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The Broken Brain
The Broken Brain is a podcast with a Psychotherapist's view of life and culture. Hosted by Dwight Hurst, a licensed Mental Health Counselor, the show takes a look at trauma recovery, addiction, relationships, and popular culture. Sometimes we talk about suicide prevention, sometimes we review a movie with a psychological bent. Interviews with ground breakers in the treatment world, panel discussions on mental health subjects, and stupid jokes sprinkled throughout. Enjoy Breaking your Brain a ...
Broken Record
From Rick Rubin and Malcolm Gladwell, liner notes for the digital age. Digressions, arguments, back-stories, and random things to disagree with about music.
A movie podcast that isn't boring.
This is the podcast that dissects your favorite reality TV shows in a quest for self-improvement… or as we like to think of it, where displacement meets LOLs.
This Game is Broken is a comedy panel show all about board games and tabletop games inspired by shows such as Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, Who's Line is it Anyway, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, 8 out of 10 Cats, and I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue. Hosted by Dan Hughes and featuring Matthew Jude, Dave Luza, and the Brothers Murph - Nick and Mike Murphy.
The Broken Meeple
The Broken Meeple - a UK Board Games blog and podcast that reports on board and card games. I hope you enjoy what you hear as I'm always happy to record them and trying to improve on them in any way possible.In addition to this podcast I have a fully functioning blog with written articles and a YouTube channel that showcases review videos and Top 10 lists. Occasionally I will want to talk about other areas of Geekdom and so the P-Log mini episodes are dedicated to movies and TV primarily so ...
In this podcast Brad & Morgan Robinson outline everything you need to know to heal after infidelity has wrecked your relationship. If you want to heal after betrayal - whether you had an affair or multiple affairs or it was your partner who hurt you - this podcast is for you! Each episode has a free download available at so you can work together to fully heal or you can work alone. Either way you'll experience transformation! Brad is a nationally recognized affair reco ...
This is a great comedy podcast and live webshow! Joe, Jonesy, & Gypsy rip apart current events, hot topics, and fun segments with zero regard for human life! Come join the interactive chat room during the live taping at 8pm EST every Tuesday night at!
The city of Charlton is a city divided: Upper Charlton, where the rich and powerful work and play, and Charlton Terrace, where the poor are kept from crossing the ever-widening economic gap by corporate dynasties controlling the flow of capital, their security firms controlling the city police, and numerous gangs controlling the streets. Miranda Garren has a chance of escaping the Terrace's oppression and making a new life for herself with the help of an old family friend and his plans for a ...
Broken Escalator
On October 5th of last year, the escalators at West Edmonton Mall shut down simultaneously due to what was believed to be a series of mechanical failures, stranding thousands on the second floor. By the time a rescue operation could be organized and mounted, nearly everyone on the mall’s upper level had been killed, and to this day few people, if any, understand what really happened during the period when that area of the mall was cut off from the rest of the world. My name is Christopher Mu ...
An Irreverent interview podcast for people with chronic illness, invisible illness, disability, and chronic pain. Be Kind. Be Gentle. Be A Bad Ass, and don't forget to share this episode with another spoonie.
Broken Boxes Podcast centers Indigenous artists, activist focused artists, Queer/Trans/NonBinary artists, women identifying artists, artists of color and mixed/lost/stolen heritage artists. This project does not support or promote any one human experience above of or instead of any other, and the approach is to engage in alliance through sharing experience of the artist's process, unfolding all the layers it takes to make each artist a unique creative force. Focusing on the complexity of exi ...
Broken, Alaska
Come visit Broken, Alaska! With only 71 people, this tiny coastal town has to figure out how to retain its small-town character while balancing growth and economics. The locals, with different opinions about politics, family, and love, still have to live with each other, resulting in comedy genius from this brilliantly improvised show. Join us in the heartwarming and funny town of Broken - the Broken town that could fix America!
