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Three Bonus Points
Three Bonus Points is a Fantasy Premier League podcast created and hosted by #FPL aficionado George Osborn and relative “tryer” Ryan Keaney.
Extended and extra material for people that like Data Skeptic.
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Extended and extra material for people that like Data Skeptic.
Rant Cast – Patreon Bonus Content
Bonus Barrel - Gaming PodYou like games? Well we love them! It's not a contest, okay? We're four people who gather together like a fleshy Voltron to talk about various games and game topics. Overall, I give this podcast a 3.3 out 10 and it has a 27 on Metacritic.It's worth nothing, and it should be obvious, but all the views on this show are by us and us only. Any pathetic attempt at comedy should be taken in consideration. Our "damage" segment is a recommendation system only, and not so muc ...
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Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition play series with the occasional other game or episode thrown in for variety. Currently playing an original campaign titled The Blight of Riverhaven and converting our video series into this podcast.Social Stuff:
A weekly video companion to 1UP's Retronauts classic gaming podcast. Each five-minute episode focuses on a different retro-gaming topic, from overlooked classics to overrated duds, from retrospectives to the art of collecting.
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Welcome to Bonus Baseball! Your host, Logan Plant, as well as a variety of guests are here to deliver MLB news and impressions to you every week! We have other interests as well, however, so after the baseball segment each week we will have a bonus section where we discuss something different each time!
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Bonus Experience
A deeper look at the play experience and the finer details of running and writing tabletop games.
Waiting On the Bonus Points is the Herald’s weekly analysis of popular online game Fantasy Premier League. We review all the latest action and provide tips and advice for budding managers.If you have a question then tweet us at @FPL_Herald
This feed contains all the bonus casts for the Career Tools Interviewing Series.
Bonus Points is the official podcast of USA Wrestling and hosted by Richard Immel. Sponsored by Liberty Mutual Insurance Play Positive®, Bonus Points offers interviews and insight from USA Wrestling, the National Governing Body for wrestling in the United States and will feature coaches, athletes and notable names from the sport of wrestling. Part of the Mat Talk Podcast Network.
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Bonus Biology
Podcast by Mrs. Stone
Welcome to the Forgotten Bonus Podcast! Here you can listen in as we talk about games of all sorts from video to tabletop! Our focus is on the positive aspects of gaming, and we like to joke around a lot. At the end of each episode, we will have a Bonus Round, where we pit each other against the challenges we concoct! Think you have what it takes for a perfect score? Play along and let us know how you do!
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An improv podcast filled to the brim with half-hearted jingles. Join Engineer Tiff and the boys every Monday as they try and figure out how to get a paywall on this dang thing! Head on over to and become a true Powerhead! Brought to you by PowerBless Inc.
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Gen Pop Bonus Audio
Bonus audio for Patreon backers of Gen Pop
Bonus Track
Extras that didn’t make it into The Incomparable. It’s uncensored and, dare we say, dangerous?
Branches. Bonus.
listen to messages from branches in spokane, wa.
Bonus Points
Bonus Radio
House music
Bonus Track
Huge music lovers' Matt and Justin decide to do an unnecessary podcast about their music interests and have nice, fun, and dumb intellectual conversations about specific albums they either enjoy or hate.
Bonus Features
Bonus Features is a discussion podcasts that provides information about music in modern animated film/media. Host DJ Corduroy discusses the production of the music, how it affects the work, why the work is important, and share interesting facts/opinions of the animated work.
Bonus Time
Bonus Time Podcast is a podcast where host Matt Salem chats with people in the community about their passions and ends by challenging them to a game of SuperFight. Matt talks to everyone from gamers and flamers to campaigners and lion tamers.
Bonus Content
Spun from the videos of Creative Continuity, Bonus Content is a convention overview in montage form. Stay tuned for our original series produced by Bestow Productions.
Bonus Points
Caleb Cajthaml is a writer who writes about his love of video games.
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It's only a 5-hour radio show with a LOT of classic we can't always get to EVERYTHING. That's why we have the Bonus Block! Strange news, celebrity interviews (or suck ups, if you prefer), and more!
