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Brazos Valley Concert Series features live selections from the Brazos Valley Symphony, The Brazos Valley Chorale, The Texas Music Festival and the Community Chamber Concert Series.
Brazos Arts
Brazos Arts
Brazos Fellowship
Each week at Brazos Fellowship we will discuss topics that are relevant to today's issues and share the life changing perspective of God's truth.
Podcasts of Brazos Pointe Fellowship in Lake Jackson, Texas
Brazos River Radio
Live on the Brazos is slow, and that's fine with us. We have our own funny opinion about things. While we love art, we hate crap. And sometimes we find ways to fix what's wrong with the world around us, because we know better.
Video Tours of Real Estate
Brazos Valley Gold is a popular addition to KAMU-FM's lineup featuring 2 hours each Friday evening of Classic Country Music with insite on the tunes and those who perform them.
Tom Turbiville hosts a program that congratulates the good community work of people in and from the Brazos Valley.
This Podcast contains episodes of Bravo Brazos Valley. They are features on several Veterans from the Brazos Valley. It is created and hosted by Tom Turbiville.
Newstalk Radio for the Brazos Valley
Xplained takes you beyond the headlines with the people who make them. A podcast powered by KBTX Media.
Newstalk Radio for the Brazos Valley
The Brazos Valley's most informative and entertaining talk radio show (Chelsea and the Boys).
Garden Success
Garden Success with Skip Richter is a call-in gardening show airing each Thursday from noon to 1:00pm on KAMU-FM. Skip serves as your garden consultant, answering questions to help you grow a bountiful garden and beautiful landscape in the Brazos Valley. Skip will give you time-saving tips, guide you to the best plants selections, and provide proven pest management strategies including both conventional and organic techniques. Tune in Thursdays at noon for Garden Success with Skip Richter. C ...
BVC Radio
BVC Radio is a podcast to help share cycling culture in the Brazos Valley. Interviews with local cyclists, tips on commuting, how to take care of your bike, events and what's new in our area; it's all here!
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Free lunch! The Purge in Sherman got violent. National holidays and celebrity birthdays for the whole weekend. Strzok, Trump, and Texas politics.
PSA: Lock your doors! We visit with Chace Murphy about that time he made Twinkies. Food talk. And an interview with Congressman Bill Flores of Bryan.
Birds show up on a weather radar. Build-a-Bear drama. Lottery family drama. Sears is closing in Chicago. Green Acres is coming to Broadway. DJ Diesel, have you heard of him? An interview with the City of College Station Parks & Recreation Department. Twitter is purging fake accounts and people are losing a LOT of followers.…
Air Date: Jul 26 2018 - Interview with Robert Puckett Entomologist at Texas A&M Univeristy
Air Date: Jul 12 2018 - Gardening and Landscape Questions and Answers with Skip Richter
Air Date: Aug 02 2018 - Interview with Doug Welsh on gardening topics in the landscape.
Open House - you're invited! National holidays and celebrity birthdays. Plus politics, local news, and sports!
Gore Score. London leads San Francisco. What is going on with the Papa John's guy?? Zach's Cow Appreciation Day. Everyone hates plastic straws. Why answering the door is so awkward... Plus World Cup news.
GIF or GIF? This guy paints with his feet... and stabs with them too. Dirty Diaper mittens. Businesses that could be going out of business in the near future. Walmart vs Amazon. Interviews with the Aggieland Humane Society and the City of Bryan. Best states for outdoor drinking. Chelsea' kickball recap. Hummus... is it healthy? And why alarms c ...…
Everything you probably wanted to know about Croatia. Tractor chase. National holidays and celebrity birthdays. It's 7-11 Day! Trump and NATO. The Dems vs Brett Kavanaugh.
Gore Score - running with the bulls. Southwest Airlines is cutting out the peanuts. Peanut allergies, how prevalent are they?? Local recycling news. Warner Bros. wants to build a tramway to the Hollywood sign. What you wish your parents knew about the internet.
Plastic straw saga continues. The Handmaid's Tale line of wine. Game of Thrones themed shoes. Collagen clothes. 7 helpful tips from Joanna Gaines. Bryan Mayor Andrew Nelson. Glasses that could help with car sickness. The best and worst cities to drive.
New take on a Chinese Fire Drill. National holidays and celebrity birthdays. Cobras and ball boys at Wimbledon. President Trump nominates Brett Kavanaugh, what now? Vet school battle in west Texas.
Gore score. Brown fat vs white fat. The egg and wine diet. The plastic straw saga continues. Smucker is saying goodbye to the Pillsbury Doughboy. It's Cow Appreciation Day! Things rich people have.
Jet Blue saves Darcy the French Bulldog. Most popular gender neutral names. A complete discussion about soy sauce and Asian cooking. Michelin has a new idea for using wood for tires. An interview with the B/CS Chamber of Commerce. Movies with Kate. Miss America - what exactly is it becoming?
World Cup. $20,000 in glitter cash. A look back at the All-Star Game. Tonight's Supreme Court announcement - who will it be?
Thai cave rescue. Local road development. Who is the richest of them all? Glitter cash. Twinkies. TV tonight. Plastic straws. What happened with Oprah Googled herself?
Hire for dating apps. Pizza squirrel. Dog breeds. Are you tired? It could be your car. What makes the perfect nap. Travis Pastrana and his latest death defying accomplishment. And more nonsense to make your Monday a little more fun!
Drunk driver has Big Gulp full of alcohol. This day in history/birthdays for the weekend. President Trump in Montana.
