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Youpreneur FM - How to Build, Market, Monetize and Grow a Successful Personal Brand Business
Chris Ducker is a proud British entrepreneur, a best-selling author and international keynote speaker, who via Youpreneur FM brings you his own take on what it means to be a personal brand entrepreneur in the 21st century. Everything from building a personal brand to delegating like a king, right the way through to creating and launching online products and services, to marketing yourself as the go-to person in your industry and beyond is covered. If you're a speaker, author, coach, consulta ...
Entrepreneur 2.0 | Branding | Lifestyle | Online Marketing | Build Your Business with Courtney McKenzie Newell
Things are different now. The web 2.0 revolution has changed the business game forever. There are tons of entrepreneurs who are growing their business and creating massive brands using social media and technology. At Entrepreneur 2.0 we interview the top entrepreneurs worldwide who are killin’ it in business. Join us every Tuesday as modern day entrepreneurs share their success stories, killer marketing strategies and business tips so you can grow your business smarter and faster. In each ep ...
Social Media Zoom Factor with Pam Moore | Social Media Marketing | Branding |Business | Entrepreneur | Business | Digital Marketing | Modern Marketing | Startup | Internet | Social Selling
SocialZoomFactor is a social media marketing, branding, business and lifestyle podcast created for you, the business and marketing leader in startups to enterprise organizations. If you want to learn how to integrate social media, branding, digital marketing, visual marketing, content marketing and the latest technology and new media to zoom results in business and life you won't be disappointed in the energy and information Pam Moore delivers 5 days a week. Each episode brings you actionabl ...
The Goal Digger Podcast - Marketing, Social Media, Creative Entrepreneurship, Small Business Strategy and Branding
Jenna Kutcher hosts the live-workshop style business podcast for creative girl bosses, so you can train from the experts how to dig in, do the work, and tackle your biggest goals along the way. Jenna interviews industry leaders on topics including: social media strategy, launching your next big idea, online marketing made easy, where to invest in your business, and how to grow your dreams into a profitable, sustainable, authentic business. The Goal Digger Podcast includes inspired conversati ...
Copy That Pops: Writing & Psychology Hacks to Grow Your Audience, Brand, and Business
Want tips, tools, and tactics to improve your copywriting, branding, and messaging? Looking for improved connection with your audience so that you get more opt-in, sales, and raging fans? You're in the right place! Leverage psychology, word choice, and tools to convert leads into customers by 'speaking' to them in the right way with all your digital marketing efforts. Join host Laura Petersen (a.k.a. @LaptopLaura) a Psychology Instructor, Digital Nomad, Word Nerd, and Serial Entrepreneur for ...
The Brand Engine Podcast with Gerald Pauschmann & Barry Moore | Internet Strategy & Online Marketing Advice For Small Business
Small business owner and performance coach Gerald Pauschmann and former eCommerce executive Barry Moore team up to teach you how to take control of your website and build your brand online. Through actionable, follow along tips and techniques and the use of case study examples, we provide you with everything you need to setup and grow your business online.
The Influencer Podcast : Marketing, Influence, Blogging, Branding, Business, Social Media, Growth
The Influencer Podcast is an innovative podcast that explores the secrets behind the careers of today’s top social influencers and the ever changing trends of influencer marketing. Hosted by marketing strategist, New York Times best-selling publicist and influencer Julie Solomon, Julie and guests join in conversation to share how they engage, persuade and grow their unique influence, and how their work impacts the influencer industry. Julie brings you marketing and branding strategies inspir ...
Joseph Dalton Business Coach , Podcast Breakthrough Brands
Successful business owners sharing their inspirational and entertaining real life stories. Breakthrough Brands
Thrive By Design: Business, Marketing and Lifestyle Strategies for YOUR Jewelry Brand to Flourish and Thrive
A podcast by a jewelry designer for the jewelry industry. Tracy Matthews is a successful, bespoke fine jewelry designer and the co-founder and CEO of Flourish & Thrive Academy, the premier online education company for independent jewelry brands. Thrive by Design was developed to support designers and makers with business, marketing and lifestyle strategies to help them reach the full potential of their brand. Tracy Matthews loves to share her experiences, success and failures of building a s ...
