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I Was There Too
If you're like Matt Gourley (Superego, Drunk History, James Bonding), then you know all the classic movie and television scenes so well it's like you were in the room when they happened. Well, you weren't. And neither was he. But the people Matt interviews were! Listen in as they tell the inside stories of how cinema and television history was made from a fly-on-the-wall perspective you've never heard.Looking for the archives? All episodes older than 6 months can be found exclusively on Stit ...
How to Be a Girl is an audio podcast I produce about life with my six-year-old transgender daughter. It stars the two of us -- a single mom and a six-year-old "girl with a penis" -- as we attempt together to sort out just what it means to be a girl.
BSA's ScoutCast
Focuses on topics for the Scouting leadership
BJA Education
BJA Education podcasts provide listeners with author interviews and commentaries from key experts, on featured articles and hot topics in anaesthesia, critical care and pain.
Quilt long and prosper.
As a serial entrepreneur, I've committed my time to helping others build their own small businesses. This podcast includes tips, tricks, and an insider's view of the journey of starting a small business. I talk a lot about the vending industry because it is a tremendous opportunity as one of the most powerful and popular forms of passive income available.
Den blå hästen
En podcast om Europas historia. Målad med stora penseldrag av min pappa, Ulf Åkersten och min mamma Ulla Åkersten! Tänkt att komma ut ungefär varannan vecka. Frågor, tillägg, korrigeringar? Hör av dig på!
Comedy writers Mike Drucker ("The Tonight Show," The Onion, Marvel) and Jess Dweck ("The Tonight Show", "Late Night") invite fellow comedians, writers, and other interesting people to teach them how to be normal human beings. Logo by Bryan Brinkman. Theme by Eric Gersen.
Do you take spirituality into your own hands, bucking corporate religion in favor of finding your own path? Do you cross the boundary between religion and science or between religions themselves? Do you like a dose of humor with your Truth seeking? If you answered "yes," you're what we call a holy rascal! In How to Be a Holy Rascal, Rabbi Rami Shapiro will engage in frank, humorous discussions with his band of holy rascals. These essential conversations will address what it means to be a spi ...
The BJAs free podcasts will take listeners on a tour of the world of anaesthesia; interviews with authors and commentaries from key experts on featured articles, plus hot topics in anaesthesia research and practice will be published with each issue.
Valerie Khoo and Allison Tait, both successful journalists and authors, bring you the latest in news, opportunities, trends – and gossip – in the world of writing blogging and publishing. Whether you love the creative inspiration of Elizabeth Gilbert, the life-hacking non-fiction of Tim Ferriss or the phenomena that is JK Rowling, you’ll find it here.
A podcast for Dads covering parenting techniques, expert interviews, encouraging commentary, and entertaining anecdotes about the wonderful world of Fatherhood. This podcast is conservative in nature, but we believe there is something here for all Dads. New show goes live every Monday at 12:04 am EST. Special guests include Steven Maxwell, Dr. Meg Meeker, Reverend Tony McGhee and many more. If you are a Dad looking for a leg up in this crazy parenting world, this podcast is for you!
Master Coach Brooke Castillo from The Life Coach School Podcast reveals her 14-step program for Life Coaches to build their online practices. If you are a life coach trying to build your practice, discover how you can create a business from building a website, to creating an opt-in, to autoresponders, newsletters, automation, marketing, picking a niche or target market, setting up an Aweber account, Facebook, Twitter, writing a book, online courses, group coaching, passive income, getting it ...
Hunting. Angling. Public Lands. That's the meat of what BHA's Podcast & Blast with Hal Herring is about, and we cover the gamut. With guests that range from outdoor writers to backcountry hunters to legendary anglers, we seek to uncover the stories, the truths, the controversies, and the epic conversations that our public land heritage provides.
I Was A Communist For The FBI was a show that came from the anti-Communist hysteria at a peak in the 1950s, and by the end of 1952 I Was a Communist was scheduled on more than 600 stations. The show was based on the book by Matt Cvetic and purportedly told of his adventures as an undercover operative who joined the Communist Party to spy from within for the FBI. Many of the stories contained double-edged conflicts: Cvetic constantly looked for information, walking a tightrope among suspiciou ...
The podcast bringing you the latest news and discussion from Scottish football. We aim to stir up debate and make a pledge to cover what you want us to talk about. Rarely funny but often informative, BurstBaw will give Scottish football the credit it deserves.
Sarah M. Chappell hosts small business owners for conversations about spirituality, creativity, and defining success. Biweekly on Thursdays. Show notes at
Scott Wells is a full time professional magician who has traveled around the world where he has met, worked with and become friends with some pretty cool people. Enjoy listening to these podcasts with magicians talking about their magic, magic conventions and what's going on in the magic scene today.
