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Busyness Series
This is a three part series that looks at where our time goes and what distracts us from focusing on what matters in life. Episode 1 dives into the root of busyness. Episode 2 takes a look at who are the “victims” of busyness. And the last episode looks at how we can gain the upper hand over our busy lives.
Life of a Steward Podcast
From biblical instruction to systems and tips to motivation and inspiration, we look at time management from a Christian perspective.
Jesus is Better: Bible Stories with Gospel Joy
Enjoying Jesus in the busyness of life and family
Free Range Church Podcast
A daily podcast exploring the intersection of faith, life and scripture. Short devotionals published every Monday-Friday, designed with the busyness of daily life in mind.
A Voice Against Porn
There are numerous hurdles to recovery from an addiction to pornography. Interestingly, the biggest of them all is our mundane lives. The busyness of our everyday routine simply erodes our motivation to fight. Every time you tune in, this podcast will give you one thoughtful reason why you should continue to fight this addiction.
Happy Mama Movement with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz
Motherhood changes us. As the generation who were told we could do anything and be anything we want to be, accepting the changes that come with motherhood can be very difficult. Our priorities shift, our definition of success evolves, and we find ourselves questioning our addiction to busy-ness. Who are we now? And can we be the best mamas without completely losing ourselves along the way? The Happy Mama Movement is a collection of interviews and insights with real mamas around the world, re ...
Blog - Introvert Kingdom Coaching
Catch corresponding photos & vids & add your comments at Hey Creative Introvert! Sick of noise, bullsh*t and busyness? This podcast is devoted to getting you clear, confident and authentic in your BE-ing and Creating. Long live the Creative Introvert!
Henry VIII by William Shakespeare
This is Shakespeare's dutiful tribute to one of the most imposing and terrifying rulers in European history. The kingdom trembles as the giant monarch storms through his midlife crisis, disposing of the faithful Katharine of Aragon and starting a new life and, the king hopes, a line of succession with the captivating young Anne Bullen. Unlike his predecessors, Henry has no doubt about the security of his tenure on the throne, and dominates the royal court with absolute authority. The extent ...
Trinity Life gathers in the heart of downtown Toronto on Sundays and we meet in small groups called Body Life Groups throughout the week. Toronto is a vibrant and fast growing city, but we’ve come to realize that the busyness of urban life can work against finding authentic community and cultivating a strong spiritual life.Our dream is to be an oasis in the city helping to create healthy communities and rhythms so people can do what God has created them to do. Our vision is to see people dis ...
Faithfully Focused
In a world of chaos; in the busyness of our every day lives; in the clutter of our minds and the loneliness in our hearts; we need a constant reminder and help to keep our FOCUS on Jesus Christ!
Essays of Robert Louis Stevenson by STEVENSON, Robert Louis
“Extreme busyness…is a symptom of deficient vitality; and a faculty for idleness implies a catholic appetite and a strong sense of personal identity.”What comforting words for the idle among us! Like many of the best essayists, Stevenson is very much the genial fireside companion: opinionated, but never malicious; a marvellous practitioner of the inclusive monologue.In this collection of nine pieces he discusses the art of appreciating unattractive scenery, traces the complex social life of ...
Episode 28 - CEO OF DESTINY
BUSYNESS AS USUAL? I am tired of dead services. Hear me out I understand that church services are supposed to instruct, inspire, equip, and encourage I suppose. It seems that there are services that lack clarity in the equipping of the church for the work of the ministry. THERE MUST BE MORE THAN THIS Are we to be satisfied with meeting frequently to sing, shake each others hands, give hugs, hear a brief inspiring word and go home? Or were we designed to do more. I am as guilty as anyone bein ...
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Transition Radio Show with Ken D Foster and Paula Shaw
Today we discuss harnessing your entrepreneurial ADD to kick your business off to an amazing start this year!Our guest, Dr. Elisa Magill, talks about empowering entrepreneurs to manage workplace relationships, everyday distractions, and build the mindset for optimal growth and productivity.Elisa has spent decades studying the brain and individu ...…
Slow down your schedule and make time for the things that matter most! Alli Worthington, busy mum of five boys, shares how she reduced busyness in her own life, and how to offer a gracious no, while saying yes to more important things.
Be Still and Know
Luke 2:16 NLT 'They hurried to the village and found Mary and Joseph. And there was the baby, lying in the manger.' In the heart of the busyness of Christmas, when can you have 15 minutes to take time with God in personal reflection today? If you are on your own over Christmas, then time will perhaps be more of a curse than a blessing, since yo ...…
Parents, especially moms, are master multi-taskers. Yet, there are times when times when multi-tasking is efficient and helpful and others when it's not. Children need to feel connected in order to listen, learn and grow. Here are a few suggestions of how to connect to your child through all the busyness of a day.…
REALTEAM’s Elena Filimon and David Simovski join Paul and Sal on Live on Real Estate this week. The four industry experts discuss getting started in the business, market conditions, overcoming first-time homebuyer fears, fed talk (before the rate hike was officially announced this afternoon), the winter market and busyness, and much more. [Paul ...…
We have so much to be grateful for in this life. Each and every day. But reality is that sometimes constant life demands, struggles, and worries give more room to defeat than to a heart of thanks. Or we forget, in the midst of busyness and pressures, just to pause and give thanks, for all that God has done, and continues to do in our lives.…
We have so much to be grateful for in this life. Each and every day. But reality is that sometimes constant life demands, struggles, and worries give more room to defeat than to a heart of thanks. Or we forget, in the midst of busyness and pressures, just to pause and give thanks, for all that God has done, and continues to do in our lives.…
Between attending parties, buying gifts, preparing meals, and looking amazing, we know that the holiday season can sometimes bring a little more stress than cheer. Join us as we share the tips that have helped us to avoid the stress of the season and find peace within the busyness.
