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Bonkers For Bourbon Reviews!!!
Bourbon reviews on your typical shelf burbons, as well as hard to find and obscure lables!!
i am not making this up podcast – Tracy S. Morris
Quirky Mysteries, Screwball Fantasy and Sassy History
Enter The Void
A podcast about films that are just completely bonkers.
This is the official blog for the Bonkers Podcast.
Yesterday's Chip Paper
Fortnightly(ish) podcast delving into incredible, macabre and bizarre stories from historic newspapers. Violet and Jim are two amateur researchers based on opposite sides of the Atlantic, Violet in London and Jim in New York, and every couple of weeks or so they get together to discuss the stories, poems and letters to the editor that they’ve found in the archives. Whether it’s global headline-making stories completely forgotten today or unusual reporting of famous events, it’s always guaran ...
No Dragons Press: A HIGH FANTASY Serial Fiction Podcast
"Stoner fiction" doesn't even begin to cut it. No Dragon Press is a bonkers stoner fantasy/sci-fi adventure. Written and read for you by Maggie Gibbs. Intended for audiences over 21.
Curiously Creative NaNoWriMo
A podcast for the curiously creative who are bonkers enough to write a novel in one month. You'll hear from Fiona Barrows and Amber Monaco, two creatives who approach writing and creativity from completely different perspectives. They will give you an intimate look into their process, their struggles, and the hard work it takes to do something this big. Are you in?
My Favorite Bumpers
A list of my favorite episodes. Some are funny, some sentimental, some bonkers.
The upgruv Podcast
The editors at spend their days digging up the funnest trending news stories. We come across some stuff that's just bonkers. The discussions we have at the office were too funny to keep to ourselves. So, we figured a podcast would be the best way to share.
Greenlight Podcast - Mike Fardy
Greenlight is a bonkers stream-of-consciousness podcast where I ask filmmakers, producers, comedians, and anyone who makes stuff how they get themselves and their products out there.
Fantasy Ball Bag
Hosts Will Cooper & James Boughen are Fantasy Football bonkers and they know how much it means to be crowned mini league champions. Maybe they can help. We discuss all things FF; who to buy or sell, mind games, tactics, injuries, handsome players (what?), we do it all. So tune in and get in touch if you want to chat about the noble sport of Fantasy Football. If you want to get in touch email
Tall Poppy
Tall Poppy brings you interviews that invite a new paradigm of leadership. Emerging voices that inspire and empower a human-centred style of managing people and projects, leading companies and countries. Tall Toppy rises above, sticks her neck out, risks being chopped down. Hosted by Tathra Street, a leadership consultant who is committed to bringing you fantastic interviews, no hype, just real conversations. While it seems the world is going bonkers, we’re talking about what it’s going to t ...
Yesterday's Chip Paper
Fortnightly(ish) podcast delving into incredible, macabre and bizarre stories from historic newspapers.Violet and Jim are two amateur researchers based on opposite sides of the Atlantic, Violet in London and Jim in New York, and every couple of weeks or so they get together via the magic power of the internet to discuss the stories, poems and letters to the editor that they’ve found in the archives. Whether it’s global headline-making stories completely forgotten today or unusual reporting o ...
Spaceship Named McGuire, A by GARRETT, Randall
Can a spaceship go crazy? Well, yes it can if it has a brain. And the new MG (magnetogravitic drive) experimental robot space ship does indeed have a 'brain'. Completely bewildered as to why the first six models of their supposedly perfect new ship model, the MG-YR, nicknamed the McGuire, have gone totally bonkers after activation and before they could ever be used, the company has called in the services of Daniel Oak. They suspect sabotage of course. Daniel Oak is the hard boiled private in ...
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Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe has admitted it is "bonkers and unbelievable" that women are losing out on pension payments due to a recent change in the rules.
News-ish with Seann Walsh and Mark Simmons
Mark’s had a cup of tea so things are all a little bonkers this week. Far too much caffeine for one comedian.This week, Seann and Mark commemorate World Mental Health Day with a story about Seann’s mate Crazy Dave. They try to work out just how big you have to get to be classed as obese. Do you know how much a gazillion pounds is? Nope, neither ...…
Down to Watch watched mother!, and... well, had somewhat differing experiences. This is one of those bonkers movies that polarize audiences and get critics and film geeks to pay attention. This episode of the podcast tries to understand what this film's intentions were and whether they pulled it off, with the expected tangents and trivia... so ...…
Autopod Decepticast: A Weekly Podcast Delivering a Minute-By-Minute Breakdown of the 1986 Transformers Movie.
