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Rose Matafeo and Alice Snedden are three things: Female, funny and friends. This podcast is an exploration of two comedians' unlikely celebrity crushes (including Rick Moranis and Danny DeVito) and all the divergent personal stories which may explain why these gals turned out how they did. Rose's globe-trotting, TV-starring comedy chops come up against Alice's hilarious improv-honed brain and abandoned (though completed) law degree.
Girl Boner Radio
A spicy blend of personal stories, in-depth reporting and inspiration, Girl Boner is where good girls go for sexual empowerment. Health and sexuality writer August McLaughlin explores female sexual pleasure like no one else. She’s the fearless sister/girlfriend you’ve always wanted—and she loves to talk sex! Girl Boner Radio is LGBTQIA-friendly and all genders are welcome. Inspired by August's award-winning blog:
Hate Boner
Hate Boner is a weekly podcast featuring Victor Polanco, a stereotypical neurotic creative type with a lisp and his best friend Buddy Hoyt, a really thoughtful piece of shit. It's fun, its honest, its gnarly, its humorous, and it's filled with decent life advice. Go fuck yourself and find us on the iTunes Podcast page: us on instagram:
Insta: @ragingladybonerTwitter: @jessastewEmail:
Laugh and learn about a delicate subject! Known as The Voice of Erectile Dysfunction, Daniel was diagnosed with a very common degenerative condition called Corporal Erectile Tissue Fibrosis. He knows all to well the anxieties, frustrations and embarrassment of living with erectile dysfunction. After exploring all the medically approved treatments including vacuum pumps, various E.D. pills and injections to his penis, Daniel ultimately underwent a life changing penile implant surgery in 2012. ...
Heyy! Welcome to my podcast 😃 if you want to listen to me talk and answers your questions.... you’ve come to the right place! Please enjoy!
Giving you a nervous boner one post at a time...
A podcast of comedy, interviews, gags, curiosities, laughs, bloopers, boners, cuddling sessions, medical oddities, long stories ending with a funny pun. Think "Prairie Home Companion" with less nose whistling.
Dork Trek
The Crew of the fictional Star Fleet vessel the USS J H Boner NCC 2010 watch and review the popular TV program Star Trek
Ryan Davey
Ryan Davey
Hilarious buddies, costume designer, Avery Faeth (multiple Blizzcon award-winning cosplayer), stand up comic Mike Black, (The Night Time Show, Comedy Store Regular, AFT, Action Figure Podcat) and comedian/drawer of elf butts, Andrew DeWitt (NYTV Festival, Sundance, TV Land, Jimmy Kimmel, AFT and Boner City USA) join forces to dismantle the typical "geek/nerd culture" show and turn it upside down. Get ready for a raunchy ride down the gutter where everything from Warhammer, Dungeons and Drago ...
Serious Vintage
The official Serious Vintage podcast, presented by Eternal Central. Providing hours of entertainment talking about Magic: the Gathering, food, and other awesome stuff. Good old fashioned boner-inducing fun!
Last Men On Earth
Men had a decent run on this planet. We can go sullen face into the abyss of feminist asexual reproduction and guys from spin class who order beer with hints of fruit or we can face the end of masculinity with a stiff upper lip, a purpose-filled boner, and some understanding of how the fuck we got stamped for extermination in the first place. I can’t remember which option involves less work. Maybe we’ll just do the sullen face thing. The Last Men on Earth isn’t an exaggeration. Search your n ...
Serious Vintage
The official Serious Vintage podcast, presented by Eternal Central. Providing hours of entertainment talking about Magic: the Gathering, food, and other awesome stuff. Good old fashioned boner-inducing fun!
Fleshbot is your source for all things porn, perversion, adult entertainment, and sex. During our audio interviews, Fleshbot editor Colette Callaway interviews the biggest, baddest, best porn stars out there about adult news and sexuality to bring you a fresh perspective on doing the deed. Tune in to hear from all our favorite boners!
