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Big Time Garbage
This episode hits all the hot topics: trans people in the military, which one of us would be the hottest if we were ladies, your new cinema roast crunch world champion, 9/11, walt disney's anti semitism. huge one. John Mahar is our guest and we learn all about his upbringing and shit. we also discuss butt chugging, which is hilarious. also,…
Ritual Misery: Master Audio Feed
We take podcast suggestions from chatrealm… and we immediately R. Chive them for later use. Kent built his back-yard theater Amos hiked on a glacier and rafted Jen half-ass prepped for camping More Game of Thrones happened Amos geeks out...
Todd N Tyler Radio Empire
Dr. Meena's got to kill all of our fun! - McGregor - Tebow - NRA Protest
Every now and then the time comes when we have no show for the week. Guest falls through, Kristi breaks her ankle, or some other act of God. Although we take great pains to try and release a new show every week sometimes it just isn't possible. So as a throw back to meeting Britt... We are airing the very first Shit with Britt episode. I won't ...…
Time for another Q&A! In this podcast, we answer listener questions that run the gamut from soulmates to super powers; movies to margaritas. Some of these get a little personal but most of them are just fun and silly. And there are a few good cooking and party-planning tips. Towards the end we ask YOU a question! Check out Chris's new podcast A ...…
Episode 7 Show Notes: We had a blast hanging out with Valle Kauniste last Thursday night at his new brewery in Pearland, Vallensons. Ryan, Matty D, Ross, and Grayson were onhand to taste some great Vallensons beer including the Oatmeal Stout and a special Anniversary Strong Ale among others. Valle shared how his experiences in the US Air Force ...…
Unzipped PDX - Two Strippers and a Sex Therapist
On the Season 1 finale of UnzippedPDX: Two Strippers And a Sex Therapist, the hosts do some self reflection. STIs, copper IUDs, buttchugging heroin, gangbang porn, nOOdz, and the nuances of consent.
On the Season 1 finale of UnzippedPDX: Two Strippers And a Sex Therapist, the hosts do some self reflection. STIs, copper IUDs, buttchugging heroin, gangbang porn, nOOdz, and the nuances of consent.
This week we go off the rails a bit. Butt Chugging Mountain Dew is discussed along with BOTZ8, Joe Budden, and so much more.
Hannibal Buress: Handsome Rambler
We recorded this episode live at the Laughing Skull Lounge on 4/20. It was the club's anniversary and our guest Killer Mike’s birthday. We didn’t do much to celebrate either occasion. Comedian Al Jackson was also there. Sponsored by Talkspace, Bevel, Schlotsky's, and MeUndies4:50 - The pressure of Columbus 7:06 - Meth as a drug11:11 - Butt Chug ...…
The gang figures out how to pronounce Mr. Mxyzptlk. Chocolate geodes and top of the line porn chairs. The plays a few rounds of name that band. Butt chugging mountain dew is in this spring and what you need to know about the used dildo market. Mountain Douche Filed under: p ...…
Bathroom bills, the nature of the news cycle, Youtube trends, butt chugging and crust punk culinary creations, hanging with Obama, George Takei's political feelers, John Cena for POTUS, Al Franken, Space Pants, Jerry Springer, Ghost Writer, marrying Hannah Hart, Rick and Morty Season 3, Green super heroes, Watchmen, Stefan knows comics, Rick an ...…
Good Ole Gamers Retro Gaming Podcast
We’re back from an unexpected break due to more life fuckery! This episode we discuss a local Alabama arcade, Rocket City Arcade & Classic Consoles, as well as Robocop 2 and Lyle’s experiences and thoughts on Breath of the Wild thus far! For added bonus, we bring you the nuances of buttchugging a barrel of… The post Episode 88: Robocop’s Forgot ...… It’s the 150th episode, and we’re all drinking (so much, so very very much) so this cannot possibly go wrong! Join us as Bloodied leads us as secret special agent zombies, some recently recruited (you know in 2016 the most murderous of years), and some of shall we say … gr ...…
The Paternity Test
The Dads clue into the next big teen sensation – sucking on Nintendo games! Watch out, jenkem and butt-chugging!In “How the Better Half Live”, Matt tried to figure out his wife's rubric for watching TV: How can Westworld not be good enough if Teen Wolf is???Oh, and Matt goes full Todd and buys a decibel meter so he can see if he's justified in ...…
Coffee and Cake Season 1
Throwing back to the first day of summer 2016, Amanda and Sandra are blowing bubbles in a coffee liquor concoction and swapping stories of Magic, Las Vegas, and Broadway. Amanda went to the Magic Castle and was incredibly fooled in the middle of Hollywood! You’ll feel smarter after plenty of coffee talk about the new crops and some global coffe ...…
Get In Da Corner Podcast
Ever try to pee into another man's pee hole? Of Course, Doggs and Yuk did. Duct taped their peter bugs together and attempted until they both were infected with the dick eating virus. Her name... GetInDaCorner.comBy (@DoggaBaby and @YukNassty -
Beard Strong Podcast
In this episode we take questions for you the listeners! We also take an in-depth look about the butt chug! Don't forget to like, subscribe, and leave a review on iTunes and Youtube!
