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Canucks Hockey Blog feature: C4 from CHB audio podcast
C4 is an explosive talk radio show between the church and culture. Host Pastor Mark and friends will tackle culture from the "Black Church" perspective.
Weekly audio sermons from C4 Church. Main teaching from Pastor Jon Thompson.
The C4 Podcast discusses the ins and outs on the Vancouver Canucks, made by the fans and for the fans. Hosted by Matt Lee.
Clarence M. Mitchell, IV, known to WBAL listeners as "C4," brings a lifetime of political experiences and relationships to WBAL Radio.
The young adults of C4 Church Durham
Weekly video sermons from C4 Church. Main teaching from Pastor Jon Thompson.
Calvary Young Adults is a ministry of Calvary Church in Lancaster, PA focused on young adults ages 18-30. C4 is a gathering of Young adults ages 18-29 that meets every Tuesday evening at 7:30pm in the lower auditorium for the purpose of being inspired to Pursue Life in Christ. We do this by hearing from God’s word, worshiping God, and interacting with one another.
C4 Combatives RSS
Combatives and martial arts podcast about the role fighting plays in preserving culture, society, and individual freedom. This podcast is sponsored by Lead Slingers Whiskey and Spartan Training Gear
Listen to 3 army wives, go through the Christian life.
Welcome to the audio podcast home of the Grandview C-4 Schools in Grandview, Missouri. Educational Excellence. Unlimited Potential.
Crystalformz podcast is a regular Drum and Bass show hosted by our residents featuring special guest DJs, MCs and Producers. Recorded by a bunch of DJs, MCs and producers in a secret, padded location somewhere in the heart of Berkshire, UK, every cast will bring new media including mixes from residents and special guests. Also information on local events and news in the scene. Subscribe Today!
Listen to the latest sermons from C4 Christ Centered Community Church. Discover more at
Trail Angels
Welcome to the Trail Angels, the show for those with an adventurous spirit and undeniable attitude. No matter what setbacks you’ve had in your life you can still be a world class adventurer and we will be your guide. Join the Trail Angels, Amanda Webb and Vanessa Spiller as they help you unleash the Athlete and Adventurer within and complete the journey of a lifetime each and every week. Featured Co-Host: Robyn Benincasa, World Champion Adventure Racer, award-winning motivational speaker, 3x ...
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In this episode Oj Hernandez and David Ursin discuss evangelism and profound insight into the resurrection of Jesus Christ as well as Salvation amongst testimonies and the devotional life of the Kingdom Family
The C4 Show Podcast from 9am-1pm ET on WBAL Newsradio 1090.
Courtesy of Norbert Morales from his new Instrumental album 'Soaking In Him', 30 minutes of instrumental worship, ideal for prayer, meditation or simply to enjoy with Jesus in our devotional life, enjoy!
On today’s show, we covered all the topics in the world with the hilarious Emma Willman. Topics ranged from rural Maine to how light’s work to oversized produce and everything in between.
Episode 354 with Natalie Rothman hosted by Nir Shafir and Aslihan Gürbüzel Download the podcast Feed | iTunes | GooglePlay | SoundCloud Dragomans are often known as diplomatic translators, but their responsibilities and roles went much further than being mere interpreters. In this podcast, we speak with Natalie Rothman about how dragomans negot ...…
You can now listen to ZOG rep Miami every Sunday at Noon (Eastern) on Pitbull's Globalization (Sirius XM CH. 13)! Turn up the volume as he brings you an hour of party tracks for your next turn up session!
The C4 Show heard weekdays from 9am-1pm ET on WBAL Newsradio 1090.
The C4 Show heard weekdays from 9am-1pm ET on WBAL Newsradio 1090.
Dan Daley, a senior fellow at FairVote, joins the program to discuss how the Supreme Court Gerrymandering Case Could Change Politics In The Future. Also, C4 stops by to discuss Baltimore's emergency dispatch getting hacked over the weekend.
The C4 Show heard weekdays on WBAL Newsradio 1090.
Andrew joins the gang again to discuss Alex Garland’s latest film.
Paul, Justin, & Andrew discuss the latest film in the MCU.
Probably the biggest Cardinal sin songwriters and artists commit is ignoring the importance of brands and branding. As a songwriter, you need to be acutely aware of the artists brand that you’re pitching to. Submitting songs that fit the brand make YOU look more professional and increases your chance of a cut for obvious reasons. As an artist, ...…
The C4 Show heard weekdays from 9am-1pm ET on WBAL Newsradio 1090.
Our weekly news round up from across Orange County with Publisher Norberto Santana Jr. joined by the VOC crew of reporters, Nick, Thy and Spencer. The group talks about the intense last week in federal court and mass protests at city councils over the Orange County supervisors makeshift plan for homeless shelters across Orange County.…
In this episode Oj Hernandez and Daniel Mironichenko got fired up for Jesus as they share their lifestyle of Devotion
The C4 Show heard weekdays form 9am-1pm ET on WBAL Newsradio 1090.
We had a wonderful and wide-ranging conversation with the hilarious and brilliant April Macie. We talked about her very scientific approach to comedy, her work for the troops around the world and the wonder that is the mashed potato machine.
The C$ Show heard weekdays from 9am-1pm ET on WBAL Newsradio 1090.
