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Exploring bots, conversational interfaces, AI, and messaging.
Cafe Bots
Software developers discussing life, the universe and everything!
Inside The Bot
A mutual affection for robot destruction spawns a podcast of mediocre proportions.
Yakker Bot Talk
The best chat bot podcast out there! Amazing interviews and information to help you learn and put into action all of your bot desires! If you are just learning about Facebook Messenger Marketing or you are already a pro with services like ChatFuel and ManyChat then you'll enjoy. Listen in now.
WWW.DARKDISCUSSIONS.COM - A Westworld Podcast: Bullets, Brothels, and Bots discusses weekly episodes of your favorite television show. We are the sister podcast to Dark Discussions Podcast.Visit us at or send us a comment at
Rescue Bots is more than a children's tv show, it is a part of the Transformers universe! Partnered with great writing and awesome voice talent, this show is worth checking out!
Bots, Bugs, And Babes! The B-Movie Podcast that you have been waiting for! I am your host, Jason Jaconetti, and I invite you to join me as we take a trip into the often crazy world that are B-Movies. I will cover classics to cults and all the yummy cheese in between. Bots, Bugs, And Babes is not only the B-Movie Podcast you want, it is the B-Movie Podcast you deserve!
Botfoundry is a resource for bot builders to learn how to build bots. There has been lots of noise about bots as the “next big thing”, but few know how to build useful bots, and even fewer have bet their business on bots (except maybe Ashley Madison).BotFoundry is an opensource site that will create blogs and podcasts for bot builders to learn how to build bots. Feel free to contact me if you need help, or if you have good ideas.
Bots, Facebook Messenger, Messenger Marketing, Conversational Marketing, buzzwords & cold beers. Why bots, why now, and why Facebook Messenger.
Three half wits discuss the fate of the world. Violence is always a possibility.
Bots and Business
The first to expose the true potential of Messenger and Bots for business and social. This podcast is intended on helping you grow, create, or scale an online business using practical advice from experts
Bot Buddies
A podcast where robot representation matters! Join Soph and Samn as they discuss your favourite robots from fiction, pop culture and media.
Is a show dedicated to talking about BOT's and how amazingly powerful they are. Everything you want to know from understanding them to building them.
Bot, Why?
Everything AI, from the tech to the cultural impact. Here on Anchor!
Not your average human call-in show.
MQL is the Programming language for Automated Trading in Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5. Learn how to automate Metatrader in 5 minutes a day...
This is an autonomous podcast.
An entertaining look at the ever evolving world of AI and bots
Peddling fiction to help you prepare for the coming economic collapse. Joe covers top politics and economic news to help forecast the future. Analysis of the Web Bot report and gold, silver and bitcoin markets. Find Joe on YouTube and at REPORT: How to Get Started with Bitcoin:
Sole2Sole Podcast
Sneakerdadd and Threepeat Kicks discuss all things sneakers. We sit down with influencers and leaders in the sneaker community to educate and entertain our listeners. Topics include reselling, collecting, customizing, bots, social media, new releases and more.
Threat Monitor
The Threat Monitor podcast is a semimonthly tip from that focuses on current information security threats, including hack attacks, viruses, worms, Trojans, backdoors, bots, spyware and DDoS, and provides you with the tactics required to defend against them.
The place where we talk about bots, artificial intelligence, smart automation and Messenger Marketing
En nog een WordPress site
Radio Free Cybertron is The Transformers Podcast! The world’s first and best. We’ve been bringing you the latest from around the Transformers world since 1999! Weekly news and reviews on all the Transformers properties in the universe: Titans Return, the Last Knight, Combiner Wars, Robots in Disguise, Transformers games, Transformers Angry Birds, Transformers 4: Age of Extinction, Transformers Prime, Rescue Bots, Fall of Cybertron, Transformers Legends, Botcon, IDW Comics, Marvel Comics, con ...
Hysteria 51
Hysteria 51 is a weekly “odd-cast” that takes an every-man approach to conspiracy theories, mysteries, the unusual, and the unexplained. Hosts John Goforth, Brent Hand, and Conspiracy Bot (a cranky robot bent on world domination who also happens to be the show’s head researcher) examine a different topic each week and generally come to one conclusion…the truth is out there, but you won’t find it here.
Roboism is a fortnightly show mostly about robots. We care about how robots, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are affecting our culture. Come explore the humanity behind the bots that are quickly becoming a part of every day life. Hosted by Savannah Million and Alex Cox.
Homo Vulgaris
Cyberpunk dystopia stoner internet occult late capitalist adjective noun russian bot disinfo podcast. The future is now and it SUCKS!