A podcast about The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher.
...where lies and libations are served neat. Best listened to under the covers where no one can hear.
Have you ever read the Bible? Considering its saintly reputation, it packs surprising gore, horror, and depravity. As well as beauty, wisdom, and tedium. For millennia, the Bible has held Western culture captive to its strange stories of ancient people trying to figure out God. Maybe you're not religious, but you're curious about the Bible. Maybe you grew up in church, but you're looking for a new way to relate to the Bible. Welcome! We're Sam and Amanda. We're obsessed with the Bible. Sam i ...
Podcast by Patrick Olson & Aaron Eickhorst
A monthly-ish discussion where Seth and Tim use evolving methodologies — often with the Apple ecosystem — to balance the ever-changing demands of work and family life. A potentially futile effort. It's a sickness. Or a cure. Or something…
Hosted by two exes (Nima Kharrazi and Michelle Miracle) whose breakup was the catalyst for a live storytelling show in LA about heartbreak, this podcast is a combination of interviews and recordings from the live show where guests open up and talk about heartbreaking moments.
The podcast that rewinds and presses play on the soundtrack to your life. Produced and hosted by two self-professed music nerds, this.broken.mixtape is an interview-based podcast that explores how music can play a vital and meaningful role in our lives. Every episode, Justin Lee and Jeff Woo interview exciting personalities from all walks of life, including musicians, artists, writers, comedians, chefs and entrepreneurs. Guests recount their personal relationship with music and the memorable ...
Broken Area
Dave and Isabelle from Canada talk about everything and nothing
Broken-Tailed Dog
America: we're obsessed with sex and sometimes relationships. Comedian and host Josh Accardo, alongside with his sexy side-kick Lux (a Suicide Girl model), explore sexuality, relationships, dating, current events, and the entertainment industry. From the latest news to interviews with women from the entertainment industry, Broken-Tail Dog has it all.
Broken Records UK
All the best in Happy Hardcore & Electronic dance
Website: Facebook: Twitter: @WallyKelly Instagram: wally.wendy3 Phone: 405.527.2535
A guide to rebuilding trust with a romantic partner after discovering cheating, infidelity, or an intimate betrayal.
Emerging from the rubble of dance music, where genre distinctions are collapsing, monopolies toppling and orthodoxies disintegrating on an hourly basis, Your Radio is Broken is a genre-transcending palette of raw music whose pluralism mirrors the fundamental shifts taking place around the world. Your Radio is Broken serves those looking for alternative, cutting edge, electronic music that is as energetic and diverse as the city of Montreal. The show aims to bring exposure to underground/inde ...
This is the Broken Crayons Still Color podcast with your host, Shelley Hitz. Each episode contains an inspiring story of HOPE and HEALING in Christ. Many times what we see as our biggest regrets, failures and mistakes become what God uses the most in our lives. God is able to transform our brokenness into something more beautiful than we can even imagine. He takes our mess and creates a masterpiece. You see, broken crayons still color.
Let your inner freak flag fly with the #1 podcast for strange conversation! Kevin will try to keep this train on track while covering everything from sex and drugs to sports coverage and current events! - Gen K Studios
This is a great comedy podcast and live webshow! Joe, Jonesy, & Gypsy rip apart current events, hot topics, and fun segments with zero regard for human life! Come join the interactive chat room during the live taping at 8pm EST every Tuesday night at!
A one hour TV documentary on the connection between Ireland/Scotland, First Nations in Manitoba and the land of Israel. We plan to podcast regular clips from the documentary as they become available in the editing process - and to update subscribers on the progress of the production.Please add your email address to our mailing list and you will be automatically informed when this podcast is updated.
Each week, a new guest picks up the pieces of their broken heart to share their stories of lost love, failure, and humiliation.
This is a series of podcasts that address the need for more innovative ministries that focus on the broken and helpless in our society.
