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Dragon Brag
Dragon Brag is about the HBO series Game of Thrones and is not interested in covering the books by George RR Martin. This is a podcast for show watchers that book readers may also enjoy. It is a part of the Blowout Podcast Network that you can find on itunes. Dragon Brag is hosted by Mike Marshall (@machinesports) and Mike Sirois (@mikesirois). If you enjoy Dragon Brag feel free to review and subscribe via itunes.
BRAG Podcasts
Bragging Rights
Bragging Rights looks at various U.S. military training exercises and competitions. Watch to find out which service, unit or servicemember will come out ahead and earn bragging rights.
BRAG Radio
Using Real Estate To Be Rich And Generous Larry Goins talks about real estate investing
Bragging on Jesus in everything we do. Because everyone needs to know about Jesus.
Bragging On Jesus
Audio Articles, Scripture Songs, 5 minute Sermons, Tag Team Sermons and more. Full chapters in psalms set to ambient music and song.
Fantasy Brag
Almost Funny Fantasy Football Observations.
Podcast by Daniel Bragg
The Blowout Podcast Network is a professional podcast network that hosts It's Just Banter, Dragon Brag, TC's Movie Podcast and the Mavs Outsider Report.
Want to dominate your league and get Fantasy Football bragging rights? Join host Adam Aizer and get analysis from writers Dave Richard, Jamey Eisenberg, Heath Cummings and the rest of our crew throughout the year. Start or Sit, Buy or Sell, Grade the Trade and plenty of your emails. This is the only podcast you'll need to win your league.
S-Town is a new podcast from Serial and This American Life, hosted by Brian Reed, about a man named John who despises his Alabama town and decides to do something about it. He asks Brian to investigate the son of a wealthy family who's allegedly been bragging that he got away with murder. But when someone else ends up dead, the search for the truth leads to a nasty feud, a hunt for hidden treasure, and an unearthing of the mysteries of one man's life.
NFL Fantasy Live
Fantasy freaks and geeks, this is the podcast for you. Marcas Grant, Alex Gelhar, James Koh, Matt Franciscovich and Matt Harmon provide detailed fantasy football analysis combining in-depth stats and film study to help you win your league and earn bragging rights over your friends, coworkers or family. A mix of humor and pop-culture references keep the show fresh and light, and the group's "Daily Dap" recommendations will expose you to new movies, music, books and more!
Keep It!
Ira Madison III, culture critic and columnist, is joined each week by comedians, journalists, actors, musicians, activists, politicians and more for a conversation at the intersection of pop culture and politics at a time when we're all obsessing over both. Movies! Music! Terrible tweets by celebrities trying to seem engaged while bragging about their latest project! This show has it all. New episodes every Wednesday.
Call in LIVE! (313) 614-9498 Licensed relationship & sex counselor Greg Dudzinski's (Also known as, Master G) "The Art of Relationships" will cover crucial elements in rebuilding emotional and physical intimacy, plus help reignite the passion in your romantic relationships! He also welcomes live calls from listeners in helping with the above challenges! No more tit-for-tat arguments! Greg gets at the root of couples' challenges in a rapid, matter of fact format; plus uses compassion and humo ...
Safe For Work
How do you speak up without bragging? What do you do if your boss takes credit for your idea? How do you ask for a raise? Workplace MVPs and corporate veterans Liz Dolan and Matt Ritter will help you make the big decisions, sort through the small stuff, and get more fulfillment from your work life. Liz Dolan is the former head of marketing for Nike, NatGeo, and the Oprah Winfrey Network. Matt Ritter is a recovering lawyer turned comedian and executive recruiter. Liz, Matt, and their guests w ...
Tunes. In various genres. The podcast now into its 6th year. Won't brag about stats. Tag people in mixes. Good music is always found.
The Final Straw is an hour-long, weekly radio show that strives to provide information and contribute to awareness of and participation in self-liberatory activities around the world by providing a platform to English-language listeners to learn about current struggles and ideas. Simply stated, we promote non-sectarian Anarchism(s) to enrich the struggle and widen participation in the battles against Capital, State and Coercion. We believe that the liberation of each is tied to the liberatio ...
