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Green Blogosphere
This is the featured podcast for, the place to join and follow the conversation happening in the Green Blogosphere. Guests will include news makers and innovators in the green movement talking about such things as green living, green business, sustainability, solar power, hybrid technologies and conservation.This Podcast was created using
Pocket Blogosphere
Feels Good Man
Wild Blogosphere Call
This Podcast was created using
Virtually Speaking
Informal & informed conversations about politics, policy, economics, media, science and more. Sundays feature a panel of prominent members of the liberal blogosphere. Tuesdays, Jay Ackroyd talks public affairs, mostly with authors, mostly about progressive issues
Family Tree Magazine Podcast
The Family Tree Magazine Podcast is your 30-minute dose of genealogy education and fun from the publishers of America's #1 genealogy magazine: Family Tree Magazine. Each month, you'll hear top genealogy tips from our editors and experts, news from the blogosphere from the Genealogy Insider, sneak peeks of upcoming genealogy articles, information on great genealogy websites. Get the tips you need to build your family tree, learn about your cultural heritage, and create a genealogical legacy. ...
Coming of Age: An introduction to the new worldwide web
The main objectives of the publication are first to inspire teachers to want to try some of these "new tools" for themselves and with their classes, and then to provide practical advice and guidance on how to do so.
Mattie James
#MattieJames the podcast is a daily podcast where I - Mattie James, a style blogger based in Atlanta - share my experiences on blogging, branding + business in the blogosphere by answering your questions. After blogging for the last 5 years & working with the likes of H&M, Cotton, Club Monaco, American Express, Macy's & more, the purpose of this podcast is to help others prevent some mistakes by learning from mine.Please SUBSCRIBE on iTunes, rate (5 stars pretty please!) & review. You can al ...
The 4-Down Podcast
The 4-Down Podcast, the official podcast of ESPN TrueHoop Network site 48 Minutes of Hell, offers analysis and news on the San Antonio Spurs and their NBA D-League affiliate, the Austin Toros. The 4-Down Podcast features interviews of various members of the NBA blogosphere and covers the Spurs in a very unique way.
Cafe Seoul: Expat Life in Korea
Café Seoul is an award-winning podcast for and by expats living in Korea.Join Rob, Eugene and friends as they discuss many issues and experiences in the country they now call home.On news of the weird with Eugene, our resident newsman brings up of the strange or funny news items that have been trending since we last saw him.Then, the Café Seoul crew answer YOUR submitted questions about life in Korea. Wanna ask something? Give us a shout at cafeseoulpodcast@gmail.comRoboseyo is on the pulse, ...
Quizzy Mondays Podcast
Podcast on the QuizzesOnly Connect & University Challenge with Guests from the Blogosphere & Twitterverse - Coming Soon
Family Tree Magazine Podcast
The Family Tree Magazine Podcast is your 30-minute dose of genealogy education and fun from the publishers of America's #1 genealogy magazine: Family Tree Magazine. Each month, you'll hear top genealogy tips from our editors and experts, news from the blogosphere from the Genealogy Insider, sneak peeks of upcoming genealogy articles, information on great genealogy websites. Get the tips you need to build your family tree, learn about your cultural heritage, and create a genealogical legacy. ...
Blogging Betties Podcast: Blogger Tips | Social Media Tricks |Blogging Tools
Welcome to the Blogging Betties Podcast, where veteran bloggers/gal pals Poppy Marler, Tammy Soong, and Vanita Cyril share their "Tee for 3" - tips, tricks, and tools to help you find your way in the blogosphere. This show has something for all women entrepreneurs and bloggers. Whether you have a mom blog, a niche blog, or are just beginning your blogging journey, if you want to learn, you have found the right podcast. Listen in as they interview top bloggers who'll tell their stories, spill ...
Very Very Gaming Show
Monthly discussions of the retro games and the blogosphere, courtesy of Very Very Gaming aka Adrian and Maya.
L33t Tech News
The "Rat Pack" of the tech blogosphere gets together on the tech news of the week.This Podcast was created using
House of Comments Podcast
A regular podcast by political bloggers Mark Thompson and Emma Burnell discussing recent political issues being debated in the blogosphere and beyond.
Radio J-Dub
The sports blogosphere's answer to Radio Free Europe. Sports discussions you will never get from the likes of ESPN. Rated PC for language.This Podcast was created using
School of Grazia: Introduction to Blogging
Join Grazia's Editor at Large, Angela Buttolph, for the first in a special series of three fashion blogging masterclasses. Angela will host some of the blogosphere's biggest names - Reem of Five Five Fabulous, Laetitia of Mademoiselle Robot and Stella of Stella’s Wardrobe - as they share their top tips and talk about their most exciting blogging moments as well as the impact of sharing your opinions and style online.
