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Blerd Vision
Strap on your nostalgia goggles as Blerd Vision looks into the world of all things geek! Join your hosts Jourdan & Michael as they discuss nerd news of the week, review comics, TV shows & movies (new or old) and reminisce about the fandoms from our childhood. Blerd Vision is your looking glass into the minds of two friends that like to talk at length about the imaginary stuff they love. SPOILERS: Hilarity Usually Ensues.Visit for even more awesomeness!
Blerd Culture
Welcome to Blerd Culture, where nerd is the new black. Join us as we discuss the blerdiest topics, from comics and gaming to movies and music, and everything in between. Troy, the excitable music producer and lover of all things Nintendo, Ethan, the intellectual writer extraordinaire and indie music aficionado, and Sean aka Humps, the sarcastic engineer and graphic designer who sings way too much, are your cast of blerdy characters and we can't wait to share our unique perspectives on the wo ...
Audio Blog of my life as an🤓INFJ🙃black nerd🤓✊🏾Blasianista🇰🇷💁🏽Couponing✂️Cheermom of 1👸🏿living in a small town of NC, USA | This podcast was created in Anchor. To make your own podcast for free, visit
Your Source for Pop culture, Politics, all things Nerdy, and the Petty
Blerds and Nerds is the nerd podcast where we talk about comics, games, and everything else nerdy! Blerds = black nerds, and our multicultural cast gives their perspective on everything geek!
Darius & Noah are black nerds. They're college freshman. They're sorta funny. This is their podcast.
Blerds With Friends
Everyone has an inner nerd. Jonathan, Dave & Zig helps comedians find theirs.
From 30 minute sitcoms to 1-hr dramas The TV Blerd is here to keep you in the know with everything TV. No matter if you like to binge or take your time we are here discuss all your favorite television shows.
Blerd Lines
Podcast by Blerd Lines
Podcast by AOTB
Reviews for film, television, and more!
Blerd Media Group
Podcast by Blerd Media Group
We are Blerds and we are here to discuss, and you are hear to listen. Join us! We update our podcast weekly. If you have any topics you would love to hear discussed email us. contact@opticalblerdnetwork.comFor a complete list of our episodes, listen & follow us on Mixcloud:
GQ’s Kickback for Blerds is podcast for Black Nerds to engage in current events, Black and/or Pop Culture, Books of the Month, Music, Sports, Relationships and whatever else comes to mind.......
Blerd and the Nerd
Nerd talk about nerd things that are nerdy.
The show that let’s those on the go know just where to go when the wander the big blue marble.
Chicago K Pop
Chicago K Pop is as podcast that dives into the world of Korean Pop music through the eyes of a young man in Chicago.
Spawn On Me
Coming straight out of Brookago, the premier show about gaming featuring people of color.
Two friends, David Majors and Brandon Cooper, and all that goes into the blerd life.
Black Girl Nerds is a podcast and place where girls of our ilk can express themselves freely and embrace who they are. This is not a show exclusively for Black women, but it is a show exclusively for Nerds! Haha! The end of each episode provides information on each of our social networks and a preview to the next week's podcast topic.
Black Girl Nerds
Black Girl Nerds is a lifestyle blog for girls who enjoy and embrace their nerdiness.
Afronerd Radio
A dynamic talk show that discusses topics from an educated, conservative Black perspective-debunking ghettoized stereotypes. A show for contrarian people of ALL ethnicities. Afronerd Radio airs regularly on Wednesday at 7:00pm eastern. And for even more discourse Afronerd Radio's Grindhouse, highlighting sci fi, fantasy and pop culture airs every Sunday at 6pm eastern.
Two grown blerds with plenty of thoughts and opinions on each episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Join M. Swift in his neck of the woods as he goes into southern true crime cases from murders to disappearances and everything in between. You can findThat Murder & Mystery Showanywhere podcasts are available and through the main Danger Zone '92 feed. If you're a comic book fan check out DZ92'sDZ 2099, also hosted by M. Swift. Follow Swift on Twitter@MetalSwiftand Danger Zone '92@DangerZone92Pod.
