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Rodney Owen from Bloke Support hosts The Bloke Support Podcast. Bloke Support helps men, families and couples to survive and thrive in today's modern world by providing insight, knowledge and tools on the key issues men face today. Relationship issues including communication, sexuality, intimacy, parenting and finding love. Mental Health and Depression. Self Development including emotional baggage, coping strategies, confidence and emotional support. Anger Management. Work life balance, care ...
Beers, Blokes & Business was borne out of a casual catch up with a few mates who have an entrepreneurial bent that like having a beer and discussing topics around business – marketing, growth, sales, networking, learning and more
The best Formula 1 show produced by us on the internet!
The Bloke Show UK
A crass show BY blokes - FOR everyone.
2 Blokes With Beer
2 Blokes With Beer are Steve and David who meet every fortnight to try out some of the finest beers available in Australia.
Dem Drunk Blokes
Two Blokes getting drunk with guests and sometimes playing D&D
Stoked Blokes
We're just a couple 20-something year old guys talking about life and movies and whatever else comes to mind. We figured our conversations are pretty funny so we decided to record them to share with our friends and possibly some total strangers, if they ever find their way here. We're just a couple of normal guys talking about stuff, and maybe having friends join us but we'll see if we get that far. We're a couple missionaries living in Amsterdam and want too show the world that you can be a ...
Look, we know you watch The Bachelor. It's okay. Jacqui and Jo are here to reassure you that you don't need a helicopter to show a girl a good time, to coach you through the mind of the dating woman, and to explain why that girl in the sequinned cocktail dress is crying.Jacqui Kassulke & Jo Thornely
Blokes Backyard
Welcome to the Blokes Backyard. Come check it out as your hosts Jason and Mark talk huges amounts of rubbish about Sports, Politics, History and pretty much anything else that comes to mind.
Stoked Blokes
Podcast by Stoked Blokes
Podcast by Jordan Miller
The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke is a verse novel by Australian novelist and poet C. J. Dennis. The book sold over 60,000 copies in nine editions within the first year, and is probably one of the highest selling verse novels ever published in Australia.The novel tells the story of Bill, a larrikin of the Little Lonsdale Street Push, who is introduced to a young woman by the name of Doreen. The book chronicles their courtship and marriage, detailing Bill's transformation from a violence-prone ...
This is a podcast where 2 blokes sit and talk about films both old and new. We can be found on Twitter (@Blokebusters), Facebook and email ( Now please do Share & Enjoy!
Armchair Experts
Amateur Athletes... Professional Blokes
Two Blokes Talking About Interesting Stuff like Loyalty, Leadership, Business and more, like Human Resources!
Dis After Dark is a Disney podcast for grown ups. The show is an irreverent look at the Disney parks by 5 English blokes & a girl who really know Their stuff about the Disney parks & movies. If you like Disney you’ll love Dis After Dark. Disney Disney Disney Disney. Please check out our Patreon Page We are proud to be Sponsored by the following people HHN If you are looking to book your next trip to WDW, Disney Land or a Disney Cruise, please visit our new Sponsor Wendy from M ...
For all Things LIverpool FC Watch & Listen to Pass & Move The Independent Liverpool PodcastA Mixture of Insightful Comment, Banter, Comedy, Gossip, Breaking News and much more.Hosted by Brian "Nasher" Nash.. That Bloke from Frankie Goes To HollywoodBroadcast from the Anfield South Studios in London.Regular Guests include Tony Evans of The Times, Neil "Razor" Ruddock, Pop Stars, DJ's, Journalists, Legends, Writers, TV & Movie Stars, and even the Occasional Moose.Voted Best Liverpool Podcast C ...
Every week, James Buckley - the bloke from the Inbetweeners -has a different look at football with some non-believing football friends and some former players and celebs that do follow football.
Dale Cwiklinski (average musician/redhead) & Jarryd Goundrey (stand up comic/from perth) talk anything and everything from the rise of robot brothels to the age old debate on the correct name for a battered piece of potato (see: potato cake/potato scallop). New episodes every Wednesday at 10am. With love from a secluded pub in the heart of Richmond, Victoria.
Three British blokes grab a beer and talk about board games and tabletop games for roughly an hour. They'll be discussing the latest board games, card games, miniature games and possibly even the odd roleplaying game.