The home of the Nerdfight Battle Royale, a Podcast where three friends debate about anything and everything to the death, or just for bragging rights.
The Short Mystery Story Collection by Various is a real treat for intrigue enthusiasts! This volume features such greats as Ambrose Bierce, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Anton Chekov. Some unexpected names like P G Wodehouse and Kate Chopin also crop up, bending their prodigious talents to the genre. The ten stories contained in this volume range from events as diverse as the mysterious death of a sea-captain in a seedy boarding house, a group of women who deal with a crime committed by a frien ...
Art Hounds
Art Hounds features voices from the region's arts community bragging on upcoming shows, exhibits and performances they want you to see!
Ringers Podcast
The Ringers Podcast is all about those people who have the trophies and bragging rights and title of CHAMPION. But do they deserve it?
Learn email marketing from over one billion emails sent and over 18 years of proven results -- not guesswork. I could brag about myself, but I would rather you hear it from someone else. "Anything about email. I'm calling Big Jason First!" John Carlton. "Big Jason Henderson has earned the Halbert seal of approval. Unlike almost all “so called� email experts, Big Jason Henderson has what matters most....real life data and test results to back up what he teaches." Bond Halbert. "Jason is w ...
We Love Regina
This is a podcast to celebrate Regina. We have a great city and we don't brag enough about it but this will start to change that.
Fan-Cram Showdown!
A new topic is picked each week. 20 questions are asked. 10 each. One person’s a fan. The other had to cram. The winner picks for the next week and gets bragging rights. The loser gets to hang his head in shame.
We're not bragging when we say that this is the 100% best sports podcast in the world. Every single night from 10pm - 1am Central time we pull no punches and give raw analysis. This is the spot for hardcore sports and sports entertainment fans! This is a Hardcore sports podcast featuring Bruce Blitz, Vegas Mike, Ryan, Sam, Big Brian, Nicky KM, Jesse, Justin, Brandon, Chris, Corey, Big Mike, Shawn "the truth", Josef the up and coming entertainer/superstar in the making, and so many more. We d ...
Mile High Endurance is recorded in the Rocky Mountain front range area in Denver, Colorado. 55 miles to the north is the triathlon 'Mecca' of Boulder, home of some of the most prominent pros in triathlon and related sports. 56 miles to the south is the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. The Olympic Complex in Colorado Springs is the flagship training center for the U.S. Olympic Committee and the Olympic Training Center programs. The 110 mile stretch between Boulder and Colorado ...
BuiltToBrag Podcast
Built To Brag exists to communicate solid biblical truths to a young, multicultural audience in engaging and powerful ways.
"On a cross-country road trip eachweek our hosts Mark and Calum draft local players and face off in a kick-ass game of road hockey! For the winner, bragging rights and beer...while the loser gets punished for sucking!" Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET/9 p.m. PT starting January 10, 2007 on the Outdoor Life Network (OLN)
Macho Men Radio
We're Macho. We're Men. We're The Ace and C-Mac. Tune in every week as we talk about sports, scratching, beer, and much more. We're Green Bay Packers fans who love to brag about how we're better than you!