A quest for the best; a search for the worst. A few friends talking about the best and worst of cinema. Hosted by Amy, Brad, and Daniel. New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday. Find us on iTunes, Stitcher, Podbay, or listen from our website: www.brokenpicturepodcast.comEmail us:
The Broken Bobber Fishing Show is your place for angling entertainment. Taking place in the Midwest, see the great scenery and some fishing hot spots that the region has to offer. Your Wisconsin native hosts, Rookie and Tyler, will keep you on the edge of your seat with the few things they know and the many things they learn on the water.
Broken to Barbell
Three 20-somethings' podcast to (almost) greatness
Kevin Heffernan & Steve Lemme (creators/stars of such movies as Super Troopers & Beerfest) chew the fat, share stories and have a few laughs with each other AND some great guests!
A podcast about writing fantasy and sci-fi.
Broken Catholic™ is a weekly Religion & Spirituality Podcast where Joseph Warren chats with Catholics, Protestants, ATHEISTS & Agnostics about WHY THE WORLD ISN'T WORKING RIGHT NOW----- and tackles unspeakable topics that many people secretly struggle with but won’t admit. Broken Catholic™ was created for YOU, the practicing Catholic, "recovering Catholic", Atheist, or Agnostic who struggles with the question, “What on earth am I here for?” Each episode puts you in the same room with a coura ...
Hi, I'm Broken
Featuring stories from people with mental illness, released every other week
Gracefully Broken
Gracefully Broken? Boss Up For The Win? What Does That Mean? How Can This Podcast Help Me? I Plan To Take You On A Journey Using Myself & My Experiences As Proof That You Can Be Broken Without Being Shattered! You Can Boss Up & Win In Spite Of Life & Things Going On Around You!
Dean Welsh from walks you through the process of coloring comic books.
Broken Man Radio
Broken, but not dead!
Every 2 weeks we get together to discuss the amazing show The Office in excruciating detail as we go episode by episode
Broken Chair Scores is a soundtrack review podcast. Every month we review our favorite tracks from one film and one game soundtrack.
Broken Area
Dave and Isabelle from Canada talk about everything and nothing
Divorced, Not Broken is a resource for people who are facing a possible divorce, or going through the divorce transition. Hosted by Florida attorney, Annie Rodriguez, the podcast focuses on key life and financial issues as it pertains to divorce. Our interviews feature experienced professionals sharing their knowledge for FREE! From mortgage brokers and accountants, to interior designers and single parents living the post-divorce life: you will find guidance and perspective in this podcast. ...
Broken Funny Bones is a weekly comedy podcast. We have a rotating cast of co-hosts that will keep you entertained all hour long. We blend improvisation, party games, comedic banter, and surprise guests to bring you a show you won't want to miss. This show does have an explicit tag so please make sure you have your ear buds in at work and no children around. But remember... IT'S OK TO LAUGH, WE WON'T TELL!
On May 25th, 1787, a group of 55 men gathered for a closed meeting in Philadelphia. Officially, it was being convened to discuss alterations to the then constitution of the United States of America: the Articles of Confederation. Some state legislatures had authorized their representatives to attend the meeting only on this basis, explicitly prohibiting them from considering a new constitution. To make certain that the general public did not find out about the nature of this conspiracy, the ...
Many people feel that they are beyond help. They are just too broken. They feel that they have to live with the pain. This show is dedicated to helping you find your way out of your emotional, physical, and spiritual pain so that you can live the life you are meant to be living. Your host Dr. Sally Reid is a Metaphysical Psychologist, Psychic Healer, and Medical Intuitive. She uses her gifts to see through space and time to the origins of your issues and helps you to energetically unwind the ...
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A special episode with special guest Radhaa Nilia of Goddess Code Academy. We dive into past lives and healing our self and our lineage. This is a powerful episode with an incredible coach and intuitive healer and teacher with extensive experience and expertise.