Join the APDC team as they offer an in-depth analysis of minute 30 of Transformers: The Movie. State your business!! Not a lot of meat, but a good conversation! Welcome, Megatron! Unicron be frontin’ and snappy with the comebacks!! Jeff Koons! Script deviations: Ingestor, the Absorber of Unicron! “Call of the Primitives” is bonkers!! Why did Aa ...…
How Did This Get Made?
Rap song correlations, a mountain made of mashed potatoes, and much more on this week’s minisode! Paul goes through Corrections and Omissions for The Last Dragon, Blake J. Harris interviews director Michael Schultz about The Last Dragon, and the Movie Bitches review Home Again. Plus, you’ll find out which movie we will be covering next!This epi ...…
EXODUS - Peakhour Radio
01. Tom Budin Luciana - X With U 02. Kastra & WICKD - Jack 2k17 03. ZINKO - WEK2 04. Exodus x Eric Mendosa x Public Affair - Swang 05. twoloud & Bounce Inc. vs. Daav One - Bonkers 06. Dirtcaps & Reebs - Let's Get Wasted 07. Pink vs Alex Up NOZER - What About Us (JD Live Primetime Bootleg) 08. Exodus & MalaSangre - Back 2 Da Flow 09. TONG APOLLO ...…
Head on a Swivel
We're four weeks into the NFL season and it's been absolutely bonkers so far with only one team remaining undefeated. Farley and Alice discuss all the major talking points as well as all the usual features. There's even the debut of our new #PuntersCorner theme tune.
Sammy is an attention to detail aficionado from the land down under who’s been with Fitspot from the very beginning. With a BA in fine arts from the University of Miami, she’s a dancer, an actor and a nationally certified Pilates instructor who brings a blend of grit and imagination to the zillions of tasks that confront every startup. While sh ...…
Tune into the Putrid Punks at Flesh Wound Radio this Thursday, Sept. 28 at 9:30pm EST / 6:30pm PST (or anytime shortly after we wrap) as the Road To Halloween continues with an all Vinegar Syndrome special so stacked Todd might try and lock it in his dungeon. We kick things off w/ a trio of Blu Ray releases starting with the bonkers 1986 serial ...…
In this last episode before he begins his spiritual quest, Cash explains his reason for leaving everything behind for a while and embracing new spiritual horizons in the coming weeks. There's something about shamanic healing and about Jim Carrey's message in the wake of the New York Fashion Week 'bonkers' incident when he started speaking multi ...…
Bonkers For Bourbon Reviews!!!
Join me in trying the Four Roses Single Barrel, barrel strength bourbon. Try this barrel strength uncut and not proofed down giving big bold beautiful flavors straight from the barrel.
Download the latest FREE Turn Up the Night Podcasts Featuring Kenny Pick, Raine Koch, Bob Rouse & Joe Santorsa! So much bonkers nonsense so little time!Enjoy!
The Renegade Republican with Dan Bongino
In this episode - Did you know that liberals now consider artistic displays using cotton to be "offensive"? Barack Obama is in ...…
This week we review the September Nintendo Direct. We talk about some of the fun titles that are coming, as well as our thoughts on them. We also ponder whether we’re in the best timeline or not, because 3 Bethesda games on a Nintendo console is bonkers. So much to say in this longer episode of the Virtual Boys Podcast! Show notes: http://ninte ...…
Part 2 of 2 for our transfer window wrap. It has been fun, chaotic, and positively bonkers! Let us know what you think on our Facebook page!
