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Podcast 2: Electric Boogaloo
Movie reviews, discussions, and whatever else we happen to talk about!
▲ The Bass Trap Mix Series is here ▲
Movie Boys II: Electric Boogaloo
A podcast where boys make movies
NewYork Rican Soul
No longer using this page for podcasts. Follow me at
The Face Radio
The Sound for Today's Modernist. The Face is an eclectic mix of Soul, Jazz, Funk, Mod & Underground music. Hosted weekly by Kurtis Powers.The Face is supported by Art Gallery Clothing, Mod Cup Coffee, and Scooter Bottega.
Fistful of Ganas
Fistful of Ganas features the best in Afro Cuban, Latin Jazz, Salsa, Mambo, Boogaloo y mas . . . updated perodically . . . sporadically . . . once in awhile . . . keep checking back . . . kinda . . sort of . . . Hawaii Time. For a complete playlist and more information about the show check out our website. The music in this podcast is for promotional purposes only. If you enjoy the music please show your support for the artists who create it. All proceeds go to updates and improvements to th ...
The Sins of the Fathers
This is a story about life. This is a story about light. This is a story of how some men are the product of their lives, and some are the prisoners of the choices they have made. This is a story about sin. Joseph Leighton is on the cusp of adulthood, his university days stretching before him with the luxury of rose-tinted foresight. David Leighton is Joseph's father, a grumpy, vicious sour man. Or is he a snake-hipped guitar god, with a shot at the big time? John Leighton is Joseph's grandfa ...
DJ Turmix's Podcast
Jazz, Soul, Latin, Boogaloo, Brazil, Rare Groove, Disco, NuFunk, House Music
Go Feet! Radio
GO FEET! Radio was set up to bring you music from or influenced by early Jamaica - Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, and Dub, plus more, each Wednesday from 10pm.GO FEET! Radio will also include roots music and beyond from NZ, and modern Boss music to skank rattle and roll to. When the time is right and the moon is full your Boss selector will spin the odd funk, boogaloo and soul track too. Artist/band interviews, special guests, and items to win regularly on GO FEET! Radio will make it well worth tu ...
Dj Mr Lob
Dj sets recorded live in Melbourne, Australia. These sets span, funk, jazz, soul, latin boogaloo, latin jazz, reggae and hip hop.
BC's finest DJs - British Columbia's best DJ mixes selected by DJ K-Tel
A wonderful sampling of some of beautiful British Columbia's finest musicologist's mixed brews! Featuring all types and all kinds of DJs mixing up their own special blend of sonic pleasures for you. All of them from the province BC in Canada. Featuring: Craig Mullin, DJ K-Tel, Steamboat Fattie, DJ Hebegebe, DJ CzechOlympics, Podrunner, Breaks, House, Electro, Punk, Funk, Soul, Techno, Boogaloo
This Thing We Call Jamcast
The Internet’s foremost music conspiracy show, delving into the shadowy past of the mysterious RED BRIDGE RECORDS and unraveling its secrets one guest at a time. Join your hosts THIS THING WE CALL JAM every fortnight as they release these long-lost records out into the world, interview the unspoken heroes responsible for them, and solve the greatest riddle the music world has ever heard…. LIVE AND ON AIR!Suspense. Drama. And rock n’ roll. Wednesdays at 8pm on Boogaloo Radio
Soul Buggin' Podcast
Soul Buggin' is a DJ collective based in Nottingham consisting of local spinners Mark, Wrighty, Beane and Elmo. Concentrating on all things soul - whether it be those dusty northern 45's from yesteryear, latin shufflers from brazil, glitterball disco gear from NYC, crazy futuristic grooves from Detroit, proper house from NYC or Chicago, maybe insane broken jams from West London - if its got soul coursing through it's veins these monkeys will play it.Soul Buggin' has played host to many super ...
Soul Clave
Soul Clave is a weekly radio program, aired every Saturday at 10:00am on Radio Universidad 89.7FM San Juan/88.3FM Mayagüez. Soul Clave explores the fusion of Afro-American "soul" as expressed in jazz, blues, and funk with the "clave" of Latin American music. Join host Luis Gallardo in the very best of Latin jazz, boogaloo, Latin soul, Latin funk, afrobeat, and other products and influences of the Latin diaspora. Soul Clave is also available via stream at and Mixcloud ...
Symphony Sessions
Like that OTHER composer with a similar name (but without the syphillis), Mosart212 (aka Maria JoséButter, aka Boston Blackie) is a prolific creator of bad-ass funky symphonies for the post-modern era. While he’s a DJ’s DJ, he’s also so much more: composer, rabblerouser, crate-digger, beatsmith, Baseball Fury, teacher, curator, writer, bargain-hunter, philosopher, boogaloo shrimp, hep cat, and all-around artiste. Symphony Sessions is a weekly foray into the mind of Mr. Mosart212. One week yo ...
