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Black Widow
Jessica Kelly dares to go against the grain when it comes to the world of sexuality. She ventures into the idea that maybe there are no boundaries when it comes to sex. Maybe you don’t have to be in love with your sex partner. Maybe, there is nothing wrong with passionate, casual sex.In this scripted erotica podcast, join Jessica as she navigates these thoughts through exploration of her sexual freedom. While trying to avoid the pitfalls of sex and relationships, she is driven by her vivid i ...
Black Women Widows Empowered
Empowering and encouraging the black woman widow. This show will feature widows with extraordinary testaments to overcoming their grief by turning it into ACTION!
We Can Do This All Day: A Marvel Cinematic Universe Podcast
Join story experts Alastair Stephens and Lani Diane Rich in a comprehensive exploration of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Now Playing: The Avengers Movie Retrospective Series
The Avengers explode on movie screens this May after a massive multi-movie strategy begun with Iron Man in 2008. In anticipation of this blockbuster film, Now Playing's reviewers watch and review all The Avengers films, including their early appearances in film and television, all the way through a weekend of release review of The Avengers this May!
Jahnya reads the comics, Queenie asks a lot of questions. We discuss each movie as they come out and in between we'll do character studies! Be sure to check out our Random Movie feed for non-MCU movies (including Deadpool!) We'd love to hear your thoughts, too! Write to us at Check out what else we like to talk about at
MCU - Movies - Random Tea Podcasts
We love Marvel movies and we love to talk about them. Listen to us talk about our favorite superheros (and supervillains!) Hosted by Queenie and Jahnya. We'd love to hear your thoughts, too! Write to us at RandomTeaPodcasts@gmail.comCheck out what else we like to talk about at
Scarjo A Go-Go
Scarjo A Go-Go is the podcast where we chronicle and dissect the films of Scarlett Johansson one-by-one in chronological order, learning everything there is to know about her career and her craft as she grows from tiny nugget to A-list actor. It is presented with respect, humour, and academic rigor. And we only ever refer to her by the reductive "Scarjo" in the title/theme song, because it rhymes. Ms. Johansson, we salute you!
Podcasts – loudlysilent podcast: Comics Recap in Under 5 Minutes
Quick summaries and reviews of the latest comics
Jack Black and Richard Linklater, "Bernie": Meet the Filmmakers
Join actor Jack Black and director Richard Linklater as they discuss their new tragicomedy, "Bernie." Black stars as a mortician who strikes up a friendship with a wealthy widow, though when he kills her, he goes to great lengths to create the illusion that she’s alive.
The Christian Car Guy Radio Show
Weekly, recorded 54-minute radio broadcast The purpose of the Christian Car Guy show to reach folks with the life saving message of Jesus through an automotive platform. We also further the Kingdom of God through our many volunteers who help Single Moms, Widows and Families in Vehicle Crisis with our Jesus’ Labor of Love Ministry by both sharing the Love of Christ and Freedom and Healing Jesus Offers. In addition we have a weekly Bible teaching we call our “Appraisal By The Real Black Book“ ...
Dark Princess Theatre Podcast
Dark Princess Theatre is a genre crossing Horror/Comedy show with a decidedly Southern Gothic take on classic horror tropes. A whimsically murderous black widow. A psychotic practitioner of black magick and mad science who is a butler on the side. A werewolf from the 1950s who was abducted by aliens. A grim reaper who is only good at reaping liquor bottles. A pool boy who just won't stay dead. A bitter ghost who somehow got roped into being the narrator for the people who murdered him. Then ...
Dave Fogg UK
Dj Kimoni JUST HiP HoP & RnB Volume 322 (Live for Today) (1 DVD) 8-30-14
1. Fat Trel - or Nah 2. Lil Wayne (feat. Drake) - Grindin'3. Jacquees (Feat. Trinidad Jame$) - Bet I 4. August Alsina (Feat. Rick Ross) - Benediction5. Courtney Noelle (Feat. Juicy J) - Without You6. Frank Ocean Mick Jones and Paul Simonon - Hero7. Troye Sivan - Happy Little Pill 8. DJ Khaled (feat. Chris Brown, August Alsina, Future & Jeremih) - Hold You Down 9. Greg Machado (Feat. Jadakiss) - Cant Live Without You10. Jay Electronica (Feat. Latonya Givens) - Better in Tune with the Infinite ...
