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Heroclix Borderlands
Stuck between Casual play and Meta play and not really home in either. This is a podcast about those wandering souls who find a home in neither. How can we survive and thrive in this game we love. I open my journey to share with you.
Radio Free Borderlands: A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast
Welcome to Radio Free Borderlands! Here we will discuss topics of D&D from the viewpoint of those who have played the game for many years. Discussions will include not only topics of optimal play, but also delve into previous editions and history as well.
Borderland Strategic Performance Institute
Podcast by Nathan Wagar
THiRD SHiFT is a weekly podcast hosted by Eric and Matt. Topics include everything Gearbox, with up-to-date coverage on releases, reviews and more!
Stay Tuned, El Paso
Local radio personality Victor Cruz and former stand up comedian Charlie Moreno discuss local news, people, events, culture, and much more. Have an idea for a show? Want to advertise or sponsor our efforts? Email us at for details.
Rationally Speaking
Rationally Speaking is the bi-weekly podcast of New York City Skeptics. Join host Julia Galef and guests as they explore the borderlands between reason and nonsense, likely from unlikely, and science from pseudoscience. Any topic is fair game as long as we can bring reason to bear upon it, with both a skeptical eye and a good dose of humor!We agree with the Marquis de Condorcet, who said that in an open society we ought to devote ourselves to "the tracking down of prejudices in the hiding pl ...
Podcast about the Gaming Industry: Mobile, Console and PC.
Low Score
C'mon Catch-a-Ride! with the Low Score podcast! Bobby and J weave tales of videogames, game news, discussion topics, and THE LIST. So, getChu one!
Nerd Out Word Out
Ramblings/Musings on Video Games, Movies, TV Shows and related Nerd Culture from Chris Perrin and Mark McGrady.(May contain Potty mouth words)
Dumplinks Podcast
A group of friends sharing some laughs while they talk about almost anything imaginable.
S Podcast
This is the legendary podcast by Billy, John & Reddie. Covering you off on latest videogames, internet trends and lots of joking around. Talk to us on twitter, facebook or!
Home of the GameBurnerPodcast
Onetribe - UK's only Occult & Esoteric Talk Show
The UK's Occult Talk Show - hosted by Marc Power and Dirk Bruere, we hope to showcase extraordinary People with extraordinary ideas on our weekly radio talk show.People with Ideas in the domains of Wicca, Esoterica, The forbidden, New concepts in Consciousness, Forteana, Healing, NeoPaganism, The Occult, Magick and TechnoShamanismEach week a cast of many very special guests, whose interests experience and knowledgeStraddle the shadowy borderland, between the known and the unknown.Listen to t ...
Game Tangents Podcast
We are GameTangents, a podcast consisting of techie-gamers and enthusiasts. Our main topic is primarily gaming and its industry including hardware, news, and game reviews. We will do our best to release podcasts each and every Wednesday with our main speakers and a couple of awesome guest speakers. Please suscribe and let us know how we are doing. Thank you and enjoy!
Military Veterans in Creative Careers
FOR MILITARY VETERANS IN TRANSITION TO ACTING, DIRECTING, WRITING, PRODUCING AND OTHER CREATIVE CAREERS. Many of our nation's men and women exit the military without a clue of what to do next. Others pursue their passions, doing everything they can to break into the life they've always dreamed of. With your cohosts Justin Sloan (Telltale Games: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Minecraft: Story Mode, Tales from the Borderlands), Jennifer Marshall (Zulu Six, Warfighter), and Trevor Scott (Da ...
GameRumors Podcast
We discuss all sorts of new Tech coming out and of course, our passion, and the reason why you're here: Video Games. Of all shapes and sizes! Mobile, Console, and PC included!
Charting the borderlands between religion and pop culture
Gamers First
Weekly Conversational Gaming Podcast and News
Comics & More Show
Welcome to The Comics & More Show podcast! Join David and thechrisbrown for one hour each week as they treat your ears to in-depth discussion on varying topics from comics to movies to TV shows to bad Sean Connery impressions. Each week we do our best to pick a topic and discuss the heck right out of it! Of course, as nerds do, there will be general meandering into the Borderlands of the topic and anything it touches, but we always find our way back to the center of the discussion.
Raw Frequencies
Currently living in Utrecht (NL) DvX is a techno DJ/Producer from Germany with belgian rootsBorn and raised in the borderlands of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands DvX began Djing in 2008 as „Chris Devox“ in the German House Scene.His career began with a residency at the well known „Housegeflüster“ Party's in Aachen.He then soon became resident at “Seltsames Verhalten”, the biggest outdoor festival in the area- where he had the opportunity to play beside some of the most internationally-r ...