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show series
Our boys get into a fine pickle here! Sure, some of the pickles are self-inflicted but they're still pickles! Come listen in and join in our heartwarming adventure of what it means to be a hero!... Kind of. You can check out the livestream at You can check out Matt and Spencer at ...…
Phillydogs Revue
Intro1 Ode To Billy Joe Pt1 Mighty Flea 02:48 45rpmSet 12 If you're ready come go with Cynthia Richards 02:41 Here Comes That Feeling 3 Gently (Feat. Anthony Hamilton) Booker T. Jones 03:09 Sound The AlarmSet 24 You Can Have Her The Persuasions 02:22 No Frills (1984)5 Destination: Anywhere The Marvelettes 02:41 The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. ...…
​Justin and Mathew discuss the Electric Boogaloo, do the Macarena (well, Justin does), and wish that JCVD had a dramatic acting career. Is Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo worthy of the Cannon Canon? Listen to find out! Download the MP3 directly HERE Subscribe on iTunes: HERE Subscribe on Google Play: HERE Subscribe on Stitcher: HERE Breakin’ 2: E ...…
The Remnant with Jonah Goldberg
In this guest-free free-for-all Jonah and Co attempt to answer listener questions, but end up mostly talking about alcohol, Star Trek, and (caution to listeners with kids in the car) telling slightly bawdy jokes.
Tall Tales in Music Mythology
The second and final (for now) episode on band name origins.
Black-Eyed and Blues Music Hour
Playlist: Dylan Wickens & The Grand Naturals, Burn It Down, Shakedown Tim And The Rhythm Revue, Red Hair, Liza Ohlback, Give You Hell, Joakim Tinderholt And His Band, Gold Top, The Hounds, Even Though, Pam Taylor, House Of Cards, Dave Hunt, Swamp Cougar, Jim Shaneberger Band, My Way, Felix Slim, I Hate You Cause I Love You, Wes Lee, Chains That ...…
Broadcast Social Radio EOY Show 2017 Pt 2.1.Hiroshi Yoshimura - Dream 2. Penguin Cafe - Protection3. Drumtalk - The Celestial Garden 4. Satoshi & Makoto - Crepscule Leger5. 2 Katara - Go Go Carid6. Hampshire & Foat - How The Nights Can Fly7. Jorge Reyes & Antonio Zepeda - Wawaki8. Virna Lindt - Unde ...…
CARNIVALLEY: An eclectic blend of funky,jazzy,groovy,soulful,latin,quirky vibes for a fun musical trip. 22 tracks. Kaleidoscope 27. Have a happy everything :) #quirky #funky #jazzy #groovy #soulful #latin #lounge #brass #orchestral #boogaloo #eclecticmix #jazza ...…
A second New Year’s Eve show, featuring butt selfies, the destruction of modern art, cricket bread, and UFOs. Also some ideas for the future of the show.
In Part 2 of the Two-Part Holidaytastic Spectacular Episode 99, Derek Madden and Matt Kolsky are back with the second half of their year-end discussions, covering: The BEST OF 2017 in television (2:05), wherein Madden and Kolsky both struggle mightily to reduce their Top Ten lists to less than twenty shows… The BEST OF 2017 in music (41:55), wh ...…
Audiomorphs: An Animorphs Podcast(?)
Ocean 2: Electric Boogaloo -- Audiomorphs is an Animorphs podcast which is actually not so much a podcast as a bootleg audiobook. Releases every Friday.
Possibly Coming Soon to Summer - Amazing Adelaide - England Boogaloo
Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine's Podcast
John Cramer reads the latest tale in John Shepphird's Shamus Award-winning Jack O'Shea series: "Electric Boogaloo." After the story, the author talks about his work, in conversation with editor Linda Landrigan.
Streaming Pile of Flix
Our film this week is the black sheep in "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" series and not to beat a dead horse but if you haven't yet seen the Cannon film's documentary "Electric Boogaloo" we highly recommend it as a companion piece to any Cannon film. This follow up to the original 1974 "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" once again focuses on the cannibali ...…
Transmission 302 Salsa Boogaloo – Sexteto Miramar A Child of A Few Hours Is Burning to Death – West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Baby Lemonade – Syd Barreett I Won’t Leave My Wooden Wife For You, Sugar – The United States of America Death Patrol – Ariel Pink Half Man Half Shark – King Crule Mind – Kas Product Chaise Electronique – Electrocho ...…
This week Jagan is taking over again with a music-packed episode, where he talks about a recent news event and plays music from games like Fortnite, Battlefront 2, Sora, Nioh, and more!Check out the set list at: 15, 2017
SomerVillain BrewCast
Part 2 of our Belgian beer tastings. (No dogs were harmed during the recording of this episode.) Beers this episode: St. Bernardus Abt 12Lambic- Lindeman’s PeachWhite by AllagashFranziskaner weissbier
Everybody may want to be a Master and everybody may want to show their skill, but they are not all Ash Ketchum and lack the prerequisite marketability needed to warrant a movie deal. Also, they didn’t convince a whole generation that they “Gotta catch ’em all!” and that a world without Pokemon is a horrible fate one should not wish upon their w ...…
Dee & Gav dive into the Eastern Conference, ponder the future of the Dallas Mavericks and give out early season haircut advice.