Zauberlinda, the Wise Witch by GIBSON, Eva Katherine
Annie Elfrida McLane lives in a little brown house of the South Dakota prairie, within sight of the Black Hills. Her father is a widower and prospects for gold there; Annie lives at home with her grandmother and the servants, Marthy Stubbs and Pete Pumpernickle. Annie has no neighbours, no other children to play with, and no school to attend; she is sometimes lonely and despondent. She is dependent for company on her black cat Silvertip, the farm animals around her, and creatures of the surr ...
Tside Podcast
News, culture, sport and opinion from Journalism students at Teesside University.This month's Tside Podcast features exclusive interviews with Radio 1 DJ Greg James and MIddlesbrough F.C. assistant manager Mark Venus following the sacking of Boro legend Tony Mowbray. Plus our reporters preview all the spooky goings-on planned for Hallowe'en and go on the hunt for Teesside's infamous Fake Black Widow Spider (it's behind you!!!)
Veritas News Network - Truth is Trending
Truth is trending on the Veritas News Network! VNN is an online publication featuring the news and is dedicated to in-depth investigative reporting with a consumer advocacy focus. Our Managing Editor is a veteran investigative journalist who has won dozens of awards. Several categories of news are featured on the Veritas News Network include Citizen Journalism, Consumer News, Ripoffs & Scams, Consumer Advocacy, World News, US News, Crime, Economic News, Editorial & Opinion, Education, Health ...
Mark Ruffalo and Kevin Feige: Meet the Filmmakers
Join Mark Ruffalo (The Kids Are All Right, Shutter Island) and producer Kevin Feige (X-Men, Iron Man) as they discuss their new film, Marvel's Avengers Assemble. Based on the popular Marvel comic book series, Avengers Assemble features the ultimate team of superheroes; Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye who team up to pull the world back from the brink of disaster when an unexpected enemy threatens global security.
Church History Podcasts
This podcast was published at The Sign of Jonas Blog.Dr. Susan Easton Black lectures on the life of Mormon Founder Joseph Smith. Dr. Susan Easton Black joined the faculty of Brigham Young University in 1978, where she is currently a professor of Church history and doctrine. She is a past Eliza R. Snow Fellow, Associate Dean of General Education and Honors, and Director of Church History in the BYU Religious Studies Center. The recipient of numerous academic awards, she received the Karl G. M ...
Vera by ARNIM, Elizabeth von
Vera (1921) by Elizabeth von Arnim is a black comedy based on her disastrous second marriage to Earl Russell: a mordant analysis of the romantic delusions through which wives acquiesce in husbands' tyrannies. In outline the story of this utterly unromantic novel anticipates DuMaurier's Rebecca. Naive Lucy Entwhistle is swept into marriage by widower, Everard Wemyss. His mansion "The Willows" is pervaded by the spectre of his dead wife Vera, with whom Lucy becomes obsessed. ... Here the serva ...
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Review and After Show
Join Germar Derron, Stephanie Pressman, Anastasia Washington and Christian G. Lopez every week, live and on demand, for review and conversation about each new episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Tweet in questions or comments to the hosts all week using the hashtag #AOSAS Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @theStreamtv and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. After Show hosts: Germar Derron - @AldeaGermarStephanie Pressman - @StephPressmanAnastasia Washington - @AnastasiaWChristian G. Lopez - @TheCraf ...
Liliecrona's Home by LAGERLöF, Selma
Liliecrona's Home was published in Sweden 1911, translated into English by Anna Harwell and published in London in 1913. The story is set in the same surroundings in the district of Värmland which Lagerlöf knew so well and used in many of her books. At the bottom of the dried out Svartsjö lake (Black Lake) there lies the Lövdala Parsonage with its stables and outhouses. There resides the goodhearted, widowed, Pastor Lyselius and his beautiful daughter. Here one day, arrives his new wife, who ...
Courtship of Miles Standish, The by LONGFELLOW, Henry Wadsworth
During the late nineteenth century and until the middle of the twentieth, many elementary classrooms in America featured (along with a Gilbert Stuart portrait of Washington) a black-and-white print of a group of New England pilgrims on their way to church, the men carrying their muskets. Every school child at that time was intimately acquainted with the story of the Mayflower and the Plymouth colony in Massachusetts. Among the historical figures, one of the best known was Captain Miles Stand ...