Brand New Nation: Make Money as a Personal Brand | Blogging | Social Media | Marketing | Creative Entrepreneurs | Online Business |
Welcome to Brand New Nation! Dani & Kriss interview content creators doing what they love for a living. If you have questions about building your personal brand, growing your followers, and starting your business online, you’ll hear from today’s largest and most unique personal brands. Bloggers, YouTubers, photographers, writers, TV personalities—you’ll heard how much money they’re making (or not making) during the Moolah Scoop! Each guest will share three turning points in their lives, and ...
Your Career Podcast | Find Your Dream Job with Jane Jackson | Career Coach | Resumés & LinkedIn | Personal Branding | Starting Your Business | Careers
The podcast for career changers and budding entrepreneurs. Do you want MORE out of your CAREER? If you're looking for a new job, need inspiration and great ideas to create the career of your dreams or start your own business, then this is the career podcast for you! Whether you'd like careers guidance, new ideas on how to secure your Dream Job, learn how to start a business, build your startup, or simply a shot of energy to keep you motivated, you're at the right place! Jane Jackson is a Car ...
Mum to Millionaire | Excel in business & life | Build your brand on Youtube | Social Media
Single Mum & Online Entrepreneur helping you to become more confident and creative
Unforgettable: Niche | Marketing | Personal Brand |Communication | Business | Visibility
Tune in to Unforgettable if you struggle to talk about what you do in a clear, compelling way or are frozen in place because you don’t know which niche to choose. Through practical guidance, interviews, and hotseats, your host Adria DeCorte will help you lay the foundation of your personal brand so you know what to say to potential clients in discovery calls, what content to create, and what words to use when you promote yourself. Because money spent on copywriting, marketing, and advertisin ...
Racing Mentor: Sponsorship | Motorsport | Business | Branding
The Racing Mentor podcast is designed to help you find more sponsorship to go racing. It also touches on other careers within motorsport and what it takes to get to the top. Including interviews with drivers, team bosses, journalists and more.
Behind the Brand: Stories & Strategies for Building Your Creative Business
The Pinegate Road Podcast is all about the creative journey. As Kelsey takes on the new transition of leaving her corporate design job to run her design studio full-time, she talks about how things are going as they happen in real time. Guests are also brought on the show weekly and interviewed. They share about their journey, their passions, as well as new thoughts and ideas that we can all learn and grow from. From business advice, to working through creative blocks, to sharing laughs and ...
Marketing Today with Alan Hart
Alan Hart, host of Marketing Today, goes behind the scenes with the world's best marketers and business leaders. Listen in to learn from the best of the best. What makes a great brand, marketing campaign, or turnaround. Learn from the stories of these great leaders and how you can unleash your potential.
On Track Tips | Small Business | Marketing | Branding | Social Media | SEO
Get on Track, Stay on Track
Small Business Big Brand Podcast
Hear from small business marketing expert, Carolyn Stafford, author of the book Small Business Big Brand and director of Connect Marketing. Each episode, Carolyn will discuss her latest tips and marketing tactics that will help you grow your business and turn your small business into a big brand.
High Ticket Sales Secrets | Coaching & Consulting Business / Personal Branding / Sales Training / Marketing / Get Clients
Welcome to Dan Lok’s “High Ticket Sales Secrets” podcast. 10 min/day. 7 days/wk. Dan Lok “The King of High-Ticket Sales™” shares ups and down of running his multi-million dollar consulting business. Hear stories of what’s happening in the trenches & how you can apply it to your coaching business.
Podcasts – Small Business Branding
Small Business Branding and Marketing Advice and Commentary
Small Business Success UNZIPPED | Build Your Own Brand of Success
Welcome to Small Business Success UNZIPPED. Relax, you're among friends. This is where we let it all hang out. Real people fighting to live by their own rules. Real Bootstrappers, Struggling Start-Ups, and Successful Entrepreneurs. Their struggles, tears and failures. Their triumph, laughter, and success. Brought to you by Bennett Johnson - Business Strategist, College Professor, Blogger, and Podcaster, all to help you "build your own brand of success". This unique show is brought to you by ...
Package Your Genius Podcast | Personal Branding, Business, Personal Development, Career Advice
Personal Branding | Self Discover | Business | Career | Personal Development Package Your Genius is a conversation designed to give you clarity around your calling and serve as a catalyst for your career, your business, and your big dreams. branding and visibility expert Amanda Miller Littlejohn hosts this weekly conversation featuring actionable tips and interviews with industry leaders to help you make the unique contribution you were b ...
