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Podcast - Ghost Stories from Wellesley, Massachusetts
A dad in the burbs who muses and ponders life. And some other stuff. Occasional attempts at humour.
Us talking about how we’re Too Trill For The Burbs.
Hindsight is 20-20
We look back on movies and tv and then arrogantly - and entertainingly - decide how we could have improved them. After all, Hindsight is 20/20.
BUDDHA BEATS is a monthly DJ mix show, hosted by Philadelphia-burbs-based DJ: The Engineer, head of Daibutsu Music. The show (affectionately called "The Temple") features dance music from around the globe, and around the Internet. Tracks from the top artist, bedroom producers, and new offerings by The Engineer himself. Get your sneakers/tennis shoes on, and prepare to enter The Temple!
The Carmen Online Theater Group provides audio theater horror programming. Created by Executive Producer and Writer, Liane Moonraven, the horror-themed network airs unique, audio short stories, mini-series, full run series and monologues of unique all original or rewritten adaptations of original radio theater horror productions. Moonraven has also produced short horror stories written by some of the industry's most prolific horror and paranormal authors and adapted them in scripts for the a ...
Two dudes, a bromance and a mic - in the burbs of Cleveland. Currently recording and aging together like fine whiskey.
Almost Bougie
Life, Beauty... and real topics, real advice, the real behinds the scenes of a curvy beauty & fashion entrepreneur living in the Philadelphia burbs
A funny look back at growing up in 1970s and 1980s in the burbs of New Jersey . All the things I LOVE and Loath -TV,movies, cars, malls, commercials,
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In which we discuss our plans for the summer vacation.
This week we look back on the movie that sounds like a kids’ show and gives Damon an excuse to break out his flawless Australian accent. Sorry... Hees flewlees Esstreeleen eccent. Thank you to our Patrons for being our flock wearing frocks on a rock, including Jacob Grimm, Larissa Maestro, Dan McIntyre, Ghost in the Burbs, Joshua Nicholson, Kri ...…
In which I discuss my new rad power bike - my electric bicycle.
My brief explanation why I stopped podcasting for a couple days.
Yesterday I talked about the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Las Vegas Golden Knights being in the Stanley Cup finals. Today I correct my error.
In which I comment on the hockey hot beds of Las Vegas and Tampa Bay and also the NBA finals.
My thoughts on the importance of reaching out and cultivating friendships.
Jeremy shares his story of being lost, lonely, divorced and drunk as he unexpectedly became a father. He candidly discusses recovery, his new life, and how his wife saved his relationship with his daughter. For those needing addiction support, go to Twinkle Twinkle Little Boat by Stacy Fahrion and Whims ...…
This week we watched the cult classic, kid-friendly creeper, Eerie, Indiana. Both of us remember liking it when we were young... but not much else. Does it cast us under it's nostalgic spell or is it all hocus pocus? We also talk about our favorite episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? and discuss how awesome the Goosebumps covers were. From ...…
A quick talk about my trip to the BC Tech Summit and how technology is influencing every facet of our economy.
Big's ex-wife Natasha resurfaces, sending Carrie into an emotional tailspin. Samantha is busy taking over Silicon Valley, Charlotte has relocated to the 'burbs and Miranda is in the Catskills dealing with some supernatural drama of her own, leaving Carrie with no one to lean on during her time of distress.…
We discuss our favourite characters from Harry Potter as well as the benefits of watching the movie or reading the book.
In which I rant about pedestrians who don’t even give a cursory look to the left or the right before stepping onto the street.
My buddy and I took off up into the mountains for a motorcycle ride. I learned that it is better to roll on the throttle than it is to hesitate.
Riding a motorcycle is my metaphor for life today. You need to know when to open up the throttle, and when to make a hard turn. Motorcycles!
Musing about podcasting, teaching, and teacher appreciation.
Back in early April, we sat down with Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa, who represents Hawaii's First Congressional District (Honolulu and the 'burbs), and is also running to unseat Hawaii Governor David Ige in August's Democratic Primary. We met the Congresswoman in her Honolulu office, where we talked about Senator Daniel Akaka's legacy, our fr ...…
In which my special guest and I discuss parents (me) swearing around kids.
What advice would you give a younger version of yourself?