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show series
Join us for our last show before Thanksgiving! On this special once-a-year show, we will be inviting all of our viewers and friends to join us at the panel table for a geek feast! 1. Are We Getting A Black Widow Movie2. Gal Gadot Might Not Return as Wonder Woman if....3. Is Jake Gyllenhaal to Replace Ben Affleck as Batman?4. 2 Movie We Don't Ne ...…
Sojourn Network Podcast
Transcript: Okay. Well, this is the format that we'll be following today if you want to keep notes. There's gonna be three I'm gonna get at this. We're gonna talk about a case for it. All right? I think that most of us will probably already agree that is important, but we're gonna look at the scriptures regarding it. It's not gonna be an exhaus ...…
Theology Mix Network
Read the sermon text at This sermon is a hard and harsh one, and understandably so. And this is one of Charles Spurgeon’s earlier sermons, so it is perhaps a bit “rougher around the edges” than some later ones, after he has spent years experiencing the grace of God amidst the peaks and valleys of life. But I read it because I find ...…
Enough Is Enough - Health Through Thankfulness Pt 2: More Than Enough - Pastor Jenna Livingston - November 12, 2017 - Sermon Outline Download (Valley Christian Center).
Funnybooks and Firewater
This week: Journey back to the Big One as Captain America recalls one of his most incredible missions. It's 1941, and the Howling Commandos are enjoying a respite from the ordeal of World War II — until Cap and his faithful partner, Bucky, lead them into the hands of the enemy! As the Nazis unleash their latest deadly soldiers, an old ally lend ...…
Playlist: Scott Macleod - Straight Ahead FM - Phaser on Stun Joy Unlimited - Question P205 - Hangman Faithful Breath - Back on My Hill Fantasy - Widow/Icy River Rick Miller - Ode to An Angel Charles Kaczynski - Eclipse Norman Haines Band - Rabbits Black Shore - Seaside Public Animal - 10 Seasons New Trolls - Studio/Xxii Strada Alusa Fallax - So ...…
Sojourn Network Podcast
Transcript: It's been a joy and a privilege to spend this week with you guys. I love this network and I love this week. It's my honor this afternoon to introduce to you guys our speaker for today. I've been to many conferences and I hear a lot of introductions, and I'm cynical enough at the end of those introductions, I think, I wonder if half ...…
It’s Wednesday, March 15th and this is the 5th episode of our Podcast! We almost had a good hold on Spring… almost. This wacky weather is affecting all of us in different ways. Add in the physical and mental impact from the recent daylight savings time switch, and this is shaping up to be a rough week. Fight through it, below is a link to strat ...…
It’s Wednesday, March 8th and this is the fourth episode of our Podcast! The weather is making our thermometers swing radically up and down, but the trend is moving towards warmer weather! The rising average daily temperature is a sure sign that Spring will be here soon. As reminder, check with your Dennis Account Executive about what steps you ...…
It’s Wednesday, March 1st and this is the third episode of our Podcast! Spring is right around the corner and we are starting to get the hang of this whole Podcast concept, and from the feedback we’re getting it’s a welcome addition, so thank you! In this, our third episode of the ‘Dennis Knows Food’ Podcast, we take a look at this weeks new pr ...…
It’s Wednesday, February 22nd and this is the second episode of our Podcast! We are still learning the ropes, but we’re very excited about Podcasts as a fun and useful resource for our customers and employees. In this second episode we have a ‘protein’ highlight in our new products arrivals, we visit with a WWII veteran, discuss the impact of “ ...…
After a Halloween mini-hiatus, the Record Loverz are back to examine something truly spooky: movie stars as musicians. In Episode 3, Daniel (@danmontedona) and Angie (@angieshenko) bring two actors turnt sangas to the table with Jamie Foxx's post-Best Actor Oscar LP 'Unpredictable' (2005)and Scarlett Johansson's collaborative album with singer- ...…
Bacon and Eggs
Bacon and Eggs is brought to you by Audible. Go to for a free month of Audible Questions, Comments or Feedback? You can reach us at Tyler is @Americarlin on both Twitter and Instagram Ethan is @w0wn0w on both Twitter and Instagram Please rate and review, it really helps us out. Our artwork is by ...…
dj-andy-bee Deep n Soulful House # Urban Soul Podcast
Easy AllThis mix has a fusion of afro soul moving into a bumpy grind mixEnjoy!!1. Fera - Let Yourself Go2. Dj Fudge - Woman Of Afrika3. Ezel - Origins (Original Mix)4. Zulumafia, Samantha Faison - Dreams (Spaced Out Mix)5. Dj Randall Smooth ft Sybil Shanell - Heavon (Smooth’s Nola Deep Mix)6. Kayenne & Kali Alce - Hey Young World (Ndati Dub 1)7 ...…
dj-andy-bee Deep n Soulful House # Urban Soul Podcast
Easy AllThis mix has a fusion of afro soul moving into a bumpy grind mixEnjoy!!1. Fera - Let Yourself Go2. Dj Fudge - Woman Of Afrika3. Ezel - Origins (Original Mix)4. Zulumafia, Samantha Faison - Dreams (Spaced Out Mix)5. Dj Randall Smooth ft Sybil Shanell - Heavon (Smooth’s Nola Deep Mix)6. Kayenne & Kali Alce - Hey Young World (Ndati Dub 1)7 ...…