Evan and Rena break down the final 3 episodes of Ink Master Season 8 and that bonkers introduction to the finale! Album Art by Dominique Whitney: http;// “RetroFuture Clean” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License “Division” Kevin ...…
This episode we bring you an overview, and an interview, about the anarchist and autonomously organized relief efforts in response to Hurricane Harvey. -------SHOW NOTES------ Table of Contents: Introduction {0:00} Headlines {1:14} Feature: Autonomous relief after Hurricane Harvey {14:15} Repression Roundup {23:29} Prisoner Birthdays {24:50} Ne ...…
Cutting LVAD wires, performing self-appendectomies or snapping in the middle of an unauthorized surgery? SGH in all of its incarnations has had its fair share of extra intern classes- but which one is the most? Join Sof and Emmo as they breakdown the completely bonkers actions of the OG intern class, the Lexie/Sadie cutting cabal and the unrema ...…
Summer Blockbuster!?!
On this week’s episode, we take an adrenaline shot straight to the heart with 2006’s bonkers action extravaganza CRANK, starring the one-and-only Jason Statham. We’ve got 90 minutes to determine if it’s pure genius or an offensive headache, and these Red Bulls and nasal sprays will only last for so long. Buckle up and enjoy!…
This movie was so bonkers that we HAD to do a review of it! It's Full Metal Jacket starring King Kong. Tom Hiddleston is there to look hot, but isn't nearly shirtless enough, and Sam Jackson is there as a war-crazy general because apparently he says yes to anything.-MovieBitches (Avaryl & Andrew)Subscribe to MovieBitches! ( ...…
OH MY GOD WE MADE IT TO EPISODE 3!!!!Join our hosts Mr. Mid and Chris Jones as they continue to discuss the Aliens series. SDC has been taken off his cocooned wall and brought back into the action. Looks like Ripley was wrong. It's not safe to dream now as we look at 1992's "Alien 3"This is such an epic episode it had to be split into 2 parts! ...…
Also discussed: War For the Planet of the Apes (2017), The Beguiled (2017), Michael Jackson's Journey From Motown to Off The Wall (2016), Rick and Morty (2013 - ). It's time for another very special episode of Nic, Tys and Videotape! Today, we're getting in touch with the dorky kids that live beneath our tough grown-up manly exterior to talk ju ...…
Rumor has it, Ed has a guest this week. Ed is joined by Greg Tilton, from Rumor Flies and producer of Jacks of Trades, to cover the failed 2007 pilot "Lipshitz Saves the World". This pilot, starring Ty Burell and Leslie Nielsen, is bonkers. We bring back an old, forgotten segment, "The Tucc is Loose". Also featured is a promo from Best Darn Did ...…
Jozi is back in Oregon and tries to set up Brandon for payback by giving him a most uncomfortable recap. We’ve renamed the boys’ apartment “heaven”. Jozi describes her charigasm. Having Tom Selleck and Chris Isaak in the same episode is almost too much to bear. Ross goes absolutely bonkers in his funniest week so far. #speakingofpenises #godble ...…
Night of the Living Geeks
We're ramping up the watching this week as we add The Defenders (S01E01) to our line-up! We also have a great selection of episodes from EMH (S01E03-04), Preacher (S02E09), and the penultimate (Monica's new favorite word) episode of Wynonna (S01E11) where everything is bonkers!
Healthy Baking with Mummy Made.It
The main ingredient in this Healthy Chocolate Frosting is Sweet Potato (how surprising?!). I always have a standby of Sweet Potato mash in the fridge for frosting emergencies (e.g. the kids have driven you bonkers and you want to eat a whole bowl full) but if you are a bit more normal than I am you’ll need to bake a whole sweet potato in a mode ...…
An extra slice of our Jen's weekly sports section, Jenny Off The Blocks. In this week's podzine, Jen chatted to Paula McGuire, a self-professed "recluse turned adventurer". In the full interview, Jen and Paula chat about the power of sport to change lives, mental health and a shared love of bonkers challenges. Paula battled against anxiety and ...…
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder... Well, you should all be super-fond of this eisode then since it is a week late. Slackers. Anyways... In this installment of Action Features, James & Mike tackle a few current pop culture happenings like Han Solo movie tidbits, the return of Wizard magazine, Star Wars toy sales, and kickstarter-fun ...…
| Blee Blop Goggins |This week the chaps are joined by Alex Gowing, who is an alien to wrestling. He creates an utterly bonkers character.There is the usual summary of the week in wrestling, along with a preview and predictions ahead of Summerslam. And of course, brilliant jingles for Spot of the Week, The Heel Commentator and Tamina of the Week.…
