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The official podcast of BZPower.
#FreeLifeFridays on BMpowered Podcast
#FreeLifeFridays on BMpowered Radio is brought to you by @BankMobile, America's first fee-free, digital bank. Tune into #FreeLifeFridays for discussions with young movers and shakers who share their journey as inspiration to motivate you.
STUDIO B Power Yoga Online | Quality Yoga Instruction Anywhere, Anytime
STUDIO B Power Yoga Online is your one stop shop for live yoga classes, workshops, tutorials, 20 minute themed practices and MORE! At Studio B, all classes are for all levels. The style of yoga we teach is a power vinyasa flow. In this style you connect breath to movement as you flow from one pose to the next, building heat and fluidity. Burn calories, stretch and strengthen muscles, relax the mind, cleanse the body, and be inspired. Visit for videos tutorials an ...
The Three Virtues
From the makers of iBZP, we bring you a new podcast of epic proportions, TTV! With your host, Mesonak, as well as many others.
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Episode 49 marks four years of the BZPowercast - hoorah! This month we start off by bringing back Than the Moa to subject him to a Staff Interview. Then Windrider comes by to do a How-To BZP about all the awesome Anniversary fun. Emzee joins us after that to talk about the recently-held Brick Fiesta event in Dallas, Texas. And things close off ...…
News for this week includes: 10240 Red Five X-Wing Revealed, Assorted BZPower Issues, Rayman Legends and Nintendo Controversy, Halo 4 - Spartan Ops Finale Inbound, Bungie's "Destiny" to be Revealed on Sunday!
News for this week includes: Recent BZPower Happenings, Assorted Hero Factory News, Halo 4 Updates, Crysis 3 Beta Released.
November is nearly over and the holiday season is upon us - sounds like the perfect time for a new episode of the BZPowercast! Things kick of this month when Nuju Metru becomes the next victim of our Staff Interview series. Q&A Guru Windrider then returns for a How-To BZP about one of BZPower's newest features. Our final segment again features ...…
Todays episode features the following news: Earthbound Lego Robot Controlled From Space, Revamped Lego Message Boards, New Additions to the Lego Movie Cast, Unveiling of the BZPower Tracker, Legends of Chima Constraction Figure Revealed, Greg Farshtey Answers Fan Questions.
News Topics: BZPower Author Gets Published, S.A.D. Robot: Stealthy, Destructive, Conflicted, Halo 4: Complex, Ragnarok, Promethean Weaponry, and Assorted Info
The BZPowercast is back in 2012. This year we kick things off with the return of How-To BZP with Than the Moa and Windrider. Then we have a lengthy discussion on the future of BZPower with Than, Wind, Takuma Nuva, Eeko, and Gatanui. And of course McSmeag has a new song for you all. Thanks and enjoy the show!…
Come celebrate the end of the year with the BZPowercast! In Episode 30 we start off by interviewing Windrider, one of our newly-promoted Forum Leaders. Then Takuma Nuva, Nuju Metru, and I take a look back at 2011 and all the BZPower and LEGO goings-on from the past solar revolution. After that, I talk to Nuju Metru about the new Tolkien license ...…
This month marks the two year anniversary of the Powercast and the ten year anniversary of BZPower. Those are quite the milestones! Unfortunately, the forums are still offline, and we start the show up with an update about where we are on that process. Then McSmeag, Hahli Husky, Than the Moa, DeeVee, and Takuma Nuva join me to talk about BZPowe ...…
A month has gone by and the forums are still unfortunately offline. But fear not, the Powercast is still here! We start off the show with an update on the status of the forums - something I'm sure you're all dying to hear about. Then Than the Moa and I do a How-To (Live Without) BZPower, giving you some tips on things to do while we work on the ...…
Spring is here again! Not sure what that has to do with the Powercast, but I figured I should point it out. This month we start things off by interviewing three of the newest staff members - HAZMAT, Takuma Nuva, and Nuhrii the Metruan. Than the Moa then returns for a few How-To BZPs talking about the NMQ&A forum and more. I announce some big ch ...…
February always goes by so fast, between Toy Fair and those few less days, it's here and gone before you know it. But that's no excuse for no Powercast! We start this month's episode out with a discussion of the big event with McSmeag, where we give you the details on the new sets and let you know what really caught our eye. Then McSmeag and Ma ...…
It's time for our first podcast of 2011 and I think this may be one of our best yet! We kick off the the new year with a discussion of the rebooted BZPRPG with Friar Tuck and Emzee. Than the Moa then returns for How-To BZP where we cover three things you shouldn't do on BZPower. After that we have a surprise interview that I hope you all enjoy ...…
The BZPowercast is mixing things up again this time around, covering a more varied selection of topics than last month. We start off with another LEGO convention - xccj and Emperor Whenua talk to me about BrickCon 2010. After that, Than the Moa is back for another How-To BZP about a new rule on BZPower. Smeag and Hahli Husky then return to talk ...…
BZPower went to BrickFair, and now we get to talk about it on the Powercast! The weekend was amazing, so amazing that we didn't have room for anything else in this episode of the show. Smeagol4 (McSmeag), Hahli Husky, Janus, Darth Vader (DeeVee), and Nukaya Cloud Fire all share their memories and thoughts on BrickFair 2010. Special appearances ...…
The Powercast celebrates its first anniversary! BZPower celebrates its ninth anniversary! It's a nonstop party! A whole bunch of people join me to talk about the past year and what it's meant for BZPower, the Powercast, Bionicle, Hero Factory, and who knows what else. Then Than stays around to talk about blogs on our How-To BZP. After that, Sme ...…
The end of the year is here, and with it comes one more episode of the BZPowercast. This month we ask our members what their favorite year of Bonicle was. Next, Exo-Fat and I look back at 2009 and all that it has brought us. Finally, the BZPower Staff whipped up a little something to celebrate the holidays with, amazingly arranged by Smeagol4. ...…
The first episode of the second series of the BZPowercast. Black Six talks to SPIRIT about the storyline and upcoming movie, Than: Matoran of Anger about strong passwords, and Smeagol4 about how BZPower has changed and why we love it.
LAMLradio: LEGO Talk Podcast
In Episode #64 of LAMLradio two staff members of BZpower join me to talk about the big Bionicle news that took place this month. We also preview the upcoming 2009 Bionicle sets. Image from Bioniclepedia Feedback? Email, comment in the blog, or call our voice mail 1-888-869-7315
In Episode #56 of LAMLradio Andrew of BZpower and long time listener Will join James to talk about the latest LEGO news. The newest Power Miner images, rumors of LEGO "selling out," and a report on the LEGOLand Discovery Center.
LAMLradio: LEGO Talk Podcast
In Episode #31 of LAMLradio I talk with Andrew of BZPower and Jared "Kaminoan" Burks of Fine Clonier Decals about the latest in LEGO news. From LEGO's press release on the future of trains and what we can take from it to the company's efforts to get into UK cinemas.
In Episode 20 of LAMLradio Mike Huffman, creator of BrickBuildr, and Andrew, news editor at BZPower, join me to talk about the LEGO news through out this past week. From Wal-Mart to LEGO Chess and the end of Exo-Force.
LAMLradio: LEGO Talk Podcast
In Episode 10 of LAMLradio I interview Andrew, news editor at BZPower. We talk about Bionicle sets, films, games, and MOCs.
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