Griffin's Daughter
The humans of Soldara generally view the elves of Alasiri through a prism of superstition and hate; nevertheless, in the borderlands, both races have quietly intermingled for centuries. Those of mixed blood, however, are the victims of bigotry and scorned as inferior in Soldaran society.Seventeen year old Jelena, of human and elven blood, has spent her entire life as an outcast in Amsara Castle. Her mother, the sister of the Duke of Amsara, died giving birth to her, leaving Jelena to be rais ...
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What is it like to live on the border, literally and culturally? The US-Mexico border has always been political. Thirty years ago, Chicana feminist Gloria Anzaldúa, helped make it cultural...even mythological, with the publication of her book "Borderlands La Frontera: The New Mestiza". It opened the eyes of many within the United States to cult ...…
IGN acquires Humble, Steam games get cheap, RPCS3 goes HD, and Overgrowth enters final beta. Then Death Point faces the CHAIRQUISITION! Special thanks: Mike G (Newest Executive producer) Subscribe: Listen: Download: (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro Steam News: What’s in ...…
In this episode of Deep Listening we go through the forests of Idaho and the borderland between Canada and the United States as we speak to world class mediator Ken Cloke. He mediates across multiple domains from families, to schools, to corporations. Ken has been a mediator for 37 years, and he is a prolific author with 20 published books. Ken ...…
Road Redemption exits Early Access, Feral teases a new Linux port, NVIDIA swaps Vulkan and what happens to your Steam account when you nope? Then GOKEN faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail. Special thanks: Hurtz (latest Patreon) Atomic Ass (Executive producer) Subscribe: Listen: Download: (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ...…
Northgate Christian Community
Chris explained the purpose behind naming the youth group ministry “Borderland”. He describes “Borderland” as a place, or space, between places. In nature, this is best described as an ecotone, where it represents a transition area between two communities. This is especially indicative of the teenage years, where middle and high school students ...…
This week on Fronteras: A major push to register Hispanics to vote finds many of them struggle to make ends meet in their everyday lives. Border Land Act would protect owners from Trump Administration land grabs for border wall. President Trump’s decision to lower the number of refugees welcomed in the U.S. threatens the viability of resettleme ...…
PseudoPod 563: Flash On The Borderlands XXXIX: Teratology is a PseudoPod original. Kiss, Don’t Tell by Cassandra Khaw This story is a reprint Cassandra Khaw is the business developer for Singaporean video games publisher Ysbryd Games. She also writes for Ars Technica UK whenever possible. When not doing either of those things, she practices mua ...…
PseudoPod 563: Flash On The Borderlands XXXIX: Teratology is a PseudoPod original. Kiss, Don’t Tell by Cassandra Khaw This story is a reprint Cassandra Khaw is the business developer for Singaporean video games publisher Ysbryd Games. She also writes for Ars Technica UK whenever possible. When not doing either of those things, she practices mua ...…
Book Club for Masochists
It’s October which means it’s time for our Halloween episode! We talk about our favourite spooooooky movies, books, comics, video games, and more! Plus: Early Canadian history! You can download the podcast directly, find it on Libsyn, or get it through iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play or your favourite podcast delivery system. In this episode Anna ...…
Look at us! We're dancin' we're dancin'! (I feel dirty writing that. Sorry, Internet.) Episode 03 of the Canon Fodder Podcast drops today, and you're looking at it! This week we shoot the breeze over Borderlands: Gunsight, a pre-sequel(?) by John Shirley. It's a good show. Make sure you stay to the end, though. Click into the episode for more i ...…
Diecast Episode 04: He Can't Even Break Yarn! With Leaky in chains and his life on the line, Cezzaria must decide: leave him, join the bandits and get rich (and perhaps laugh during the execution), or rescue Leaky, the whining monk guy, and figure out what the heck is up with the bandit. For a Chaotic-Neutral, it could go either way... TL;DR We ...…