Brand Ambition Podcast: Online business | Entrepreneurship | Branding and Marketing
Are you ready to turn your passion into a moneymaking online business? Subscribe to the Brand Ambition Podcast for weekly branding and marketing tips & inspiration to help you cut through the overwhelm and build the business and brand you've always wanted.
The Focus Radio interviews experts on selling, marketing, brand, leadership, business
Information, inspiration, and insights to grow your business and double your income. We bring it all to you at the click of a button. Covering mindset, marketing, lead generation, selling, social media, staffing and everything in between. We invite you to join the conversation on our live studio line Monday's at 3pm CT @ (646) 478-4884. We are all smarter together. Hosted by Alyssa Granlund and Liz Uram
Brand New Business Tip
I'm on a mission to help other entrepreneurs to realize their potential. My passion is to help you start, brand & grow your business. I hope that my stories, scenarios & tips will motivate you into success.
Big Brand Small Business
Branding, Brand Development and Digital Marketing strategies, advice and interviews that established businesses, startups and entrepreneurs need to succeed.
The College Info Geek Podcast: Study Tips & Advice for Students
Thomas Frank from College Info Geek dives in to the strategies and tactics that the best students use to be awesome at college. Learn how to study better, hack your habits to learn more in less time and be more productive, build a personal brand that will make you insanely attractive to the companies you actually want to work for, and get tips to pay off your student debt fast and start making money. Whether you know your university like the back or your hand, or you can't even find your cla ...
Power to the Small Business | Branding / Marketing Plans & Ideas / Social Media / Customer Experience Design / Digital Marketing
Host Jay Ehret interviews experts in branding, content marketing, digital marketing, social media, email, SEO, mobile, advertising, PPC, website development, customer experience design and more to help you create marketing plans and generate marketing ideas for your small businesses and for medium-size businesses
The Leading Ladies Of Influence Podcast: Women In Business | Female Entrepreneurs | Women In Leadership | Christian Women Entrepreneurs | SAHM | Work From Home | Build Your Brand | Build Your Business | Personal Branding | Social Media Marketing
By Sophie Areli | Educational and Motivational Speaker | Personal Branding Director For Small Businesses and Women In Leadership Roles
Livestream For Business And Brands
Case studies of how to leverage livestream applications for business and brands.
Blissful Bites Podcast
Entrepreneurs share their stories about how they grow and build their business featuring Jenna Wolfe, Jessica Merchant, Nikki Frezza, and more! You’ll hear entr
Launch Yourself - Career, Business or Brand
Launch Better – Career | Online Business | Brand | Entrepreneur
The Touch MBA Admissions Podcast
Get an inside look at how top business schools assess candidates. Interviews with Admissions Directors & students from the world's top ranked MBA programs. Strategies and tips on how to craft a successful application. Straight talk on how to find and get into your target MBA programs.
Digital Marketing / Branding - Minter Dialogue with Minter Dial
President of The Myndset Company, Minter Dial (@mdial) gives weekly interviews on branding, digital marketing, and new tech. On "Minter Dialogue," Minter interviews key individuals, personalities, business leaders, entrepreneurs and authors from around the world who are making things happen! Please come join the conversation!
Personal Branding for the LGBTQ Professional
This is the Personal Branding for the LGBTQ Professional Podcast where you’ll learn how to do business with and market to the LGBT community in an authentic and transparent way. We’re talking about the $884 billion dollar lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. We’ll help you grow your business, gain market share, and impact your bottom line. Hosted by the Professional Lesbian, Jenn T. Grace. This podcast answers questions and provides tips and tricks for reaching out the gay, lesb ...
Creating a Memorable Brand for Your Business
Creating a Memorable Brand for Your BusinessGet inside the client's mind and workout how you should go about branding your business or product to appeal to your target audience/client
Launch Yourself - Career, Business or Brand
Launch Better – Career | Online Business | Brand | Entrepreneur
Indie Brand Builder: discussions with creative entrepreneurs and industry experts on how to build a 7 figure product business.
Each week Jeremy Interviews successful creative entrepreneurs and industry experts while reflecting on his own experience building 7-figure indie brand, SoYoung. Topics include selling products wholesale, e-commerce, manufacturing, retail, marketing and business management. Whether you’re just getting started in developing a product based brand, or are looking to build an existing brand, you’ll find a ton of useful, actionable information both in the podcast and at
Media Unplugged - Inside the Business of Media - Video / Digital / Audio / Advertising / Culture
From branding authority Tom Asacker and media strategist Mark Ramsey comes Media Unplugged, the podcast that peeks behind the curtain at what's REALLY happening in media today.
