Best bracket podcasts we could find (Updated May 2018)
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[BRACKET!] is a weekly podcast that uses the single greatest hierarchy method known to mankind (the Sweet 16 Bracket) to sort out the absolute best in all fields: movie quotes, periods of time, cereals, logos, philosphical concepts, and types of sharks. Hosted by John Ryan Abbott, Cullen Jennings, Jesse "Bootaide" Knowles and Greg L. Mercer.
Magic: The Gathering Articles, Strategy, Podcasts and Video
Mad Bracket Status
A comedy podcast where Nando and DJ make March Madness style pop culture brackets that YOU, the listeners, vote on. We have our friends come on as guests and also sometimes special guests from the brackets even stop by.
Bracket Royale!
Join Chris Khatami and guests as they use a bracket to debate & discover what is the most mostest out of various important topics! See who wins, see who loses, and buckle yourself in for Bracket Royale!
Bracket Buddies
Weekly podcast where Jake and Ashton debate random topics Bracket Style until they arrive at an ultimate winner. Rules are simple- there are no rules! Follow along on Twitter @Bracketbuddies and suggest new topics via email at
Bracket Busters
Podcast by Keegan Perkins, Will Erstad
Bracket Games
My 5 year old son fills out brackets I have created. Topics include Pokemon, Disney, super heroes, and paw patrol.
A podcast about the people and ideas behind the MediaWiki software. Interviews with developers and users of MediaWiki, both for Wikimedia sites (Wikipedia, Wikidata, etc.) and the many uses of MediaWiki in companies, organizations, governments and personal uses. Credits: audio production done via the Audacity software; theme music performed by Victor Noriega.
Pixel & Bracket
Podcast by Spencer Martin
WAWAWOW's Shaun Allen combines genuine discussions with absurd featurettes and experimental audio. Featuring guests from the world of music, comedy and art, the podcast is bizarre, heavily edited and nonsensically presented, in brackets.
Dreaming of a perfect bracket....analyzing and enjoying college basketball along the way
Attack of the Brackets pits everyday items and topics up against each other, and it's up to Jaxon and Sara to work together to determine which seed in the bracket will emerge as the sole victor.
Chris and Colin, college basketball obsessives who work in sports, analyze the sport they love with a focus on the little guy. We'll dive deep into the resumes and stories of the teams vying to become the next March Madness darling.
The Sportsman Drag Racing Podcast with Luke & Jed is podcast for you: the sportsman drag racer and/or fan! Hosted by 2-time NHRA World Champion Luke Bogacki and the voice of the Spring Fling & Million Dollar Race Jared Pennington, the Sportsman Drag Racing Podcast features in depth commentary and discussion on the latest topics in sportsman drag racing and interviews with the rockstars of our sport.
Pod Falls Down
Three friends determine which is the best Kanye West song of all time (up until now, anyways)
Andy Bottoms is the #1-ranked bracketologist in the world, according to Bracket Matrix. In this weekly podcast, he interviews a variety of guests and provides college basketball analysis with a bracketologist's bent.
Making sure that you know the latest of what is happening in sports in both Louisville and across Kentucky.
Join Manglor the Fierce, Mikhail Duglass, Palmer Leonardy, Jezebella Slowdeth, and Jacob Wetboot as they explore the unknown, face their darkest fears, and play Dungeons & Dragons
Just a bunch of good boys arguing over sports. Ft. Jordan Hughes, Zach Gibson, Caleb Jackson, and Chris Fitch.
Heat Check Radio
A group of spunky college students discuss the ins and outs of sports and sports culture. Topics include NFL, NBA and College Basketball. That's not all though, James, Skyler, and Jacob will also get into the NHL, MLB, golf and every once in a while, they hit you with a pop culture reference.
College hoops bracket talk
The Fieldhouse Podcast is a college basketball podcast hosted by Sam Vecenie featuring all of the great writers and contributors you know and love. They'll break down the important news and notes within the sport, issues within the NCAA, and get you ready for March Madness when it's time to fill out your bracket.
Another great podcast hosted by Libsyn!
A 100% real-Dad's podcast. By real-Dad's, by real-Dad's.
The Trumpdate
A podcast by the makers of Mad Bracket Status focused solely on updating you on the activities of presidential hopeful Donald J Trump.