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Highlights from this episode Why is Ed whispering? - (1:15) Shelley interviews her family. - (3:24) Ed has a new gig! - (4:23) Why we bought our car at Sarasota Ford. - (4:50) You don't have to shovel sunshine! - (9:25) What if Mickey Mouse is on page 5? - (11:06) High quality sound effects. (37:30) So is it cay or key? - (42:13) Ed's been to a ...…
Michael cannot beer brag because he has no beers to brag, but Jeremy makes up for it with two brews to boast about. What's Thew with you. Then we have some mail from the American Pale Male Mail Pail about brews at theme parks. After an aside about harvesting yeast, we get to the FDR, which is a beer from a band. Michael drops some knowledge abo ...…
Chris, Travis and Gardner are all in-studio. The show starts late as we’re on Travis’ schedule. It’s TT’s birthday! Travis gets the Cardinals to sign relief pitcher Greg Holland as a birthday gift to him. The Cardinals lose their season opener against the Mets in New York. Can the word “drop” be used to describe a first pitch? The curious case ...…
I'm happy and excited to have Alex Smith as a Redskin. But the front office should tread lightly when bragging about his key "stat" of a winning record these last five years. Has anybody checked their records lately? 1. Things That Are/Are Not "Stats" 2. Kings Game Blocked by Mob 3. Another NFL Cheerleader Lawsuit 4. NFL Targeting Rule Day 2 Fa ...…
February 2018 Bragging on Jesus Preach Meet - Today is open topic; Robin is speaking on John 17, the Cross and Election; Daniel... A lame beggar healed in Jesus name... and Blake Genesis 4 Sin is crouching. We are a group of guys who get together and brag on Jesus to each other and on Facebook live for between 5 and 10 minutes a piece each mont ...…
Episode 008 is all about one of my FAVORITE topics to hear people brag/whine about in podcasting Facebook groups: downloads, numbers and stats! How do YOU measure the success of your show? How do you determine your OWN value? Show Notes and Resources Galore: Podcast Movement 2018 (I'm speaking there!!!) Power Your Sto ...…
#Avs missed points costing Pepsi playoffs; Kiper Mock 3.0 feat. Bills & Browns; Bragging bumper stickers; Nugs not good enough for playoffs, not bad enough to tank
He Ain’t Much but He’s Mine When Peggy overhears a trashy blonde brag about an affair, she suspects Al is scoring more than strikes at [...] The post Married with Children Podcast #63 He Ain’t Much but He’s Mine appeared first on Horrorphilia.
Welcome to Thought Cops, Episode 59! Tonight, Jay welcomes: Zwick, audio engineer and producer extraordinaire! AKA, the guy that edits audio for Asterios Kokkinos. You can find him on twitter at @dude2o. Or if you're angry at him for some reason, @dude20. This week, we're hating for a full 2 minutes on the real color of tennis balls, profession ...…
Don't be fooled by the episode title: "Great Expectations" has nothing to do with any of the couples having children (thank god), but is just another essentially meaningless phrase that might refer to a couple of inconclusive conversations about what the newlyweds want out of marriage. Jon impresses Molly's family with his cheerful willingness ...…
The Brother To Brother Podcast is back after a one week break (listen in for details). Join host John aka Tempiwmf & Reggie aka Hiddanas as we discuss the the big stories in the news, our personal lives, and the craziness we see around us. On this episode we dive head first into Brother to Brother obsession when we discuss all things zombies. E ...…
Getting many people to follow you, or connect with you, doesn't mean you have a great network. Here are the 5-types of people you need in your network and if you don't have them now - find them and become friends.Hi everybody – I’m Brian Clapp, Director of Content for and this is the Work in sports podcast.Happy Monday everyone ...…
The most important thing to know this week is that I think I beat Peter Verile in the Crossfit Open this year (but only on the gym team, not the world wide leader board, which he would want you to know).
Cambridge Analytica, the political research firm recently accused of accessing [f500link]Facebook[/f500link] users' information without telling them, has bragged for years that it has up to 5,000 data points on more than 230 million Americans. Assuming I was one of them, I dove deep into my privacy settings this week. What I found surprised me. ...…
No boasting or bragging
No bragging or boasting
On this week's episode, we discover that Musk and Zuck have #billionaireproblems. Also, Chris' wife is a multi-tasking professional. [New to the show? Find out the stories we talk about in this week's episode below and connect with Amir and Chris on Twitter!Use the hashtag #FiveFavorites to share YOUR favorite stories each and every week - and ...…
In our latest release of Too Loud; Didn’t Hear we discuss The Narcissism of Minor Differences; the magnification of the smallest differences between us & others in order to achieve self identification & superiority. Think of the English & the Scots, the Serbs & the Croats — we’re so afraid of seeing ourselves in our neighbour because to do so w ...…
Podcast on Infinite Earths trades in its usual news and rants for a special new episode filled with nerd trivia with our friends Ben Alex and POIE veteran Nathan They compete for a TShirt and bragging rights infiniteearthspodgmailcom podcastonie
We are not the center of the universe. God is.