Big Value Big Business: Marketing Consulting for Business | Brand Building | Customer Love
Create and Communicate MORE VALUE in the Marketplace
Job Optional Podcast with Jenae Nicole
The Job Optional Podcast is created for Women of Color who are inspired to start a Small Business on the side of their current 9 to 5 grind. If you have a vision to use your passion to create a profitable Side Hustle, that will give you the Freedom to live Job Optional. Each weekly episode will share actionable steps, key resources and powerful advice to inspire and motivate you and your business to success!
Social Media Edge Radio
Founded in August 2008 by @thekencook with the intention of exploring social media solutions for business. We talk with special guests about social tech, theory, results, events, and more.
The Business of Story
Park Howell promises to reignite within you the one true superpower well all possess - storytelling - in the Business of Story. Learn from internationally acclaimed story artists, content strategists, and brand raconteurs who will help you craft and tell compelling stories that sell. This is the "How To" podcast for story marketing. Each episode delivers at least one actionable tip that will help you connect with your customers, move them to action, and start creating epic growth for your en ...
The Inside Scope: Periscope || Online Business || Social Media || Personal Brand
Succeed with Social
Stacks on 5th | Branding + Online Business + Digital Marketing
We help you brand, build and marketyour business online.
The Standing O Show | Mindset and Marketing for Business Success
The Standing O Show is an upbeat, positive conversation focused on your success mindset and the best marketing skills needed to get to a higher level in your life and business. Your host, Marc Smith chats with top entrepreneurs who have had many Standing Ovation experiences, and who will help, teach, or inspire you to steal the show and get more Standing O’s in your life and business. The show is for creative entrepreneurs, actors, artists, and authors who want to focus on the inner game AND ...
LeapZone | Branding & Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs » Audio Podcasts
Learn easy-to-implement, proven strategies to increase Efficiency, Brand Equity & Profitability via Proven Branding and Business Growth Strategies for Massive Success.
PNR: This Old Marketing | Content Marketing with Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose
Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose, two of the most well-known experts in the content marketing space, talk about the latest content marketing trends and discuss how businesses can use content to attract and retain customers. Each podcast show features a discussion of content marketing headlines, rants from Joe and Robert on what's going on in the industry, and a "This Old Marketing" example from the past (that we can learn from). Always useful, entertaining and never more than 60 minutes.
Adventures in Branding
The Adventures in Branding podcast is here to inspire you to find your brand magic. From business brand to personal brand, these Clusters of Awesomeness will talk you through about the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a human. Get ready to make the impact you were born to rock. Follow me, Melanie Spring, and my collection of hardcore co-hosts around the world as we share our experiences on the road of branding. The twists, the turns & everything in between - building businesses and livin ...
The Immature Grad Podcast
Do you think what you learned sitting in a classroom prepared you enough for your professional career? While university may have provided us with the foundation to start our careers, we didn't understand or learn the value of personal branding, how to manage our finances, how to network effectively, etc. Our goal is to use this podcast to bridge this gap by engaging in conversations with other professionals with the intention of learning and helping ourselves and our listeners transition fro ...