Hail Satire! is all about comedy! Hosted by Vic Shuttee, Hail Satire! has gotten interviews with some of the best in the business: stand-ups, screenwriters, directors, actors, improvisers, content creators and more! And then there's the specials: comedy brackets, best of lists, debates and discussion, live improv, original sketches and series recaps. Home of The Daily Show Weekly Podcast, co-hosted with Chandler Dean. Keep laughing, keep crying, keep yourself from dying.
Survive and thrive in today's economy! With over 900 episodes produced, business and investment guru Jason Hartman interviews top-tier guests, bestselling authors and financial experts including; Steve Forbes (Freedom Manifesto), Tomas Sowell (Housing Boom and Bust), Noam Chomsky (Manufacturing Consent), Jenny Craig (Health & Fitness CEO), Jim Cramer (Mad Money), Harvey Mackay (Swim With The Sharks & Get Your Foot in the Door), Todd Akin (Former US Congressman), William D. Cohan ( The Price ...
Ultimate Showdown
Huge dorks debate the age old question, "Who do you think would win in a fight?" With rules. Kind of. Hosted by Tristan Morris, Matthew Cannon, Dustin Fowler, and Cheryl DeYeso. The show rules are simple. We take a category, our Facebook group narrows down that category to 16 characters from pop culture, and we debate those characters on a criteria of three areas of combat (such as "fighting, firepower, and savvy.") We square these characters off in a bracket tournament until we have a clear ...
Ingenious Basterds
Ingenious Basterds is Kyle, Todd and Cory, 3 guys from western Kentucky who drink while discussing movies, pop culture, politics and whatever the hell else pops up. They also make frequent trips to the THUNDERDORM, a tournament bracket where 16 pop culture characters fighting to the death is debated. MATURE CONTENT! COULD BE CONSIDERED OFFENSIVE TO SOME! Podcast available on iTunes, Soundcloud and Stitcher!
Linda Meal is a long time resident of the pleasant market town of Warrington Bracket, England.Welcome to her world.
This is the Ultimate Battle Royale of Geek material! Join us as each episode we pit franchises, have march madness like brackets and more in your Geekiness
Survive and thrive in today's economy! With over 500 episodes produced, business and investment guru Jason Hartman interviews top-tier guests, bestselling authors and financial experts including; Steve Forbes (Freedom Manifesto), Tomas Sowell (Housing Boom and Bust), Noam Chomsky (Manufacturing Consent), Jenny Craig (Health & Fitness CEO), Jim Cramer (Mad Money), Harvey Mackay (Swim With The Sharks & Get Your Foot in the Door), Todd Akin (Former US Congressman), William D. Cohan ( The Price ...
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I was featured on Peter Lorimer's Podcast where we talked about how to find clients in the luxury bracket, how to follow up, and best techniques of the real estate trade. I also shared my background including how and why I got into real estate.By (Gary Gold).
Ben and Joel are back with the 20th Episode Extravaganza! The guys talk about why Butthole Town homes don't have basements before getting into the top 20 Butthole Town countdowns. Joel rants about girls on Instagram trying to sell things and then they wrap it up with Brian Kemp as the screw up of the week!…
We cover the last round of the "Most Delco Bar Bracket." Things heat up and accusations are made. This is #Delco. Officer Dorman is #Delco's, John McClain. We hear from long-lost #Delco residences. Things get real.
In the final test episode, the boys discuss bad habits and reminisce on drunken debauchery.
Brews On The Balcony 5/24/18 -TOP TOPICS (5:00) – NFL creates a policy, requiring players to stand for the national anthem… ESPN signs 5-year, $1.5 BILLION (with a “B”) deal with the UFC… Celtics lead the Eastern Conference Finals with the help of STL native Jayson Tatum… Fornite’s new update had a “storm tracker” and T.J. doesn’t like it… Nick ...…
Frecon and Nick seed the good moments side of the Top MN Sports Moments bracket.