Code & Conduit is a legal and policy podcast from Bloomberg Law focusing on all things tech, telecom, intellectual property and privacy. Each episode features interesting discussions about what’s happening in Congress, the economy, the courts, federal agencies and society. We cover everything from drones, competition policy, transatlantic data transfers, copyright and patent litigation and all things tech. Learn more at
Dr. Boa is the President of Reflections Ministries and Trinity House Publishers. Kenneth Boa is engaged in a ministry of relational evangelism and discipleship, teaching, writing, and speaking.
BGA Watchdog with Better Government Association on Chicago's Newsradio 780 & 105.9FM (WBBM-AM)
This is an audio podcast series by Dr. Kenneth Boa on answering some tough issues that surround us today.
Kevin Savetz and Carrington Vanston discuss and review classic Infocom games, text adventures, and interactive fiction.
There was a time when everyone knew what a real man was... now, with changing times, values and roles, many men struggle with what it means to be a "real man" in the 21st Century. What does a real man look like? How does he act? What are his values and morals? What role does a real man play in society? The How to Be a Real Man Podcast is the brainchild of New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors Chris Widener and Larry Winget. Between the two of them, Chris and Larry have s ...
WWE, Impact, NJPW, Lucha Underground, Indy Pro Wrestling news and analysis, plus mainstream entertainment, news, sports talk, pop culture, and lots more.
Bea's Big Laughs
Interviews with mostly female comedians by ten year old Beatrice Red Star Fletcher.
Leading celebrity and portrait photographer Gina Milicia discusses how to get the most out of your photography, including all the gear and gadgets you need. She chats to photography enthusiast Valerie Khoo on how to pose people, scout the best locations, and more. Useful tips, practical advice – and even some gossip – to help you get ahead, behind the lens!
EWA Radio
EWA​, the professional organization dedicated to ​strengthening the community of education ​writers and improving the ​quality of education coverage ​to better inform the public, hosts ​a weekly podcast featuring lively interviews with journalists.
Your hosts review your favorite (and not so favorite) classic pro wrestling events from at least 10 years in the past. They'll remind you why you loved, or hated, these NWA, WWF, WCCW, AWA or other events with their own insight and memories.
BWG (Blue, White, & Gold) is an unofficial LA Galaxy podcast.Contact:
The world's best drum and bass DJs and the mix! With over 350,000 YouTube subscribers and 4 million monthly listeners, YouTube's #1 mix show is now available on iTunes! We send the latest new mixes straight to if you love hearing Drum and Bass, subscribe now and don't miss a thing.
What began as a comedy podcast turned into a supernatural investigation. Do you believe in witches? Now we do.Bailey's curse seems to grow stronger and creep closer every day, and we're using every tool from astrology and divination to good old-fashioned investigative journalism to find the witch and break the curse. We might even roadtrip.Want to help us break the curse? Join the conversation on Facebook in the Bailey Was Cursed by a Witch discussion group, or email us at BaileyWasCursed@gm ...
A 23-part audio podcast series on the book of John done by Dr. Ken Boa.
Dedicated to the study of Freemasonry, Masonic news and the Art of Self-Improvement. The Winding Stairs takes you on a journey of enlightenment, through the practice of The Royal Art. A New Source of Light for the Modern Freemason. Hosted by Juan Sepulveda, Professional Artist, and Master Mason
Written in 1903, just sixty years after the word ‘hypnotism’ was coined, this book explores the contemporary understanding of the nature, uses and dangers of the technique. Hypnotism has been practiced for many centuries, but it was in the mid-to-late nineteenth century that it became a particularly fashionable way to explore the human mind. Although understanding of the subject has evolved considerably over subsequent years, this book remains a fascinating insight into a technique once thou ...
Don't Be A Dick
Comedian Ariel Kashanchi has spent most of her life complaining about other people being dicks and now she's getting to know those people. Don't Be A Dick is a safe place for guests to tell stories of times they were not their best selves and how that affected them. The stories and guests range from bizarre and entertaining to Oprahlike learning moments.
To Be A Yogi
Edward Reib teaches Yoga, and aspires To Be A Yogi. Through this Podcast, he interviews authors, teachers, and other practitioners of Yoga, discussing the history of Yoga, its various forms, teaching Yoga, Yoga philosophy, and other related subjects.
Forget the spellings, times tables and phonics! Put your high heels on and grab a vodka and tonic. MWA (Mums with Attitude) is all about replacing the vanilla with a bit of spice. We say “No more Nurofen, cut out the kale and F*!K the Fitbit!”
Podcast by Bla
Jaimie & Bri rants, questions, and conclusions about this inner,outer, and unseen world. Oh yeah and about that one time...
BCA's Geopolitical Strategy (GPS) focuses on the geopolitical and macroeconomic realities that constrain policymakers' options, zeroing in on the investment implications and consequences of their decisions.