E37: LOVE NEVER FAILS **LISTEN TO OUR LATEST PODCAST BY CLICKING THE LINK IN OUR ACCOUNT BIO**.For today’s Gratitude Challenge, I’m asking you to talk to someone today that you love and tell them that. Sometimes it can be easy to go through the motions with the busyness of life and forget to say those words, but don’t make that mistake today. W ...…
Society Church Podcast, Sacramento CA
This Sunday, here at Society, we kick off our newest teaching series called Prince of Peace. This advent teaching series, Prince of Peace, will explore how Jesus came to our world during a time of cultural confusion and how he still comes to bring clarity today. How he came to Israel during a time of political and racial division and he comes w ...…
Tom Ward shares a story about staying focused on your business, both personal and professional, by assuring you have a disciplined monitoring technique in the Daily Dose of Design for December 11, 2017.
We are often paralysed by anxiety and fear, and by the busyness and the demands of the world. We feel overwhelmed and out of control. What is the root cause of this? Psalm 56:3-4 (NIV): “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. In God, whose word I praise — in God I trust and am not afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?”…
Have you found that you have to stay busy ALL THE TIME in your life? If not, you feel ill or like a loser or underachiever? There’s a term for that and you’re not alone. Musical Credits: [Whatdafunk, Rock Intro 4, Rock Steady, Bounce] by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license Artist: Audionautix Support us at https ...…
Pastor Daryl's Moment of Power
Decorations, smiles, people moving about with someone else in mind. All the external signs of the holiday season are afoot. Have you given thought to why people are so joyful at this time of year? I am sure that the plans for family and friend gatherings are on the forefront of your mind and that gift that says just what you want it to say or w ...…
Do you allow yourself to pause to take in the moment? Are you missing opportunities to experience the brilliance of life streaming both around and within you? In this episode Cara describes the essence of why she teaches. It's called soul force —the intelligence moving through each of us in every moment. Our soul force inspires us to connect, e ...…
Sermon Archives - Christ United Methodist Church
Sermon PDF The Carols of Christmas Part 2: Joy to the World – Prepare Him Room Luke 3:1-6 December 3, 2917 Pastor Morris Brown Have you heard the story about the little boy who wanted to get ready for Christmas the right way? Instead of writing the traditional letter to Santa Claus, he decided to write a letter to Jesus – the real reason for th ...…
Kanawha Salines Presbyterian Church
Exodus 13:17-22 (English Standard Version) Advent is about waiting for the Promised Redeemer, for the Christ. But the busyness of life gets in the way, and never more so than during the days and weeks leading up to Christmas. How do we wait well? Especially when we are going through the “dry and thirsty land where there is no water,” through th ...…
When Paul and Silas are slandered and wrongfully imprisoned their testimony is put to the test. Their attitudes in despair reflect the eternal hope that transcends their suffering, and everyone present is changed by it. How can we relate in our lives of crazy busyness and technology? Jeremy guides us through the second half of Acts 16.…
In all the busyness of the season, it's easy to forget to take time to actually experience Christmas. Life Church invites you to join us in discovering how we can fully experience all this time of year offers by looking at the experiences of those who there for the first Christmas.
In the midst of the holiday busyness, you may need to refocus your thoughts on Jesus the Messiah and why He came to earth in the first place. Tune into Open Line with Dr. Michael Rydelnik as we help you do that by answering your Bible questions.
Waterville Baptist Church
A new MP3 sermon from Waterville Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: Nice but Not Necessary Subtitle: Crazy Busy Speaker: Daniel Nelson Broadcaster: Waterville Baptist Church Event: Midweek Service Date: 11/29/2017 Length: 21 min. (64kbps) Overview: Busyness Obligated…
Do you ever feel like your weekly schedule is just eating you alive? You enter each day with high hopes only to find more busy-ness, more stress, and more work while you are left wanting more time for yourself, the things you are passionate about, and the people you want to be around the most. You aren't alone my friend. SO many of us fight thi ...…
The Groover Method Podcast
In Dailygroove 11 I give you one simple tip that takes the busyness out of your thoughts, and helps you ride simpler and with more control. This is a fun one and I love looking for opportunities to use it on the trail.