Nerdy and Black
This Podcast was created using
Want to know what you should watch? Want to know what you should read? Interested in the the latest movie news, or video games? Well, we have some ideas.Here at the Grand Shuckett, this husband and wife duo (Anthony and Lee) will do what we do best – give our many, varied, often conflicting, opinions on most things entertainment. We read (novels, manga, and comics). Watch (TV shows, movies, and anime). We even play (board games and video games), and we have opinions on it all of which we’re ...
Powerbomb Jutsu
The blackest pro wrestling (and sometimes other sports) podcast you've ever heard. Brought to you by @OriginalKingD @BroskiManT and @Dom_Moon and @B_Y0ung23 of
Spawn On Me
Coming straight out of Brookago, the premier show about gaming featuring people of color.
Welcome to Speak On It! A show that gives people the opportunity and space to “speak on it” and we dive into conversations on various topics. Ranging from current events, nerdom, entertainment and activism. Episodes are published bi-weekly. Subscribe and follow @SOI_Pod on Twitter to stay up to date! Host: Neysha/ @la_ney_sha on Twitter.
Useful Blog for Useless Opinions
A Japanese single mom wound up in a Black neighborhood in the Midwest. The result? Comedian Rhett Thompson. And this podcast.
Danger Zone '92
Danger Zone '92is the main show feed for different#DZ92shows. Comics and true crime hosted by M. Swift! You'll find the showsThat Murder & Mystery ShowandDZ2099here--along with any others. You can also check out those podcasts on their dedicated feeds via iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and your favorite podcast app!
Black & A Half
Two Blerds, One Podcast
A podcast featuring sweet, juicy, and sour commentary on Pop-Culture, Books, Movies, Shows & Comics. Hosted by Steph_ I _Will, an unapologetic blerd.
Black Audacity
A podcast in pop culture , black and nerd culture.
Ronicly Yours
Authentic blerd covering real life topics.
Website dedicated to and from the perspective of Blerds (Black Nerds). We tackle all subjects for your nerd pedigree
CP Time
CP Time is what happens when 3 guys get together and talk for half an hour. There's really nothing more, we don't know what we're talking about. Hosted by @OriginalKingD @MrJTrip @Jazputin and brought to you by
Fanboy Weekly!
You have just entered the nerd zone. Umm, not really, but I promise you will get your nerd and geek fix weekly. We will talk about everything from our fave fanboy shows, comic books, geeky trips, AppleTv updates and more. I am your resident blerd, David. Thanks for tuning in!!
Nina Productions is a St. Louis based brand dedicated to helping creatives of all avenues turn their dreams into careers. Join us every Thursday for our Nina Talks podcast, your new favorite blerd podcast where we talk about everything from anime and comics to music and tech!
Join Rosa Sparks aka the Chocolate Columbo as she explores trending topics and explores them from a womanist, blerd perspective. Music, nerd culture, politics and social media trending topics will all get the 'dainty thug' treatment.
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On this lit episode Cyn Banks and Tanner discuss why they love nostalgic things from their childhood, they also ruin some people's childhood favorite cartoon in Blerd Corner. In Petty Pop the duo talk about the latest Ka
a deep dive into the marvel film black panther, an introspective look into the characters of the film, their motivations, who they represented and both the symbolism and the overall message communicated in this film.our guest today is the elder and educator Wekesa Madzimoyo out more about the elder Baba Wek ...…
@melwheezy , @Jchnny_Bcy & @newotakuman5000 discuss pop culture and blerd news and gaming.TOYS R US not dead yet?Black Panther just passed the Avengers as the #1 superhero movie at the box office Sea Of Thieves first impressions Whats better Fortnite or PUBG?Monster Hunter World is now CAPCOM best selling game of all time? How did this happen?D ...…
Bunmbino and Nezyah discuss Dragon ball Super and the finale to the tournament of power. The duo give their thoughts on the latest trailer of Infinity War and reminisce on some of their favourite childhood shows.
Comedic actor/improviser/comedian Bry Burguesa joins the pod to discuss the struggles of being a “token” black dude from the hood. His improv and acting background, Naruto, DBZ relationships and the life of a black vegetarian + much more..••••••#whostosay #actorslife #nerd #funny #podcast #blerd Mentions Bry Burguesa l @bryburguesaBrett William ...…
WATCH THIS EPISODE AT: and Carl get into a nerdy discussion on some of the most notable black heroes and villains from the world of comics! From Blade to Luke Cage, Storm, Black Panther and more, they've got you covered. Victor also reviews the sci-fi film Annihilation, and WWE's Elimination Chamber PPV is als ...…
Discussing my thoughts on the Black Panther movie and underlying themes that mirrors reality.