Wolf Tix Podcast
Patrick Pope and Rawn Erickson II. Two pals with total boners for the UFC team up for a weekly podcast to discuss fights and fandaemonium.
Flow Radio
Learn about Flow’s seedy origins as a backwater call centre used to peddle questionable penny stocks before finally stumbling upon the technology that built Flow, our flagship productivity tool.Join Jeremy, Ian, Kim, and a rotating cast of random people that we grab from the streets as we prattle on about the tech industry, debate the merits of the TTB manoeuvre, and try to hide our Apple boners behind the kimono.Subscribe on iTunes at ...
Wolfboner Podcast
John and Megan talk about movies, video games, and other pop culture topics. We're just two "nerdy" people who enjoy being entertaining and talking about boners and other jokingly explicit topics.
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Welcome to episode 67 of the Sexology Podcast, today I’m joined by Erica Garza who talks to us about her book Getting Off, the connection between sexual shame and addiction and the story of her recovery from sexual addiction Born in Los Angeles to Mexican parents, Erica Garza has spent most of her adult life traveling and living abroad. She cur ...…
Good news! Eric, Evan and Dan all survived the Irish Tour Bus episode and they are back for a more "normal" episode of the podcast. The gang goes a little bit country and kicks things off with a review of Kacey Musgrave's third studio album Golden Hour, not to be confused with "Golden Shower," which will hopefully be her fourth studio album. Ka ...…
Check-Ins and News, Travel Brigade, Boner (Round One), Hawaii Stories, Meh Question of the week, Boner (Round Two), Blundering Into An Alter, Boner Fight and More!
How would you live if you knew you always had a do over? How do men hide boners in elastic shorts and never jump during scary movies?
Rosebud joins Allison to discuss burlesque as sex magic, gender performance as shadow work, forced feminization, goddess worship, weird boners, and a lot of other witchy goodness. Links Anita Berber The Slipper Room…
Some questions starting off ~ Why did Diane bail Tully out? ~ Are we about to hate the Kings ~ Pro Boner ~ DUCK ~ Marissa "Ms. Please & Thank You" Gold ~ Maia on that ride along ~ Lucca and Colin aka pregnancy and marriage ~ Is Diane still microdosing? ~ Adrian and Liz dynamics
This is a special episode because Jolie and Janelle are together! These two talk about their recent escapades together that included drinking and taking pics with fans! Jolie dishes a scathing warning to a hater and the girls discuss kegels. The show closes with the ladies kissing on cam....causing in boners with all the men tuned in!…
This is a special episode because Jolie and Janelle are together! These two talk about their recent escapades together that included drinking and taking pics with fans! Jolie dishes a scathing warning to a hater and the girls discuss kegels. The show closes with the ladies kissing on cam....causing in boners with all the men tuned in!…
This week the guys finally have “What up” Paul in the bar. Comedian Paul Lucie is the guest this week and he brings New York sports to the table. We talk Giants, Islanders, Yankees, and more, along with the classic game of Tennis or Porn. Play along and enjoy this episode of Bar Room Heroes! kofiwidget2.init('Support the FERN!', '#46b798', 'U7U ...…
Alice's Melbourne show is here and her NZ show is here Rose's Melbourne show is here and her NZ show is here Rose and Alice ARE BACK, BBs! In an ep recorded several months ago and surfacing just now, Alice (live from New York!) is upset about her terrible Uber rating and Rose is eating dinner exclusively inside UK Ikea stores now. There's confu ...…
Comedian Emma Arnold joins August at Storyfort fest in Boise, Idaho to discuss her personal journey, including her struggles with porn and sex addiction, her life as a comic, blue balls versus blue clits and more! Play along with some fun and hilarious sex ed trivia and hear Dr. Megan Fleming's thoughts for a listener who can't stop passing gas ...…
Episode watched: #22 "A Witch In The Fourth Dimension" In this episode, Lupin drives across half of Europe and uncovers nazi gold through the power of his boner alone! This week we talk about how the UPS don't give a crap, transplant list, shitty gargoyles, Jigen the cop, Master of Disguise, Grand Theft Zenigauto, giant chess robot, Lupinhaus, ...…
This week the guys talk about old man skin, kites and dogs, time travelers and...cold clit boners.
