Best box office podcasts we could find (Updated April 2018)
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Pop culture by the bucket!
Bodega Box Office
A podcast about movies and the rappers who make them. Hosted by Ryan and Anthony aka The Devastating Delicious Boyz). Ryan loves movies (and rap) while Anthony loves rap (but not movies). They've been friends for a long time and have done multiple radio shows together where they bust each other's balls just like this one.
New York City Comedians @KevinGootee and @JeffreyPaul17 talk sports, movies, and other nonsense.
Iconic music in movies
Box Office Records
Podcast by Tiff and Josh
Box Office Bros.
Podcast by Box Office Bros.
Brought to you by the IGN Movies staff, The IGN Movies Show podcast series offers listeners the latest news, box office numbers and reviews for all things Hollywood. No star is too big or film too small for this Movies channel roundtable.
Box Office Battle
Two movies go head to head for redemption. There can only be one.
Broadband Box Office
Innovative Programming For The Millenium
Box Office Mojo
Box Office Mojo's weekly podcast is a show looking at movies and movie going, with box office results and analysis.
Box Office Banter
The movie podcast from Ben and Joe
Box Office Bombs
Box Office Bombs is a podcast created by John Craighead and Zach Smorch, reviewing the worst performing new release films at the box office.Check out our content at
Box Office Pulp hosts discussions and analysis of film, directors, genres, and movie pop culture. We love Batman, Jaws, and arguing if Schwarzenegger could beat Robocop in a dance off.
Ryan & Aaron are joined by guests to judge movies based on their trailers. You do it too, so do not act like you are better than us.
Are you ready for a revolution in film criticism? Kevin Carr and hosts the syndicated radio program Fat Guys at the Movies, with podcasts of the show available through iTunes each week. Kevin gives a unique perspective on film beyond the snobby, pretentious art-house circles. Do you like big event films with lots of awesome explosions? Or maybe you like a standard chick flick. Of course, Kevin is always there to appreciate an exploitation movie with copious amounts of boobs. Hear an everyday ...
Matt & Matt talk about movies and popular culture. Now available at
Brought to you by the IGN Movies staff, The IGN Movies Show podcast series offers listeners the latest news, box office numbers and reviews for all things Hollywood. No star is too big or film too small for this Movies channel roundtable.
Fat Guys Network
Want to be entertained throughout the week? The Fat Guys Network is here to provide you with hours of weekly programming that will wrap around you like a warm, fleshy Snuggie. Get movie reviews on Fridays, television talk on Mondays, DVD and Blu-ray picks on Tuesday, off-beat and offensive comedy on Wednesday and movie discussion throughout the weekends, all with an irreverent silliness with plenty of humor and fun. From the flagship show Fat Guys at the Movies to newer podcasts like OSNAP! ...
FML My Life
A podcast covering all things Fantasy Movie League
Film Strip offers a retrospective podcast of our favorite films and franchises breaking down the themes, production value, box office returns and cultural significance.
A weekly look at what's going on in Fantasy Movie League, the fantasy game for movie lovers. Pick 8 movies for your own Fantasy Cineplex each week. Earn points from the real weekend box office results. It's free to compete in public leagues or against your friends.
The weekly OnScreen radio show; with reviews of the week's new film releases, box office top ten, film news and more.
The 2nd best thing you will hear all week, Dom and James will walk you through the top film news, the latest film reviews, and assorted thoughts and opinions all focused on the wonderful world of movies!
With Cinema Assault, host Dariel Figueroa and co-hosts Kerry Meehan and Professor James Yost are dedicated to bringing you the best in movie news, reviews and Hollywood gossip every week in the most unpretentious manner possible because, honestly, this show is much more fun than discussing the unique textural nature of a Wes Anderson mise-en-scène.
Take Too
We break down all the news of hollywood, tv, movies, comics and more!Come listen for experts opinions and our Take Too !!
Montucky Skies
Pop culture talk.