Amuk Amuk
Amuk Amuk is a podcast on bloggers and blogging in a freewheeling chat show format, which covers the most interesting blog-stories from the India on a weekly basis. Amuk Amuk is produced by Aditya and Abishek from the award winning Indicast Team and Saket Vaidya aka Vulturo from DesiPundit, the leading Group FilterBlog which attempts to aggregate and showcase the best writing on the Indian blogosphere. Stories featuresd on Amuk Amuk are handpicked from the most popular stories on DesiPundit.
View From My Seats Podcast
Check us out every week as Matt Reitz (@ViewFromMySeats) and Jennifer Shaw (@gimmeapuck) take a look at the Pacific Division, the hockey blogosphere and special guests looking at the NHL stories that made headlines.
Film Don't Hurt
Two of the blogosphere's premier movie podcasters, Kai Parker and Dylan Fields, have finally formed a podcast featuring the two of them. FDH will be a film conversation show, friendly and casual in tone, and hopefully fun as hell!
School of Grazia: Guide to Vlogging
Join Grazia's Editor at Large, Angela Buttolph, for the third in a special series of three fashion blogging masterclasses. Angela will host some of the blogosphere's biggest names - Lily Pebbles of What I Heart Today, Anna of Vivianna Does Makeup and Gemma of Gemsmaquillage - as they share their top tips and talk about their most exciting blogging moments as well as the impact of sharing your opinions and style online.
School of Grazia: Street Style, Trend Spotting and Photography
Join Grazia's Editor at Large Angela Buttolph for the second in a special series of three fashion blogging masterclasses. Angela will host some of the blogosphere's biggest names - Hannah Almassi, Phill Taylor and Sandra of 5 Inch and Up - as they share their top tips and talk about their most exciting blogging moments as well as the impact of sharing your opinions and style online.
Hi, I'm Christine, aka YoungMommy. I'm the owner and author of From Dates to Diapers and beyond, but most proud of my job as MOM! Here at Mom-2-Mom, I will talk about mommy things, saving money, and how I plan to “live better” throughout the new year. I will also talk about sales, freebies, and happenings across the blogosphere. If you can think of it, I’ll probably talk about it!Join me weekly, on Tuesdays at 10am (PST), for laughs, great money saving tips, and an occasional appearance by o ...
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Live Hour on WNGL Archangel Radio
Fr Paul Zoghby talked about the stigmata of St Padre Pio and an article in the NC Register called 4 Ways to Avoid Being a Bitter Catholic. Ellen Taylor shared her blogosphere.
Old friends (and Bucks blogosphere titans) Jeremy Schmidt and Steve von Horn return to the podcast to talk about how we watch the Bucks, which one of them is truly "the worst" and much, much more.
I delve into the mainstream media and blogosphere post-debate.Music: "Rameses B - The Beginning (FREE)" by Rameses B is licensed under a Creative Commons License"Rameses B - Into the Light (FREE)" by Rameses B is licensed under a Creative Commons License ...…
Original Air Date: April 14, 2014 On today’s program, JD begins with discussion of a new article concerning George Barna’s poll alleging that the Bible has waning influence in America (no kidding) and then moves on to a Radio Free SBC segment focused on Eric Hankins’ assertion at SBC Voices that the Traditionalist Statement was never intended t ...…
On National Poetry Day, August 25th, Carl Stead ends his busy and eventful two-year stint as the country's Poet Laureate. The tireless 84 year old has a new limited-edition book of poetry launched by The National Library. He's also just finished another novel, and taken up blogging.