Retro Old Time Radio
You've just found the Retro Radio Podcast. The Internets best kept secret source of Old Time Radio Comedy. All comedy radio classics for your listening pleasure. Hand picked by Keith, and sometimes by the Retro bots. Tell a friend about us. We also take requests! If you have a favorite classic radio show, that you would like to hear,send me your request. It doesn't even have to be comedy. If I have it in my collection, I'll play it for you
Empire Strikes presents the Books On The Shelf BOTScast! Join Bryan, Camille, Jules, and The Sherbs as we talk about the newest comics and books that we have read and what's new and interesting! We try to offer suggestions on what's out there and talk about titles that we've been reading as well as help others discover new stuff. If you have any suggestions or comments, or just want to chime in on what we were talking about, send us a message at Please put ATTN: ...
Matt and Clay discuss the current political climate, Transformers vs. Go-Bots, and anime.
Hi, I'm Tom Morgan. I'm a Microsoft MVP for Office Servers & Services. I talk about Skype for Business development, Office 36 development, Bot Framework, Artificial Intelligence, and everything else in-between. A lot of these shows will be the audio versions of my Weekly Update series, which is available on YouTube.
The PMO Podcast™
We bring PMO topics to project management organizations of all shapes and sizes. Are you looking to setup and manage a PMO? Or meet the compliance requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley? Or improve project performance through soundness of method? Then listen to The PMO Podcast™, a weekly program that delivers valuable insights and ideas to help you with your project office. Companies today understand the importance of project management and the PMO is the means by which companies turn their vision a ...
A podcast interface to a bot. Pass it a query, and hear it speak a response.
Your Source For Links To 'New-To-You' Online Resources | Home Of The Internet ToolBox Daily Podcast | Managed And Curated By Real People, Not Bots
Podcast by Pistol Pete & Bo T. Vine
Hi, I'm Tom Morgan. I'm a Microsoft MVP for Office Servers & Services. I talk about Skype for Business development, Office 36 development, Bot Framework, Artificial Intelligence, and everything else in-between.A lot of these shows will be the audio versions of my Weekly Update series, which is available on YouTube.
The Two Brandons
A pop culture conversation between writers Brandon Thomas (Miranda Mercury, Voltron: Year One, Voltron) and Brandon Easton (WB's new Thundercats TV series, Shadowlaw, Transformers: Rescue Bots)
Hate telemarketing? I am a telephone engineer who builds robots that talk to telemarketers. While entertaining, the goal is to consume telemarketing manpower and disrupt the industry. This podcast is about the bots and this process. The recordings are entertaining, but some of the telemarketers get nasty, so the recordings can be explicit.
World's best Fantasy Football blog. Get #FPL help, tips, stats & points projections. Try our 'rate my team' optimisation bot for free.
The PMO Podcast™
We bring PMO topics to project management organizations of all shapes and sizes. Are you looking to setup and manage a PMO? Or meet the compliance requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley? Or improve project performance through soundness of method? Then listen to The PMO Podcast™, a weekly program that delivers valuable insights and ideas to help you with your project office. Companies today understand the importance of project management and the PMO is the means by which companies turn their vision a ...
Warning: Since 2007, listeners have reported difficulty staying politically pissed while tuned in to shows offered by The Jazz Joy and Roy Daily Podcast and Syndication Network. Select the capital 'R' on the 'Listen On iHeartRadio' test button to prove we have warned a real person, not some bot. Test number 28794442
AI exposed looks at the world of Artificial Intelligence. Your host, Justin Scott, will discuss some of the latest trends, interview some industry experts, and have some fun in the process. To learn more about how the Premier Service for Developer (PSfD) team at Microsoft can help your company with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and intelligent bots, reach out to Justin Scott for more information.
VOLACAST BY VOLACWant to be featured in VOLACAST? Send your demos to: volacast@gmail.comGuests:Wax MotifDillon NathanielMaximonoSharam JeyKyle WatsonLO'99 & Hood RichDr. FreschFunkermanSindenLow SteppaBotLouLou PlayersWill ClarkeFractaLLBruno FurlanHot BulletMarc SpenceGabriel Boni
Russian techno / hard techno podcast from St.Petersburg. A part of label "TECHNO CENTRE Russia". Hosted by Recycle bot. brings you the 'Startup World' podcast. Stay updated with what's happening in the tech industry with daily bite-size news read to you by our bot Alice! ✌️Daily Episodes: In these episode Alice will be reading to you a curated list of news. Tips & Tools: In these episodes Alice will be sharing certain tips and tools to help you grow your business, improve your productivity and much more.