Every single day, we get an average of 300 digital messages, and in just a few seconds, we decide whether to answer or ignore those messages. Most of the time, we ignore them. This is... The post Digital Persuasion: Erin Gargan appeared first on Author Hour.
It's been a week since the tournament started so we recap the first couple rounds of madness, including Virginia's stunning defeat (but I kinda called that, not to brag) and Loyola's divine run into the second week. We look ahead to some of the Sweet 16 games and what could be in the Elite 8. We also tackle five storylines from the NBA, like ar ...…
This week my guests are the hilarious Kristi Winters and Kevin Logan! We yell at the far right, more republican climate change dumbassery, and we end with a heartwarming story about a gay couple tolerating a new couple who moved in next door to them. Kristi's Youtube Channel:'s Youtube Channel: http ...…
WH doesn't believe election meddling or Russian spy poisoning came up in call; WH defends Trump calling Putin to congratulate him; McCain slams Trump for Putin call: Not leading "by congratulating dictators on winning sham elections"; WH says no plans to fire Mueller, but defends Trump attacks; GOP Sen. Flake warns Trump of possible impeachment ...…
A & B brag about how cute their students are and discuss the relevance of neat handwriting and cursive. Connect with us: Website - Instagram - teacherteapodcast E-mail - Twitter - @teacherteapod
Thanks for joining us for everyone’s favorite time of the week, which is right now. After week 8: Kuhn still only has 1 loss. He is still on track to be only the second team to ever finish 12-1 but faces 3 potential playoff teams the rest of the year. Sander and Justin lose again, while Alex and Austin continue to climb the standings and find t ...…
In an effort to foster a more inclusive workplace, Jetsam Marketing Solutions announced Wednesday a new plan to implement diversity by conducting hourly regimented killings of white employees and hiring a more equitable percentage of minority candidates in their stead. Oh, wait a second. That’s from satire site, The Onion. Nevermind, here are t ...…
In an effort to foster a more inclusive workplace, Jetsam Marketing Solutions announced Wednesday a new plan to implement diversity by conducting hourly regimented killings of white employees and hiring a more equitable percentage of minority candidates in their stead. Oh, wait a second. That’s from satire site, The Onion. Nevermind, here are t ...…
In an effort to foster a more inclusive workplace, Jetsam Marketing Solutions announced Wednesday a new plan to implement diversity by conducting hourly regimented killings of white employees and hiring a more equitable percentage of minority candidates in their stead. Oh, wait a second. That’s from satire site, The Onion. Nevermind, here are t ...…
Kimmer Show topics: don't brag about speedy bridge building, more fake news from ny times, shep smith re-ups and anderson cooper splits, shutup megan mccain and your fat mouth, more walkouts, fire mccabe? YES, more cosby liars, hillary breaks her wrist, nancy pelosi says The Wall is too high, Newsmaker Lines by Jim Gossett, HCIS with Pete Davis ...…
preshow 6:00-JC always uses this to brag about his hometown 7:00- Mercedes uses this brand name as a noun, Mercedes knows someone who can tell a person's personality based on this one small thing 8:00 The Monologue game, Oh Wow Wheel, Mix Madness
There's not normally much extra spice needed on Derby Day, but this weekend's clash with QPR is about far more than bragging rights for Fulham, it's about keeping the pressure up on Cardiff & Villa as the Whites desperately try and steal that automatic promotion spot. Standing in our way are a Rangers team that have little to play for, and are ...…
Top trending news stories, #SwampWatch: Trump proposes a Space Force and Hillary Clinton’s getting push back from the DNC over her bragging about winning on the coasts
Students across U.S. walkout over guns and school shootings, CA AG Xavier Becerra brags about taking guns away from criminals, LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuel talks about curbing gun control, #WatchaWatchinWednesday: This is Us season finale, Monterrey County HS teacher fires gun in class during safety lesson…
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