Joey Gallimore from Camera Viscera visits the meatspace and WARNING: IT MIGHT GET LOUD, the bois discuss the pizza party podcast, silent documentaries, Dunkirk the movie, the review, prop wheelchairs, the final days of the monopoly man, movie theatre etiquette, Bane, Joey dishes on the blogosphere, greasy movies, Nate gets ……
A new MP3 sermon from Generations Radio is now available on with the following details: Title: Effeminate Ballet Men at PCA Church - Quit Ye Like Men Subtitle: Quit Ye Like Men Speaker: Kevin Swanson Broadcaster: Generations Radio Event: Radio Broadcast Date: 7/19/2017 Length: 36 min. (64kbps) Overview: The effeminate ballet men ...…
Bringing Back All D&D Settings, More Tomb of Annihilation, A Devious Trap, Where to get a Rat Queen’s Adventure module to Run and the Rat Queen’s Character sheets. This episode includes information how you can get more information and background on Tomb of Annihilation Dragon+ issue 14 is Out Elfhunt Hangover Heroes Wear Masks, 5e D&D Version F ...…
This week we talk more about Tome of Beasts, I am Joined by Baldman Games' Head Marshal and DEX Con & PAX Unplugged D&D Adventure Leage Producer Les Foster & Dan Haas prolific adventure writer most known for his Dimguard kickstarters. We talk about Tome of Beasts 2, Sly Flouris' Blog. Gaming inclusivity, Shy Players, DexCON & PAX Unplugged. Sho ...…
Today’s show is very different than what we’re used to. We’re taking a macro look at your average American and trying to understand how they can become (and what’s maybe preventing them from becoming) Masters of Money. My guest today is Rachel Schneider is co-author of The Financial Diaries: How American Families Cope in a World of Uncertainty. ...…
All-purpose basketball blogosphere person @Cosmis is here to talk with me about our lukewarm NBA Awards beefs, the short-term future of the Minnesota Timberwolves, and Hawks rookie draft pick Alpha Kaba
In October of 2016, I talked with Omar about a daunting feat: to retire by 40. When we first talked to him, here were his main concerns in his own words: I think my wife and I could make for... Read More The post Ep. 168: The Return of Omar appeared first on Pete the Planner®.
In this episode (sponsored by KingswaySoft and AlexaCRM), Christopher Cognetta joins us immediately following the Dynamics 365 July Release Executive Briefing. Hear what four Business Solutions MVP's think of what is coming. We talk about: What we know about Business Edition, including functionality and limitations What is the Unified UI, and w ...…
CONTACT: This is the World Organic News for the week ending 19th of June 2017. Jon Moore reporting! This is the world organic news for the week ending 26 June 2017. Jon Moore reporting. This week I’m out of town and so I’m presenting for your listening pleasure, episode 3 of the Real Food Chain, a podcast I co-host ...…
This week I am Joined on phone by Lords of Tyr Chad Sutton and Ten foot site’s Bryce Lynch. At the beginning it is hard to hear Chad untill I turn off the oscillating fan. So I will tell you basicly what he was saying. He is talking about a game he runs for his son and his friends. His son has a goat herd. Also, an adult blue dragon at ...…
Tropical MBA – Location Independent Entrepreneurship Podcast 35:01| Download | Stitcher | iTunes | Comment One of the things that Dan and Ian are most passionate about is finding great blogs and podcasts. These days, the internet seems to be getting smaller. You really need to dig deep to find unique content, and it’s not easy to do. Once upon a time ...…
There’s been a good bit of buzz in the Modern Mom circle of the blogosphere about this thing called “Baby-Led Weaning” or “Baby-Led Feeding.” It sounds interesting, but what exactly is it, and why is it the latest movement in nutrition for our little ones? My guest this week is a Baby Feeding expert, Katie Ferraro, and boy does she have the cho ...…
Nice Jewish Fangirls
In this latest episode, the Nice Jewish Fangirls give you a full and spoilertastic review of the ultimate NJF movie of the year, Wonder Woman! They also discuss dipping a toe into the food blogosphere, the excitements and frustrations of Bookcon, and the surprising violence of Blood Rage Ragnarok.
15:14 - Biblical Counseling Coalition
Author and blogger Tim Challies joins Curtis for this episode of 15:14. Tim shares the importance of the supremacy of Scripture in counseling, writing and every area of life. Tim also shares thoughts on digital vs. print bibles, the importance of face-to-face interaction in a digital world and some advice for those getting into the blogosphere.…
Cultures of Energy
Cymene and Dominic speculate about fonts and life after academe. Then the fantastic Claire Colebrook joins us on the pod. We begin by discussing her recent two volume collection, Essays on Extinction (Open Humanities Press, 2014) and what got her interested in thinking about extinction in the first place. We talk about whether human existence h ...…
listen here: ITunes | Overcast | PlayerFM "Designers are practical philosophers. When you go deep into design, you go really deep! You're talking about what is the nature of reality? What is the nature of what it means to be human? What does it mean for a tool to have a use? This goes back to the most philosophical and ancient questions that we ...…
Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast
Episode 168 features the Tinkers-to-Evers-to-Chance of global censorship, as Filipino contractors earning minimum wage delete posts in order to satisfy US tech companies who are trying to satisfy European governments. In addition to Maury Shenk, our panel of interlocutors includes David Sanger, Chief Washington Correspondent for The New York Ti ...…
RevKess and KaliSara tackle some of the hottest headlines from the Pagan blogosphere and mainstream media in this edition of the Pagan Weely News. Recently conversations in the Pagan blogosphere have brought up the questions of what a Pagan is and how that definition might have changed over the last five to ten years. Many voices have been hear ...…
Global Dispatches -- Conversations on Foreign Policy and World Affairs
Jill Filipovic is author of the new book The H-Spot: The Feminist Pursuit of Happiness. She is a Nairobi based journalist, but we caught up while she was on book tour in her hometown of Seattle. Jill is someone I've known both online and in real life for many years. She is a contributing opinion writer for the New York Times and regular contrib ...…
David Fitch and Geoff Holsclaw (2 white guys) discussing the recent blow up about women bloggers. What could possibly go wrong?
