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Christain Ray and Brandon Knicely talk to CEO of BEST, Ari Kahn. The Data Czar of largest cancer genomics project in history is now in the energy game and he's saving his clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. Brought to you by Third Drive.
Discussion on Church & Technology, websites, social mediaand meeting people where they are.
Christian Ray and Brandon Knicely interview Kit Cummings ofPOPP. A remarkable story.
A remarkable story of a high rolling finance lawyer turned philantrophist and founder of a best practice water charity. Christian Ray and Brandon Knicely interview Sarah Evans, founder of Well Aware. If you want to get involved, contact us at Third Drive or Well Aware directly.
Brandon Knicely interviews David Taylor, co founder of Crude Funders about the evolution of crowd funding and what that means for the world of investing.
Animate - by Christian Ray
Binah- the art and science of applied wisdom. By Christian Ray and Brandon Knicely.
Third Drive Podcast
A fresh look at new ways to increase profit, passion, and purpose in business. Hosted by co-founders Christian Ray and Brandon Knicely. More at
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