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Blerd Vision
Strap on your nostalgia goggles as Blerd Vision looks into the world of all things geek! Join your hosts Jourdan & Michael as they discuss nerd news of the week and review comics, TV shows & movies (new or old). Blerd Vision is your window into the minds of two friends that like to talk at length about the imaginary stuff they love.SPOILERS: Hilarity Usually Ensues!
Blerd Culture
Welcome to Blerd Culture, where nerd is the new black. Join us as we discuss the blerdiest topics, from comics and gaming to movies and music, and everything in between. Troy, the excitable music producer and lover of all things Nintendo, Ethan, the intellectual writer extraordinaire and indie music aficionado, and Sean aka Humps, the sarcastic engineer and graphic designer who sings way too much, are your cast of blerdy characters and we can't wait to share our unique perspectives on the wo ...
The Unscripted, disorganized, inconsistent Audio Blog of my human experience as an INFJ🙃 Blasianista🇰🇷💁🏽 Black Nerd🤓✊🏾 Ex-Couponing✂️ Cheermom of 1👸🏿 living in a small hick town of NC, USA. Listen...or don't 🤷🏽‍♀️ BUYERS BEWARE...Let the games begin!| This podcast was created in Anchor. To make your own podcast for free, visit
Your Source for Pop culture, Politics, all things Nerdy, and the Petty
Blerds and Nerds is the nerd podcast where we talk about comics, games, and everything else nerdy! Blerds = black nerds, and our multicultural cast gives their perspective on everything geek!
Blerd Lines
Podcast by Blerd Lines
Darius & Noah are black nerds. They're college freshman. They're sorta funny. This is their podcast.
Blerd Thoughts
Podcast by Jiggyy & PoppaFran
Blerds With Friends
Everyone has an inner nerd. Jonathan, Dave & Zig helps comedians find theirs.
Reviews for film, television, and more!
A Blerd podcast dedicated to providing a voice to the colored members of nerd culture. Comic books, Anime, superhero movies, Gaming, streaming on twitch we talk about it all. Sometimes with Guests! Come one come all nerds, curious minds, on lookers, cosplayers, writers, artist, all are welcomed.
From 30 minute sitcoms to 1-hr dramas The TV Blerd is here to keep you in the know with everything TV. No matter if you like to binge or take your time we are here discuss all your favorite television shows.
Blerd Media Group
Podcast by Blerd Media Group
We are Blerds and we are here to discuss, and you are hear to listen. Join us! We update our podcast weekly. If you have any topics you would love to hear discussed email us. contact@opticalblerdnetwork.comFor a complete list of our episodes, listen & follow us on Mixcloud:
The show that let’s those on the go know just where to go when the wander the big blue marble.
Blerd and the Nerd
Nerd talk about nerd things that are nerdy.
GQ’s Kickback for Blerds is podcast for Black Nerds to engage in current events, Black and/or Pop Culture, Books of the Month, Music, Sports, Relationships and whatever else comes to mind.......
Chicago K Pop
Chicago K Pop is as podcast that dives into the world of Korean Pop music through the eyes of a young man in Chicago.
Two friends, David Majors and Brandon Cooper, and all that goes into the blerd life.
Black Girl Nerds is a podcast and place where girls of our ilk can express themselves freely and embrace who they are. This is not a show exclusively for Black women, but it is a show exclusively for Nerds! Haha! The end of each episode provides information on each of our social networks and a preview to the next week's podcast topic.
Afronerd Radio
A dynamic talk show that discusses topics from an educated, conservative Black perspective-debunking ghettoized stereotypes. A show for contrarian people of ALL ethnicities. Afronerd Radio airs regularly on Wednesday at 7:00pm eastern. And for even more discourse Afronerd Radio's Grindhouse, highlighting sci fi, fantasy and pop culture airs every Sunday at 6pm eastern.
Black Girl Nerds
Black Girl Nerds is a lifestyle blog for girls who enjoy and embrace their nerdiness.