Welcome to a special bonus episode of the Theology Nerd Podcast with the Dr. Tripp Fuller. This is a shorter Q&A episode, where your friendly, local internet theologian answers questions submitted by you. This week’s question: What do I do with 4 different, contradictory, gospel stories? In answering, Tripp wants to convince you that you should ...…
all shot on the Mavic Air (used Polar Pro ND-Filter, flew with a broken prop and a single stick for the rc/ recorded in 2.7k & 60 fps) on one day in April 2018.
Do you know what it really means to commit to a process? We all seem to know the general concept of committing to a process and providing unconditional trust in a system, but most of us don't know how to actually do that. If you're one of those people, you definitely aren't alone. It's also not entirely your fault - it's a flaw in the human bra ...…
Tim McGinty desperately tried to save Jennifer Riordan from being sucked out of a plane's window. He spoke to John Campbell about the terrifying experience, which he describes as "pure terror".
Tim McGinty desperately tried to save Jennifer Riordan from being sucked out of a plane's window. He spoke to John Campbell about the terrifying experience, which he describes as "pure terror".
SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance Levels of Review- There are three basic levels of review. A review by CorpFin can be a “full review” in which CorpFin will review a filing from cover to cover, including both legal and accounting aspects and basic form for compliance with the federal securities laws. A partial review may include either lega ...…
Last Walking Dead talk for the last time this year. If you want to skip ahead we get very spoilery (not a word). You can skip to 17:25. We Talk a little bit about Fear The Walking Dead but neither of us really watch that show so we don't expect that to be a continuing segment . We talk about washing cars a wind storm that messed up Josh's fence ...…
*D-Wade flashback and can he do it again? *Is the Bucks' game 2 a must win? And more playoff updates.-NFL:*Dez Bryant's next team will be? *Should Aaron Rodgers be frustrated with Green Bay? *NFL retirements. *Kaepernick snubbed by the Seattle Seahawks after he refused to stop kneeling.-MLB:*It took just 197 games for Aaron Judge to hit 60 HRs, ...…
Find us online at: Come to a service and hear our sermons live and in person Sunday morning 9am and 11am in English and 12:30pm in Spanish at 93rd and Broadway. Readings for this week: Isaiah 50:4-9a The Lord God has given me the tongue of a teacher, that I may know how to sustain the weary with a word. Morning by morning he waken ...…
Zoe and JC get the juiciest details on all things Bachelor in Paradise AU as they catch up with the most recent boy to leave with a broken heart, Michael, in Celeb HQ! If you want the latest goss that you won't find anywhere else - stay right here with Celeb HQ.
Jacaranda FM — With some relationships, the reason for the break-up is so ridiculous, you just have to laugh!
Linda and Charlie Bloom's fourth book, "That Which Doesn’t Kill Us: How One Couple Got Stronger at the Broken Places" is the story of the Blooms’ journey through a series of ordeals. It reveals how they managed to reconstruct a relationship from the ashes of their broken dreams.
Linda and Charlie Bloom's fourth book, "That Which Doesn’t Kill Us: How One Couple Got Stronger at the Broken Places" is the story of the Blooms’ journey through a series of ordeals. It reveals how they managed to reconstruct a relationship from the ashes of their broken dreams. It is both inspiring and instructive, demonstrating to the reader ...…
HeyoOO00!!! Welcome back everyone! OK so on this week's show we're gonna turn up the volume a bit and grind it out with some heavy glitched up beats and chaotic melodics. So get ready, get willing, and get it together. This is the Glitch//IDM SHow!!!! Autechre - NTS Session 1 Ed Matus & Takeshi Muto - Decadent Ooze Oval - OvalDNA00:00 - DJ Skym ...…
On the podcast, Mike Bossetti is joined by Brian Boake where the two discuss the Toronto Raptors game one against the Washington Wizards and discuss topics such as: The sense of relief now that the Toronto Raptors have broken their game one losing streakSerge Ibaka's excellent play and his turnaround this seasonHow important the changes in the ...…
What are the different kinds of dizziness that people can experience? There are quite a few different kinds of dizziness. Inner ear problems where calcium deposits have broken off may result in positional vertigo, making it feel as if the person is spinning. Inner ear infections may cause inflammation in the inner ear canal, making people feel ...…
SUMMARY The crew has to deal with the aftermath of Rem harpooning a giant seahorse and bringing it on board. Little did he, or the rest of the party know, these creatures are rarely seen by ships in the area. Though it was food for the ship, it comes with a bittersweet taste and a warning from The Whispering Winds’ boatswain. Rem feels little r ...…
On this week's show we chatted with Nadim Naaman about his new musical, Broken Wings. We also caught up with Amy Lennox to talk about her new cabaret with Summer Strallen, Lennox and Strallen at Pizza Express Holborn.