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Here's a podcast that takes a turn...Chris and Ryan open up their conversation talking about the use of Slack for businesses. Chris uses Slack at his dealerships with select personnel and vendors. Ryan is new to Slack (Chris introduced him to it) and Ryan loves it.Your hosts then get into a conversation about Personal Branding for Auto Sales Pr ...…
This week we chat with Mary Coppola, who is the Senior Director of Marketing Communications for United Fresh Produce Association. Produce is having a hey day with more products out to market, more models around food services and food delivery and more challenges in getting your product heard in this disruptive time. Mary will take us through so ...…
Sack Lunch Productions CEO Richard Surber was back on the show information investors about the recent announcement to engage in an equity crowdfunding Reg A+ campaign to raise up to $14 Million from retail investors. 2,800,000 shares of Series E Preferred shares for $5.00 per share.As CEO, Director and controlling shareholder of Sack Lunch Prod ...…
In Amazon, your Conversion Rate is the most important metric that you can measure because: * Products with a higher conversion rank will rank better. Amazon is going to reward those products that are more likely to result in a sale. Thus a product that is has a 1 in 3 chance of getting a sale for a keyword will rank better than a product that h ...…
There's one event that happens in many people's lives which instantly changes their life forever. Overnight, instantly, everything is different. Your life, your approach to life, how you view life, and how you go about living life all change. It's an event that some people aren't ready for and one that others are ready for, but one where no one ...…
Product Development Manager Sarah Masoni works with small Oregon consumer package goods brands to grow their business and trouble shoot just about every stage of getting a product from ideation to market. With 17 years under her belt at the Food Innovation Center in Portland Oregon, Sarah is creating new events for the community to embrace and ...…
This is episode number one so let me share the reason I decided to record this show for photographers. I live in a village in Poland, far from so called Big World, and I believe I am not the only one. In my opinion there’s far too many photographers who are just too shy to break their own save bubble, and meet with other photographers to gain s ...…
Alex Han & David Choi/PupWalkr Alex started his career as an Investment Banking Analyst in the Mergers & Acquisitions group at SunTrust Robinson Humphrey working on buy-side/sell-side transactions across the healthcare, industrials, technology, and media verticals. He now runs the customer side of the PupWalkr platform. David began his career w ...…
Axe to the Root with Bojidar Marinov
Host Bojidar Marinov Description “Ethically and judicially, making an authority of celebrities in the churches is not different than making an authority of celebrities in the political world.” Listen Transcript Welcome to Episode 57 of Axe to the Root Podcast, part of the War Room Productions, I am Bo Marinov, and for the next 30 minutes we wil ...…
Each year, businesses of all sizes attend trade shows with specific goals in mind, such as achieving sales, brand awareness or maybe a combination of both. In this episode, Guy Zwick explains his process for understanding a client's initial goals, as well as providing them with the clarity and guidance for a successful trade show.…
Highlights 0:00:00 – Where are we recording this podcast? 0:01:50 – The 1 question we get asked more than any other? 0:02:30 – What is exciting us at the moment in the technology space 0:03:35 – what is Apple classroom able to do / what problems can it solve? 0:05:35 – How technical is it to setup Apple Classroom? 0:07:00 – Mark makes an intere ...…
How to be Remarkable with Tiffany Han & Erin Cassidy of BrandCrush
Let's talk brand words! You've heard this phrase before, but what exactly are brand words? And do you really need them? Don't worry, we've got you covered. This week, we're spilling all the deets on brand words and what they can do for your business. (Yes, they're awesome. Yes, you need them.) We'll also give you the scoop on the three words we ...…
For many of us, our entire business and marketing strategy revolves around being the cheapest option out there for customers but why is that business model fundamentally flawed? In today’s episode of Business over Breakfast, Bree James and Andrew Griffiths tell you about the advantages of being the most expensively priced choice for your audien ...…
Dr. Diane Hamilton
Top authors discuss brands, business, and leadership. Jamie Turner is an internationally recognized author and national TV news contributor who has helped The Coca-Cola Company, AT&T, InterContinental Hotels Group and ot
Nylon 6.6 fibers and thermoplastics with Nilit… Judy Russell, Global Marketing Strategist for Nilit (a privately owned, international manufacturer of nylon 6.6 fibers and thermoplastics headquartered in Migdal HaEmek, Israel – (bio)) joins Samanta Cortes, Stephanie Benedetto, and Rob Sanchez on location at TexWorld USA in New York. Responding t ...…