THIS WEEK I spend a lot of time talking about Destiny 2 and building shelves, dive into some news about Battlefront 2, and other things. Then I go into some questionable quotes from the CEO of Gearbox, Randy Pitchford, regarding Borderland's art style and success. Then to wrap it up I lay out what I would like in the third Borderlands game! Fol ...… The VGH team talks about first person shooters. Follow the boys on Twitter by searching @WeskerCommander for Connor @DavenofPort for Hunter and @Brok3nAllanMuir f ...…
Playlist: Tannahill Weavers- Elspeth Campbell Kenny Gilles Of Portnalong Skye Malcolm Johnstone Thornton Jig - The Mermaids Song - voicebreak - Beggars Velvet- Lady Of Autumn - Lady Of Autumn Caliban- Bold John Barleycorn - Caliban Caliban- The Pony Set - Caliban - voicebreak - Liam Clancy- The Rocky Road To Dublin - Liam Clancy various Artists ...…
Praise Altman, you chixculubs! Episode 02 of the Canon Fodder Podcast has finally arrived! This week we're gnawing on Dead Space and it's prequel tie-in Dead Space: Martyr. If you weren't sold by last episode's cynicism, you'll be thrilled by this episode's genuine enthusiasm. Also, guest-starring Jenn, AKA Cezzaria from our Diecast! Show Notes ...…
Choice and Morality in Video Games In games like Life is Strange, Undertale and Tales of the Borderlands offering choices and morality in their storyline, are they sucessful options or are they novelties that offer no real substance. THEME BY DJ CUTMAN - 3D HIP HOP Find out more on the CuppaRJ Podcast website. This podcast is powered by Pinecast.…
Gearbox, closing Battleborn, Varnell, 2k, borderlands, project 1v1
This week on Fronteras: Dispatches from the U.S. Borderlands. Inside reports from the area haunted by drugs, violence and immigrants. The status of Texas Attorney General’s appeal on the injunction against SB4, the new sanctuary cities law that’s on hold. A movement is underway to stop laws like SB4 from getting passed in other states. How a Da ...…
Perspectives (WFSU) on 88.9 WFSU-FM
Florida’s earliest Spanish settlers built a string of Missions across the northern part of “La Florida”, which spawned a remarkable connection with the native Aplachee peoples. The history and modern-day impact of that connection is the focus of the Spanish Missions in Florida and the Borderlands Conference, set to happen at the Monticello Oper ...…
Charlie and Zealeus are here to give you your weekly dose of awesomeness this week: Our continuing thoughts and prayers to those affected by Harvey and Irma Mario is no longer a plumber Puzzle Fighter is coming to mobile devices Is the end of YouTube Gaming already upon us? Gearbox says 90% are working on something we all want, Borderlands 3? S ...…
Hello and welcome to Parents Press Play & Friends where we talk about unique and interesting topics across gaming, entertainment, and technology for people of all ages. This week, in Episode 184: Mouse & Keyboard, Kaleb records solo. I am your Host Kaleb Rutherford, @kahleeb on Twitter. On the show, we talk about: Unannounced Bethesda Game, Mou ...…
Los episodios de FriendlyFire Podcast
** Empezamos con la intro de siempre, esta vez con un poco de Wasteland 2 y Yakuza ** South Park Retaguardia en Peligro y el amarillismo de una polémica ** Destiny 2 - impresiones de la Beta ** Borderlands 3 - un breve repaso de la saga y qué podemos esperar de esta tercera iteración ** Switch, NBA 2k18 y problemas de almacenamiento que se veía ...…
This week in the news we holler at you about some stuff that stuff includes. JBL replacement has been announced. Borderlands 3 tease? Probably? LA Noire is getting a remaster. Resident Evil 7 DLC release date announced along with a Gold Edition. Pokemon boss thought The Switch would fail. South Park difficulty settings. Sentai Filmworks start a ...…
Book Thingo: Readers talking about books we love, especially romance
Guest: Danielle Binks | Host: Kat Mayo | Audio producer: Rudi Bremer | Recorded: 25/02/2017 ARRC Be warned: Today’s episode is a bit of a Melina Marchetta lovefest. Occasionally, Danielle links and I segue into feminism, other great books, our favourite authors, and politics … but eventually all roads lead back to Marchetta. It’s hard to explai ...…
This week - We are joined by a special guest, The Andredal , as we talk about Randy Pitchford's recent commentary about Borderlands' art style holding back the game's popularity, Hyper Universe toning down the both the c
On this episode of the RP2Gcast we dive into some rumors about gearbox studios and the development of Borderlands 3, Talk about NBA 2k18 and how to be great at it, Lee's Final Fantasy XV adventures, the latest Cuphead controversy and so much more!