UK Top10
Nick K with the UK Top10 is exactly that. A bloke named Nick K, over the pond counting down the biggest ten hits in the UK.
Crow Crap Podcast
Two Blokes who talk Crap... Mostly about their beloved Adelaide Crows in the Australian Football League (or expanded VFL to be more accurate).
Fools Daily
A daily miniature gaming podcast brought to you by some blokes in the UK
This is my retelling of that story of the English, in a regular, chronological podcast, from the cataclysmic end of Roman Britain, all the way through to the present day. I’m a bloke in a shed, so this is not a dry retelling of events; I make sure this is good, properly prepared history, but I fill it with my love and enthusiasm for history, and some of the things that make me laugh.
A Final Fantasy XIV Podcast from the perspective of a couple of British blokes!
Two blokes chit chatting about pop culture and stuff. You know, Stuff.
This is my retelling of the story of England, in a regular, chronological podcast, from the cataclysmic end of Roman Britain, all the way through to the present day. I’m a bloke in a shed, so this is not a dry retelling of events; I make sure this is good, properly prepared history, but I fill it with my love and enthusiasm, and some of the things that make me laugh. You’ll find the great events and people for sure – but also some of the byways, of how people lived, their language, and the f ...
General videogame chats provided by the blokes at Gameday, Pat, Rhys, and Mark. Coving new releases and taking a visit to the past with retro reviews.
Two Star Podcast
It's four blokes talking about stuff. Look, we're not hurting anyone, just leave us be.
Steve Christensen AKA The Ice Cream Bloke answers your questions comment and concerns about into into and growing your own ice cream or frozen dessert business
This is my retelling of that story of the English, in a regular, chronological podcast, from the cataclysmic end of Roman Britain, all the way through to the present day. I’m a bloke in a shed, so this is not a dry retelling of events; I make sure this is good, properly prepared history, but I fill it with my love and enthusiasm for history, and some of the things that make me laugh.
Three middle-aged blokes who want to help Mavericks power up, unleash their superpowers and create a world that works!
Winner of the Peabuddy Award for Excellence. Quite arguably, the #1 World Football (Soccer) Podcast. Well maybe top 3. Hear four yankee blokes pretend to respect each other while discussing the EPL. Covering English Premier League Soccer Football, Champions League, General World Soccer Football, and Bullsh*t Transfer Rumors. Skits + segments on betting tips and fantasy sports included at no charge. This podcast is ideal for those who get easily offended. Hosts: Borna (Arsenal FC fanatic), Ny ...
What Are The Odds!
A podcast by two blokes that like a punt and now have a point to prove.
Podcasting done by a bloke and his friends
Words Of Crom
4 blokes chat geek and insult each other, weekly.
It's Bill Belichicks World...we just live in it.Some blokes from the UK discuss and review all things NFL
Just a random aussie bloke rambling on about whatever
Three, sometimes four blokes chatting about interacting with digital avatars.
Every month, Mick Munter explores the untamed wilderness looking for monsta's! From the Devil Dragons of his native Australia to the creeping cryptids of North America, Mick searches out the strangest creatures, the most mighty bities, the superest supernaturals, and he brings you all along for the ride. Some people think he's mad as a cut snake, but we all know that magic is out there in the wilds, just waiting for an adventurous kiddo to track it down. You may also know Mick as the wonder ...
Two blokes, both middle aged, talking about the Nintendo Switch and all things nerdy.
Awkward Moaners
A podcast where a Geordie bloke and a faux Brummie complain a lot. Mainly about trivial things. We think we're funny, anyway.
Mossy and Robbo Radio
Two Aussie blokes passionate about sport and sharing the love of running. Getting more people moving more often, since 2011. Huge fans of high fives & headbands!
Just 4 blokes having a chat about Supercoach each week, and having a laugh along the way.
Beer & Other Shhh
Aussie Cee and Canuck Scott 'Beer' Cole are just a couple blokes helping you understand and enjoy craft beer, one pour at a time. Together they host BAOS Podcast, a fun podcast and video series aimed at the newcomers to craft beer, interviewing everyone from brewers, brewery owners, DJs, musicians, comedians, entrepreneurs and everyone in between. Based between Toronto and Montreal, they cover beers from around the planet, bringing an educated novice perspective to those newer to beer withou ...
