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What happens in a musician's brain when they play music? Why do some people love roller coasters but others hate them? Do our surroundings actually impact our focus? Neuroscience students, Anu Kumar and Madeline MacArthur, discuss everyday topics and situations through a neuroscience lens. Join us as we bridge the synapse.
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Tune into the FINAL episode of Bridging the Synapse! We discuss what this podcast has meant to us, our future plans, and the future plans of this podcast. Thank you to everyone who has listened to this show, the guests, and our awesome support networks.
Have you ever felt anxious or stressed? Of course, you have! You’re human. Wonder how you can better cope with your stress and anxiety? Tune in to the latest episode of Bridging the Synapse to learn more about stress and anxiety processing disorders.
What stigmas surround mental illness? How can people express their struggles though art? Tune in to the latest episode of Bridging the Synapse to learn more about the stigmas and struggles surrounding mental illness. Special guest Catherine Siravantha, a psychology and film studies undergrad at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, joins Anu a ...…
What happens in your brain when you go through a breakup with a significant other or a best friend? What are some effective (and not so effective) coping mechanisms? University of Tennessee BCMB PhD Candidate , Dana Layo, guest stars on this week's episode to talk about our addiction to love.
What's all the hype with blue light? How does our brain know the difference between colors? Tune in to the latest episode of Bridging the Synapse to learn more about how light is processed and perceived. Special guest Brandon Barker, a physics and mathematics undergrad at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, joins Anu and Madeline to discuss ...…
The cultural phenomenon that surrounds coffee runs deep from a social and neurological perspective. Special guest Gabe Taylor, a neuroscience undergrad at the University of Tennessee Knoxville and Starbucks barista, join Anu and Madeline on the premier episode for the 2nd season of Bridging the Synapse.…
Ever wonder how you get a cold? Why do you only get colds in the fall / winter months? Why do you always feel sluggish when it's dreary outside? Find out on this latest episode!
Happy Halloween! Why do some people like haunted housed? What makes you feel fear? What is happening in you brain that makes you either run or fight? Join us on this latest episode to learn more about fear.
Is there an effective method of studying? What factors contribute to our ability to remember important information? Anu and Madeline explore what it means to be a busy college student with some throwback audio to the original Brain Rules Podcast.
How does your brain work in harmony with your stomach? Did you know that neurons can exist outside of your brain? Or that feeling "hangry" is regulated by another system in your body? Anu and Madeline talk about the Enteric Nervous System, or "the gut brain," in this episode of the Bridging the Synapse Podcast.…
Welcome back to school (and this podcast)! Ever wonder why it takes us so long to get adjusted to a new place, or why we feel random bouts of deja vu? Previously dubbed the Brain Rules Podcast, join Madeline and Anu as they answer these questions and more on the first episode of the Bridging the Synapse Podcast.…
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