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Graham Norton
Graham Norton entertaining the nation, with a vibrant mix of celeb guests and chat. From BBC Radio 2
What does it mean to be a successful? Success is finding meaning, engagement and happiness in personal life and work as well as achieving desired outcomes that defy assumptions. Careers Cast Podcast shares experiences of life leaders to help you map the right career path, consistently achieve the goals and objectives you set forth to achieve, chart out a course for your life that will ensure your success and stay strong and focused with a new found resolve. To develop your vision, to think s ...
Your daily consumer tech news update, plus the latest gadget reviews and straight talk about how the latest tech innovations affect you, with USA TODAY's Jefferson Graham.
He’s loud; he’s opinionated and is the American talk show host our listeners love to hate. Michael Graham is live from Boston
OUR COMMON GROUND with Janice Graham Black PROGRESSIVE URBAN ACTIVIST EMPOWERMENT Black Radio “Speaking Truth to Power and Ourselves”URBAN PROGRESSIVE TALK RADIOALTERNATIVE ACTIVIST EMPOWERMENT TALK RADIO“Transforming Truth to POWER, ONE Broadcast At A Time” XX//^\\XXXX//^\\XXOUR COMMON GROUND is talk radio that examines our world and nation, the socio-economic condition of our community and collective interests in the context race in HOPE and with COURAGE. XX//^\\XXXX//^\\XXXX//^\\XXXX//^\\ ...
This is a channel created for everyone who wants to expand it's mind enjoying a good meditation or an energetic rampage from Abraham Hicks created by me or other followers. Enjoy!
The podcast you're about to hear is true...
The best bits from The Independent Republic of Mike Graham on talkRADIO. Listen live every weekday from 10am til 1pm.
The Preeminent Global Resource for Entrepreneurs
Joe Gilder and Graham Cochrane join forces to bring you practical guidance that will help you make better recordings.
Design, DIY, and gracious living. This is the Home-Ec class you wish you’d taken in school. Join hosts Graham Smith and Kirsten Dunlap, two moms on a mission to help others create elegant, livable, welcoming homes. Real moms, real families, real budgets, real homes.
The Tim Graham Show delivers the latest news and most provocative insights from the reporters and columnists who actually cover the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres.
Historians have argued Lincoln is the father of modern speech. Lincoln's versatility stretches from carefully constructed political critiques such as the Copper Union Speech, to the masterfully poetic Gettysburg address.
Big Daddy Graham and Spins Nitely talk about the greatest songs and artists of all time.
Bible Study and Ministry Resources | Anne Graham Lotz | AnGeL Ministries
World War I was one of the most savage and brutal wars in human history. There were millions of deaths and the tragedy was compounded by the fact that these were all young men in the flower of youth. Both sides suffered heavy losses and this war is also notable for being one in which many new and terrible weapons were introduced by both to slaughter each other. Gallipoli Diary by John Graham Gillam is one of the many personal narratives written by survivors of this bloody conflict. Published ...
Trailhead Church's Sunday morning and Wednesday night messages.
Overnights on SportsRadio 94WIP with Big Daddy Graham
Lincoln's first inaugural address was delivered on March 4th, 1861, as the North and South were sliding towards separation and Civil War. His second inaugural, given just weeks before his assassination, was also delivered on March 4th but four years later, in 1865. Just over a month later, April 18th, 1865, the Civil War ended with the surrender of the Confederate army. This was four days after Lincoln was shot on April 14th. He died the next day. - Summary by John Greenman
John G. Nicolay was Abraham Lincoln’s private White House secretary. With assistant secretary, John Hay, he wrote the two volume definitive biography of Lincoln, “Abraham Lincoln, a Biography.” Although this is a condensation by Nicolay of that biography, it is still a sizable work and a fairly thorough treatment of the life of the 16th president of the United States.
Interviews with International Thriller Writers
The Wind in the Willows allows every person who has always wished animals could talk to dream a little more. In this amazing book, Toad, Ratty, Mr. Toad and Badger form a tight friendship and have many adventures. At the beginning of the book, Mole is busy spring cleaning is home when he suddenly decides he is simply sick of the job and that he wants to see what the big world outside his home is really like. He discovers the world is a busy, crazy place and it takes a while for him to adapt. ...
Welcome to the Abraham podcast, where amazing things happen.
The Graham Crawford Show was created out of a belief that we need to talk about the issues and opportunities facing Hamilton in a way that generates debate and fosters understanding. The goal of show is to provide smart, progressive talk from regular panelists, subject matter experts, and personal observations. The show is posted weekly and always focuses on issues affecting you and the City of Hamilton. All of the people involved in The Graham Crawford Show do so because they believe that d ...