IFC Films brings star-studded and award-winning films to viewers.
Unsigned Sunday is a weekly syndicated radio show geared towards new music discovery for independent artists. We generate viral content, feature interviews, host in-studio performances and debut songs before they impact terrestrial radio. Our hosts Mookie & Lara McCaffrey give listeners insight into the music industry. Unsigned Sunday is more than just a radio show... it's a way of life.
Bonus Pretzel, a group of college students, discusses video games they're playing, looking forward to, and the news relating to the industry.
OG's Perspective (OGP) is bonus content for each episode of Big Kev's Geek Stuff featuring Geek Stuff co-host OG Matt. It features his unique perspective and further commentary on topics discussed during the week's episode of Geek Stuff.
Hi, I'm Boyder. I'm a content creator, multi-platinum song writer, and entrepreneur. Here's some work: to the Bonus Footage Podcast, where I sit down with other content creators, entrepreneurs, artists, entertainers, and different movers and doers of this sort. To be honest, these are conversations I want to have with people because I truly admire them and I am interested in what makes these individuals tick. I’m curious about where they get their inspiration, ...
Your twice monthly look into the deeper worlds of Pokémon!
Bonus BS, a supplemental show to Gaming and BS podcast where we cover interviews and other such topics not found in our weekly episodes.
An increasingly absurdist comedy that seems to unravel more with each episode. Join Swaam Handley and Sylvester Apron, two podcasters with obviously fake names, as they embark on an ambitious journey to document their rise to the dizzying heights of pod-success, even as they descend into a dystopian future controlled by our new Robot overlords. 1 1 1 1 1
A podcast about two adult boys talking about all sorts of media to learn more about its inner workings. Including comedy, friendship, trials against the ancient disaster beast, and a quest for enlightenment.
Bonus Materials from the new film LOVE AND HONOR starring Liam Hemsworth, Austin Stowell, Teresa Palmer and Aimee Teegarden.
Podcast of Bonus Material from the Bible teaching ministry of Jesse Waggoner
This is the bonus podcast for paying members of the LSG Media Illuminati. If you are not a paying member and have this RSS feed then you're stealing, and that's not cool. If you are a paying member - THANK YOU - this will make consuming our bonus content SO much easier for you. We will routinely alter this RSS feed and distribute the new address, because members come and go. We will communicate all changes. Feb 2018 Feed
As an added bonus, Joe speaks from the heart in this final episode about the very day of the contest. He goes through the emotions. the sportsmanship and what to do when and if you win or lose. Also, the food comes into play after the show, the dangers of overeating and some amusing anecdotes. Joe then covers recuperation after a contest as well as the environment in which you are the most anabolic with food.
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Once again, Kristen and Jolenta dive deep into the mailbag to answer all your burning questions! We love hearing from you! Call us at 505-510-BOOK,, @jolentag, @kristenmeinzer, or @bythebookpod. Visit our website: And if you haven't already, please join our By The Book Facebook community! https://w ...…
In this bonus episode of Talk Film Society, Assemble!, hosts Sam (@SamShotFirst) and Sara(@SaraSorrentino) welcome guest/show-hijacker Marcelo (@MarceloJPico) to discuss who might die in Avengers: Infinity War. Also, what's up with Hawkeye? And what the hell is a Skrull? Get out your Dead Avengers Bingo card and enjoy!…
Join Us in France Travel Podcast, Episode 194 On today’s episode, let’s talk about Paris neighborhoods where I would rather NOT stay, or book a hotel, or rent an apartment. There aren’t so many such places, so it’ll be a short episode. I get asked all the time: is this a safe neighborhood? So yeah, let’s talk about it and name the names! If you ...…
The BSC will protect the kids! But who will protect the BSC! Kelly and Katai are joined by Baby-Sitters Club aficionado Alice Wetterlund (Treks and the City podcast) to break down a truly shocking entry in the Baby-Sitters Club canon, Super Mysteries #1: Baby-Sitters Haunted House. All your most pressing BSC questions will be answered. Question ...…
So, we’re starting with Eric Roberts. Pretty sweet, right? Then we add a little Eliza Roberts, a bit of R. Lee Ermey (RIP). How about a big dose of special guest Stephanie Crawford? Yeah, it’s getting good, now. Well, how about we mix that up into a great big pot of weirdness called LOVE IS A GUN, featuring fingered brain holes, defiled wedding ...…
Welcome to Less Than Monotony, bonus episodes from your favorite members of your favorite podcast, More Than Monotony! With Maxwell and Evan apparently out getting donuts, Peter and Dan take time to reflect on the end of the animated Star Wars spinoff, Star Wars Rebels.