Two grown blerds with plenty of thoughts and opinions on each episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Join M. Swift in his neck of the woods as he goes into southern true crime cases from murders to disappearances and everything in between. You can findThat Murder & Mystery Showanywhere podcasts are available and through the main Danger Zone '92 feed. If you're a comic book fan check out DZ92'sDZ 2099, also hosted by M. Swift. Follow Swift on Twitter@MetalSwiftand Danger Zone '92@DangerZone92Pod.
Nerdy and Black
This Podcast was created using
Want to know what you should watch? Want to know what you should read? Interested in the the latest movie news, or video games? Well, we have some ideas.Here at the Grand Shuckett, this husband and wife duo (Anthony and Lee) will do what we do best – give our many, varied, often conflicting, opinions on most things entertainment. We read (novels, manga, and comics). Watch (TV shows, movies, and anime). We even play (board games and video games), and we have opinions on it all of which we’re ...
Black & A Half
Two Blerds, One Podcast
We are two self-proclaimed Blerds expressing what our black nerdiness is while giving our opinions and observations about society and culture through film, tv, media and whatever else we are Blerding Out about.
Welcome to Speak On It! A show that gives people the opportunity and space to “speak on it” and we dive into conversations on various topics. Ranging from current events, nerdom, entertainment and activism. Episodes are published bi-weekly. Subscribe and follow @SOI_Pod on Twitter to stay up to date! Host: Neysha/ @la_ney_sha on Twitter.
A Japanese single mom wound up in a Black neighborhood in the Midwest. The result? Comedian Rhett Thompson. And this podcast.
Powerbomb Jutsu
The blackest pro wrestling (and sometimes other sports) podcast you've ever heard. Brought to you by @OriginalKingD @BroskiManT and @Dom_Moon and @B_Y0ung23 of
Useful Blog for Useless Opinions
Danger Zone '92
Danger Zone '92is the main show feed for different#DZ92shows. Comics and true crime hosted by M. Swift! You'll find the showsThat Murder & Mystery ShowandDZ2099here--along with any others. You can also check out those podcasts on their dedicated feeds via iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and your favorite podcast app!
A podcast featuring sweet, juicy, and sour commentary on Pop-Culture, Books, Movies, Shows & Comics. Hosted by Steph_ I _Will, an unapologetic blerd.
Website dedicated to and from the perspective of Blerds (Black Nerds). We tackle all subjects for your nerd pedigree
CP Time
CP Time is what happens when 3 guys get together and talk for half an hour. There's really nothing more, we don't know what we're talking about. Hosted by @OriginalKingD @MrJTrip @Jazputin and brought to you by
Welcome to More Than Just Games! Two blerds talking about the things we're addicted to!
Join Rosa Sparks aka the Chocolate Columbo as she explores trending topics and explores them from a womanist, blerd perspective. Music, nerd culture, politics and social media trending topics will all get the 'dainty thug' treatment.
Ronicly Yours
Authentic blerd covering real life, business topics, or whatever is clever.
Planet Blerdom is a podcast composed of blerds, bonded by comic book fandom, anime, gaming, music, movies, sci-fi, and everything in between! Our hope is that this podcast will reach and touch the hearts of people who may feel like outcasts because of their choice of interests and that Planet Blerdom will become their home.
Nina Productions is a St. Louis based brand dedicated to helping creatives of all avenues turn their dreams into careers. Join us every Thursday for our Nina Talks podcast, your new favorite blerd podcast where we talk about everything from anime and comics to music and tech!
Fanboy Weekly!
You have just entered the nerd zone. Umm, not really, but I promise you will get your nerd and geek fix weekly. We will talk about everything from our fave fanboy shows, comic books, geeky trips, AppleTv updates and more. I am your resident blerd, David. Thanks for tuning in!!
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Old Head musings on current Hip-Hop events and the history of youth in Hip-Hop.