What is the best superhero movie from Marvel or DC? We've all wondered at one point or another, and we aim to find the answer!Coming in June, it's the MARVEL/DC SUPERHERO FILM BRACKET (LIVE ACTION)! 64 films from the big two comic publishers go head-to-head in this bracket fight decided by four panelist and moderated by The Irredeemable Shag! A ...…
Blah Blah Podcast presents the Marvel Mayhem tournament! This tournament features every Marvel Cinematic Universe villain facing off against each other in a 32 seed bracketed tournament. Round Three features the remaining Elite 8 MCU Villains battling it out. Find out who will advance to next week’s Finals! The post Marvel Mayhem Round 3 appear ...…
Bear with us as we experiment for the next 3 episodes, starting with this one. But it's the insane fun type of experiment. In our 60th episode, JD, Jeff, and Kyle list out their respective #1 Movies Since the Year 2000 until 2017, ranked (18 movies total), and at the end, they put them in a single-elimination double 16-seed bracket!What are som ...…
Turner Brown, Spencer Brickhouse, Coach Cliff Godwin and Jake Agnos talked about East Carolina’s comeback win over Tulane on Wednesday in an American Athletic Conference Baseball Tournament winners bracket matchup. (Recorded by Brian Bailey) TURNER BROWN, SPENCER BRICKHOUSE, COACH CLIFF GODWIN & JAKE AGNOS POSTGAME: The post Postgame Audio Feat ...…
Philly comic Jake Mattera joined Jaxon and Sara for an in-studio hot sauce tasting. Tears were shed, stomachs were destroyed, and the list of sixteen condiments was narrowed down to a single sauce. New episodes of Attack Of The Brackets are posted bi-weekly. Follow us on Twitter: @BracketsPodThe post Ep7: Hot Sauce (with Jake Mattera!) [Attack ...…
Matt, Ryan and Shannon talk the fall out from the KSR Food Bracket and the latest UK news.
Drew Henrickson talked about his big day at the plate after helping East Carolina defeat Central Florida in the opening game of the American Athletic Conference Baseball Tournament on Tuesday. Henrickson went 3-for-4, including a double and triple, and had 4 RBIs as the 4th-seeded Pirates advanced to a Wednesday winners bracket game against No. ...…
Podcast about a bracket-style tournament to discover the best bottle of bourbon for under $20.#7 Ezra Brooks vs. #10 Banker's Club
This time around the boys discuss satisfying sounds and the psychology of cuckoldry.
Matt, Ryan and Shannon crown a winner of the KSR Food Bracket.
Matt, Ryan and Shannon are joined by Tony Vanetti for the KSR Food Bracket Championship. Also Joe B. Hall joins the show.
Hello everyone and welcome to episode twenty one of HCS Pro Talk! In this weeks episode, Will and Josh bring you the latest news stories, scrim and tournament recaps, and the HCS 2018 roadmap has finally been officially announced. We break down all of that along with information on our first official community playdate! Thanks for listening and ...…
Y'all ready for this...? IT'S DISNEY MOVIE MADNESS! We've made a "NCAA March Madness" style bracket, pinning Disney movies against Disney movies. Ivy and Emma complete the bracket together (#challengeaccepted) to see which movie prevails.
Broadcast recorded live for House 559 Music Radio.
A24 emerged in 2012 from founders Daniel Katz, David Fenkel, and John Hodges. Since that time it has been responsible for some of the most notable films of this decade. With Oscar nominated (and winning) movies like Moonlight, Room and Lady Bird, and their critical hits like Lobster and The Florida Project, just seeing A24's logo attached to a ...…
Matt and the gang talk about the weekend, the latest UK news and day 1 of the KSR Bracket Championship.
The Big Country Grammer Edition. Who will make it to the NBA Finals. Did anyone realize Las Vegas had a hockey team. The Deportation Bus is full steam ahead. The sacrifices we made for the Royal Wedding. The best old school kids television shows. Plus, S**t Movie of the Week, Throwback Album of the Week, Bracket Racket, Podium Pull-Out, Top Fiv ...…
This week brings news about Battlefield, Call of Duty, and Xbox being a bro to those who deserve it. Then we start breaking down the Best Video Game of All Time bracket. We begin the process of putting various games head to head in order to suss out a winner. Things get wild when we have the ability to veto another game and ensure that the vide ...…
KSR is LIVE at the Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fest for the Final Four of the KSR Food Bracket.
Explaining repositioning of brakets
Jared and Adrian fill our their Houston Rap Bracket. You’ve done your NCAA bracket, now it’s time for March Madness chopped and screwed with my Houston Rap Bracket #marchmadness #houstonrapbracket #ncaatournament #houstonrap — Kristie Rieken (@kristieAP) March 15, 2018
Some standard offseason topics for you guys this week. We predict the full playoff brackets and results for the 2018 NFL season, as well as some of the news from the past few days. Enjoy and we'll be back next week.