Managing people can be a difficult task. Doing it gracefully can seem nearly impossible some days. Surprising though, even worse than the difficulty of managing people is the trap of doing it all ourselves. We need to remember the importance of letting go. As an entrepreneur, it is so easy to always see every task as being something we have to ...…
Message: Luke 17:11 – 19 “Overwhelmed” So much to do, and so little time to do it ...sound familiar? When you're spread thin, it's easy to feel defeated—but you don't have to be Let's look at how we can bring some strength and sanity to our daily lives. This is a message about taking time to find the right place to start, the right perspective, ...…
First Baptist Church of Allegan
As we continue in the “Jesus Way” series, our text is from Luke 10:38-42, and story lesson about Mary and Martha. Through this hopefully we can learn to not let the busyness of life take us away from the feet of Jesus.
Elk Grove Bible Church
The busyness of life can bring many distractions, anxieties and troubles to the soul. With so much going on, we can lose sight of what is really important and life can begin to "live us." In Luke 10:38-42, the Lord gives us His solution for such times. He directs us to "The Good Portion" of life. For the people of God, whether sitting or servin ...…
Leadership Development with Ps. Jurgen & C3 San Diego
Never be afraid that, at times, leadership gets messy. In this message from Ps. Jurgen, he discusses how to take the busyness, clutter, and life-changes and divert it into momentum and increase.
Gracepoint Community Church Surrey
This is the great promise of the Incarnation: God with us. This amazing miracle that Jesus became a human being, born a simple humble birth in the stable. In contrast our Christmas days are often full of busyness, noise, clutter, and expectations...
Bethel Community Church
John 15:1-17 – “Abide in Me” Sun. Nov. 19th 2017 – Pastor Stephan Sermon Outline I. Genuine Disciples will Bear Eternal Fruit as they Abide in Jesus’ Love and Commandments. A. The fruit of inner transformation comes from being in Christ and abiding in Him (Gal. 5:22-23; 2 Pet. 1:3-8). B. The fruit of disciple multiplication comes from the overf ...…
Waterville Baptist Church
A new MP3 sermon from Waterville Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: A Proud Person is a Busy Person Subtitle: Crazy Busy Speaker: Daniel Nelson Broadcaster: Waterville Baptist Church Event: Midweek Service Date: 11/15/2017 Bible: 1 John 2:15-16 Length: 23 min. (64kbps) Overview: Busyness Pride…
Transcript: My name is Nicki. Thank you so much for having me. I'm excited to be here. I've been married to Burt for 11 years, almost 12, and he has been the pastor of the same church in Augusta, Georgia, for 15 years. In that time, there's been a lot of ups and downs, and I guess the two main highlights would be, he led the church through a re ...…
Transcript: My name is Jamus Edwards. I am the pastor for preaching and vision at Pleasant Valley Community Church in Owensboro, Kentucky, which is about an hour and 40 minutes west from here. We've been in Sojourn Network since they kind of broke away from Acts 29 I think in 2011 or 12 or something like that. I've been charged the task of deal ...…
Are you ready for Advent? Are you dreading the busyness and stress in the weeks ahead? Have no fear! This week, our special guest, Sterling Jaquith, is sharing some encouragement and support to help us all face the holiday season with joy instead of trepidation. You will love Sterling's down-to-earth wisdom and advice for getting through Christ ...…
We have been going deeper and deeper in our work with the addict. In this episode, we really get to the core issues that the addict is challenged by. Often there are faulty or unbiblical beliefs the addict holds about him or herself, or God, or others. These need to be gently confronted with objective truths from the Word of God. This step of t ...…
Sermon by pastor Galen Nordin. Part 6 of our series “Land of the Giants.” Special music was the Praise Team singing “In Christ Alone.”
Word Up Ministries
Frankie Floyd speaks about how restful times get filled with busyness.
I this episode I talk about all the busyness of the 2017 fall harvest season. Cattle butchering, loading cattle, bees and more. Thanks for listening to The Farming Podcast. If you’d like to leave feedback or questions for a future show call our voicemail line at 1-858-208-FARM or email Have a great day and keep farming!…
Westheights Teaching Podcast
It is very close to Christmas time … a time when things get crazy busy and sometimes the busyness of the season robs us of the meaning of the season. This morning’s message introduced the contrasting concepts of susceptibility and sustainability: 1) susceptibility characterized by a life of constant activity… Read more...…
In this week's update, we hear part two of our conversation with Dr. Eileen Hulme, former VP of Student Life at 3 institutions and WPC board member. She shares her thoughts about how we look at innovation and challenging the process (and don’t pick too many things to challenge!) as well as what busyness means for us in Student Life. Plus, updat ...…
Novation Church Weekly Sermons
“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10 NIV Essential #1: Purpose The Bible says that I exist to bring glory to God “Everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.” Isaiah 43:7 ESV “What is the chief end of man? To glo ...…
LifePoint Christian Church Podcast
Pastor Phil continues "The Unshakable" series this morning discussing several aspects of devotion. He points out that our world's busyness is not devotion but is counterproductive to devotion to Christ. He ends with a very specific challenge for each of us to contemplate.
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