelica and Ryanne return to this new show focusing on episodic recaps of season 6. Enjoy this recap of episode 6 of Power titled “Inside Man”. Hosts: Angelica and Ryanne Edited by: Jamie Broadnax Music by: SammusBy Black Girl Nerds.
CJ Wallis is best known as the creative director for Curren$y but most recently, he has taken on a new fame for his documentary about The Price is Right! This film is insane and has won several awards at many different film festivals. If you're interested in directing documentary films, music videos, or touring content... this episode is for yo ...…
Hosted by Jojopah Maria NsoromaBy Black Whole Radio.
On today’s episode we have the Owners of HoodEstates, Paki & Sandy. We discuss how they got started in real estate, tax deeds vs tax liens, how they lost it all after becoming millionaires, bouncing back, how they acquired a hotel, investing in the hood, how they acquired 100+ units, managing 200+ properties, truck investing & making $1,000+ pa ...…
Simple conversation between friends #ColourOutTheBox Host: Mo (@MoActuallyUK), is joined by Jumoke Adekunle (@dear_naija)We discuss: Film review of FARMING by Adewale Akinnouye Agbaje (warning includes some spoilers). As its Black History Month we talk about the complexity of black immigration to the UK and our own personal stories. As well as ...…
We back huns! We chat about the Extinction Rebellion protestors being flogged off the train LOL. Jas thinking about starting therapy with Vics advice from her prior experience. Gina Rodriguez and her racist self and Can Chris Brown actually dance?HOSTS:Jas @jas_bwVic @victoriasanusiLet us know who you would like to see on a future episode using ...…
Major newspapers have used heavy censorship today as part of a campaign by the nation's media organisations against the growing censorship in Australia and attacks on press freedom; And has a Victorian council found the secret to solving the state's recycling crisis?
The legislation enabling Boris Johnson's deal with the EU was meant to have been put to a vote on Saturday, but instead an amendment effectively forced the Prime Minister to seek an extension to the deadline with that vote now scheduled to take place later today.
Infrastructure Victoria says the state needs urgent reforms to get on top of its recycling crisis. In a new report, the organisation says potential is there for Victoria to overcome the problems plaguing its waste management sector.
Indonesia's President Joko Widodo has been sworn in for another term, six months after his resounding election victory. The 58-year-old president has pledged to improve education and remove bureaucracy.
Canada's bitter, bad tempered election campaign is entering its final hours. Current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came to power in 2015, yet in the wake of a few scandals, polls suggest he's now likely to lose his parliamentary majority.
A clearer picture is emerging in Queensland about the extent of contamination from potentially dangerous chemicals found in firefighting foam. The ABC has obtained a list of more than 60 sites that Queensland authorities have identified as having contamination issues.
As Victoria's Royal Commission into the so-called Lawyer X scandal continues in Melbourne today, the state's former chief crown prosecutor says some of Victoria's top cops could face criminal charges over their roles in the saga.
With the temporary ceasefire holding in northern Syria, Kurdish fighters have evacuated a crucial border town that had been surrounded by Turkish militias. As the survivors of Ras el Ain finally flee, US troops have been abandoning a nearby base.
There are urgent calls for the Federal Government to establish a national register to track horses' welfare across state borders. It follows an ABC investigation which uncovered the mistreatment of former racehorses in abattoirs and knackeries.
Words like equity and humanities, as well as phrases like "pathways for a better life" are skeletons of concepts we will unpack and discuss as part of a larger conversation about changes coming to the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) that will help faculty, students and administrative leaders bring fairness and success to every comm ...…
Fighting continues in northern Syria despite a ceasefire brokered by the United States; Pauline Hanson may face a challenge to her lifelong leadership of One Nation at the party's Annual General Meeting today; And how do those involved in re-homing retired racehorses feel about them meeting a cruel end?…
Fighting continues in northern Syria despite a ceasefire brokered by the United States, and inside Kurdish-controlled areas the deal has been seen as a betrayal.
Britain's Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is confident his new Brexit deal can be ratified by the departure date at the end of the month.
Pauline Hanson's leadership of her One Nation party is set to be challenged at the annual general meeting today, with disgruntled members complaining it's no longer representing their interests
The fate of thousands of ex-racehorses has been called into question after an ABC investigation revealed alleged mistreatment at a Queensland abattoir, and evidence of New South Wales horses being sent to a knackery, in violation of Racing NSW policy.
Routine satellite monitoring of the Murray-Darling Basin has picked up an unusual sight: farm dams that somehow filled, despite water restrictions during the drought.
With just a week to go, hordes of tourists are still travelling to the red centre to experience the ascent of Uluru before climbing is banned next week.
In its annual report, the Australian Signals Directorate says rising cybercrime attacks pose significant threats to both national security and economic prosperity.
The sea water on one stretch of Papua New Guinea's coastline turned bright red earlier this year after at least 80,000 litres of toxic slurry spilled into a bay surrounding a processing plant for a nickel mine.
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