Co-hosts Shannon Talley, Perry Koenig, Gyasi Sturgis and Mac MacDermant talk E3!
The shennagians that happen when you invite a friend on. Shows mentioned in tonight's episode: One Piece, My Hero Academia, Food Wars, Riverdale, Black Lightning, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and the Defenders. DISCLAIMER: This episode includes some spoilers for My Hero Academia, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage…
***NEW SEGMENT***Here I talk with O'Mar Byrd about the wonderful times of being a gay blerd.Music: www.bensound.comSocial MediaGetting Gay:Twitter: gettinggaypod@gmail.comLee Thomas:Twitter: https://www.instag ...…
NSFW language but we back here again with that black nerd shit. We're talking about rapping wrestlers and a bunch of other random shit. We're talking about video games and E3. Kevin is back in this episode, also featuring Deezy & Katsuoworld.
Che and Cory discuss the All-Old All-Good Book Club Alejandro Jodorowsky's classic, The Incal. And the Chris Stokes' hour long music video, You Got Served. All-Old All-Good Book Club: Daredevil: End of Days by Brian Bendis Curse of the Rewatch: Super Mario Bros. by Rocky Morton & Annabel Jankel Subscribe: Itunes | Stitcher | Google Play Twitter ...…
Blerd Episode - The 3rd - Nerd Shit by Nemo Joe Show
1:26 Avi, formerly of Pentatonix- “Daft Punk” 2:28 Guys with deep voices 4:03 Whitney giving Bola shade 4:27 Deadpool topic intro 5:03 Rolling R’s 5:45 Blerding Out- Whitney Relaxation 9:08 Day Spas 11:05 Massages 11:12 Hot guy qualities 12:46 Singing “Full Moon”- Brandy 14:58 What Whitney does at the gym 16:38 Blerding Out - Bola TV 16:58 Dear ...…
After the success of Attack of the Blerds, Sirius & Phenom have joined forces with Blankman to present to you The Blerd Perspective. In this episode we speak on Jamie Foxx's casting as Spawn, and we list our top 5 horror movies.
This is the first part of an ongoing discussion between Blerds about their favorite animes, Blerd Culture, and the emergence of the popularity of Blerd culture into the mainstream. *DISCLAIMER: This episode has spoilers for the animes One Piece and My Hero Academia. Episode art credit goes to: Vector Art by Vecteezy!…
This week on the show Sydnie talks about nostalgia and why not everything is precious. James blerds out about the new Black Lighting show and wants to know why he's not allowed to just live. Where You Can Talk At Us: Facebook Instagram Twitter Website www. ...…
This week on the show Sydnie talks about some blerds and why you should mimic their level of confidence. James talks about how he feels played by Marvel because he waited a year for this story to resolve and it didn't. Just a note, there is an annoying hum throughout this episode that couldn't be removed. We are sorry if it annoys you too much ...…
For this episode I spoke to the creator of the comic book "Illegal tender", we were booth neighbors at a convention and got along quite well. We speak about her comic and other nerdy things!
With Brown out of town for the holiday weekend, Phenom and Sirius are joined by the homie Blankman in the truest definition of a kickback episode.
Welcome to Episode 40 of the Bacchanal Podcast with your host KC & Akil and special guest Michael L. Simeon Actor aka Black Gay Comic Geek, Singer, Writer, Cosplayer, Super Buffy Fan, LGBT Activist, FAMU graduate, and co-host of Blerd Vision Podcast. On this episode, we discuss the CW Arrow-verse, Marvel Netflix news, Charmed reboot, and E3 pre ...…
Nick Schifani, Ernie Carothers from Blerd Without Fear, Kevin White from 2 Player Co-Op, and the author of God Eater, Melody Klink, discuss the hit PlayStation 4 exclusive title God of War!
The recording gets borked halfway through but it's chill. Still got a little blerd episode in for bonus content. Enjoy!