Comedians Andrew Barnett, Matty B and Scott Dettrick are Three Blokes with a podcast
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Barnaby Joyce has just had his child with Vikki Campion and Luke’s seen an article about a woman who mistook a hairless baby wombat for her friend’s child. We want to hear the best ugly baby stories out there. Marguax went commando at her dinner with Corey last night as an apology for their argument. We wonder what a bloke can do to be sexy for ...…
Blokes on the Bench host Andy Richardson and the Blokes are joined in the studio by C-Ville FC manager Bayram Sadikoglu to discuss their campaign in the UPSL. With a 3-2 win over Sparta 20/20 this weekend, we discussed Champions League and the shocking exit of Barcelona at the hands of Roma. Also, Liverpool knocking out Manchester City. And spe ...…
It’s the time of the year.We are now passed the resolutions.Time to get some abs for the summer 😀.I recently came back from holidays and started hitting my local gym.Two days ago, I was deep into some sets of heavy deadlifts when I turned and look around.Something I rarely do, because when I’m in the gym, it’s just me and my headphones.To my su ...…
Ep. 98 - Top 5 Craziest Things with Financial CEO Sebastian Kuhnert This week on episode 98 of the Two Blokes Trading podcast: Sebastian Kuhnert, Founder and CEO of Tradimo joins us for a riveting story session of the top 5 most wild, interesting and outright crazy things he has ever seen. Tom finds harmony in discord. ...…
Episode Notes This episode Euan chats to John Richmond, another doctor. We talk about running for newbies, going right back to the basics on how to get started and how we got going after enduring the traditional British school experience of humiliation by cross-country running. We talk about the need to run slow at the start. In fact, you may e ...…
The God Of Easter What does Easter mean to you? Is it just a religious festival that doesn't mean much – but you get an extra-long weekend? If you wonder what Easter is all about, listen this week as John talks about the death and life of Jesus and what that could mean for you. Listen to the program ...…
Today on the show: 1. What are your non-negotiables in a relationship? 2. Tell us your last name and we will try spell it 3. FB privacy 4. Should Tim play a sport? 5. Average marriage lasts 12 years 6. Jess lie testing 7. Prepping Jess for the Titans game in Gladstone 8. Dean talks BiteGate with Beyonce 9. Bloke did the Forest Gump run from eas ...…
A strange island and a plucky not so young reporter what adventure could unfold
Chris Dickson is a registered psychologist with more than 15 years experience. When he met me, A very attractive Entrepreneur with a lot of issues including ADD, ADHD, Hyperactivity, Social Issues, Mild Depression and a lot of other ailments that had be previously diagnosed, he knew his world had changed (Hopefully for the better). Chris was th ...…
Ep. 96 - Comfort Zone Vs. Trading Zone with Akil Stokes This week on episode 96 of the Two Blokes Trading podcast: This week we talk comfort zone vs. trading zone with our guest Akil Stokes from Tier One Trading Tom perfects his blogging techniques. #BrandonWisdom shows its ugly head once again Akil shows us what he ...…
Today we had the pleasure of Simon Miller joining us as a guest ...You may know Simon from one of YouTube's biggest wrestling channels, with a massive 1.4 Million subscribers - @WhatCultureWWE !Boasting a magnificent independent podcast and YouTube channel (@TheMillerReport) Simon doesn't seem to be content sitting on the sidelines. He is a mul ...…
At last,we can tell the world the great news about our Network and what we are going to do.please listen up as we tell you our plans and what the wonderful people of PORTALS FESTIVAL have allowed us to docheck out www.Potalsrock.comalso our network Dem Drunk Bloke on iTunes/Podbean/youtube/twitter/facebookshout to GoodGreatLoganX DemDrunkBlokes ...…
Episode Notes What Is Blokeology? Blokeology is all about an evidence-based approach to health, fitness and lifestyle. Blokeology is my effort, in my own little corner of the internet, to live a decent, healthy life but to bring in some evidence around men’s health to inform that. I’m a doctor so that involves stuff like physiology and psycholo ...…
Assassins Creed III, the third in the series of assassinators is up for discussion. From the docks of Boston through to the wilderness of Boston and back again and a bit in new york oh and a bit in a cave. you follow a bloke called Des and the boys discuss his lack of personality. listen now to hear their full take on it Visit ...…