Inspired by Moonlight Graham from The Field of Dreams, our podcast aspires to capture some of the best stories from sports heard directly from the athletes and figures who experienced them.
Creative/Multimedia Director for MediaDC (Weekly Standard/Washington Examiner/Red Alert Politics) in Washington, DC
Dreaming to do something big
After having written and released an initial draft of this proclamation in September of 1862, minor changes were made and Lincoln signed it on January 1st, 1863. It declared free the slaves in 10 states not then under Union control, with exemptions specified for areas already under Union control in two states. Lincoln spent the next 100 days preparing the army and the nation for emancipation, while Democrats rallied their voters in the 1862 off-year elections by warning of the threat freed s ...
Sermons & teachings from the Seed of Abraham Messianic Congregation, Plymouth, Minnesota
If you've loved and cherished The Wind in The Willows, you'll be delighted to read The Golden Age. In this book of reminiscences by Kenneth Grahame, the much loved creator of Winnie The Pooh, readers are granted an insight into the writer's childhood. The opening lines of the Prologue provide a poignant reminder of Grahame's childhood. When he was just five, his mother died in childbirth and his father who had a long standing problem with alcoholism consigned his four children, including the ...
The Buskirk and Graham Show | Weekdays | 3-6 pm [PST] …Each hour of the show, commercial free.*For guest-isolated segments cut from these hours, please see:
About Phil Braham
Sermons by Pastor Douglas Graham -
This is the biography of Abraham Lincoln, written by two of his private secretaries. (Summary by ashleighjane)
In 'Grace Harlowe Overseas', we see Grace and her friends travel to Europe in order to serve in World War I (Summary by ashleighjane)
A weekly podcast of the sermons preached at GBC in Graham, Texas.
The best (and worst) bits of BOB's Breakfast with Graham Mack.
A children's classic, this is the story of Rat and Mole, who have many adventures both on and off their beloved river, with their friends Toad and Badger. This version has been read in a whisper and is perfect for night-time listening in a quiet room. The low volume is intentional! (Summary by Cori Samuel)
This poem is taken from A Book of Women’s Verse published in 1921. ( Summary by David Lawrence )
Abraham Mapu was born in 1808 near Kaunas, today in Lithuania. He worked as a teacher and later joined the Jewish enlightenment movement. In 1853 he published his first book, Love of Zion, which has been regarded as the first secular novel written in biblical Hebrew. It takes place at the time of the First Temple covering love stories of Yoram, his wives and his children. The book had a profound influence on Jewish youth in Eastern Europe at the time of the emergent Zionist movement. (Summar ...
On Thursday, November 19, 1863, Abraham Lincoln gave a brief address at the dedication of the Soldier's National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. This speech is now considered one of the greatest in American history and one of the finest examples of English public oratory. To mark its 150th anniversary, Librivox volunteers bring you 15 recordings of the Gettysburg Address. (from Wikipedia and LA Walden)
Glasgow DJPlayed in : O2 Academy Glasgow, O2 ABC Glasgow, SWG3 Glasgow, Royal Highland Centre Edinburgh, Strathclyde Country Park Glasgow, Cav Nightclub Edinburgh, Silk Nightclub Edinburgh & More.Supported : Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz, John Askew, David Forbes, Stephen Kirkwood, Menno De Jong, Alex M.O.R.P.H, Ben Nicky, Adam Ellis, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Blasterjaxx, Steve Angello, Will Sparks & More.
Daily Teaching Podcast of Revivalist Graham Jones.From his ministry base in Saint Etienne France, Graham Jones from England ministers in many different countries every year. The goal of GJM is revival and seeing the presence and power of God released back into the church.
My weekly radio which then becomes available as a podcast!
Bu-brahim Pod Cast
Podcast by John Starling
The Blether with Paul Graham and friends is a weekly Scottish podcast that brings you real stories from people in sport, fitness, and health who aren't always a household name but have a story to tell which will hopefully inspire others.
The Two Mikes
Join Mike Graham and Mike Parry, the odd couple of sports broadcasting, as they dissect the week's sporting news.
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Has any Savannah singer come as far, and as fast, as Laiken Love? Barely five years after taking voice lessons and starting her own band and two years after she says she “turned a corner,” she’s one of our city’s most in-demand female vocalists. Jazz, funk, blues, classical, pop, you name it, her style and talent emerged in a short time through ...…
How good should the building envelope be? How much energy should a building use? Finding answers require putting the building in context with the complex, interconnected, global networks of materials and resource flows in which they exist. Join Kristof for a wide ranging and slightly geeky discussion w Dr William Braham on systems ecology, exer ...…
Braham Berg shares his impactful journey of using his architectural skills and passions for the greater good. You will learn the benefits of stepping out of your comfort zone and going against the grain. Braham sheds light on ways to get active in community development. You will understand why being a great architect goes beyond what you do in ...…
WIA ARDF Coordinator Jack Braham VK3WWW 'orders' Mongolian. - WIA AGM and have you made your registration? - WIA CONVENTION MC is Matthew Cook VK5ZM. - WIA financial audit continues. - WIA AMATEUR RADIO MAGAZINE and Barry Robinson VK3PV flicks thru the pages.-By Wireless Institute of Australia.