This week on the pod, the bros cover a variety of topics, from Lost in Space (3:47), the Jessica Jones orgy scene (8:16), to Lucy Hale vehicles Truth or Dare (10:07) and Dude (11:44). All that, before getting to Avengers: Age of Ultron (23:20). Bonus discussion at the end on the Riverdale (2:31:37) musical episode and The Perfectionists (2:33:55).…
Dr. Jaime chats about what to do once an opportunity is presented to you. You now have an opportunity, how do you proceed? Find out here. Watch The Dr Jaime Show every Friday at 930am ET on FB Live, and Twitter Live. Visit me at www.drjaimek.comBy (Dr. Jaime Kulaga).
What’s it like to be a Park Ranger at one of the biggest caves in the US? Let’s explore the other-worldliness of Carlsbad Caverns with Interpretive Park Ranger Katie Crowley to find out. She leads cave tours, helps answer visitor questions, and writes poetry about the sites she sees every day. Show Notes found at: ...…
Coffee Break German is the course which teaches you German. Andrea is the teacher who helps Mark learn. You are the student who is learning along with Mark, and this is the lesson in which you'll learn all about relative pronouns in German! We'll learn how to use relative pronouns to combine two clauses together and how relative pronouns work w ...…
Actor Larry Hankin joins me for this bonus episode of the Motivation Report before its hiatus. We talk about his VERY long career, projects like Home Alone, Escape from Alcatraz, Breaking Bad, and Seinfeld. Plus, he's got a one man show "Street Stories" playing in LA now! The show's hiatus will resume after this and return in June. Be sure to c ...…
On this episode of The AIE Podcast… Mewkow: Can you Volunteer for Guard Duty? Tetsemi: 17 Raid lockouts and the time is short! Mkallah: Ready for Raid Roulette? Mewkow: Celebrate LOTRO 11th anniversary in style! Tetsemi: And, Durus and Dankinia are here to talk to us about falling off the edge… we mean AIE in ESO All that and more coming up rig ...…
Avengers Infinity War is almost here and Josh and Gerald start the speculation on who dies who lives and just how much money the movie might make Plus Josh breaks down his time so far with God of War we reflect on Black Panther and his importance for the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Rob McCallum stops by to talk rumors of wha ...…
Who would be the best studio executive? It is time to find out as we do our draft for the summer box office season and see whose films have the highest domestic box office gross. Is Avengers: Infinity War the number one pick? Does anyone draft Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again? Find out on this bonus episode!…
God as your Assistant, How to be Happy in 1820, Working no to Work, Interior Design, Being Wrong, I Told You So, Brant and Lebron, Anxiety and Depression, Being Stressed Out, The Mt. Everest Workout, Low Level Guilt, BONUS CONTENT: Setting up the perfect society; Quotes: “We tend to treat God like he’s our personal assistant.” “Avoiding your jo ...…
6 Shots for the Week! 1) Biggest "Auto-Correct" fails 2) Should Early Access games be reviewed? 3) Revolver Hosts - The TV show?! 4) Playing with yourself in 2018 - being a solitary gamer! 5) Revolver Epic Fails! 6) Story's Mystery "Dick Worm" BONUS TOPIC - What's your favourite condiment!? Notes Our guest this week was the gorgeous Brummie Sto ...…
Part One of TwoZak Slayback returns for a marathon discussion on how to set and make progress towards meaningful personal and professional goals. Recorded April 9th in Pittsburgh, PA in the studio of good friend Andrew Mercer. I was really happy Andrew joined us; he added some great stories and thoughtful questions related to his own productivi ...…
Join your friends, Marco and Paul for a Half-o-ween bonus episode with Damien Leone, writer/director/editor/fx artist of the new movie, Terrifier. Terrifier has been getting a lot of hype and praise lately but we discuss the long road to getting here, and what it took to make this future Halloween favorite! We also have “did we just become best ...…
Chief and Yawny talk with the unfiltered Shorty about sexual deviant topics, southern black church, and our social issues of our day. Bonus Song after the freestyle.