Welcome to another action packed episode of the Bacchanal Podcast with your host KC & Akil. On this episode, we will discuss getting the cops called on you for being black at a BBQ, R.Kelly’s removal from Spotify, Lethal Weapon drama, and Andre 3000 depressing Mother’s Day Song. Topics of the show include our reactions to the new Luke Cage trai ...…
Google Play Music iTunes Stitcher Rosa Sparks is joined with Gifted Sounds own Candice of the Defended podcast to talk about this tired ass conversation of entitlement that male blerds have over their playground crushes. Live from Action Burger in Brooklyn because we support black businesses, video games and Hennessy fries.…
We're baaaack! Did you miss us? Let's get right into it this week with White Entitlement... what's up with that? Blerds... are we dating them? What's the issue? Find out about it and more on Episode 34!
Your Doctors are finally back and are now taking regular appointments! In this week's session LNichelle and Roxie are just about sick of the weather, these men, and talking about Robert, William, and Kanye. Roxie recalls an awful date, L Nichelle's prayers to #FreeMeek have finally come to pass, and both ladies have lukewarm takes on the Donald ...…
01:26 Blerding Out- Bola (Miami) 02:30 You Should Be Dancing - Bee Gees 02:53 Miami 03:53 Alligators in Orlando 05:42 Bar Hopping in Miami 08:01 Driving in Miami 09:32 What Miami means 10:35 Blerding Out- Whitney- Forged in Fire: Knife or Death 13:14 Dwight from The Office 13:43 Knife or Death Explained 15:02 Blerding Out 2- Bola (The Moth Podc ...…
More lives lost watching the first Pokemon movie from 1999! Joining us is my friends from Blerds R Us. We talk about the Pokemon craze of the 90's, our time with the video game, and remember the excitement of the first movie hitting theaters. When your done listening to this, check out Blerds R Us for more podcasting goodness! Permalink…
We're back in the Castlevania Mancave for at least another week and the takes are flying. Happy Mother's Day (without disclaimers)!!We're tired of talking about Kanye, but we only have ONE question for him.Our friend Calvin Winbush is embroiled in controversy that he didn't cause. People get things wrong on Twitter and leave it there because of ...…
Bumnbino & Nezyah review the good, bad and downright terrible TV shows of the past and present. The mandem dish out hot takes on some of their favourite shows of the moment as well as shows they've lost interest in. Follow the gang on Instagram @blerd_lines.
Welcome back Slicksters! Not even going to hold you up with this description. This episode is not really for the faint of heart and very few punches are pulled. We address the Childish Gambino backlash that has recently received from the world of social media. Along with this whole "Pro Black" and "Blerd" trend surfacing. Ended the show on a li ...…
The one with Shouts N' Stories, white folks rebuking white supremacy, my thoughts on the Galaxy S8 / S8+, a rant centering on the necessary, well deserved, and earned slander Mike Pence has been receiving from all sides, dating life updates, and an interview with Q of The Critical Dump / Choppin' It Up w/ Q! Feel This Track: The Futureheads' "L ...…
Just A Friendly Giant Blerd With Expensive Hobbies...The one about Iron Fist, Tammy Lorenzo or whatever her freaking name is, what I think are expensive hobbies, and other stuff... Intro / Outro Music: Nahncenz ( and
Poe and Nigey are back with some deep dives about "Blerds" and the women who ignore them; Childish Gambino's new project; "Cancel" culture and More!!#childishgambino #thisisamerica #djkhaled #beyonce #podsincolor #blerds #donaldglover
The planet EJOBN crew is back to discuss what may be the biggest movie of the year. With a cast size that rivals the movie itself. The Crew discusses what they thought about the movie. Take a listen and make sure you subscribe and hit that like button. Reach out to your favorite BLERDS by following @planetejobn on twitter and Instagram or shoot ...…
Destiny Arrives! Its a moment Marvel fans everywhere have been waiting 10 years for. Infinity War is finally out and we're here to give our review!! Co-hosts Shannon Talley, Gyasi Sturgis and Perry Koenig talk about what they thought of the movie along with special guests: Adam and Pete Carrasquillo, Julian Atienza, Addison Green and Rob Sannic ...…
We're back with another great episode! We talk about the Universal Fan Con fallout, the blerd meltdown on Twitter, WICOMICON and where do we go from here!Then, for our King-Size Issue we review Infinity War with plenty of Spoilers!