The Jericho Network in association with Westwood One presents arguably the biggest box office sensation in the history of Mexico! A WWF, WCW, TNA and Lucha Underground superstar, head writer, producer for AAA promotion in Mexico, and power broker... Through it all, Konnan has always Kept It 100! While this has not always kept him endeared to management, it's one reason why he's garnered a huge worldwide following of fans who love hearing him spit the truth. "Not hatin, just statin." He ain't ...
A unique mixture of News/Entertainment/ andcommentary.
Movietown Movie Club
movietownmovieclub.comThis is a club for movie fans!We will release our thoughts on the "big" movie being released in theatres each week here in truncated form.Once every few months we pick an event (movie release, awards show, etc). Leading up to that event, we watch movies that fit within a genre or theme that coincides with the upcoming event, and watch them all (one movie per week) in anticipation of the big event. On those nights, we discuss the film, along with a topic that coincides w ...
Talking Pictures
Because no one else is talking about movies.
"The MMQB Podcast with Peter King" is the ultimate destination for all things pro football. Led by one of the most influential storytellers in all of sports media, three-time American Sportswriter of the Year Peter King, "The MMQB Podcast with Peter King" is an access-driven experience that brings fans into the locker room, the press box and the front office with the biggest influencers in professional football. Fans can listen in on in-depth conversations with the biggest names in football ...
What does a fat guy do when there’s too much content to cram into the skinny jeans of the Fat Guys at the Movies podcast? He loosens his belt and puts on his fat-pants podcast, known as Second Reel. This bonus podcast from the warped minds of Fat Guys at the Movies offers new content that just doesn’t fit in the main Fat Guys show. Like a toy buried in a cereal box, you never quite know when the Second Reel show will appear and what it’ll be about, but it’s guaranteed to make you laugh... an ...
Reel Rookies
Geeks discuss the latest news in Film Entertainment
Every week we travel back in time to review our favorite films. Co-hosted by Kyle Autrey and Justin DiSandro.
Film Geek Central
Attention, film geeks! You know who you are!Film Geek Central is a new spin on the old review show. Scott Davis and Austin Kennedy have been published in various media outlets. Each of them also comes to the forefront with some knowledge about what it takes to make a great film, without the prejudice that weighs most shows down. More than anything, Film Geek Central is a new podcast, by film geeks and for film geeks.
Spoken Films production brings you "Speak Actions, Do Nouns" where we highlight everything from poetry to the entertainment industry. Join Us Thursday nights!
We Like Movies
All the movie news that's fit to pontificate about.
Ehnother Podcast For You To Listen To!
Invade the Decade
Welcome to Invade the Decade! Each week, the hosts jump in their booze-fueled time machine and travel to a random month from history where they rant about current events, pop-culture and anything in between. When this show hits eighty-eight miles per hour, you’re gonna hear some serious sh*t.
ReShoot Podcast
Weekly show featuring topics from current movies, the box office and decisions on if childhood films still hold up!Comic films are our specialty but we wont stop there!
Podcasts covering movies, television, sci-fi, and more!
The Outer Rim
Part of the RandomChatter Podcast Network.
Welcome to Jeff's Junk, where we dive head first into an interactive discussion on pop culture! You'll hear Jeff's thoughts about News, TV, Movies, Sports, Travel... or whatever comes up! Call in and discuss your own topics or send us an email!
The Rocky series is one of the most beloved series of all time, with multiple Oscar wins and nominations for the original, and over a billion dollars in worldwide box office. Now, celebrating the series' 35th anniversary, Now Playing looks back and reviews all 6 Rocky films starting with the 1976 original! Join us at each week as we review a new Rocky film!
After The Dark Knight broke box office records in 2008 audiences have hotly awaited the next, and final, installment in Christopher Nolan's Batman saga. Now to prepare for that film, Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob are looking back at all the Batman films, from 1966 through a weekend-of-release review of The Dark Knight Rises. Join us each week at to hear our reviews of a new Batfilm!
