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Blue Elephant Show
Some Republicans in Talk radio are extremely right wing. This show is not. see the country from a libertarian conservative view.
Lee Stranahan is the lead investigative reporter for Breitbart News, one of the most read news sites in America. He's broken national and international stories.
KFZZ The Fuzz
Our show is about nothing... and everything. We talk about music, movies, politics, society, video games... just about everything.
Breitbart News Network editor Larry O'Connor brings his unique, entertaining and irreverent views to radio with fresh looks at news, politics and entertainment. O'Connor is a regular guest-host for The Dennis Miller Show, The Hugh Hewitt Show and The Rusty Humphries Show as well as for local talk radio hosts in major markets like New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington DC.
Breit Ideas
Two best buds help you understand the alt-right. Every Monday, hosts Matt and Josh dive into the top stories from Breitbart News and provide moderate analysis, liberal goofs, and grand ole compassion. Breit Ideas is The Greatest American Podcast.
Darby Stranahan
Conservative talk from two former leftists who became proteges of Andrew Breitbart, saw the light & moved to the right. No nonsense talk & great guests.
Ken Webster Jr
If you're into politics you've probably heard me on the radio. I'm a right-leaning libertarian from Texas. I produce the greatest morning show on the Gulf Coast. I also write and produce comedy. Sometimes I write a column for Breitbart.
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This episode features Sandra Peterson from the Mises Institute and comedian Tim Young.
A rapper (who became famous after he beat a pregnant woman) has died.
The Left and the Right (but mostly the Left) are both grossly misinformed on what's happening on the border. Here's a Breitbart's Brandon Darby dispelling myths and providing real solutions to the immigration crisis at our border.
The World Health Organization says too much gaming is a mental health disorder. Journalist Ian Miles Cheong disagrees.
This episode of PoHRadio features an interview with someone who helped me get my start in radio (and he's the manager of a stripclub).
This is an interview with comedian Tim Young about Justin Trudeau's eyebrows, comedy for the politically Right half of the country & social scientist Jordan Peterson.
The leader of Canada is a limp-wristed beta-boy.
This episode features an interview with a guy who invented lifesaving software and someone (possibly) who took LSD shortly before speaking to me.
Net neutrality is dead, Trump went to Singapore and Justin Trudeau has fake eyebrows.
This episode features an interview with journalist Ian Miles Cheong & farmer Nathan Webster.
Mueller, North Korea and one of the handsomest men in talk radio featured in this episode.
This episode features an interview with libertarian activist Adam Kokesh and journalist Todd Smith from
This episode features an interview with Mark Tippetts, libertarian candidate for Texas Governor.
Hope y'all are having a good weekend - here's a little audio entertainment to help get you to Monday.
On this episode we criticized political correctness and explored the impact of Islam on England.
This episode of PoHRadio features the smooth baritone vocal sounds of Ken Webster Jr. Topics include North Korea, gun control and people who think they're smarter than you (but aren't).
This is an interview with Danny Erdeljac, owner of the Rio Bravo Motocross Park. His facility was robbed earlier this year by a bunch of savages.
This episode features an interview with Brandon Darby of Breitbart Texas.
This episode features Todd Smith from, libertarian activist Adam Kokesh and a man who wants to legalize pot in Texas.
The shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, Robert Mueller and the FBI are discussed on this episode of PoHRadio.
Americans have no business watching the Royal wedding.
This episode features journalist Ian Miles Cheong and writer Todd Smith.
This episode features Logan Churchwell of the Public Interest Legal Foundation.
Breaking news - Palestine was a horrible place way before Trump became President. I know that seems obvious, but apparently liberals didn't know.
Yesterday was Mothers Day and today America moves our Israel embassy. Happy Monday to ya!
On this episode Producer Kenny discusses new ways you can make your house smell nice before a dinner party. Just kidding - he talks about liberty-minded political news with off-beat comedy thrown in. What were you expecting?
On this episode of PoHRadio Kenny dissects the West Virginia GOP primary, Cocaine Mitch and the sex monsters in New York. Stick some liberty-minded goodness in your ears today!
This episode features Ian Miles Cheong from Daily Caller and Todd Smith of Regal Magazine.
This episode features El Gringo performing live in studio.!
We haven't heard much from Antifa in a while but yesterday they were out in full force in multiple countries. Why? Because it was May Day. This episode features interviews with Adam Kokesh and Sandra Peterson.
Typically homicide is bothersome to your average person. But for some reason when the murder is state funded, we don't mind as much. Why is that?
This episode features an interview with Breitbart's Brandon Darby and Ian Miles Cheong from Daily Caller and Get some!
The Republicans have Kanye West Fever. Can you believe I just said that? But it's true. This episode features journalists Ian Miles Cheong and Barrett Brown.
This episode of PoHRadio is chock full of liberty-minded goodness. Tell your friends!
This episode is co-hosted by Todd Smith, a Democrat. Who says the Left and Right can't get along?!
This episode features an interview with Logan Churchwell of the Public Interest Legal Foundation (they're suing Harris County for allegedly allowing non-citizens to vote). This episode also features Russel Ybarra and Jonathon Kim of Gringos Tex-Mex. Jonathon is going to do 2000 pushups to raise money for Camp Hope and the people at the PTSD Fou ...…
Yesterday was Tax Day and tomorrow is Tax Freedom Day. If you're a libertarian, this is important information.
The Republicans are suddenly pro-weed. So what's keeping us from full legalization?
Why would 10 Louisiana State Senators voted against banning sex with animals? S
Laugh at Tom all you want, but if you're the creator of Myspace, you're probably having a pretty good week.
Zuckerberg visits Congress, war in Syria and porn stars having sex with politicians. This episode features Todd Smith of Regal Mag and activist Adam Kokesh.
Yesterday was National Security Adviser John Bolton's first day on the job. Despite what you've heard, he is not related to Michael.
You have no privacy. The government and tech companies are constantly monitoring your behavior.
Teachers are on strike, troops are at the border and everyone's gonna get free tacos at the end of this podcast (okay, that last thing isn't technically true).
This episode of PoHRadio features Mike Glenn from the Houston Chronicle, Sandra Peterson from the Mises Institute and a local motocross enthusiast who was recently burglarized.
Houston area bureaucrats are facing a lawsuit for potentially trying to cover up evidence of non-citizens voting in Harris County.
Happy Good Friday & Easter! Here's a fresh episode of PoHRadio to entertain you during your holiday weekend.
This episode features an interview with Ian Miles Cheong of the Daily Caller.
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