Tom Bell has spent the last fifteen years speaking to people in a real, honest and impactful manner. He began working with groups of people through The Reach Foundation, with the legendary AFL player, Jim Stynes. He has worked with over 100,000 people: from high-level corporate executives, professional athletes to your everyday teenager. His wo ...…
Today we had an absolute champion of a bloke Bradley Matthews on the podcast.He recently moved to Australia from the Uk and has been thriving in the health industry since he arrived.Whats really cool about Bradley was how young he DECIDED to invest in himself. I find it fascinating when people at 20years or younger invest in them self.One thing ...…
20 years ago a hot dog impacted his life. Yes I said a hot dog. This hot dog was so impactful it caused him to come out of his closet…bun and all.No longer willing to work for “nob heads” any longer, Mark Asquith decided to try his hand at digital product development and began working with some of the UK’s biggest organizations, including the N ...…
In this episode i talk about International womans day.A help line for Russians....because lets face it,They need the help.And the Network that is DEMDRUNKBLOKES.also lets not forget The Good The Great The LoganX.dem drunk blokesD3G ComicsAnd the Funky Big Mancheck it all out on iTunes/Podbean/youtube/Spotify2 teabags and 3 sugars…
If anyone knows how to bootstrap a business it's Oliver Macdonald. Taking the sketches from his university note pads and printing them on shirts back in 2012, he has built his "Oli Clothing" into one of Australian streetwear's most reputable brands. His relatively unorthodox approach to building a life out his clothing line is a unique and admi ...…
How To Overcome Obstacles Without Losing Self Confidence — With Shannon Nevin Its with great pleasure I introduce our next guest. He is Manly Sea Eagle. He made his debut off the bench for Manly in a 48 to 18 win over the South Sydney Rabbitohs at the SFS in the opening round of the 1995 ARL season. He scored his first points in his NRL career ...…
As promised in our last episode and interview with the hosts of the lakes comic arts festivel podcast. we discuss all things us and them with the Legendry Niki and Ian
Episode 095: No BS, Order Flow and Volume Mastery This week on episode 95 of the Two Blokes Trading podcast: John Grady from No BS Day Trading joins for a no BS discussion on order flow and volume. Brandon apparently is too important to show up for the interview. Tom extends his man crush to a whole organisation. B ...…
Troy’s now a superhero called Bike Boy … with sidekicks. Joe is mown down by a revelation. The bearded bloke is doing his midlife crisis all wrong. We talk Universal Studio tours and …. The Museum of Death! Ever seen a Siamese turtle? Joe finds a woman who sleeps with ghosts. We catch up with Mark ‘Zukkie’ Zuckerberg and Thoughtful Troy is in d ...…
UNSEE THE FUTURE: HOW TO ENCOURAGE THE MORE HOPEFUL HUMAN TOMORROW.Episode 11: OceansThe bloke from Momo:tempo, music maker and creative Timo Peach, continues his journey of exploring his creative futurism project with a personal, idiosyncratic new weekly podcast and blog, asking: Do you sometimes wish you could unsee the future? Is it time to ...…
Welcome back to Dem Drunk Blokes Do DnD. We hope you enjoy The Tale of Two Sheriffs. Back in Stonewall, this is a yarn for the ages. following our 'hero', Phucknuckle. A not so unusual occurence, our intrepid bard has found himself in a precarious situation. A misunderstanding leads to adventure, and peril! How will our 'hero' and his new frien ...…
Welcome to the show! I was fortunate enough to catch up with Tobie Hynes at the Wild Deer Expo. With the rut just weeks away I thought it was perfect timing to get an insight on fallow deer from a hunter that lives and breathes them. Tobie is one of those guys that just loves being in the aussie bush and he is a cracker of a bloke to go with it ...…
WOW Episode three of the Pearcey Presents Podcast. In today’s episode we sit down in the Channel 9 studios in the Docklands (Melbourne) with the Order of Australia Medallist Mr Peter Hitchener. ‘Hitch’ openly discusses a wide array of topics including; how his love grow for the media, trends in the industry over the past 50 years, the unspoken ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Travelling to WorkSubtitle: Diaries 1988-1998Author: Michael PalinNarrator: Michael PalinFormat: UnabridgedLength: 23 hrs and 48 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 09-11-14Publisher: Orion Publishing GroupRatings: 4 of 5 out of 8 votesGenres: Travel & A ...…
Are the Commonwealth Games still relevant to anyone besides the athletes immediate family? Should blokes wax their nasal hairs? How old is too old when it comes to living with the folks?