In this Easter and April Fools Day episode the dudes talk about Ready Player One, they speculate on what they think might happen on the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War movie, and share stories about pranks. They talk about the terrible movies that they challenged each other to watch in the previous episode. They play Dontchu Dare Laugh and Shau ...…
Giving credit where due Wrestling talk Weed talk and John Boehner President Mason White house attire Mike with paris hilton. Dick hard audition Ju Units inarticulate rant broken down and disected Reason for Ju’s intense reaction to not hearing back on InstagramBy Malcolm Fitzhugh.
The career criminal who assassinated Yarmouth Police Officer Sean Gannon should have been locked up a long, long time ago. It was really only a matter of time until he took a life. But our broken criminal justice system allowed him to remain on the streets as a result of moronic judges and parole boards who aren't in touch with reality. Meanwhi ...…
Mika Teodoraka klasika "Grieķis Zorba". Stinga un Šegija regeja brīvdienas. Eds Šīrans dzied Eltona Džona "Candle In The Wind". Džonija Keša īpašā aile. "Soul" mūzikas klasika no Stīvija Vondera un "Commodores". Francijas leģendas – Brasāzs un Aznavūrs. Zorba The Greek (M.Theodorakis) NIKITAKIS 5:19 Morning Is Coming (Sting/Shaggy) STING & SHAG ...…
Transcript: Luke 24:13-35 New International Version (NIV) Now that same day two of them were going to a village called Emmaus, about seven miles from Jerusalem. They were talking with each other about everything that had happened. As they talked and discussed these things with each other, Jesus himself came up and walked along with them; but th ...…
Acts 4:1-22 Dunamis. An ancient word meaning power…strength…ability. A word used by early Christians to describe things beyond description. The power to heal and make whole. Strength to sustain those exposed to withering oppression and persecution. Ability to reach across cultural and religious barriers, bringing the gospel of God to whoever is ...…
Ecclesiastes 1-12 Pastor Ryan Johnson April 15, 2018 Ecclesiastes Book Overview The book of Ecclesiastes is worttien by someone who has embraced the world is a broken place. @PastorRyanJ — Ashley Carlisle (@c_lisle10) April 15, 2018 Even though the world is broken, wisodn is s ...…
4.15.18 - God Calls Us In Our Brokenness - Mike MillerBy
IN THE WORLD What does it mean to be in the world? I said last week that the world does things to us. But we live in the beauty of an ordered creation, whose amazing life and substance bless us, and which must be appreciated for what it is, and be enjoyed and given thanks for what God provides for us in it. It was faultless in the beginning – a ...…
Message from Pastor Wilke on Apr 15, 2018
Sermon Title – Broken Windows By Rev. David Williams We seek God’s perfect life which is always just out of our reach. We must strive, in everything that we do, for that life because it makes us better and it is the life that God wants us to live.