Part 1: Family Friendly Fun (0:00:00 0:13:23)Part 2: Cleveland Radio Personality Gets Sentenced (0:13:23 0:34:17)Part 3: Erikas Irrational Fear of Flying (0:34:17 0:57:27)Part 4: Site Seeing in Chicago (0:57:27 1:18:38)Part 5: Alans Possible Punishments (1:18:38 1:40:45)Part 6: Body Shot or Butt Chug (1:40:45 2:02:01)Part7: Tony Rock Sounds Off ...…
We're back! The Horror Explorer Podcast has returned with a new and improved shorter and more focused format! VHS-era horror aficionado Mike chooses and older or obscure horror movie for his younger co-hosts to watch that most younger people have never seen, or maybe even heard of, and has them review it in a lively discussion of everything fro ...…
This or That | A Would You Rather Comedy Podcast
“Got a tampon?” or “Got weed?” Here at This or That, we explore the tough questions. The real hard-hitting, relevant, and sometimes painful questions that you may have been afraid to ask. This week however, we explore the possibility of having to ask one of two questions every time you start a conversation with someone. This week we go slightly ...…
The Billy Madison Show
Nard goes on a news rant, girls participate in the one finger selfie challenge, butt chug game, and more
The Billy Madison Show
Nard goes on a news rant, girls participate in the one finger selfie challenge, butt chug game, and more
The Billy Madison Show
Nard goes on a news rant, girls participate in the one finger selfie challenge, butt chug game, and more
Highlights: Donnie Baker on the Butt Chug by The BOB & TOM ShowBy (The BOB & TOM Show).
Episodes - The DAMNcast
Hey everybody, welcome to theDAMNcast Episode 149! This episodes topics include: the Cleveland Indians losing the 2016 World Series, this ridiculous election cycle is finally coming to an end and Butt Chugging is the new craze sweeping the nations teenagers. In segment 2, we talk to Cleveland artist and co-owner of the Eleven 2 Gallery at 78th ...…
The Amazing Dee Darling ( PODCAST) joined The PHD Butt Chugging DR. YUK NASSTY and that Twerk Queen DOGGA BABY for one of the stupidest podcast ever.We talk about important shit,... GetInDaCorner.comBy (@DoggaBaby and @YukNassty -
Butt-chugging, teeth horrors, and the 90’s Ice-T classic “Surviving the Game” - do you hide, go full turncoat, or rip your friend’s ribcage out for use as a floatation device? Find out who’d get picked off, who’d team up, and who'd become Gary Busey's bitch. Also, B thinks “poker night” (aka pet tarantula support meet-up) is more fun than talki ...…
This week we're joined by our friend Cimba to discuss his pick, the 2007 independent horror-comedy "Murder Party." As a bonus, this movie is Halloween-themed so if you haven't seen it yet, definitely make sure to watch it before the end of the month! Special topics for your consideration include: hot dog circumcisions, taking the edge off just ...…
Pure BS Podcast
This episode contains: Where’s Iota?, Fantastic Beats and Buttholes, Order of the Phoenix, cum certified, sound effects, stating the obvious, “hate watch” a TV show, butt chugging, too much TV, Luke Cage, slow starts, origin stories, Luke cage compared to other Marvel shows, Jessica Jones, sex and violence, Luke busts a nut, chocolate nipples, ...…
We interview the amazing human behind Jake and Save Portland From Hell.
We interview the amazing human behind Jake and Save Portland From Hell.
For most all of my post-high school life I have been said to be kind of an a**hole. To a degree it's been almost a point of pride. Now that I'm older I'm starting to wonder if it's more "kind of" and less "a**hole."Bullshit From the NewsIt's all behind them: 'Butt-chugging' fraternity returns to UT | News | The Pi Kappa Alpha ...…
Clay is live discussing Stanford’s NCAA violation in which a student-athlete was given a $3,000 bike, along with a few other benefits, during his time at school. Clay criticizes the NCAA for the way they treat talented athletes and questions the groups purpose and role. Also, after reviewing a poll and finding unclear results, Clay calls all wo ...…
On Rebel Scum Radio's Season 2 Premiere we discuss- LEGO Star Wars Freemaker Adventures - Watch it is awesome- Star Wars 8 - it’s a wrap- Rebels season 3 to link to new canon- James Cameron sticks it JJ- Transformers Combiner Wars- TMNT 2 Review, ID4 2 review- Pokemon go- Missing Scientist found in secret LSD drug lab after 20 years- Plus much ...…
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