BONUS: Conversation with David Fitch Bringing it back to where our conversations started years ago: hanging out with David Fitch at a pub and having an amazing time chatting about life, theology, and the mission of God! Check out our recent conversation with this influential speaker, professor, church planter, missional coach, podcaster, and wr ...…
On this bonus episode i am joined by Lyndsie Kulzer, Eric Lutz, and Brian Murray. We walked around downtown Lancaster during Launch music conference and talked about the festival, our own creative processes, and a few other things.. Hope yall enjoy stay tuned to the feed for more bonus content as I work on season 2. As always EARSPACE is made p ...…
In our season finale, we talk about everything. And by that, we mean we talk about absolutely nothing. Join us for our last episode of the season and make sure you look out for bonus episodes that may be appearing over the summer!
In this Chat Episode I will be talking about results of the prior logo survey question with 2 options, a new logo survey with 4 options, feedback about Trivia Time episodes, this podcast being mentioned in The Sun newspaper, my new microphones, why last week’s episode might have sounded a little weird, and lots of listener feedback. http://medi ...…
Kev and Andrew react to the breaking news of Arsene Wenger announcing that he is finally leaving Arsenal after 22 years as manager.3 Football Debate Room members Aaron Murphy, Nick Hems and Chris Wheeler jump online and speak to Kev and reveal their feelings about this huge news.@footydebateroom…
On 27 March 2018, we launched the Small Town Big Dreams podcast with a live podcast event hosted at the Black Box venue in Belfast.We were joined by four guests for a live interview and Q&A. They were: Simon and Lorna Mills from TACA, a photography and film studio specialising in documenting the creative process; Vicky Potts from Whitepot Studi ...…
On 27 March 2018, we launched the Small Town Big Dreams podcast with a live podcast event hosted at the Black Box venue in Belfast.We were joined by four guests for a live interview and Q&A. They were: Simon and Lorna Mills from TACA, a photography and film studio specialising in documenting the creative process; Vicky Potts from Whitepot Studi ...…
We got around to seeing the adaptations of High Fidelity, 13 Reasons Why, and Ready Player One. We go through these movies and the TV show and talk about what we did and didn’t like. Enjoy! The post Adapted!: Bonus Episode #1 appeared first on Book Hubbub.
The Pod was down a man (good luck on your Fed Courts final, Eric!) but played through adversity (upcoming exams) to bring the listeners a recap of the first round so far. We threw in some bonus societal commentary after the hoops talk because we’re here to raise the level of public discourse in this country (and let that be our legacy!)Hoops ov ...…
Jeffrey, is a proud Husband and Father with kids who are not only bright but also faithful in the LDS faith. When he was younger life was much diffrent. His father was an alcoholic and soon left him and his mother. He was soon replaced by a step father, who became known as the "Step-Monster". Not only was he an alcoholic, he was also phsically ...…
In September, the 10K crew went on location to the 2017 Ontario Universities’ Fair, to interview a dozen higher ed leaders about trends in innovation. Alan Wildeman has served as the President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Windsor for a full decade. (He was appointed in July 2008 and recently announced his retirement for the end of J ...…
CLASSIC EPISODE FROM FEBRUARY 14, 2018 –On the Show: –Viveca Novak, investigative editor for McClatchy Washington Bureau, joins David to discuss suspected Russian funneling of money to the Trump campaign through the National Rifle Association (NRA) –The White House insisted that it knew nothing about sexual assault allegations made against Staf ...…
E no Lado C de 1977, trazemos o que aconteceu de interessante na Indy 500 sob o som de Televison Motorhead Lynyrd Skynyrd Peter Gabriel Kraftwerk Com bonus track de Supertramp Nos adicione no seu agregador de podcasts pelo feed: Entre em contato conosco no Tá tudo lega ...…