Andrew plays some of the tracks from the Wretched Ones Tribute Album due out next month on Crowd Control Media!!! We'll also keep you PoGoing to, Wretched Ones, Broken Heroes, No Resistance, the Unseen, Blanks 77, Queeftones, Trashcats, Droogettes, Bad Religion, Crazy and the Brains, the Industry, the Old Firm Casuals, Civil Disobedience, Sheer ...…
“Jethro Tull: Life is a Long Song. Fairport Convention: Who Knows Where the Time Goes. John Martyn: Bless the Weather. Nick Drake: Things Behind the Sun. Fotheringay: Banks of the Nile. Procul Harum: Broken Barricades. Blodwyn Pig: Sing Me A Song that I know so well. Free: Oh I Wept. Sutherland Brothers & Quiver: You’ve Got Me Anyway. Quintessc ...…
Uselessness New Facebook Feature Delete sent messages Facebook Suspends Aggregate IQ Facebook could be broken up Raining cash for Samsung LG G7 ThinQ in the wild M.I.T Mind reading device
We live in a “disposable society.” When something is broken, we often times throw it away. That’s especially true with our marriages, isn’t it! Discover why “Laughter and Joy (are the) Keys to a Better Marriage.”
razor10Game: Razor RidgeSystem: Werewolf: The Wild WestGM: MacPlayers: Samantha, Jessie, Nick, StevenSummary: The year is 1874, and the place is the small town of Razor Ridge. It might seem like another broken down border town, but it harbors a secret: werewolves.Tags: podcast, podcasts, rpg, actual play, rpg ap, werewolf the wild west, werewol ...…
The Democrats continue to insult the people with the idea that D.C. knows best and that the rest of us are too stupid to distinguish between real and fake news or what Facebook is and is about.----more---- Special Council Mueller again violates the laws with illegal tactics of taking attorney-client privileged information. Raids the office of T ...…
John 20:19-31 Jesus gives Spirit, appears to Thomas. Psalm 145:13-21 Easter changes things. It changes all the things, really. And we think that it happened so quickly. But it didn’t. On that Easter day, the disciples were hiding out. They barricaded the door. They were afraid. They had heard the word from Mary that she had seen the Lord. But t ...…
Former New Zealand heptathlete Sarah Cowley-Ross reacts to Tom Walsh's win and Laurel Hubbard competing as a female weightlifter.Cowley-Ross says she is uncomfortable with Hubbard competing at the Commonwealth Games but understands no rules have been broken."She's ultimately satisfied the IOC and the international weightlifting criteria, so at ...…
Coming LIVE from Nashville. Remember when it was fun listening to your favorite radio personality not the same ol’ boring everyone sounds the same radio? Well get ready! The Iceman is the last man standing in the world of Throwback Radio Personalities. Hear tomorrows stars today! A number of Artists that have been played or appeared on The Icem ...…
So, I'm back from my trip to the states for the annual meeting of the Comparative Cognition Society. It was a really good time. I saw some killer talks. I also chaired my session with an iron fist. Pus, old friends. Of course, Air Canada canceled my flight on the way there, because, you know, Air Canada. Oh yeah, so that's why this one is on a ...…
Gals have an exceptional knack for controlling the power play in online dating. They take what little power they have in their real life and employ it against the male population in a display of silent anger by denying real high value males worth listening to the ability to even interact with them. You see it all the time. Gals literally swipe, ...…
It may not come as much of a surprise that New York’s 12th district, which includes much of Manhattan and Queens, is considered a solidly Democratic district. In 2016, it went to Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by a whopping 69.8 points. A Republican has not won election to Congress in the district since 1958, with none having even broken 20% ...…
This week, James and Schweiss assemble to discuss the epicness of Roz the whore, The Greyjoy rebellion, Thoros of Myr, and Ned's inability to know his children. Enjoy!
Jeremiah 2:13 says that Israel forsook God, the fountain of living waters, and hewed out broken cisterns for themselves which can hold no water. Because of this, Gods judgment fell. Have we in the modern church hewed out broken cisterns?
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