Onion Juice Podcast | Real Estate Agent Coaching | hosted by Neil Mathweg
Today we celebrate the 100th episode of The Onion Juice Podcast! Three of my favorite people, Dustin Brohm, Tyler Zey, and Jerry Potter, join me to reminisce about how the Onion Juice Podcast got started. In addition to giving me a hard time about the Onion Juice name, they also chime in on why it is crucial for Real Estate Agents to use social ...…
She Did It Her Way Podcast | Female Entrepreneurs | Business Women | Online Creatives - She Did It Her Way Podcast
listen via itunes listen via stitcher Today's podcast episode is sponsored by LOLA. LOLA is a female-founded company offering a line of organic cotton tampons, pads, and liners. (Pssstt....the founders of LOLA came on the show back in April, "How to Create a Lifestyle Change with Your Product.") They started their company with a simple and seem ...…
So, how exactly did the global head of marketing for Nike become a podcaster? From studying Comparative Literature and French to becoming the head of marketing at mega-brands like Nike, OWN, National Geographic Channels and Fox International, Liz Dolan has taken the world of big business by storm. But in between these high-profile gigs, she fou ...…
A Serving Community sermon notes The Church: A Called-Out Serving Community Passage: Various Sunday August 13, 2017 Pastor Paul L. Davis Key Goals: (Know) Understand the power of servanthood. (Feel) Develop a desire to serve God. (Do) Serve. Introduction: There are only a few times in my life when I have been utterly amazed, but this was one of ...…
Adam Houlahan is an International Keynote Speaker specialising in Social Media for business, and CEO of the highly successful boutique agency, Web Traffic That Works. He lives in Australia’s famous tourist destination the Gold Coast Queensland, and is considered to be one of Australia’s leading experts in harnessing the power of Linkedin for bu ...…
Recorded in the Dog House Studio, Sweden. Episode 205. This week, I spoke with David Feinman, CEO and Co-Founder of Viral Ideas Marketing, about how businesses can use video as part of their social media marketing mix. David started Viral Ideas back in 2015 along with Zach Medina. Since then, the pair have built an innovative small agency speci ...…
Ep9 No More Podcast! Why I'm stopping The Drop (I'm Sorry) It has been a good 8 episodes, but I'm sorry to say the penny has dropped and "The Drop" Podcast is no more. **CLICK BAIT ALERT** We are replacing it with Logia Life. Logia is our Digital Agency offices based in Adelaide & Broadbeach (Gold Coast) opening soon. Life is just what we do on ...…
TEN:006 | Starting an Esports Organization with Avery Lussier Avery Lussier is the founder of ViiTaL Esports (@ViiTaLeSports), which started in 2014 as nothing more than a Call of Duty Ghosts Clan. Later Avery decided he wanted to make ViiTaL more than a name, more than a clan but an organization everyone could be proud of. In 2015 ViiTaL offic ...…
It only takes one instance of food borne contamination - or rumor of contamination - to essentially kill your food brand and business. Hear how you can protect your customers and your reputation.
Sold With Webinars Podcast
Roller coasters are usually fun — but not so much in an entrepreneurial theme park. Many business owners and entrepreneurs struggle with overcoming the obstacles that fluctuations and inconsistences produce. And they prove to be exceptionally disheartening when it comes to their webinar strategies. Jason Wardrop is the founder of Arsenal MKG, a ...…
I apologise if I was off the grid for a bit. I have been busy for a while, with some shifts in my life focus it started from the end of last year, but I’m back with a new episode! Speaking of shifts, you might have noticed a bit of change in the podcast branding. I have decided to make the name snappier and straightforward. Another change is we ...…
Daily Bible Reading: NASB Translation
The reading for today is Isaiah 1-3; Psalm 9; Matthew 22. Isaiah 1 The vision of Isaiah the son of Amoz concerning Judah and Jerusalem, which he saw during the reigns of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah, kings of Judah. Listen, O heavens, and hear, O earth; For the Lord speaks, "Sons I have reared and brought up, But they have revolted against ...…
Daily Bible Reading: LEB Translation
The reading for today is Isaiah 1-3; Psalm 9; Matthew 22. Isaiah 1 The vision of Isaiah son of Amoz, which he saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem in the days of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, kings of Judah. Hear, heavens, and listen, earth, for Yahweh has spoken: "I reared children and I brought them up, but they rebelled against me. An ox ...…
Trent of Akepele has been building a brand over the last several years that celebrates the art of hip-hop and the foundations of the scene. He took a few moments out of a busy schedule having just performed with J-Ritz and Saywords at the DJ Quick & Scareface show in Portland and on his way to a gig in Vancouver, to jump on the podcast to speak ...…
What does it take to create a home-grown skin care business that can compete with the big brands right here in the UAE? Aly RAhimootala, Founder of Herbal Essentials, is live in studio to tell us how he did it.