Wanna know what happens when bots takeover? Hold on tight for the Messenger Marketing Movement podcast! A bot-fueled experience! Learn about the latest in messenger marketing from successful thought leaders. Join us and our guests as we talk about messenger sales funnels, chatbot mastery, artificial intelligence and much more.
Former (D) and a former (R) come together to watch Donald Trump destroy the failed two party system and globalist cabal, for better or worse. We cover the news before its news. What started as a red pill to friends has taken on a life of its own. Join us in our weekly quest to wake up those that are asleep among us! Follow us on Twitter @sportsballpol*Not a bot.
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A pair of smart glasses that will work for both Blind and Low Vision alike? Tune in to hear J.J.'s interview with Sean Tibbetts of Cyber Timez to hear about just such a thing. We also have news, a live tip and a "Last Word" that involves food and a YouTube clip. We decided to stay with the tried and true for episode 150, because "if it isn't br ...…
Who, What, When, Where Why of Bots.Today's episode: $6 Billion in ad revenue by 2020, hardware stores, general message in Manychat and when - now, who - Social Launch Media
We get fresh looks!The party set out for some lunch!And the introduction of the "Clown-Bots"Special thanks to Kevin Cole
Money Money Money – Wieder zu dritt und wir spreche eine ganze Folge lang nur über Zahlsysteme die in den nächsten Tagen starten. Nur? Nein natürlich nicht, das sind zum Glück eher Randmeldungen – ganz im Gegenteil, wir haben noch jede Menge spannendere, andere, Technews für euch. Wir wünschen euch viel Spass beim Reinhören in unsere Folge. Nat ...…
*Bitcoin NYS, your premier place for Blockchain education in Western New York.* WARNING! EXPLICIT CONTENT! In today's episode of EDJ Podcast, we speak with Kevin Hill, the co-founder of Funguana Inc., the analytics and crypto-trading bot company. It was a privilege to have Kevin on the show. Kevin Hill is a recent graduate of the Rochester Inst ...…
June 18th, 2018 With a sudden trip to Long Island, NY out of the way, Landon and Mack release the first episode of the Saturday Morning Snap (yes, on a Monday). The guys discuss many popular players in this year's draft pool through a Sleeper Bot mock draft. The Mock Draft is a 12 team, half point per reception format, where the guys have drawn ...…
Hey, BossFam! Welcome to The Bosses’ Desk where we look out for you, giving you the best in geek news and movie reviews. Take a listen to this edition of The Bosses’ Desk podcast. Today, The Big Boss & The Professor give you a look into the things going on in the geek world. On today’s show… Weekend Box-office The Incredibles 2 – $180,000,000 O ...…
Learn how to clean Legos with short hair as a teen! This week, Allison and Justin talk about some minor drama in the Twitter bot world and learn about a team of MIT researchers that develop creepy, macabre AI. Then, they upturn some different, more subtle horrors on wikiHow as Allison tries to guess what’s being instructed in the step-by-step. ...…
In this episode we talk to Jo Cruse, MD at The Unreasonables, about how in the midst of an avalanche of data and AI in both hype and reality, its easy to think that automation and bots are taking over and that it's important more now than ever to ensure we have a human centred approach to building data, AI and technology solutions. We explore h ...…
What is up, guys! Hope you've had a great past week like me. I've been all over the continent this past week trying to refresh from work and my outside projects so I can come back more sharp and ready for all of you guys following the Bit of Code journey. If you haven't listened to my past episodes, my name is Brady Murphy and I am a student at ...…
Have you given up on trying to serve God? Maybe you feel like you have nothing to offer God, like you’ll never measure up. Or maybe you wonder why you should waste your time on something if it’s not going to benefit you or anyone else . . . it’s not contributing anything anyway . . . nobody acknowledges what you’re doing. Can you relate? Stop w ...…
In dieser Folge betrachten Michi und Moritz die Geschichte des Christentums, einer Religion die vor dem Islam und dem Hinduismus weltweit die meisten Mitglieder verzeichnen kann. Anlass für diesen kleinen geschichtlichen Exkurs bot der amerikanische Justizminister Jeff Sessions, welcher gerne aus der Bibel zitiert. Was es damit auf sich hat, er ...…
Or… Grace and Mercy of the All Knowing God Before we present this collaboration effort that your hosts put together, Keith shares a quick announcement. This will be our final show… Hey, stop cheering out there… it’s only the final show for the Summer. For those of you out there who weren’t booing, never fear, we have a season of our world famou ...…
#3 10 Ways to Get People Into Your Bot The two parts to bot software, ways to get people into your bot, and why how to get people in your bot is about to be the next big thing Show Notes Video Show Notes Enjoying the show You can subscribe right here. Or switch over to messenger and search for Bots for the Win. Chat ...…
In this episode of Selling Local, we are talking about the new way of selling VS the old ways. We discuss 200 dials a day and how it has turned the traditional sales rep into a bot, literally... Join us as we discuss our thoughts on why relationships are important in the future of sales.