The comics podcast that generates real heroes from random prompts! Every week hosts Dean, Jade and Josh create a complete superhero from scratch from a randomly-generated name, down to the last detail.
Podcast by The lush life has it's twists and turns, let Matt James and Justin Freet show you How To Be A Better Drinker. It's cocktail culture from the inside.
The world's best lounge DJs and the mix! With over 350,000 YouTube subscribers and 4 million monthly listeners, YouTube's #1 mix show is now available on iTunes! We send the latest new mixes straight to if you love hearing Lounge, subscribe now and don't miss a thing.
Breakthrough Worship Center is located on 605 Liberty Street Springfield, MA. We love God and love worship Him with all our hearts and lives.
Body-Worn Camera Podcasts that range in topic from law enforcement, prosecutor and court perspectives to advocacy and civil rights perspectives
Chronicling the adventures of the Justice League International era by Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis! Hosted by The Irredeemable Shag and an ever-changing roster of guest hosts! Part of the FIRE AND WATER PODCAST NETWORK!
CWA Today
The official podcast of the California Workforce Association. CWA's mission is to enhance and inspire California’s local workforce development boards and their partners through strategic advocacy, partnership convening, and capacity building. Your host is Bob Lanter, Executive Director of CWA. To learn more about CWA, visit
Locked in the gym, burning away those calories? Stuck in traffic and bored of the same ol’ boxing talk? Then BDA is your podcast salvation.Welcome to BDA Boxing (The Boxing Debate Arena) We’re not here to preach, we’re here to entertain. We don’t delete messages or censor voices. So stop procrastinating and join us now. Subscribe/ Follow us on BDA Boxing (iTunes, Spreaker, YouTube)Get a good microphone and join the panel at
The Not Your Average Runner Podcast teaches plus-size, mid-life women practical ways to start running in the body they have right now. Certified Running & Life Coach Jill Angie combines her real-life experience and coaching wisdom to help women find joy in learning to run in a way that honors their unique size, shape, speed or age. You’ll be surprised at how much you can enjoy running when you know how to do it! Download a free one-week jumpstart plan to get started today at www.notyouravera ...
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Welcome to HAMBURG NIGHTLINE Tracklist HNL#013: Title Artist 01 MCMXCVIII (Original Mix) - ArcAnum 02 Penfield Setting (Original Mix) - Musumecil 03 Mirror Walk (Khen Remix)- Nick Muir 04 Voight Kampff (Cid Inc. Remix) - Nick Warren, Tripswitch 05 Voight Kampff (Original Mix)- Nick Warren, Tripswitch 06 The Cycle -Proff 07 Kangiten (Original Mi ...…
1.Rwigara Memorial yagenze neza mu mujyi wa Detroit. a.Turashimira abantu bose bifatanyije n'umuryango wa Rwigara. b.Gushyigikira abari muri Gereza mu Rwanda" Adeline na Dianne" 2.Special Force za Kagame zirimo kwica no kurigisa impunzi i Kiziba. a.Kuva aho Dany Munyuza na Theos Badege bafatiye ikemenzo cyo kwica abahoze mu gisirikare n'igipoli ...…
Helle Liht, assistant general secretary to the European Baptist Federation (EBF) and chair of the BWA Commission on Creation Care, discusses how to care of our planet.
Happy wife, happy life?? Or is it healthy wife, healthy life? In this week’s episode, Coach Kev breaks down to us why the first is the wrong mindset to have and how it is the byproduct of a greater issue: miscommunication. The Crew then answers several questions during the Q&A with BWA segment, and Coach Kev leaves us with his weekly challenge! ...…
Are you hog-tied? Yep, distractions will do that to you and take you out of that spiritual battle for our families. Patrick Campbell has been there. He has journeyed from non-participant to spiritual combatant and has done so with fellow warrior Saint Benedict by his side. Join Bear and Patrick as they talk about how men can be in tune with God ...…
Let's get Ready to Ramble!!!! Obe, Commish, and Doc lay down some BWA (Binge Watchers Anonymous). We talk about our guilty pleasures that we just love to watch. Plus we talk about the Smash Hit movie Black Panther. Tune in and listen.
After EP89 of The BWA Experience, this week, the crew chops it up on the topic of not only making change, but being the change; and the importance of having an internal locus of control. The crew then discusses how a lack of appreciation can lead to selfishness, before moving on to the Q&A segment and Coach Kev's weekly challenge!…
In the words of Coach you know the way?! In this week's episode, Coach Kev goes in on the BWA Experience EP88 topic, Rejection. He explains rejection vs projection and lets us know why rejection is necessary and how to handle it when it's upon us. The session closes out with a Q&A and Coach Kev's weekly challenge!…
1.Kuki u Rwanda ruhakana ko nta biganiro rwigeze rugirana na Isilaheri mu kwakira abimukira? a.PM Benjamin Netanyahu niwe wabeshye Inama y'abaminisitiri le 19/11/2017 ko abimukira bagiye koherezwa mu Rwanda? a.Ese habaye igitutu cy'imiryango iharanira uburenganzira bwa muntu kuri Isilaheril? b.Nyuma y'igihugu cya Uganda , kuki u Rwanda rwabihak ...…
Elijah M. Brown discusses his role as the General Secretary of the Baptist World Alliance with Trisha Miller Manarin.