Solopreneur Success Strategies Strategy Sunday Business Models Pros and Cons On today's show, I have a look at several online business models and the pros and cons of each one in terms of having a Lifestyle Business. A new offer today to help plan your business at Still can get your Goals Vision worksheet for your Lifesty ...…
Ep8 - Community Engagement & Management (engaging with comments) In business and life to many times we ignore our customers when they engage with us. We do not appreciate them and say thank you when needed. When someone takes the time to comment, rate or complain we need to acknowledge and act accordingly. Will you start engaging with your cust ...…
Successful Tips for Kickstarter with Gamerati Josh Bycer This week on the cast, I sat down with Ed Healy of Gamerati to talk about working in PR and what it takes to put on a successful kickstarter campaign. We started off with talking about Ed’s history in the game industry and what is Gamerati. We also talked about the im ...…
Scout talks with Emmi Parker who is the brand director of Moog and creative director of Moogfest 00:00 Emmi comes from a musical family, but her focus is on the business side. 00:04 Emmi has always been surrounded by music. Emmi's uncle, Maceo Parker was a key member of James Brown's band. Here she tells us about how the Moog synthesizers playe ...…
FREE CLASS ►►► FREE TRAFFIC...FREE LEADS & ENDLESS PAID SIGNUPS FOR LIFE Click this link to make a donation to support my work: ►►► In this post, I answer a question on marketing for authors. QUESTION - "I've been marketing my book for 1 year and I am getting frustrated. I use the services o ...…
Solopreneur Success Strategies Systems Saturday Email Systems On Systems Saturday, I talk about the variety of email systems you have to choose from to setup to communicate with your customers. I have a new offer to Automate your Business at You can check out Solopreneur Success StrategiesTV playlist of previous show ...…
Host Jeremy Walker Description On this episode of Marketing, Advertising, and Branding Your Christian school we share tools of the trade that will help streamline you marketing and advertising efforts so you can spend less time on the computer, and you can spend more time focusing on your school. List ...…
This week's guest is Mason Alexander and he talks about training, traveling and wrestling legends of the business. Presented By Collar and Elbow Brand Clothing, State Street Vapor Company and The Ride 105.7 Use Promo Code 10COUNT to get 10% off your purchase! ...…
Can you imagine leading a team of dozens of people, working together harmoniously, all at one time as a seamless body? Ulysses James, maestro of the Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic Association, does just that. In this bonus episode of the Born Leader podcast, we talk about some amazing opportunities he’s had to conduct orchestras in fantas ...…
Butterflies of Wisdom
Butterflies of Wisdom is a podcast where we want to share your story. We want to share your knowledge if you have a small business if you are an author or a Doctor, or whatever you are. With a disability or not, we want to share your story to inspire others. To learn more about Butterflies of Wisdom visit ...…
Host R.J. Rushdoony Description (Originally Aired – May 25, 1995) R.J. Rushdoony interviews Dr. Ellsworth McIntyre, founder of Grace Community School in SW Florida. The discussion involves Christian Reconstruction in the field of education. Listen Transcript of Episode: Speaker 1: Your Reconstruction Radio Podcast Network presents The Easy Chai ...…
In this episode, “The SAP Hybris Story: Why the Y?,” our host Johann Wrede is joined by SAP Hybris President and co-founder, Carsten Thoma. Together, they celebrate SAP Hybris’ 20th anniversary by looking back at how the company was started, its success over the past two decades, and the role the company has played in transforming the greater c ...…
Panel explores a diverse set of small business lenders based in Canada; topics covered include the differences of regulation, underwriting, and views on traditional banks between Canada and the rest of the world; Canada has five large banks which control a majority of the market which makes it hard to build a brand as an alternative lender; pan ...…
Afternoons with Pippa Hudson
Pippa Hudson talks to Christa Calitz Well after spending the morning in the company of such inspiring women I thought I’d continue the trend on air for a bit! Joining me in studio is Christa Calitz, a sportswear designer whose business is built on the back of a truly inspiring personal story of hope and recovery. Christa was only 17 when an acc ...…
Elliot Begoun is the principal of The Intertwine Group, a consulting group which works to help food and beverage brands grow. Elliot spent over 25 years working in the food industry before his wife challenged him to pursue his dream of becoming a consultant. On this episode of Consulting Success Podcast, Elliot shares how he made the leap from ...…
Mitch entered the software business as the founder of Timeslips Corp (sold to Sage Pic) after creating the largest network of Certified Consultants in the software industry. They helped intuit Corp create their own Certified Quickbooks Accountant Network as well. After he sold his company, he ran Sage Pic in the US as the COO with over 300 staf ...…
TEN:005 | How to Run a World Class Esports Organization with Marty CEO of Splyce A longtime veteran of the entertainment world, Marty “@Lazerchicken” Strenczewilk worked in theater, film and television for over 10 years, primarily in New York city. Esports started as a passion when he began writing blogs and managing class guides for World of W ...…
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