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A little about myself and what I do! I'm a practicing 3rd degree Alexandrian/Progressive Witch under Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone. a pipe carrier in the Sun Bear Tribe (I'm Sicilian and Native American),Reiki Master,Tarot reader and teacher,spiritual counselor,owner of a metaphysical shop in Cornwall NY named Brid's Closet.The purpose of the show is help people understand what Wicca, paganism, and earth based religions are all about and to get rid of all the misconceptions that Wicca has. We ...
Bernadette Montana's Podcast
Lots to describe here! I own Brid's Closet, a metaphysical shop in Cornwall NY. Professional tarot reader, 3rd degree Progressive High Priestess, Reiki Master, Herbalist, teacher. Host various radio shows, as well as The Brid's Closet's Beltane Festival, The Cornwall and Newburgh Witches Meetup AND write for various pagan publications.
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A wonderful talk with Tina Vesely-gifted Medium and reader! Tina talks about her experience’s as a medium and channels spirit in this episode.
Join Dorothy Morrison & Bernadette for a talk about The Craft, Dorothy's many books & her wonderful products "Hexology and Wicked Witch Mogo!On "Ethically Speaking w/Bernadette Montana"
A fantastic interview with Maxine Sanders! A wonderful talk on Wicca, Alex Sanders, Traditions, The Alexandrian path, history and more! My guest co-host today is Stephanie Grimassi!
Join me and Gemma McGowan for a wonderful talk about Witchcraft, Irish Culture, Storytelling, music and more!
A wonderful talk about The tarot, Inclusive Sacred Experience,Ethics, The Lenormand divination system and more!website:
Maria Bird will be joining us on “Ethically Speaking with Bernadette Montana, August 13th from 10am until 12pm! We will be discussing Hypnosis, past life regression, archetypes and more!
Today’s guest is The Love Witch (Jean) We discuss Relationships, sex, dating, the tarot and more! A wonderful and fun show!
Today we discuss Judika’s many books, the process of writing, music and metaphysics, and so much more!website:
Today we have Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone! We talk about their latest books, trance possession, and witchcraft today!
"NOooooo..." Originally broadcast December 18, 2005. Hosted by Gareth Davies and Rod Rodriguez. Nervous Teeth top 10 news stories of the week: . Hacker forced new planet discovery out of the closet . ID cards could be used for mass surveillance system . Job interviews probe unlikely subjects . Benjamin Franklin, the Occult and The Elite . Relig ...…
Amazing interviews that feature Selena Fox and Kyrja Withers! The topic focus's on pagan rights and the legal system. Kyrja writes pagan children's books, hosts videos called "Friends of Rupert" and the books are called Ruperts Tails. Kyrja was shot at, in her home, because of her religion.Listen to this fascinating show to see what was done an ...…
We will now be posting tarot lessons! I hope that this series of lessons help to guide you on your journey with the art of The Tarot! This lesson will focus a bit on the structure of the tarot, symbolism and of course ETHICS!Please send in your questions to me…
Today we interview Raven and Stephanie Grimassi, about their many books, ethics, plagiarism, and many other concerns that pagan authors face.
Bernadette Montana's Podcast
Today we talk about The Tarot and the Ethics involved with it. It is important to understand how information is delivered, presented, and how that information is explained. Is the Tarot "fortune telling" or is is advice! These are just some if the aspects that are covered in today's episode! Hosted by Bernadette Montana and Deidra Catero…
Podcasts – Breaking the Chains
I remember being in first grade and thinking a witch lived in the woods surrounding a creek by my house. We were afraid to go anywhere near there. Why was I afraid of a witch? I’d never met a witch, never been attacked by a witch, never even known someone who knew someone who was cursed by a witch… so why was I afraid of a witch. Because Id bee ...…
I have been away for quite a while now, so I wanted to "re-introduce" myself here! This will be a show focusing on Wicca, the Tarot, spirituality, lessons, and news within our magnificent community. We will also be recording special events and festivals, in and around town. I look forward to talking with everyone again!. Some of the shows will ...…
Today's show will be about the many different traditions of Wicca and Pagans. bit about the origins,practices & history. I would also like to have a discussion about diff. types of magick!
Today's show will be on spirituality, what it means to me, and what is going on in this community. News and current events will be addressed and recap of the past weeks events! Calls are always welcome!
Come and join us for a night of spooky stories and experiences!Our guest tonight is Lorraine Mark of UFO to go! Lorraine will tell us all about her experiences with the paranormal! Please feel free to call us with your stories!
I wanted to touch on a subject that means a lot to me. ETHICS! I wrote an article that was published some time ago in "The Witches Voice", that delt with this subject. It's called "The good, the bad, and the Tarot reader" and look up Brid's Closet. Read it if you can and comment on this weeks show. This will be an ongoing subje ...…
This show will focus on individual paranormal experiences! I will be taking calls from people who have had experiences w/spirits,ghosts and apparitions.Feel free to call in, or chat with me on the air! We will have guest speakers talk about their experiences.…
This is part 2 of last weeks show. This week we will talk about the Tarots major arcana and the "Fools Journey". Please feel free to call in with your questions.
Have you ever wanted to know how to do a reading with your tarot or oracle deck? This show will focus on how to do a 1 or 3 card reading for yourself, learn a little about the history of the tarot and the different types of decks that are out there. My fucus is to help you to do a reading wthout needing that little book that comes w/the decks. ...…
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