Soma exhausts mundane methods of search and must turn to the unusual. Paul learns about the afterlife…sort of. NewAlephChapterThree CHAPTER THREE Soma felt cold. Not just emotionally. It had been three days since her family had vanished. Three days with zero leads. Now she was finally, possibly, about to get some progress. First she had to find ...…
Limitless Possibility
Luc-Olivier shares his thoughts on Splatoon 2. Related Links Listen to Yanik's appearance on Super Nintendo Exploration Squad #5: Drift King Shutokou Battle 2 FU: The Verge: Valve is getting into card games and people are mad FU: Foursquare’s redesigned Swarm app is a journal for capturing your travels - The Verge Waypoint: 'Splatoon 2' Fans Ca ...…
We ask you, Lord, to work your word into our hearts so that we might not sin against you.This world is in trouble with threats like North Korea and from divisions within our own borders.There has been great turmoil regarding immigration and deportation. Which is worse, the risk of crime from some illegal aliens or risk from the factions of disp ...…
Mat and Simon, complete with furry audience member, take another full throttle dive through the world of film. This time they discuss Disney's streaming service and the affect on Netflix, the next movie from the creator of The Thick of It, Veep and In The Loop; Armando Iannucci. We take a look back at the careers of Martin Landau, Jeanne Moreau ...…
Also discussed: I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore (2017), The West Wing (1999-2006), Enemy At The Gates (2001), Stand By Me (1986). It's time for another episode of Nic, Tys and Videotape! This week, we bring you We Are Groot Vol #2, our series of episodes that let us geek out over our favourite genre of film, Superhero Movies!!! And t ...…
Cat Cave Cinema Podcast
On this mini-episode, we get back on track with out video nasties project and tease next weeks film, the 1979 Italian Nunsploitation oddity Killer Nun. We also briefly touch on the bonkers Shudder exclusive Kuso and try to figure out how many great prequels to terrible films exist in the world of horror (feel free to play along on our Tumblr or ...…
What the Bach? - A Bachelor Love/Hate Recap Show
Wes was disappointed by this season and the final episode. Alex was excited this was the end until she realized it was not. But you should all read this bonkers true life story, with picture: / @Aleekzawhatthebach@gmail.comIntro: Biking in the Park by ...…
Pastors go absolutely bonkers over what they call "Church Hoppers", people who move from one church to another. But is there really anything wrong with it? What does God say about this idea that we have to stay in one church for our entire life? The answer is pretty simple actually. If churches were giving people a reason to be there, they woul ...…
We're back in our favorite place, Otherworld, with the second episode this week. Mick and Susan, along with special guest Michelle, continue the story of the D'Artigo sisters. Things continue to be the best type of bonkers.
It turns out we know nothing about movies. But you'll probably find that funny anyway. Join Jake Sanson and his panel Ben Johnston, David Christie, Olivia Humphrey and Spanners Ready as they discuss what engine will be in the back of a McLaren, a Toro Rosso and a Sauber next season in Formula One, what Sebastien Buemi did in the paddock at the ...…
Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis
Clay Travis talks about Odell Beckham Jr. wanting to be the highest paid player in the NFL, his top 10 QBs in the league, the best match-up of NFL Week 1, and more! Also, an appearance from Alex Marvez.
This Is The Place (A Silicon Slopes Production) delivers wide-ranging, occasionally serious commentary on tech, Utah, and everything in between. Hosted by Silicon Slopes editors Meg Morley Walter and Chris Rawle, This Is The Place examines Utah-centric stories that range from inspiring and relevant to completely bonkers. In episode 6, Chris and ...…
00:00 - Shocking & violent road rage incidents in Ontario -- In Peterborough, a 74 year old cyclist was pinned and beaten by a man with a club (fish bonker), while in Toronto, a brawl ensued in after a dispute over a parking spot 18:34 - A Winnipeg family is speaking out after their stepfather took his own life just hours after being released f ...…
In this week’s episode, Nick and Stephen welcome writer and actor Ben Rodgers (Workaholics, Action Boyz, Hollywood Masterclass) to the show to talk about ECW, with the main highlight being the absolutely bonkers Scaffold Match between Tommy Dreamer and Brian Lee from ECW High Incident 1996. Plus, Stephen gets a sampling of other key crazy ECW m ...…
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