UKE BOX 140 – The Surrealist Uke (original broadcast date: August 17, 2016) It’s an all ukulele playlist featuring the experimental jazz and world sounds of U.K.E., Paul Hemmings, and more… PLAYLIST 1. The Zone by U.K.E. (from Next Step 2) 2. Spanish Vacation by U.K.E. 3. Careful by Paul Hemmings (from The Blues and the Abstract Uke) 4. Goodbye ...…
Episode 2: Belgian Boogaloo, is a shortened episode due to the untimely choking of our somervillain mini- dog, Weasley. (don't worry he's ok now). We start a new segment: What’s New in Brews and we get into the tistory of Belgian Beers. Love that monk juice. We also dicsuss the difference between dubbel, Tipel and Quad ales. Out intro and outro ...…
Welcome back for part two! Last episode focused mostly on some fantasy frights, so we're here with some sci-fi terrors to get you hyped up! Also featuring Monster Factory, the uncaringness of the universe, and my questionable scholarly practices from freshman year in college. Click to view: show page on Awesound…
The Ross Family is back with Episode 2! More topics have been added to the fedora, while they answer the rest of the topics that were put in the hat from Episode 1! 60 minutes of Ross Family shenanigans! Facebook:
SAI DAI KYU NO POWERFUL GEKI, KUROTO JAN, KUROTO JAN!The bros talk on the recent episodes of Build, Kyuuranger, & Geed. Then the two talk on they hype from the trailer of Heisei Generations FINAL
Awwwwwwwwww yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, baby, it's time for another Bonus Parlour episode! Why, I hear you ask? Well, it's my 10 Year Podcastingiversary this month (cor blimey!) and to celebrate, I decided to challenge my buddies to another fiendish pop culture quiz! Rich makes his triumphant return as Quizmaster Supreme, and we made Duncan stay at home ...…
89.7FM On-Demand
We're back for episode 64. Yes, Zoe is still watching Naruto. Find out how far in she is. Jon is happy for the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm and all of Chris' favourite shows returned this week. Plus, we all talk about what's coming out at the end of the year that we're looking forward to the most Thanks for listening! Did you catch the words ...…
It’s that time of year when new music releases are at a fever pitch, when we’re getting more good albums and EPs and singles than we would in other times, including four acts from North Carolina. So, get set for one of the old North state’s most celebrated bands of late, Hiss Golden Messenger, along with former Rosebuds’ frontman Ivan Howard’s ...…
It’s the triumphant return of Michael and Adam, as they dip back into the grab bag for more rapid-fire topic discussion! Listen as Adam calls for a new anthem for the country of Panana, and Michael proposes a model for all women of the world to emulate. Michael also shares trade secrets about his concept for a 24-hour nonstop streaming cute ani ...…
We're back with our second episode to round out the list of our favorite Sci-Fi movies of all time. Neal picks some fantastic films that we discuss and break down with plenty of trivia that you may not know about some of these classics. This is all in honor of the new masterpiece hitting theaters this week - Blade Runner 2049! Check us out at G ...…
Work Your Soul
Just something short and a bit fun today because this month has decided to be really busy and full of illness as well. On the plus side we have some very academic poutine to look forward to, so that's a thing.Sources: ...…
INTERCOT Insider Live - Disney Podcast
The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Jennifer Silveira, Ian Mitchell, Jason Kauffman, Justin McCarthy & John Yaglenski - It's Episode 102, Electric Boogaloo - Hurricane Talk - What was Walt Disney World Like During and After Irma - ICOT 20 is Almost Here - A Quick History of INTERCOT - A Preview of the ICOT20 Events - Another Festival for Epcot - New Ch ...…
INTERCOT Insider Live - Disney Podcast
The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Jennifer Silveira, Ian Mitchell, Jason Kauffman, Justin McCarthy & John Yaglenski - It's Episode 102, Electric Boogaloo - Hurricane Talk - What was Walt Disney World Like During and After Irma - ICOT 20 is Almost Here - A Quick History of INTERCOT - A Preview of the ICOT20 Events - Another Festival for Epcot - New Ch ...…
Elton John-Blues For Baby And MeLo Tom-Another MistakeBoogaloo Assassins-No No NoMontgomery Gentry-SpeedJake Bugg-In The Event Of My DemiseTears For Fears-ChangeCream-BadgeLukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real-Fool Me OnceSoul Sugar ft. Courtney John-Take A ChanceQueens Of The Stone Age-Hideaway\The Runaways-Is It Day Or NightThe Cyrkle-Our Love A ...…
Podcast 2 Electric Boogaloo by Feelin Funke
Taking The Bullet: An Angry Podcast About Bad Movies
Hey! Remember us? Well, we're back, once again. And if you still want it, here is yo' boys review for Transformers 5: The Last Knight. And of course, Leroy's rant. Enjoy!
Time to build that border wall. Here comes Irma now.
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