Eddie Campos Jr.(@edcamposjr), a staple on the Mathematics Twitter Blogospere (#MTBoS) joins us via Skype this week to discuss how he has transformed his classroom environment. Through the use of vertical and horizontal whiteboard surfaces, rich problems, and visual random grouping; Mr. Campos has completely changed his workplace. He talks with ...…
This episode includes this weeks tragedies and other things saturating the blogosphere.
James Mirtle from The Athletic joins us this week to discuss the following topics:3:30 - RHD Trade Targets.14:23 - The Expansion Draft.20:17 - Hunwick vs Alternatives in UFA.25:03 - The Zaitsev Contract.30:51 - The Blogosphere vs Beat Reporters.40:18 - James Mirtle's Beer League #analytics.
We are joined this week by the founder and curator of, Corey Nelson. He sits down to discuss his new venture into the blogosphere, the dangers of being a geologist, and whether or not Lebron James is truly a "Wine Guy". In the spirit of Cinco de Mayo the unexpected wine pairing matchup of the week is Taco Bell's Cheesy Gordita C ...…
After the cliffhanger left in Episode 62: UI for U and I, we follow up with a short discussion about how we specifically do UI Testing at The Frontside in Austin, Texas. Resources: Tweet that led to this discussion Unit Testing Acceptance Testing Ember CLI Mirage Percy Test-Driven Development Transcript: CHARLES: Hello everybody and welcome to ...…
Conversations with Phil - Aligning your mindset, skill set and tool set for peak performance
Lisa Haneberg is one of the first people I met in the blogosphere (what we used to call the place where people who had blogs would hang out) nearly 12 years ago. Lisa was a management and leadership blogger who wrote some of the books I used to lead my IT teams many years ago - and are still some of the principles I use today when I'm working w ...…
Hey Sistas! On today’s book club episode, Cara and Osheta talked about ONE by Deidra Riggs. They discuss the history of women in the church and the current conflict over the last couple of weeks on Twitter, and they also share our histories of being a woman in the church. They also talk about whether to keep or discard the book, and invite you ...…
Last week, CT Women asked “Who’s In Charge of the Christian Blogosphere?” Author Tish Harrison Warren writes:"The rise of the blogosphere in the early 2000s yielded the genre of the 'spiritual blogger.' From the comfort of their living rooms, lay people suddenly became household names, wielding influence over tens of thousands of followers. A n ...…
In episode 8 we respond to some recent heavy drama on the forums and blogosphere about whether or not believe in God is necessary for someone to be a Stoic. LInks mentioned in this episode: Good Fortune – Matt’s new podcast Starting Out with Stoicism – Kirsten Johnson’s new blog Do You Need God to be a Stoic – Mark Vernon and Tim LeBon thru Sto ...…
Join UIF Founder Tim Ray as he interviews Maxwell Ivey - the blind blogger on UI Radio.Maxwell is a 49-year-old blind gentleman who grew up in a family of carnival owners. All he ever wanted to do was to continue in my father’s and grandfather’s footsteps and be part of the family business. He did help in the business over the years, but couldn ...…
Allison and I originally planned on working through Galatians 3:26-29 (and more specifically through the entire epistle) in this episode, but some interesting events have occurred in the blogosphere that demanded our response. On April 19th, John Piper released a short 10 minute video where he responded to a questioner from the United Kingdom. ...…
Anna Guest-Jelley, founder of Curvy Yoga, knows J from way back when in the early yoga blogosphere days. After getting a PR workup on her new book and feeling a bit jealous, J gets over himself and talks with Anna about her road to greater body acceptance, the influences that have presented challenges, the practice she discovered, the teaching ...…
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