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Happy Halloween everybody! It's the Turn Up the Night Spooktacular! Kenny, Tom and Raine present 3 great interviews to get you into the season! Deborah Reed from Troll 2 rejoins us to talk about her many projects, cats and Halloween traditions! Perry Morris the Drummer of Sorcery also makes his return to TUTN with stories about Stunt Rock, Rock ...…
Prepare yourself for the delicious taco filled hellscape!!!It's time for the Weekend Edition of Turn Up the Night and Kenny, Tom, Joe Santorsa of The Tim Corrimal Show (sitting in for Raine) and P.s. Mueller expound upon the latest batch of Trump Cult surrealism!!!"Make Mexico Great Again Also?" Ummm...Trumpski's "Ten Points of Hate" speech on ...…
2 Girls 1 Pup Pupcast
We phoned up legendary dog trainer Bob Weatherwax to get the scoop on Lassie, behind the scenes details of working with dogs on set, and we find out which dogs have stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
2014 was a memorable year in many ways, but just like every other year, there were man famous names and faces who died over the past 12 months, leaving us with only the memories. Today, we look back on those we lost in the arts and entertainment:HE SHOT TO STARDOM ON HAPPY DAYS AND MORK AND MINDY, BUT ROBIN WILLIAMS BECAME A LEGEND ON THEBIG SC ...…
Thriving Canine Dog Training
Bob Weatherwax gives us an inside peek at how the Weatherwax family successfully trained dogs for movies and television for over a century.
Working Like Dogs - Service Dogs and Working Dogs - Pets & Animals on Pet Life Radio (
Bob Weatherwax ( stops by to visit with Marcie and Whistle about his remarkable 42-year career training some of Hollywood’s most famous dogs, including one of our favorites, Lassie. Bob's incredible stories and firsthand experiences will captivate you as he describes working with some of the movies' greatest legend ...…
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