SMTP Strangeness - Possible C2 Encrypted Office Documents Recent Port 8000 Scans New ...…
This week we’ll tell you about a company that can get it for you wholesale — and organic; a delivery service that’s turning Japanese; and a password vault that secured more cash. Theme music is "Bot Fest" by Alex Vaan.
The mass appeal of ‘wellness as a lifestyle’ may be something trending with consumers today, but it’s a mindset that’s been central to Equinox since its inception in 1991, says Vimla Gupta, CMO of the premium fitness brand, on the latest episode of TheCurrent Innovators podcast. Equinox has paved the way by offering consumers support and servic ...…
In this episode we discuss the second half of Down and Dirty (Wild Cards Book 5). The authors that contributed to this book are: John J. Miller George R. R. Martin Roger Zelazny Leanne C. Harper Arthur Byron Cover Melinda M. Snodgrass Edward Bryant Stephen Leigh (S. L. Farrell) Pat Cadigan Walter John Williams Our fantastic theme tune is Ace Of ...…
Episode 018: Show Notes On this episode of Shining From The Shadows, Joseph Fusaro and I discuss how he was able to find peace and maintain his mental health after struggling with mental illness for most of his life. Joseph shares his mental health story, his journey to mental health recovery, and shares his beautiful perspective on life. This ...…
Patch 8.12 is here! We discuss all the changes....even the ones made toward bot lane! Heal and shield power has been nerfed. I hope you didn't like to play Janna. Patch notes: --- Find us at http://trinityforcenetwork.comBy (Trinity Force Network).
It feels like chatbots are taking over the world, with some even questioning whether we have real conversations anymore. But they're booming for a reason. They deliver exceptional value (when built properly) to the users of these bots and for businesses, well they generate leads, sell products, enable customer support, and improve productivity. ...…
Nerd Rage Radio Show Notes Episode 146: What Do Kelly Tran & Bumblebee Have In Common? We're Not Sure... Shaking With Excitement In Time For July 4th Sexy News... But Bot Really ...…
Decatur Police Chief Mike Booker talks to Editor and Publisher Dan Whisenhunt. Photo by Jennifer Ross. Decatur Police Chief Mike Booker has been in charge of the city’s law enforcement operations for 12 years and has been with the department since 1990. A lot has changed in Decatur during that time and a lot of things about policing have change ...…
Episode 3100:03:29 Who is Riot Sherman?00:04:42 2018 LoL College Championship00:07:36 How to Call in00:08:57 More Sherman00:11:44 Sknue: Culture vs Infrastructure00:28:24 Anna: Ex-pros in Collegiate00:33:35 Ray: Getting Influencers to hype Collegiate LoL00:43:55 Mhubb: Avoiding NCAA methods00:53:50 Mark and Travis on The New Meta00:57:06 Omen b ...…
Unsolicited Dick pics are a crime?Dick History monthShots are explainedDonald Glover in Black Panther 2?YouTube Race to 100Trump should win Nobel Peace Prize?Al Green and some hot grits47 year old woman forces head on the Cable GuyPotato Tub MollyGirlfriend attacks boyfriend with samurai sword Coolest Piece of Art you’ve seenEating Assholes vs. ...…
10 - 06 - 2018 (Aand) Die Al Sou Die Vyeboom Nie Bot Nie by Tuine Gemeente
This week’s episode brought to you by Slice on Broadway, Occupy Pro Wrestling, and Indy Wrestling US! We’ve got a special treat this week as we’re joined by Wrestle Zone’s Ross Berman! He is joined by our in-studio guest Jaye Cooper, as well as our usual group of wrestling fans with Sorg, Larry, and Bobby. This week’s topics include: Ross has b ...…
Emily Merrel, Chief Networker and Founder of Six Degrees Society, has a positive, can-do spirit that is infectious. She has always loved having a side-hustle, and always feels like she needs to be constantly creating and doing more! Since she was a kid she had a creative, mini-entrepreneur spirit. One summer she sold jewelry to earn money to do ...…
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