On today's program...Charlottesville Anti-Racist Protesters Charged with crimes. Covering a protest has become the most dangerous job for a journalist. Largest wildfires in California’s history are being fought with prison labor and minimum wage firefighters, Up to 30 percent of those fighting the wildfires are California prisoners. At this yea ...…
Dont Ruin My Childhood
In our third Spooky-ooky October installment, Matt & Liz take a drunken look back at Tim Burton's 1988 classic Beetlejuice. How do Beetlejuice's sexual assaulty vibes hold up in this current climate? Is this the hottest version of Alec Baldwin? Was Lydia the original emo kid? What do you do when you find out your partner is keeping a black wido ...…
Two Worst Dudes Discuss the News
Happy Friday the 13th! On today's special episode, we discuss black widows and Russian Cannibals. Enjoy and be careful out there.
Arthropodcast - A Pest Control Podcast for Industry Professionals. We Cover Pest Control News, Pest Control Topics, Pest Control Products
For at least five years, Rick Vetter at UC Riverside has been reporting a trend - Black Widows are being pushed out by their less-venomous cousin, the Brown Widow spider.
October 8, 2017 / COMPASSION: THE COURAGE TO FEEL / Sara Wolbrecht / Luke 7:11-17 (The Message) WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: As we savor these glorious sunny days of fall here in Seattle (I love fall in the northwest!), we are embracing this season of change in our Chunk of Change sermon series. Exploring how w ...…
Kid Congo Powers reads stuff
Halloween Poem . The Black Widow by Alice Cooper read by Kid Congo Powers
Arlill updates everyone on what he's been up to and what the future of the show will be. HuniePop playlist: Technical info: Executive Producer - Gary Rodriguez Album Art created by Julian Taylor Recorded with a SamsonGo Microphone by Arlill Rodriguez Edited with Adobe Audi ...…
This week we kick off a whole new adventure as our trio of bonza mates are drawn to a secret meeting with a face from the past! Will they accept a mission that sees them assisting the country's favourite cast offs? And who or what is tearing up the bodies that are littering the bush? It's live Dungeons and Dragons set in the upside down world o ...…
Night of the Living Geeks
How do you spend $195 million less than Green Lantern but still make a better looking movie? You release Guardians, apparently! Tune in as we talk about Russia's first big superhero movie and why our generation is perfectly designed to find a man-bear attractive. We're also heading toward the end of Season 1 of Earth's Mightiest Heroes (s01e16- ...…
Crisis On Infinite Nerds
After discussing the latest events in comics (Marvel Legacy and DC's Mr. Oz reveal) Brance and Gabe reveal as objectively as possible who is the best superhero of all time. Using a single elimination tournament bracket to pair off heroes, they use criteria to judge each outcome - the hero's impact on society, best comic runs, and overal depth/m ...…
Playlist: Celtic Journeys, KRFC, Fort Collins, CO, Sep 17th 2017 Sun Sep 17th 2017 2.00pm-4.00pm With Rob ThurlowRuna "The Hunter Set" from Live CD Album (Runa Music 2016)The Outside Track "Peter's Dream" from Light Up The Dark CD Album (Lorimer Records 2015)Ed Miller "At Home with the Exiles" from Generations Of Change CD Album (Wellfield 2004 ...…
Active Travel Adventures : Curated Multi-Day Active Vacation Ideas
Today you’ll discover why Glacier National Park is in the Top Ten of the national parks visited each year: EPIC landscape!!! Incredible hiking, biking and horseback riding trails to discover said epic beauty!!! With over a million acres and 700 miles of trails, you can’t run out of amazing things to do and see. We cover trail safety when hiking ...…
SUBSCRIBE on YouTube for more: Ranking The MCU Phase 1 my least favorite to my favorite. Phase 1 was he beginning introducing us to Iron Man, The Hulk, Black Widow, Thor, and Captain America. Ranking The MCU Phase 1, this is my personal ranking of Phase 1. I can't wait to hear from you and see your list. Become a Patron o ...…
Netflix NEWS Updates on Netflix original content releasing this week and the announcements from last week. Netflix Originals Releasing This Week Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 (September 25) - Excludes U.S., Canada Netflix Exclusive Series with CBS Television - 15 episodes Not in the U.S. Set ten years before the original series, the crew of the ...…
On this episode of "Altered Geek," Steve is joined by actress and filmmaker Allison Powell to talk geek and her new kickstarter film. From how she first got started to what she's involved with now and how you can help. As they continue to geek out, Allison and Steve talk about Star Wars, Star Trek, The Orville, Black Widow and Marvel films as w ...…
Welcome to The Lifelong Learning Podcast with Chris Maguire. In episode four, Mark Hopkins shares his insights on how the brain processes information and the various dispositions that make up a creative individual.By (Chris Maguire).