Welcome to the Basement. We’re talking Black Lightning, Black Panther how it feels to be represented and just random stuff.
Make your own podcast:
In this full-length episode, my cousin BJ, friend Jay, and I discuss what is means to be a blerd (black nerd) and have the upcoming Black Panther movie to looked forward to. Black Panther is big for the culture and we are exciting to seeing a person of color as a superhero. Intro/Outro Music provided by Ryan Rosemond Positive Philter Facebook P ...…
Welcome to Pretty Brown and Nerdy: Black By Popular Demand. A podcast for blerds and nerds alike. In episode one, Camille and Jazmine discuss their nerdy favorites, Monique and Netflix debacle, Chris Brown's cosplay drama, the Black Panther premiere and additional nerdy news!
Revisiting the disciplining episode specifically the unique danger racism creates for Black Parents.
Look. We bought these children a Nintendo Switch and they just want to play MY PS4...that is not how this was supposed to work.
Bunmbino and Nezyah kick off the first episode episode of 2018 with a run down on some of the movies they're looking forward to this year. Hackney's favourite sons also review the latest season of Black Mirror and discuss their best episodes from the hit show.
Welcome to Pretty Brown and Nerdy: Black By Popular Demand. A podcast for blerds and nerds alike. In episode zero, Camille and Jazmine discuss their nerdy favorites, Black Lighting, Proud Mary, and additional nerdy news. Along with giving you the scoop on our new podcast!(There was a little audio hickup halfway through)comment and follow. send ...…
This week it's Just the Two of Us as Jourdan and Michael talk Runways, recap The Gifted and go BALLS DEEP on Dragonball Super this week! Join us for our longest podcast ever as we Blerd out about some of our favorite TV shows, comics, and News topics of the week! Full breakdown of the episode below:EPISODE BREAKDOWN:0:05:35 - iTunes Reviews0:11 ...…
Next Time On's definitive and undisputed best movies of 2017. Including Dunkirk, Star Wars, Call Me By Your Name, Logan, and more. All-Old All-Good Book Club: Batman: Zero Year by Scott Snyder Curse of the Rewatch: Bad Boys 2 by Michael Bay Subscribe: Itunes | Stitcher | Google Play Twitter: @NextTimeOnPod If you have any questions or comments ...…
"Watching Inhumans is Inhumane" by ogtvblerd
Interview w/ David Crownson Creator of Harriet Tubman: Demon Slayer - Subcribe to #GeektastiqCypha on iTunes - This episode of #GeektastiqCypha recorded as part of a live broadcast on Mixlr. Follow us on Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Podbean | Mixcloud In this special, Doc and Tobi call up David Crownson and discuss the story behind his comi ...…
Interview w/ David Crownson Creator of Harriet Tubman: Demon Slayer - Subcribe to #GeektastiqCypha on iTunes - This episode of #GeektastiqCypha recorded as part of a live broadcast on Mixlr. Follow us on Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Podbean | Mixcloud In this special, Doc and Tobi call up David Crownson and discuss the story behind his comi ...…
Ep. 17 "Don't Eff With The Pussycats" by ogtvblerd
On this episode of SuperTVBlerds, new host Joey McFly is almost caught up on everything and joins Orson T. to break down this weeks Comic Book TV shows.
This week we talk about our childhood nerd memories and Harry Potter!
This episode of The Watch Orson T. and Freya sit down and catch up with each other and all the shows that they have been watching this Fall Season.
On this episode we talk about our favorite Halloween movies, costumes, and share some of our favorite creepy pastas for the Halloween season!
In this episode we talk about the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey, Stranger Things, and a bunch of new movie trailers!
INSTAGRAM YOUTUBE FACEBOOK Fan Fabulous Flame Con Welcome back to the Wandering Blerdcast. We are Black nerds, or ‘Blerds’, wandering around the country and the world to give you a nerd friendly view of places and events. We Wandering Blerds aren't just traveling to cities we are also traveling to safe spaces and events created as destinations ...…
In this episode, we introduce the cast, and discuss their amazing experiences at Comic Con 2017!