To celebrate St Patty's Day (last week) what better movies to talk about than the Leprechaun movies? Well, 2 of the Mofos are excited for this at least. Listen in for some terrible Irish accents and what is this all about Badger Boners? Also queefs, Pacific Rim Uprising, Jake's vents rattling and an exciting announcement if you are a fan of the ...…
Six is the sex number! Rhodes’ friend, you are right! Thanks for listening! This week, we share stories of our growing up that, in hindsight, are blaring neon signs of ‘You Are Asexual, Dude!’ Also, we discover the most Thunderdome-level stress-packed X-Treme teen way to teach your son to drive, razz a movie we haven’t seen like the thoughtful, ...…
Join Jobie and Serena this week as they compare two white wines while discussing racism of the world, creepy cabins in the woods and soil boners.
In this episode Josh & Kerby discuss the short lived Big sean & Jhene Aiko break up rumors - Kerby and Josh debate whether or not if them breaking up would be like Beyonce & Jay-z splitting, Bruno mars and whether or not he's appropriating VS Appreciating, We talk about Highschool boners & Kerby had a wet dream.Follow us -@KerbysCups@JoshuaRyan ...…
Wow! Welcome back to A Little Time. This week the boys welcomed their guests, another tag team of best friends: Jamie Loftus and Julia Claire! They talked about: Sebastian Maniscalco, the greatest comedian of all time If Mikes cat can get a boner Spongebob: The Musical Broadway We guess Mandy Patinkin’s height Jamie’s worm tattoo Julia’s obsess ...…
We conveniently split this into 2 episodes! The Airing of Social Grievances is Part 2. These 2 Mooks Discuss Tormonds Love for Brienne, our distaste for CGI, aggressive boners and realize that if we stay on topic an episode is 45 minutes long. Enjoy
Hey there folks. This one gets awkward. It also gets funny.If you like the show, let us know! Please subscribe on iTunes. Rate, review and share it with your friends!Sorry.
Check-ins, News, School Walk-out calls, Beat Gina, Boner of the Day, Geek News on the Radio, and More!
Check-Ins and News, X-Poll (What's Your Most Prized Possession), Boner (Round One), Sister Dottie, Boner (Round Two), Tuesday Tunes With Todd, Boner Fight and More!
It’s a goddamn Garfield! At one point in today's episode I reference David Brooks's boner. I'd like to apologize for this crude and vulgar mistake. It was Chris Matthews' boner that I was thinking of. Sorry. Hosts: Christopher Winter, Jon Gibson, Nathan Vader Wyse Today's strip Check out our: Website! (You can do things there) Twitter! (It suck ...…
Check-ins, News, X-Poll: Have you ever sent a Mis-Text?, Boner of the Day, 3 Bit Gaming, Emails of Interest, Tuesday Tunes with Todd and More!
Today on the podcast we're talkin' all things that lifts our spirits! Spiritual Boners DEF lift our spirits! See what we did there? Click play and be inspired.
Im going to be talking about why I want to go to concerts, why Netflix is annoying me and why snapchat is a struggle. Enjoy!
Hey Guys! Just a little introduction to my podcast 😃 Twitter: Gabeofficials
Andrew is back and breaching out from his horror theme to give you a review of a hit new Sci-Fi showing streaming on Netflix - Altered Carbon. Join Andrew and his guest Sean as they unpack their feelings of this new show and why everyone should be watching it. Down In Front Podcast Network Down In Front Spotify - Stream Us Down in Front Patreon ...…
It's Episode 16 of Water Cooler Talk and episode 8 of the comeback tour. This week we discuss Nebraska basketball getting zero credit (what's new), the FBI going boners over college players getting money and special guest appearance from Denver Bronco wideout and former Husker Kenny Bell. Please feel for Kenny as we talk about his small guest h ...…
This week we talk about how great Marvel's Black Panther movie was and the heat it's getting from racist folks out there. Are Armed Teachers a good idea? Hear what we think about it. That and much, much more. Thanks for listening. Cheers!!