Movies On UP!
Movies On UP! is a twice weekly podcast covering all things movies. Hosts Ryan and Dave discuss news, rumors, headlines, box office numbers, trailers, and more, with plenty of opinion thrown in along the way.
Lee and Elliott are shooting stars... with their word guns. Every week, the duo (and perhaps a dope-ass guest) discusses pop culture, celebrities, and their own lives within an industry of Twitter followers, YouTube views, box office grosses, auditions, and everything else PC-related.
Film Flam Men
Why do certain movies make money and others fail? Why are some studios good at creating franchises and others bad? And why did Taylor Kitsch get two blockbuster leading man roles in 2012? And then how did he blow *that* opportunity! These are just some of the topics that “Film Flam Men” Alex & Joel will try to answer and debate before they get tired and resort to trying to stump each other with bizarre and difficult movie trivia games. (Can you name the top grossing non-sequeled studio relea ...
A bi-weekly podcast where we compare and contrast the top box office earner and the Best Picture Academy Award Winner for the same year.
Luke and Tony discuss current happening in pop-culture! From movies, TV shows, professional wrestling, comics and all things in between! Join us as we rundown the weekend box office results, new releases and even try to stump each other with the “Movie of the Week” quiz!
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Use this plan to see 27 top sights in Washington, D.C. over the course of five days of visiting world-class attractions. Suggestions for dining and advance planning, as well as ideas for modifying the plan if you have more or less time to spend in Washington, D.C. are included. Click on the audio bar at the end of this post to listen to the acc ...…
If you’re buying a home with a mortgage, you absolutely need to get a pre-approval first. Here’s why. There's no doubt about it. It's a very competitive market today if you are looking to buy a home. Inventory is near record lows, and more and more homebuyers are entering the market. This means you need every advantage to grab that perfect home ...…
Do awards & recognitions have an impact on what you read or watch? Full episode script When it was nominated for an Oscar award, the movie The Shape of Water saw an over 240% increase in ticket sales. Even so-called losers that didn’t see as much of a bump still saw at least a 47% increase in sales. Fortune magazine examined what the impact mig ...…
Moments before we went to record our Microdose at Studio 1330, news of magician/comedian/tv star Harry Anderson known from TVs Night Court has passed away. We dont do him justice, but to Kush, it felt right naming todays ep after him. We also talk about the weekend box office, what "Lil Kai" is watching on Netflix plus what Kush saw this weeken ...…
It's that time of year again -- time to count down our top 10 films of summer 2018, according to what we think their domestic box office totals will be. Everyone chooses their 1-10 ranked films: - Getting number 1 or number 10 dead-on gets you 13 points (each). - 10 points for numbers 2-9 dead-on - 7 points if your pick was only one spot away f ...…
This week we talk about Joe Russo's comment about Secret Wars, the Black Order actors revealed, Infinity Wars incredible pre-sale numbers / increased box office prediction, a new Terminator cast, Jake Gyllenhaal not playing Batman, Randall Park joining Aquaman, Black Adam possibly filming in 2019, the Rampage film's opening weekend / reception, ...…
Which director finally passed the $10billon dollar box office milestone? Why are we vacationing at the same place but exactly 2 weeks apart from each other? If a two person band performed, and did the work of 4 people, would it be a good show? We went and experienced it. On this weeks episode, we … Continue reading #31. The One About Anything P ...…
The Lion King came out in 1994 and made over $400 million at the box office. Numbers like that earn a sequel, which Disney so obligingly provided in 1998 in the form of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride. Somehow, this movie has also gone on to make over $400 million entirely in the home video market, making it the best-selling direct-to-VHS film ...…
Hey gang this episode I talk about the box office results for this weekend that passed also in my mind about Khloe Kardashian.