Rev. Dr. Neville Callam discusses his 10 years as BWA general secretary with host Trisha Miller Manarin
In this week’s episode the crew records the podcast while in the car, on the road to Austin, TX! This allows for a brief introduction of our soon-to-be new members of the crew who travelled along with us. However, before introducing the new crew additions, Coach Kev explains how letting the mood and feelings of others can impact his day to day ...…
Due to recent events, this week's topic for The Chop Up is "cheating." Coach Kev hits us with the 4 pillars to cheating and breaks each one down to explain how and why one becomes a cheater. Cj then once again goes on another Apple rant, but this time explains where his passion for Apple originated and how it relates to BWA. Lastly, the crew is ...…
In this week's episode, the crew discusses titles vs creativity, and roles vs responsibility. This conversation leads to Coach Kev breaking down the importance of being a leader and understanding the key differences between duties and responsibilities. The crew then closes out the episode with a Q&A with BWA, and a weekly challenge from BWA Pho ...…
In this week's episode, the crew dives deep into the recent BWA Experience topic, "Inside Out". Coach Kev explains to us why it is important to first work on the inside, then outside, not the other way around. And before closing the episode, the crew gives a quick shout-out to a couple of our dedicated listeners, and Coach Kev leaves us with th ...…
How important is it to have the right people around you? Are you allowing titles to limit you and define your relationships with others? In today's podcast, Coach Kev, Jerry, and CJ, all discuss the answers to these questions and more! And before closing, we learn why CJ is the media guru for BWA and we also find out Coach Kev's "why" for start ...…
Host: Alice Backer of Guests (all pre-recorded): Dahoud André (tentative) | Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Gilles Topic: Bwa Kayiman and various celebrations of its anniversary in New York this weekend. See pre-and post-show notes at
In this week's podcast, Jerry opens with a recent experience in catching his neighbor cheating, red handed! The crew then dives deep into EP66 of The BWA Experience: Mask Off and Coach Kev laces us up on what it actually means to wear a "mask", why people wear masks to begin with, and how to know if you are in fact wearing a mask. And lastly, t ...…
Brian Talbot discusses Rev. Dr. Neville Callam's installation as BWA General Secretary in Ghana, in 2007.
In this week's episode, The Chop Up Session starts off with Jerry and CJ learning Coach Kev's theory on house warming parties vs. get togethers. In addition, the crew also dives into the topic of "interracial dating", and later discusses the pressures of expectations when it comes to relationships, sexual preference, and other life choices. And ...…
The dynamic trio is back in action after a brief hiatus! Tune in for EP5 as the BWA Crew discusses their individual experiences on Father's Day, First Dates, and the importance of updating your "software" to sustain compatibility.
We have two guests on this Post E3 episode. MajicMan187 is a returning guest and first-time guest BWA Switch joins us as well. Both give us their highlights of last week’s E3 2017. One of us from Bits 4 you attended E3 and we go into detail of the experiences there and the do’s and don’ts of attending this event. ...…
In today's Chop Up, life takes a swing at the BWA boys and leaves Coach Kev to rock the mic solo. With the support of CJ and Jay, Coach Kev answers some common questions the team receives while on the road creating the company. Ever wonder what "being bold" really means? Curious about the guys' thoughts about the "end goal"? Want to know how th ...…
Hey all you SHITheads out there. Can you fucking believe it. We’re only 3 days before early access for Stormblood, we can’t frickin’ wait. This week it’s all about preparing for Stormblood. The Greenleaf minute is about prepping for Stormblood, we go over the latest live letter from E3 that is all out Stormblood. I […]…
Tune in for Episode 3 ladies and gents as the BWA Crew is bringing heat! In today's podcast we discuss; the origin of cuss words, missing the opportunities of your blessings, and Coach Kev gives us exclusive up close and personal details of his experiences while homeless.
In honor of Joey’s homework, this episode synopsis will be written in the style of Jack Kerouac: Wowee-there we were bee-boppin at a Boston College blowout, the tenorman blowing that horn like he couldn’t be stopped! It was wild man, wild! My buddy Jack was putting the moves on a local professor, while sweet Audrey […]…
Maxim, turned his passion into profits and bypassed medical school to handcraft beautiful stylish wooden jewelry. His philanthropic effort takes place in Haiti You can find him all over the media including YouTube his engaging videos showcasing his collection of jewelry. https://www.yo ...…
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