Weeping Mary Watches Over Us: Battle Creek Michigan - Part 2 INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK YOUTUBE Wandering Blerds journey to Battle Creek, Michigan once more. Battle Creek, a bucolic little town with a big historical footprint. Mary, Mary don't you weep Please check out our Pinterest page for the many visuals and other references we mention in our episo ...…
This week, Bunmbino and Nezyah share their thoughts on Infinity War. The mandem discuss their favourite scenes and characters in the film and give their predictions on what will happen next. Remember to follow the gang on Instagram @blerd_lines.
With a late release Jiggyy and PoppaFran talk about the African American Museum, their trip to a convention, and March Madness brackets
Infinity War is around the corner, so Blerd Vision takes a dive into the comics of yesteryear and discuss the INFINITY GAUNTLET comic, as well all your favorite DCTV shows of the week (except Krypton lol). This week Ralph Dibny meets his ultimate fate, we review the season finale of Black Lightning, we talk trailers, the return of Supergirl and ...…
On this lit episode Cyn Banks and Tanner discuss why they love nostalgic things from their childhood, they also ruin some people's childhood favorite cartoon in Blerd Corner. In Petty Pop the duo talk about the latest Ka
Do black people listen to blerds? What is your goal setting process? How do you stay focused?
a deep dive into the marvel film black panther, an introspective look into the characters of the film, their motivations, who they represented and both the symbolism and the overall message communicated in this film.our guest today is the elder and educator Wekesa Madzimoyo out more about the elder Baba Wek ...…
@melwheezy , @Jchnny_Bcy & @newotakuman5000 discuss pop culture and blerd news and gaming.TOYS R US not dead yet?Black Panther just passed the Avengers as the #1 superhero movie at the box office Sea Of Thieves first impressions Whats better Fortnite or PUBG?Monster Hunter World is now CAPCOM best selling game of all time? How did this happen?D ...…
Bunmbino and Nezyah discuss Dragon ball Super and the finale to the tournament of power. The duo give their thoughts on the latest trailer of Infinity War and reminisce on some of their favourite childhood shows.
Welcome to Nina Talks with your hosts Darius and Akeda, your new favorite Blerd podcast! Tune in every Thursday morning to listen to us discuss a wide range of topics from anime, to music, to tech and more! In our first episode, we give a brief intro of who we are and what Nina Productions is. We also talk about everything Black Panther related ...…
Comedic actor/improviser/comedian Bry Burguesa joins the pod to discuss the struggles of being a “token” black dude from the hood. His improv and acting background, Naruto, DBZ relationships and the life of a black vegetarian + much more..••••••#whostosay #actorslife #nerd #funny #podcast #blerd Mentions Bry Burguesa l @bryburguesaBrett William ...…
WATCH THIS EPISODE AT: and Carl get into a nerdy discussion on some of the most notable black heroes and villains from the world of comics! From Blade to Luke Cage, Storm, Black Panther and more, they've got you covered. Victor also reviews the sci-fi film Annihilation, and WWE's Elimination Chamber PPV is als ...…
Discussing my thoughts on the Black Panther movie and underlying themes that mirrors reality.
Welcome to the Basement. We’re talking Black Lightning, Black Panther how it feels to be represented and just random stuff.
Make your own podcast:
In this full-length episode, my cousin BJ, friend Jay, and I discuss what is means to be a blerd (black nerd) and have the upcoming Black Panther movie to looked forward to. Black Panther is big for the culture and we are exciting to seeing a person of color as a superhero. Intro/Outro Music provided by Ryan Rosemond Positive Philter Facebook P ...…
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