***This is a Spoiler Filled Review***It’s a full spoiler filled review for Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, & Captain America: The Winter Soldier, as well as a spoiler warning for the previous films in the MCU.Iron Man 3Specs - 2:28Story Recap - 7:19Where It Fits in the MCU - 10:02Best Scenes - 15:55Worst Scenes - 18:43Oscar Lens - 23:28Thor: ...…
Featured on #JasSucces is a touching story of Jacquelyn Pulgo’s successful achievement in freelancing. Discover how she got started in freelancing as she reveals how hard life was for her, sleeping literally in a ‘karton’ and comfortably now in a ‘kutson.’ Jacquelyn’s story is definitely a must watch as she gives inspiration of how freelancing ...…
#MovieGnome 🌈🎥 Weekend Box Office April 13–15, 2018 Is “A Quiet Place”still making the most box office noise?Entertainment Comedy
Aaron and DJ breakdown their Top 10 Movies for the first 3 months of 2018! There are definitely a lot of highs and lows so far, but there are so many movies to go! Also, we are planning on doing a Summer Movie Wager in the coming weeks. The basic premise is that we assemble a panel of people to try and predict the Top 10 Summer movies according ...…
New York Times reports that prosecutors obtained a warrant to search the Trump lawyer’s offices after receiving a referral from Robert Mueller. The special counsel reportedly provided federal agents with relevant information he found during his investigation into Russian meddling, though Cohen’s lawyer, Stephen Ryan, is protesting the search as ...…
Ep. 19, Apr. 10, 2018In this episode of Screening Things... the crew welcomes MJ Acosta & talk about Infinity War box office projections! Cannes dissing on Netflix films?! The next Indiana Jones could be a woman! New Stranger Things Season 3 details! And in honor of MJ... we name off our favorite sports movies!…
New York Times reports that prosecutors obtained a warrant to search the Trump lawyer’s offices after receiving a referral from Robert Mueller. The special counsel reportedly provided federal agents with relevant information he found during his investigation into Russian meddling, though Cohen’s lawyer, Stephen Ryan, is protesting the search as ...…
This week, Neil and Ryan talk about A Quiet Place, US box office, Kareem Abdul Jabaar and many other topics.
This week on the teaser trailer we are discussing the 1996 comedy Kingpin. Listen in as we break down the original trailer, talk box office number, critic response and JD absolutely loses it after his own joke kills him! This is a must listen to episode for a very underrated comedy. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, GooglePlay and YouTube. Cl ...…
It’s Part 1 of our summer movie preview on this week’s Moviecast! Before we make our predictions, (and a few quick hitting bets) we look at this week’s box office and discuss what kind of success Ready Player One has had in its first week. We also talk a bit about Rosanne’s return and the possible secret name of Avengers 4. #Avengers #InfinityW ...…
Merc With A Movie BlogEpisode 3-Fox pushes X-Men: Dark Phoenix & New Mutants back-Marvel's Captain Marvel brings back past characters-Sharknado 6 set to end the series...with a twist-James Wan remaking Stephen King's The Tommyknockers-Pedro Pascal joins Wonder Woman 2-Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston join up for new Netflix comedy-Colin Trevorro ...…
Welcome to a double-stuffed episode of the show with the Editor-in-Chief of Copyblogger, my colleague and friend, Stefanie Flaxman, who stopped by this week to rap with me about her journey from solopreneur to headline honcho, the rules of “ruthless editing,” her philosophy of creativity, and much more. Rainmaker.FM is Brought to You By Discove ...…
Annihilation. Tristan and Chris are intelligent people making intelligent decisions. Unlike the cast of Alex Garland’s latest box office hit. Also this episode: Our top films to watch on a Sunday/when you’re hungover just like on a Sunday. On a scale of Deuce Bigalow to 12 Angry Men this episode is a solid Goodfellas. Competition!!! Listen to t ...…
On our inaugural podcast we review Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One! Join us as Tooch, Chuck and the Goon dive into the Oasis!
