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Indie Book Collective
Indie Books--Their time has finally come! Now there's a Collective to spread the word! And we are dedicated to teaching authors how to build their very own social media platform (Twitter, Facebook, GoodReads, LinkedIn,, your own website, etc). And yep, wouldn't you know it, you gotta build those suckers, one plank at a time! Luckily there's no experience required! Check each week's listing to see which topic vital to authors that we will be focusing on. Of course, you can ask any que ...
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Highlights Help: 4th of july donation appeal video | @00:00 Feature: The Red Cross we know today | @01:45 Guest: Mike Shuster - The anti-war resistance “over there” | @11:00 War In The Sky: Louis Bennet | @15:30 Guests: Richard Rubin & Jonathan Bratten - General Robert Nivelle | @19:00 Feature: Keith Colley’s Mobile WW1 Museum | @26:15 Guest: J ...…
Highlights: Introduction: Espionage and Sedition Acts | @00:45 Guest: Mike Shuster “Where Are The Americans?” | @02:15 Feature: Going big on the air war | @06:45 War In the Sky: the “Flying Circus” | @10:15 Feature: The StoryTeller & The Historian - Americans arrive | @12:45 Commission: Memorial restoration matching grant deadline extension | @ ...…
Week ONE of NaNoWriMo has just come to an end and we have two guests on with their best NaNoWriMo advice! Brandy Hunt has important pointers for those of you participating in this awesome event for the FIRST time, and Christopher Alexander has his best tips for planning and programs! Also...what could be better than getting a FREE eBook? Why, g ...…
It's been one year -- wow! So much has happened in this one year since we started the collective we're not sure where to begin -- so we're going to review it all!! Our fab promos -- Blog Tour de Force & Troops, Indie Book Blowout, Bestseller For A Day -- specific authors, sales, and results so you know exactly what they are, how they work, and ...…
Indie Book Collective
You came. You commented. You helped us support our troops. So how successful was Blog Tour de Troops? How much did your comment make a difference? We have the answers! Join us today for all the details!
It's time to give back to those who serve and protect! This Memorial Day weekend, we're going all out and giving back to our wonderful men and women in the military. Learn how you can help out the troops and score free ebooks. If you've enjoyed our other Blog Tours, you're going to feel honored to participate in this one! Be sure to check this ...…
Show Notes: Episode LXIII (February 5th, 2011) Hosts: Joe Stevenson (TK-6064), Nicky Blum (DZ-8397) and Adam Scott (RC-6124) Content Development: Nicky Blum (DZ-8397) and Dean Plantamura (TK-899) Post-Production: Andy Fairbanks (ID-8169) Recent News Quimbé, Portuguese Yoda, joins 501st (TX-3788) Final TK Helmet Project helmet’s donation total ( ...…
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