Ian Taylor, what a bloke! We've delved through our archives this week to bring you a chat, from several years ago, with an Aston Villa favourite. Tayls tells Mat Kendrick about what he was doing in Dudley before being plucked into professional football by Port Vale, explains why he had to stop himself laughing at Trevor Francis and recalls his ...…
This episode entails Greg and Simo discussing some gear which local blokes Foxdog outfitters have been developing in parallel with their professional shooting contracts. Some homegrown, field tested and driven by necessity lighting set ups for big game and varmint hunters alike. Simo's first go at reviewing but luckily Greg is the biz! see you ...…
This week the guys talk to a bloke from the motherland. News about how the recent mass shooting in Florida has caused ripples. Also, tons of pointless questions. Also Derek has a deep fear of Beard Rubbing.
Today on the show: 1. House Hunting – How do you scare off the competition? 2. How do you Milo? 3. Tim has a new TV Game show idea! 4. Bloke got his Peen stuck in a ring 5. Jason statue in a lake 6. Drink driving in CQ 7. CQ Baby Update
With panic on the streets of Britain due to Arctic conditions, this week we whisk you off to warmer climes... Although there may be the odd snow joke or ten! In this episode, hysteric front pages, a fat bloke with his top off and a failing maths student... All on the only podcast giving a full toss about cricket! Hide under the duvet and listen ...…
The Blokes play a little catch up and talk about The Greatest Showman, then we are current and talk about Black Panther, then we try to be smart and go through all the Oscar nominations and guess what will be the winners (you can play along for that last one.)Find us on other places of the internet!Facebook: ...…
Episode 17 has arrived, and The Cuddle Pimp himself is back! Bruno Oliveira is a 2018 RAW Comedy State Finalist and he's one of the best acts coming out of WA. This dude has everything in place to be a massive star. We meet a man who dresses as a paper mache dog and some gentlemen who're into canine romance. It's all down hill from there and we ...…
OMG!!! Married at First Sight has come through with another MASSIVE WEEK!! Podcast host Shelly Horton has turned this show into a musical....WHAT?...Don't worry it works so tune in for a hilarious recap of this week's MAFS antics. Shelly's crew of experts are on fire and have all sorts of insider knowledge. This week our special guest is MAFS b ...…
An amazing episode full of holiday tips and the freedom of the NHS.Also i talk bollocks,But thats just a podcast.....right?check my other Podcast's and be sure to look at iTunes for Dem Drunk Bloke's for everything under the Networks name
Episode 27. The blokes are still talking shit. Racism, politics, gender roles, sexuality, reality tv. These are all topics that they have no idea about but feel the need to talk about.
Ep 92 - 5 Lessons From The World of Crude - Greg Newman This week on episode 92 of the Two Blokes Trading podcast: Greg Newman, founding partner of Onyx Commodities, hits us with 5 ways to take your commodity trading to the next level. Tom kills 2 cars in one day. Brandon sets the stage for the forthcoming fundamentals and sentiment trading gui ...…
Two blokes who are already weird, talk about an even stranger occurance outside a stranger even apartment, by a strange man and young girl and stranger other guy. A man wrote a fat check, allegedly named Mr. Hyde. Intrigue is afoot. This one gets sifter a rating of 12 potions. Review at the end.
Today Billows bumped into a bloke he talked about on air, we wanted to know some non stripper bucks party ideas, and we asked what you'd like to ban.
Swanno And Jaynie were lucky enough to have a chat with Magician/Mentalist/Port Adelaide Ambassador/All round good bloke Matt Tarrant!
On EP 08: of The Thinkergirls Pod Channel, Stacey June and Kristie Mercer creators of some of the most successful female podcasts and content in Australia chat pop culture and news, Thinkergirl style. This week, it’s time to talk telly - Kristie chats all things MAFS & Stace talks the new season of Queer Eye. First Stace explains what she think ...…
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