An evening with Tich and Joan Smith during their UK fundraising roadshow, was one of the most uplifting I can remember. This unlikely duo have unlocked practical solutions to addressing South Africa's biggest challenges - caring for vulnerable children and boosting employment. Theirs is an incredible story, one which reaffirms the power of fait ...…
Say Something Nice Podcast - Film, TV, and Music News & Discussion
Because you demanded it - and so did he - Greg, aka tREBLEFREE, aka a gang of other aliases he'll tell you on the show - joins the SSN Crew for a super-sized show! Greg joins us to discuss Esperanza Spalding's epic 70+ hour Facebook Live stream of the recording of her album "Exposure." We also review Darren Aronofsky's film "mother!," and how i ...…
Cap punches Fury, Fury recruited a team, Wolverine appears to be drunk, Black Widow makes everything look good and Daisy Johnson. Covering Secret War #2 Artist: Gabriele Dell’Otto Release Date: 5/26/04 You can find out all about our show on! You can watch our trailer for Bendis Assembled Here! You can reach out to Matt on Twit ...…
Entertainment Pop
We talked: 9/11, Henry Dean Stanton *J.J Abrams is directing star wars ep. 9. *First look at Hellboy. *Jamie Lee Curtis joins Halloween sequel. *True Lies t.v series in the works. *Seth Rogan teams up with Amazon for comic adaptation The Boys. Trailers: *Downsizing *the Disaster Artist. *Black Widow, I mean Red Sparrow *Better Watch Out. *Jeepe ...…
Things get intense in SIEGE as ARES learns of Osborn's deception and goes toe-to-toe with SENTRY! Meanwhile, the Avengers face down some D-list villains, everyone is pumped that Captain America came back to life, and Luke Cage punches whatever he wants. We also continue to delve into Sentry's madness!We continue superhero Big Brother with Black ...…
This week, Christina inhales the letters to the 7 Churches in the Book of Revelation. Each letter begins with what God was pleased with, what He wasn't pleased with, an Admonishment, a Warning, and a Reward. Fascinating stuff! Enjoy and Stay BLESSED! Click here to Listen! Site: Facebook: Twitter: ...…
The Foreward, Week of 9/10/17 Spelman Makes a Controversial Choice Spelman College in Atlanta will accept transgender women - the HBCU world was sent into commentary frenzy when it was announced the historically Black women only institution will admit female transgender students. While many were supportive of this positive move for the LGBTQ co ...…
Conversations with a Digital Strategist
[addthis tool=”addthis_inline_share_toolbox_tfjc”] Where to subscribe: Apple iTunes | Google Play | Soundcloud | Android | YouTube | RSS You looked at the title of this week’s podcast and thought, “Jessica, it’s too early to be thinking about prepping for the holidays!” But that’s not true. In fact, this is the perfect time to start getting rea ...…
Oi! Our pilot episode of the Canon Fodder Podcast is now live and waiting for your hungry ears. In this episode, Kyle and I lay our grand plans for the project, discuss the format, dish out the reading schedule, and generally have a good chortle hum drum brum. Give it a listen, and do us a favor: if you like it, subscribe and check out Episode ...…
Oh, just a guy eating black widow spiders to try and get a job...nothing to see here.
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