It’s week two of our three part series about growing up and this week we tackle being black in college at PWIs and all the things that we experienced including the overt racism, microagressions, interacting with white people for the first time, etc. ...…
For the next three weeks we will have a series of episodes that deal with growing up from high school to adulthood. This week Shannon and Khemani tackle their high school experiences ranging from their strong dislike of Gym class, funny teacher stories, and anti-blackness among blerds. ...…
Kelvin discusses the Blerds movement and why he's a blerd
We’re taking it a little easier this week and instead of tackling those hot and juicy topics we’re discussing our favorite movies thus far for 2017 (we include movies released in December 2016 that gained recognition this year). We discuss everything from Get Out’s status as a cultural phenomena to Wonder Woman helping to rebrand the DCEU (prio ...…
As we embark on this journey, I want to give you a better insight into the life of the Blerd that shall bring the Word. Tune in to hear some of my story , what this podcast will be about and why this mission will not only be fun but purposeful. Tune in and let's get started! Follow us on social media Facebook: theblerdstheword Instagram: theble ...…
The Blerds the Word podcast is approaching. Tons of tips, guides, questions & answers, interviews and more heading your way. My goal is to ensure that you get key tech news early and to stop the cycle of late tech adoption. Are you ready?! Well, I sure am. Head over to and follow me on social media today!…
INSTAGRAM YOUTUBE FACEBOOK From Harlem, with love Welcome to the first episode of Wandering Blerds. We are Black nerds ‘Blerds’ wandering around the country and the world to give you a nerd friendly view of places and events. Join your hosts, Meke B. and Meki T. as they boldly go into the unknown to discover the highlights and hidden histories ...…
GM🌞 Sept 25th: Star Trek Discovery(No Spoilers)[5min] • Call Ins Zap *Pew Pew* • Confusion • Reply to Reggie (Think I got cut off in the beginning🤷🏽‍♀️) • Call INs (Pokemon) • Thanks for the rev...
This week we have our friend Havanna Fisher in the studio to help us unpack the decades old tensions between the African American community and black immigrant community. We discuss things such as the false notion of America as the “Land of Opportunity” for immigrants while being a place of oppression for African Americans, representations of b ...…
What's in a Name? • Say My Name • Frugal Blerd Bumper • GM 🌞 Sept 22nd Intro: #FangirlFriday echoes w/ MedReMixed • Luke Cage Opening Credits (Cover) • Bulletproof • Frugal Blerd Audiotopsy Alert!...
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Queen & J. are two womanist race nerds talking liberation, politics, and pop-culture over tea. Drink up!On this episode… Why do men love cheating but hate extortion? Are public apologies abusive? And if your Black solidarity is limited to Black men, then it ain’t solidarity. This week’s hot list: #drawing while Black, Jemele Hill & ESPN, race i ...…
This week we learn a little bit more about our hosts before diving into a serious topic. During the summer Lil Duval made transphobic comments on the Breakfast Club which sparked a lot of debate online and in person about violence against transgender women. This week we discuss those comments and their implications as well as how we as a societ ...…
Car Chats🚗🗣: Not so 1st Kiss • Car Chats🚗🗣 Pt 2 • Car Chats🚗🗣 Pt 3 • Car Chats🚗🗣 Pt 4 • Elle
Afternoon! Sept 14th [4:30] • Frugal Match Maker • Matchmaker • Random mommy rant: Make time stop! • Mommy rant pt 2
Bambi • Desperado • Don't Touch My Hair (feat. Sampha) • Hey You • Bag Lady • You Got Me • Golden • Good Evening! Sept 13th intro: Blow Out [5min] • Fender Bender part 2 [5min]
After main-lining 7 seasons worth of Game of Thrones, Zig & Jonathan dive deep into Marvel's Netflix super sized team up The Defenders! They talk opinions, pros & cons, and what they could have done better. They expand out into the greater Marvel cinematic universe as a whole & talk the importance of Luke Cage & Black Panther.…
This week Jonathan Giles and Cody Ziglar and Dave Helem recap the Game of Thrones Season Finale, discuss why people feel the urge to be the first to post spoilers on social media and we find out what its like to turn up in Pittsburgh.
#SingSongSaturday & #GnomeFlixMovieClub plus a call in from Bobby
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