Welcome to a special bonus episode of the Theology Nerd Podcast with the Dr. Tripp Fuller. This is a shorter Q&A episode, where your friendly, local internet theologian answers questions submitted by you. This week’s question: What do I do with 4 different, contradictory, gospel stories? In answering, Tripp wants to convince you that you should ...…
Chris Bennett has been researching the historical role of cannabis in magic and religion for over a quarter century. He’s written three previous books: Green Gold the Tree of Life: Marijuana in Magic and Religion; Sex, Drugs, Violence and the Bible; and Cannabis and the Soma Solution. But he’s here because today, Friday, April 20, he’s just rel ...…
What began as an attempt at recording an episode of Nickelbackin' turned into chaotic mess of cross-promotional proportions. In this one-off(?) bonus episode: the cross-over of a lifetime, we assume! Old Nickel Zeroes brings together hosts Christopher Brown (Nickelbackin' / Old Men Yell At Cloud), Abram Taber (Nickelbackin'), and Lee Martin (Ju ...…
In this episode: Patrick reads more H.P Lovecraft for your listening pleasure! More discussion about dreams! Listen to Patrick and his guests as they discuss DREAMS...Simply amazing! EMAIL: FACEBOOK PAGE: Shows on RPA: Monday's: Real Paranormal Activity - The Podcast Tuesday's: Aa ...…
Whether you believe in karma or a higher power or just good old juju coming from the universe, sometimes two roads can lead to one path in our lives. That’s exactly what happened with my husband Jeff and myself a few years back and that’s what happened with this week’s musical guests, the Young Fables. Laurel Wright and Wes Lunsford (the Young ...…
The first episode in a new series about life in Berlin -- not just Berlin, but the new urban age. We'll be speaking with academics, journalists, writers, and other figures about housing issues and income inequality, how to create networks when we're all increasingly mobile, issues of gentrification and community, and the myth a city builds for ...…
Join Us in France Travel Podcast, Episode 193 On today’s episode, Elyse and Annie present to you a cornucopia of bizarre French foods. Even if you never plan on trying any of them, you need to know about them because they’ll pop up on menus here and there and we’ve known visitors who had big surprises when their food arrived! Elyse herself has ...…
Join your host Duncan Under The Stairs discussing all things Horror on The Podcast Under the Stairs.On this special bonus episode Duncan is continuing the reviewing assault on recent horror release titles. Fresh out in the UK and due for cinema's in the USA on Friday 20th of April, Duncan reviews the new UK horror title with all the hype, Ghost ...…
Eben Pagan was originally in direct marketing in San Diego as a real estate and mortgage broker. Then a friend demonstrated how successful he was at selling products online. Inspired, Eben locked himself in his bedroom for three weeks straight, writing his first e-book entitled Double your Dating, and publishing it under the name of “David DeAn ...…
In the thirtieth episode of MAKTAC, we talk about S19E12 of COPS. A Kansan criminal's girlfriend nearly takes a sledgehammer to the face, an underage dummy tries to eat weed in front of officers, and a Florida woman tailspins into bad performance art. We also talk about binging reality TV, what our favorite games are, and then have a one-sided ...…
I'm Afraid It's Terminal BONUS episode ft MoreSerrius by Yasin Mohamed
Hey Teen Creeps listeners! Curious about what's going on behind the Patreon paywall? This week we wanted to give you a free preview of some of our favorite Patreon moments. Please enjoy our "Creepy Crushes" Minisode (3:56) and our Outside Genre Episode on Shirley Jackson's "The Haunting of Hill House" (28:50). And we hope you'll take a second t ...…
In chapter 14, we dive deep into the world of naps, heavy dreams, philosophical talks, UFC drama, what it means to be yourself, Mark Mcgwire's dome, and as always explore beefs, legends, babes, and questions. For bonus content, check out our patreon at
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