The most anticipated Episode of 2018 has finally arrived!!!In this Episode your favorite lovers have a few words on Red Hot Chili Peppers Album Californication. They top it off with the sweet little film Imagine Me and You. Will this Episode tear these two lovers apart? Listen to find out.Special Guest Intro by Mike our sound guy!Follow us on S ...…
This week on the show, we go over the box office numbers. Then we talk about The Fantastic Four returning, John Cena playing Duke Nukem, Mythos Studios get 50 % of Aspen comics and more on this edition of the What Are You Reading Comic Book Show. *PROGRAMMING NOTE* - We will not be LIVE Sunday, April 8th due to RantEM Radio’s WrestleMania Marat ...…
Ready Player One is not just a film. It's quality is linked to the fate of the American box office. IG: AKAPAD13TWITTER: AKAPADSNAP: AKAPADFB: PETERADELUCASITE: AKAPAD.COM
PLUS: Blac Chyna got into a fight at Six Flags, Taylor Swift performed at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville and READY PLAYER ONE tops the weekend box office.By
Easter Weekend Lookback... Spring Break Begins... Teachers Protest In Frankfort.... Tax Reform Could Be On The Horizon... Caneyville Man Body Found.... Hart Co Parents Shot By Daughter... NCAA Championship Game... Jesus Christ Superstar Performance... Ready Player One Wins At The Box Office.
Welcome to the Monday Morning Movie Show, brought to you by The Movie Playground Podcast. This week Joe reviews Ready Player One and Pacific Rim: Uprising. 0:00-0:52 - Introduction 0:52-2:25 - Box Office Results 2:25-3:36 - Weekend Movie News: Solo: A Star Wars Story 3:36-5:25 - Trailers: Terminal, Revenge, Cargo Terminal: ...…
One of my favourite movies of all time is Forrest Gump, ever since I first watched it on a rented videotape when it was released nearly 25 years ago. I also imagine it was other people’s favourite movie that year, it was a commercial success grossing more than $1bn at the box office (in today’s money), a 12x return on investment in its first ye ...…
Inside The Crazy Ant Farm Vol. 1 Ep. 11 We talk industry news including Netflix, Disney, FX, Steven Spielberg, Apple, and Roseanne. We also have this week's box office predictions, and the Word of the Day!!By (The Crazy Ant Films Company).
This Week: Kevin reports the devastating Sharknado news before giving some Easter weekend viewing suggestions. Then he looks at new trailers for The Darkest Minds and The House with a Clock in its Walls. Later, he reviews Ready Player One, Tyler Perry’s Acrimony and God’s Not Dead: A Light in the Darkness. Finally, as a treat, he interviews Ern ...…
Dakota T. Jones is joined by Jasmin Savoy Brown! Dakota T. Jones is joined by Jasmin Savoy Brown who is an American actress, singer, and dancer most known for her role as “Evie” on the HBO series The Leftovers. Other credits include FOX’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, ABC Family’s The Fosters and NBC’s Grimm. She also played supporting roles in the Sunda ...…
The guys go over some of their favorite games coming out, current box office hits and a review of pacific rim that shook Colton to the core.
Popcorn Talk Network proudly presents The Unproduced Table Read, a weekly Vodcast series featuring Hollywood’s best unproduced pilot and movie scripts read by professional actors, accompanied exclusive writer interviews and insight! Up until now, we’ve been reading polished drafts of scripts that have gone through many, many different iteration ...…
Popcorn Talk Network proudly presents a vodcast for your insider look into the day to day reporting of the hottest scoops, exclusives and reports from the leading reporters in the industry on all things movie news! It’s Popcorn Talk Network’s Meet the Movie Press, hosted by The Tracking Board’s Jeff Sneider and Forbes’s Simon Thompson. Each wee ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Generations Radio is now available on with the following details: Title: Christian Films Dominating Box Office - Is This Medium for Christians? Subtitle: Is This Medium for Christians? Speaker: Kevin Swanson Broadcaster: Generations Radio Event: Current Events Date: 3/30/2018 Length: 27 min. Overview: The C ...…
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