Episode 5 - The 'Burbs (1989) Today we look at a 1989 Black Comedy starring a young Tom Hanks. The Amigos discuss eating habits, driving your trash to the curb, and the proper way to react when finding a human femur bone. If you enjoy the show please, take time to give us a review and tell your friends! Follow Chris on Twitter @ https://twitter ...…
In which I discuss the most difficult part of parenting; getting kids to eat.
I stopped everything I was doing and just sat and listened.
People seem to be aghast that Facebook knows so much about them. The truth is, FB only knows what you told them!
This week Paul decides to have some fun by returning to an old topic which has long since disappeared from the server with the Top 10 Movie Fights (or, somewhat more generally, Conflicts). And in keeping with the spirit of the topic he decided to recruit two guest hosts who are renowned through the PodFix Network for their polar opposite views ...…
Barbara Snow joins KaliSara and RevKess for a discussion of her books and works. In her own words: Who I’ve been doesn’t matter except to give you a feel for who I am now. I lived many years in Houston, San Francisco, the mountains above Denver, and Cuenca, Ecuador. I lived with husbands, children, grandchildren, and happily alone with furry fr ...…
The historical first episode of A Dad in the Burbs podcast.
I could have hung out with these fellas all night, and I kind of did. I love having 4 mics rolling. These guys are an awesome story. Super young brewery open less than 1 year. Great stories to tell, and great chemistry between them. They are doing some really good things on a really small scale. definitely a must stop when in the area of the So ...…
6:00-8:00President Trump and Stormy Daniel’s. Digging out in the Burb’s. Alice Stockton Rossini out on the streets.
A l’occasion d’une projection au Club de l’Etoile, retour sur un grand classique des années 80, devenu culte vingt ans après sa sortie. Les raisons de l’échec de Joe Dante avec “L’Aventure Intérieure” en 1987 restent encore assez mystérieuses. Malgré d’excellents résultats lors des projections test, le film n’est alors pas parvenu à trouver son ...…
Tina Dybal and Chris discuss Russia, living in the burbs, and other things relevant to President's Day. Chris laments the loss of a 44 ounce Diet Coke.
Who: Chris Roberts and Vincent Ferrari When: Sunday, January 21, 2018 Where is Chris: The Lower East Side of the most overrated city in the world. Where is Vinny: The ‘burbs because [he’s] a nearly middle-aged white dude and where else would [he] be. What made the show: You should listen to The Danarchist, a new + Read More…
It is time for Rusty and Eddie D to tackle one of the most popular of all Arrow Video horror releases -- THE BURBS!! Tom Hanks and Brother Theodore star in Joe Dante's dark comedy of suburban paranoia. Who loved it?! Who thought it was just OK?! How will the Venga Boys get involved?! NEXT EPISODE: CREEPSHOW 2!…
Alan Rencher loves 80's movies such as "The Goonies" and "The Burbs". Join me as I learn from his experiences as a husband, father, and software engineer. You may just do the "Truffle Shuffle" after listening.
Join us for episode 27, our take on Ron Howard’s not so beloved version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, starring Jim Carrey. This one reminded us a bit of Shrek, as it featured quite a bit of adult humor for a supposed kids’ movie, and a green protagonist. What’s up with the Grinch’s growth rate? Is Christmas this movie’s allegory for God? D ...…
In the first of 4 Christmas themed episodes Christopher travels to the not-so-mean streets of Portland to talk Gremlins with special guest Aaron Kelsh. They talk about wild puppets, the buffet of character actors and the series transition from comedic horror to horrific comedy.Here is a link to a trailer for this week's recommendation "The Burb ...…
Christmas in Philadelphia is my absolute most favorite time of year to be in the city. There are so many wonderful ways to celebrate winter, Christmas and the year end holiday season. Last year I released an episode about some of my favorite holiday happenings in Philadelphia, the surrounding suburbs and a little farther out beyond the city. It ...…
THIS WEEK’S HOSTS: Jeff Ferry & Chris Derkotch of The ‘Burbs Minute While McClane makes sure Tony is dead on the 31st Floor stairway landing, Theo is attempting to break into the computer with possible passwords. He reads over the military record of one of the board members: MILITARY RECORD: ASSIGNED AIRCRAFT CARRIER AKAGI JULY 1940. CAMPAIGNS ...…
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