This weeks special guest Elias explains why Olive Garden's Italian Nachos were the worst thing ever. Plus, Donald Trump's weird boner for killing drug dealers, weird foods from the Internet, and more on this weeks episode
We had a great time with Mr. Nic and went through the depths on the internet and reacted to plenty of weird videos. Hear him geek out about space and let's get weird. LIVE EPISODE ON MARCH 17 FOR ST. PATRICKS DAY on our and on Youtube Channel Hashtag Local News.
Episode Notes: (:30) Willkommen! (3:30) The boys break down the Romero vs Rockhold, Hunt vs Blades, & Adesanya vs Wilkinson UFC 221 fights and promos. (24:00) The boys discuss youtube nazis, the First Amendment, and Gabrielle Union’s sex life (34:30) Is today’s America on a slippery slope compared to America in 1988? (40:00) Ramon falls victim ...…
In our third episode listen to Mandy and Carlos gush about the classic 1998 Robert Rodriguez movie, The Faculty. Is Carlos at his most thirsty? How big is Mandy's boner for Josh Hartnett?
Check-Ins and News, New Electric Bike, Best Question of the Week, Boner (Round One), Cheaper to Keep Her, Boner (Round Two), John Parry Barlow, Boner Fight, Boner of the Week and More!
Check-Ins and News, Things That Must Go, Bill and Balled Meat, Boner (Round One), Let me Speak to the Lt. Governor, Boner (Round Two), Corey's Community and Concert Calendar, Boner Fight
And they landed back on the launchpad IN SYNC!!! - Flamethrower - Wentz Engaged
Check-ins, News, X-Poll Olympic Memories, Boner of the Day, Tuesday Tunes with Todd and More!
Check-ins, News, Travel Brigade, Boner of the Day, Family Kissing, Meh Question of the Week, The Dark Web, Boner of the Week and More!
Episode Notes: 30 Ramon’s special friend crashes his car and hilarity ensues 17:00 The boys recap the Jacare Souza and Derek Brunson UFC fight 22:30 Jason discusses a MMA fighter’s mindset when they can finish a fight 30:00 Jason also discusses his mindset and self-talk when Andre Galvao had his back during the Dream 10 Welterweight Grand Prix ...…
Put on some plaid and polish those croquet mallets, we are plotting a complete takeover of Westerburg High. That’s right! Tonight we are taking a look at 1988’s seminal dark comedy classic, Heathers. First however, we make a brief stop at the Snappy Snack Shack for a slushie and to dish over the 2018 Oscar Nominations. How very “very.” Oddly en ...…
Happy Monday! Call in...AMA! Later tonight, #magicmonday where I share stories! • New city. New problems. New Tinder dates. • A few call ins! 🙌🏽 • Anticipation 😊 • Shoutout to Todd from Radical Real Life for the love. ✨🙌🏽✨ • Massage with NO happy ending? 😳😂 • "That's between you, yourself and your boner..." • Hello • More love! Thank you Jessie ...…
On the latest episode of American Slacker Podcast hosts Matthew and Jesse discuss bizarre news events, play a Groundhog’s Day Game and spin the Wheel of Weird. Click Here to Listen to EP078- 11ft 8 Burrito Boner To become a sponsor of the show click here! Check out the American Slacker Podcast Facebook Page, American Slackers Group, Instagram a ...…
Episode 65- Or Should We Say……...Ricksy Five and Interview with Kay VictoriaThis week on the show the boys go to Ikea to see if they are pregnant, get boners over big TV’s, and discuss their favorite Rick and Morty episodes. If you haven’t seen this show, you really need to start watching!!! Also, an interview with an amazing cosplayer, Kay Vic ...…
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