Are you ready for this bonus episode?! It's a little out there and incredibly raw... and while it's a departure from the classic C&C format, I'm still a little electrified from this conversation. As we prepare to kick off Season 2 of these podcast (YAY!), I was having a conversation with my teammate and friend, Chase Reeves. He asked me one imp ...…
Noel Braham, Ray Parker Jr. in BET's The New Edition Story and Director/Producer of "Star Wars Exile" calls us all the way from LA to share is journey and his story. Take a listen to his encouragement and advice on this incredibly inspirational episode!
AFTERBUZZ TV — The New Edition edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of The New Edition. In this special hosts Franceli Chapman, Ally Washington, Dominique Cerita, and TK Trinidad discuss the special with special guests Rachel Currence , Melvin Jackson JR , and Noel Braham. ABOUT THE NEW EDITION: New Edition is an American boy band from Bo ...…
“In brief, however, the power of Tolkien lies in the way that he succeeds, through myth, in making the unseen hand of providence felt by the reader. In his mythical creations or sub-creations, as he would call them, he shows how the unseen hand of God is felt far more forcefully in myth than it is ever felt in fiction. Paradoxically, fiction wo ...…
Hosts:Greibach- Pear and/or Blackberry CiderSpirit - Lemon Lime Soda w/ RumCeleste - grapesAllona - 2014 Pelee Island Cabernet Sauvignon (I am fancy as shit)Inventory managment in GW2 be like (LOL ORGANIZATION?)Nightmare Fractal & Challenge Mode Who the heck is the Harbinger of Woe?Season 5 PvP - New rew ...…
Hosts:Greibach- Pear and/or Blackberry CiderSpirit - Lemon Lime Soda w/ RumCeleste - grapesAllona - 2014 Pelee Island Cabernet Sauvignon (I am fancy as shit)Inventory managment in GW2 be like (LOL ORGANIZATION?)Nightmare Fractal & Challenge Mode Who the heck is the Harbinger of Woe?Season 5 PvP - New rew ...…
Shadow of The Dragon Episode 28 Summary This week on Shadow of the Dragon, we’re talking about Crack in the Ice and everything that came with it! The new map, map currency, mechanics and the Nightmare Fractal! This was a decent sized patch and some new story so it should be good right? Well.. We also have what we call news and Gord thinks he kn ...…
Executive coach and management consultant Sabrina Braham joins the podcast to share her expertise on how to be your own best advocate in the workplace.
Cookie Monsterz ft. Maxine Braham – “Lets Ride” [BKO] Redsoul ft. Carla Pratha – “Save Me” (Sean McCabe Dub) [Playmore] Louie Vega ft. Adeva – “I Deserve To Breathe” [Vega Records] Reel People ft. Vanessa Freeman – “The Light” (Copyright Classic Mix) [Papa] Demarkus Lewis – “Gruv Select” [Doin Work Records] Knee Deep – “So Dvine” [Knee Deep] AC ...…
00:53 Johnny Fulmer talks about how a trip to NYC started our Farmer’s Market. Church Street Market 770.499.9393 07:26 McKenzie Snow (678) 876-6369 12 Powder Springs Suite 255 Marietta, Georgia 12:11 Annie’s Baking 770-598-1355 15:47 Scott and Dixie Reaver The Herb G ...…
For millions of Americans, Ellis Island is the symbol of introduction, the immigrant depot that processed their ancestors and offered an opening into a new American life. But for some, it would truly be an 'Island of Tears', a place where they would be excluded from that life. How did an island with such humble beginnings -- 'Little Oyster Isla ...…
For millions of Americans, Ellis Island is the symbol of introduction, the immigrant depot that processed their ancestors and offered an opening into a new American life. But for some, it would truly be an 'Island of Tears', a place where they would be excluded from that life. How did an island with such humble beginnings -- 'Little Oyster Isla ...…
Employment Law Podcast Series In the third episode of our employment law news podcast, Arpita Dutt, founding partner of BDBF, discusses constructive knowledge of disability. Click here to download from the iTunes store and subscribe to our podcast series. Constructive Knowledge of Disability ...…
Creating Effective Small Groups in your Local Church – Balvin Braham
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