The success of Telltale Games with their slew of adventure titles is something to behold. They’ve explored the worlds of The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Borderlands, and Minecraft in unique ways thanks to their episodic adventures. We sat down with Job Stauffer with the intention of discussing where things are with Telltale and where things ...…
Welcome to Gamer News Talk! This episode aired on 8-31-17 when we discussed:-Supporting Houston Effort-Randy Pitchford on Borderlands art direction-In the Name of the Tsar-Top 100 Games of all Time-The Division-Paris 2024 Summer Olympics-Joker Standalone movieThanks for listening! Be sure to follow us for more content!…
GAJ: Games and Junk
Jason Arriola might be head over heels for Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana and John Lucero is a bit apathetic about the Gundam Versus beta. New Borderlands game might be in the works, new Nightmare Creatures game is definitely in the works, Wii U getting another nail in the coffin, Puzzle Fighter on mobile, Resident Evil 7's getting its DLC wrapped ...…
Tiny Disc Podcast
A new Final Fantasy series debuts on Netflix… and it’s not what you think. Jac regales his life experience with D&D. Robert braves the storm in the new Life is Strange prequel while Collin trades in his long-flowing locks for red dreads in Horizon: Zero Dawn. Jac gets inked up in Splatoon 2. Classic repros, triple hurricanes, and rumblings of B ...…
Judd Foundation’s Co-president, Rainer Judd, and director of the Borderlands Research Institute, Dr. Louis Harveson, discuss land stewardship in West Texas. Dr. Harveson will speak at the foundation's upcoming "Ranch Day" on Sunday, September 10 at Casa Perez. Casa Perez is one of three Judd Ranch homes – located south of Marfa off of Ranch Roa ...…
Nerdy Things And Stuff
NTS EP. 32: Nindies and borderlands 3 by Nerdy Things And Stuff
GameZilla Podcast - Motor City Gaming
We are back from Boston and the NA LCS summer split championship. Grimlock and JazzE dive into the worlds tournament of league while telling the tales of their trip to Boston. Nintendo makes some very bad decisions. What could ninety percent of Gearbox developers be working on? Along with many game and DLC releases. ...…
Welcome to another mindblowing episode of the Super BS Gamescast Today in gaming Josh finished Uncharted The Lost Legacy Donna has been playing Path of Exile Brian is jumping back into Hyperlite Drifter and he also picked up Mario Rabids Kingdom Battle for the Nintendo Switch We talk briefly about fake news in the video game world and Donnas di ...…
Nazis are bad. Video games are good. That's this podcast in a nutshell. Amelia has been busy with job stuff. Bell is absolutely delighted with “Tales From The Borderlands.” Also mentioned: “Mass Effect: Andromeda” “Elder Scrolls Online” “Horizon Zero Dawn” “Uncharted Collection” “Persona 5” “Stories: The Path of Destinies” “The Wolf Among Us” “ ...…
Real Food Real Stories Radio Hour
Navina Khanna is the Navina Khanna is the Director of the HEAL Food Alliance, a national coalition working across industries to create a more sustainable food system. In this conversation with Real Food Real Stories Founder Pei Ru Ko, Navina discusses how growing up in the borderlands between India and Pakistan shaped her career as a food advocate.…
this week we discuss some borderlands some sports to fit in with the rest of the world and get into theories and more game of thrones dont worry we are almost done with the season hope you enjoy dont forget to hit up the twitter @TomfooleryPOD
Kame Korner
Darkwood, SOMA, Talos Principle, Signal From Tolva, Borderlands 2, EVE Online, Nidhogg 2, Messhoff Games, Destiny 2, Tacoma. Midtro: none
That theme song means it is once again time…for Episode 42! We’re super stoked for The Defenders, but first, let’s catch up on all of the apps, events, games, books and business we’ve been doing. Papa and Thermal hit Super Smash Con. Momma Wolf in right in the heart of Bodybuilding shows. We’re playing games like Destiny, watching Guardians of ...…
Digital Fiasco
This week on Digital Fiasco: Friday the 13th finds the real killers, Tales From The Borderlands was a failure, More Switch production issues, and No Man’s Sky struggles to be relevant. Share This: The post Episode 43: Atlas Shrugged appeared first on Digital Fiasco.
This week on Digital Fiasco: Friday the 13th finds the real killers, Tales From The Borderlands was a failure, More Switch production issues, and No Man's Sky struggles to be relevant.
We conquered the realm of mediocre podcasts and were back on the rise Welcome to the platinum trophy achievement unlockable 21st episode of the Super BS Gamescast starring all of your favorite fools Brian Dave Jake and Josh with a special appearance from the one and only Reggie On todays episode Brian gets inked on Splatoon 2 Dave is still maki ...…
Chris Herman and Jon Romo sit down this week to discuss their personal favorite spinoffs of beloved video games. The duo also talk about the latest news stories, including the return of the Nintendo World Championship, the latest updates for Ubisoft's naval warfare game, Skull and Bones, Gearbox's upcoming first person shooter and meta-card gam ...…
Welcome to Gamer News Talk! This episode was recorded on 8-3-17 when we discussed:-New Battlefield-Battlegrounds Crate System-Stream Honkers-Major 2K Sequel-Psychic Readers LawsuitThanks for listening and follow us for more content!
The Tangent
The Tangent - 127: Red Dead Idiot Brian: Lawbreakers Gary: Lawbreakers, Overwatch, Little Nightmares Justin: Metal Gear Solid 5, The Office Quest Anthony: Splatoon 2 Drunken News Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Launches November 7 Nintendo Bringing Back The World Championships In October Big No Man's Sky Update Launches This Week On PC/PS4 ...…
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