Dallas woman shoots carjacker. National Fried Chicken Day. Restaurants with the best customer service. State poll: hamburgers vs hot dogs. Amazon releasing back-to-school catalog.
Scientist wants us to stop using A/C. Confiscated fake Super Bowl rings. British couple meets talking crow. Lion eats rhino poachers. Visit with the City of College Station. How to make the perfect PB&J.
Air Date: Jul 05 2018 - Gardening and Landscape Questions and Answers with Skip Richter
Protester scales Statue of Liberty. Ketchup on hot dogs? Dunk or drizzle? This day in history/birthdays. British politician's phone goes off.
Graham cracker facts. Homeowners find note from previous owners. Companies accused of extorting shop-lifters. Las Vegas Statue of Liberty on stamp. Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest.
Wimbledon update. Ken Paxton vs Sid Miller (and BBQ), Infomaniacs' Fourth of July. Visit with Aggieland Humane Society. Visit with City of Bryan. Which potato chip has the most chips per bag? Vegetable ice cream.
More Lebron... more NBA... it never ends. National holidays and birthdays for today and tomorrow. Politics, news, and sports!
Astros World Series Trophy touring B/CS. Stay out of the sun day! Fireworks. Would you eat iguana? A crazy gator story! Protesting high gas prices. Guilty pleasures.
How old are kids with their own tablets? New West Virginia laws. A threatening neighbor who doesn't like fireworks. Big cities withOUT professional sports teams. Oprah. Meatloaf, the singer, not the food. Taco Bell wedding accessories. Plus interviews with the Bryan/College Station Chamber of Commerce and the George Bush Library and Museum.…
Don't you know who I am? We are at the halfway point of 2018. National holidays and celebrity birthdays. Cops get called on a lawn boy. Pillow fight turns violent. Plus politics, local news, and sports!
4th of July. Snakes. Beer truck accident. Dino masks aren't good for robbing stores. We chat with Patrick to hear about how HOT New York City is! Who do you trust? Toys"R"Us aka the Dead Giraffe Society. Hello Kitty bullet train. Best Buy has officially stopped selling CDs.
Fireworks - what not to do. Lebron to LA. July 2nd in history. Chat and Talk. Armageddon. Interviews with Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra and Long Way Home Adoptables.
Free beer and other World Cup fun. National holidays and celebrity birthdays for the weekend. In politics, an update on the supreme court, the Farm Bill, and legalizing marijuana... Canada did it!
African dust cloud. Corvette Day. McDonald's is revamping breakfast with muffin tops. Amazon and PillPack agreement. Kroger is going to start using driverless car delivery. Worst single dude food.
Food, food, and more food! Cheese thieves. We are creatures of habit. Interviews with Messina Hof Winery and the City of College Station Councilwoman Linda Harvell. Plus flamingo facts.
Air Date: Jun 28 2018 - Gardening and Landscape Questions and Answers with Skip Richter
An excessive 911 caller. National holidays and celebrity birthdays. Plus local news, sports and politics.
Why is dripping water so loud? African dust cloud is headed our way. The most patriotic American businesses... you'll be surprised at this list. Vacation days. Houston man hires a hit man to kill a police officer. Road rage in Florida. Smart speakers - how do you use them?
Lebron to LA? Dead bodies. Are you salty? Interview with Aggieland Humane Society, the Bryan Animal Center, and the Brazos County Democrats. Plus a story about LA traffic getting worse...
A couple's quarrel. Nothing good happens in the Taco Bell drive thru. He shot his brother... twice. Why Jay Leno has Hugh Grant to thank. In politics, election results around the country. And what Texans really think of the NFL.
World Cup news. The most patriotic states. Dairy Queen - that's what I like about Texas... but what about in the other states? Texas History, it's a way of life. Golden tickets to heaven will get you put in jail. And an interview with Congressman Bill Flores of Bryan.
Wanted: Donut Stealing Squirrel. Spirit Airlines incident. New toppings for ice cream from Hershey's. We talk chips - VooDoo and Pringles. Plus an interview with Bryan Mayor Andrew Nelson.
Doing double-time. Sailor Jerry, have you met him? National holidays and celebrity birthdays. Politics, local news, and sports.
Tag, you're it... from 4,000 miles away. Ice cream consumption is up. Pawn Stars. How bottled water can start a fire. How do you wake up? Ghosting... not just for dating. It's All About Me contest!!
Taylor Swift and her talent-packed selfie. Bad driving habits. Farding, not farting, or farking. Men vs Women - always an interesting battle. What's next for Barbie. An interview with the B/CS Chamber of Commerce. Plus a great story about a guardian "angel" dog.
He wore his clown costume to work. National holidays and celebrity birthdays. Plus politics, local news, and sports.
Superbowl Ring Auction. Gaines #5. Toys"R"Us is officially going.. going.. gone. Venmo Anxiety - what is it? Local school news.
An action packed hour including the Big Sky Conference's new rule, IG TV, how to make basketball better, laser pointer mishap, what music babies prefer, Martin the Turtle, and why dating a cop's daughter isn't always a great idea.
Vurger King is saying "We are sorry" for pressuring women in Russia to get pregnant. National holidays and celebrity birthdays for today and the weekend. Melania's visit to the border. The FBI's favorability has dropped... shocker. A story about political karma.
New online sales tax. Flooding rescues. Today is the happiest day of the year. Are you cheap or frugal? New wedding trend: people are asking for money, not stuff. Our new contest!!
George Clooney. Mr. T Cereal is trying to make a comeback. State Fair food coming to a freezer aisle near you! Fastest texter of the alphabet. Kit Harrington is tired of being famous. Plus interviews with the City of College Station and Moody Gardens.
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