Today is finally the day that Jason shares his comedy duo bracket and we are all here for it! In today's episode Jason talks about his appreciation for Seth Meyers and Michael Che, a hotbed topic of the week, the fear of offending people in comedy, and of course - THE BRACKET!We've got 64 Comedy Duos going head-to-head for no other reason than ...…
After a week off we are back with our cheesiest bracket yet! 16 of the best, and most easily accessible, cheeses in all the land. First, we did record this about an hour after Game 2 of the Dubs/Rockets so we start with 3 minutes of NBA (0:30) before we dive into the bracket discussion (3:42). First round match-ups include:Monterey Jack vs Feta ...…
Technically PVP Show notes Episode 52 - Enhance Shaman Upcoming WoW PVP Events Summer NA Cup #1 - 19 May - Brazil Cup - 21 Apr 20 May?- ...…
Followup Sam was inconsistent Ryan got more things wrong about Predator Predator and Foxic, together in perfect harmony Robogames livestream Accompanying Twitch VOD Upcoming livestream: 26th May 2018 at 7pm UK time (BST) Ryan's libellous angry front matter Plagiarism Firefox WEdgE FlIppErS aRE AlL THe sAmE!! 'Soaring Shell' Visual comparison wi ...…
Steve Hanlon and Jim Peters talk about some recent college basketball commits from the Region (1:20) before digging in on the area's baseball and softball sectional brackets (8:57). (Music by Dave Priest)
Matt, Ryan and Shannon continue round 2 of the KSR Food Bracket and are joined by Big Cat from Barstool Sports and Jared Lorenzen.
Episode #30 4 teams left on the bracket. All 4 teams were preseason favorites. Now it’s time to show up or shut up. One step closer to jewelry. For some, it’s a familiar place. But for others, it’s a brighter and hotter spotlight. Could this be the year that both GSW and the Cavs are watching the finals from their homes? Or will the saga contin ...…
Matt, Ryan and Shannon are joined by Tony Vanetti for the 2nd round of the KSR Food Bracket.
Another week, another bracket. BBQ is the name of the game this week. We have 8 heavy hitters, but who will come out on top? How many tacos did Chris get at taco tuesday? Email us at or tweet us @mediumrarebball, the first person to correctly guess how many tacos Chris got, wins 10 bucks! Is the NBA draft like a bowl ...…
Here’s the finale of our GIANT Disney movie bracket debate. Listen in as we choose the absolute best Disney movie of all time. Let me just say that the final vote was NOT unanimous. So much so that we had to decide it in a highly creative fashion...
“Get Ready”, “Get Ready” “Get Ready” for the SIMMIE BRAXTON SHOW “Simmie to the Max”. Now, Brace Yourself for Braxton, he’s in a bracket, all by himself. Saturated, verbal Rapp-Abillity, with a twist and an Urban Pop Culture feel…. Simmering with updates on trending news and current events, informing and enlightening, AND, educating the masses ...…
On this episode the cast is joined a friend of the show, Roy. We touch on College athletes being paid. Spotify and other services removing R Kelly & XXXtentacion etc. from curated lists. Lebron the GOAT? And more. We play our music submission, Bracket contest, that is now called "The Gauntlet". Shout out to Pia Renee for winning this week! She ...…
We are live tonight at 4pm CST talking all things Wrestling. 1-347-857-1060 is the number to listen via mobile. We open talking all things All In, also the news and rumors in the world of wrestling! We discuss in the second fall the Best of the Super Juniors tournament. We talk the brackets, who may advance, and what matches we are excited to s ...…
The ESPN lacrosse insider/analyst and SU lax great chats about the D-1 bracket and who is left, his career, the future of the game, a program to look out for, what needs to change at Syracuse and more with ML. Simply put, a Yorktown legend.
Listen in live as we discuss all sorts of fun topics, and even set up the new summer song bracket!
More round 1 of the KSR Food Bracket.
It's round 1 of the KSR Food Bracket.
The NBA daily fantasy season is fading fast with both Conference Finals series already underway, so be sure to head over to the Fanball lobby and score a little cash before it's too late! The guys will discuss whether LeBron can bounce back from a dreadful game 1, if Scary Terry can overcome his recent cold streak, and if Tristan Thompson can c ...…
Broadcast recorded live for House 559 Music Radio.
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