The race for the 48th Congressional District turns into a personal knife fight amongst former friends with former Orange County GOP Chairman Scott Baugh entering the race against his longtime friend Dana Rohrabacher. Feet to the Fire friends talk about implications for the race that has so far only generated headlines on the Democratic side of ...…
We begin by looking at Bill C-71 tabled by the federal government to enhance controls on firearms. What does it say about Canadian gun culture?Then a new peacekeeping mission in the African nation of Mali; what are the motives and is the Canada of old back?Later a special quiz created by Michael on Canadian and Albertan politics and history; pl ...…
Imonylowd Interview at KE 2018 SXSW in Austin, TX!Exclusive interview with your hosts Dre Coop!!! and Shemaiah Reed BioSinger, Songwriter, and Spoken word artist Imani Andrea Horton was born in Raleigh, NC of 1995. She grew up in the community of Worthdale whe ...…
Elwood and Stephen look at the influencial Shaw Brothers favourite "Come Drink With" and the influence it would have on martial arts cinema as Pei-pei Cheng stars as the Golden Swallow. We also look at the "My Wife Is A Gangster" trilogy, Elwood reveals why Game of Thrones fans should watch "Attack on Titan and Stephen discusses the career of B ...…
The C4 Show heard 9am-1pm ET weekdays on WBAL Newsradio 1090.
Senior Ps Mark Johnstone continues our series on Elijah
Ps Dan Cronin continues our series What To Do When..
The first mayoral election in Costa Mesa history and who is running for elections this fall in the city.
Once more I am typing this bit before we go. I bet we talk about how the TV show Occupied has returned. If we don't well, hey you pays your money and you takes your chances. Hey, we did talk about it! We also just finished Babylon Berlin, which you should watch too. Friend of the show Rachel has now also been named a Quora top writer. Well done ...…
Ask Win is a podcast where you are a VIP. Win wants to focus and teach people more and Cerebral Palsy. You’re welcome to ask questions about anything that you want. CP questions but mainly life questions on how to deal with CP or not. Win can ask you base questions if you want. Please let us know or there will be no base questions. If you have ...…
United Way of Orange County's Carla Vargas talks about a plan to help fight OC homelessness with a coalition of local business leaders, non-profits, faith-based groups and community leaders. More information and petition of support at
This first "Feet to the Fire" special episode discusses the 2018 elections.
It’s back to the norm this week after a special anniversary review of show openers. Of course, the norm is to mix up blues styles and push out a lot of new blues releases. Sue Foley, Danielle Nicole, Mud Morganfield, John Mayall, and Teresa James & The Rhythm Tramps definitely support that approach. Of the 15 tracks in the hour, 12 are from 201 ...…
In the first episode of Brethren in Devotion, Oj Hernandez and Norbert Morales honor the legacy of Billy Graham and talk about the choices of a life of devotion, they share their stories of how they began in this lifestyle and how to keep it 'burning' for Jesus Christ
Nigel Purcell kicks off our series Elijah: A Man Like Us
Ps Dan Cronin kicks off our new series in the book of James called What To Do When...
Sunday, March 4, 2018 - Valarie Englert, Senior Pastor. Based on 1 Corinthians 1.18-25. From The Way of the Covenant sermon series. Children's Time by Caroline Noll, Pastor for Children and Families.
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20180303 Oh Me Of Little Faith || Bethany Chapman by C4 Church
The Weekend Wobble UKG show On Pure Music 247 02.03.18On this weeks show it was back to normal with loads of fresh UKGThe Vibes were on point Had the dirty @5:30The old skool section was a mixed bag couple cheesy 1s and a couple forgotten gemsTracklist:1 Rumble Intro 1 jingle - Mr Rumble2 Just Another - TRC & Olivia Louise3 Gangster Fiction (Co ...…
Guest Host: WBAL's Brett Hollander. The C4 Show heard weekdays from 9am-1pm ET on WBAL Newsradio 1090.
Today’s guest was the charming and hilarious Jessimae Peluso! We talk about her time on MTV’s Girl Code, her new show and she unsuccessfully tries to teach Vinnie how to fart the Star Wars theme. We also take a moment to say goodbye to our friend, Barry Crimmins. Mythos, Episode 2. UVB-76 Welcome to Mythos. Nothing weird is out of bounds in this blog turned story series, read by me, Gary S. Pritchett. Each episode begins innocently enough, with a brief introduction, then quickly spirals into mayhem with a reading from one of my own books…or take ...…
Third Sunday in Lent, March 4th 8:30am sermonScripture: John 14:15-21Worship Services and TimesView bulletin PDF We invite you to join us for worship on Sunday mornings at White Plains United Methodist Church in Cary, NC. We are a Christ-Centered, Kingdom-Building Congregation and would love to meet you! Find out more about our church at www.wp ...…
Guest Host: Andrew Langer. The C4 Show heard weekdays from 9am-1pm ET on WBAL Newsradio 1090.
Guest Host: Andrew Langer. The C4 Show from 9am-1pm ET on WBAL Newsradio 1090.
Discussing the new leader of the Alberta Party Stephen Mandel, and his rise to victory. How will this change the scene in the lead up to next year's election?Later Justin Trudeau's trip to India; was it an embarrassment or are critics blowing out of proportion? Then the 2018 Budget and some its promisesWe also take a look at the Italian electio ...…
Guest Host Andrew Langer. The C4 Show heard weekdays from 9am-1pm ET on WBAL Newsradio 1090.
There are lots of ways to deter a predator when you’re a toad. You could puff up to make yourself look bigger. You could do your best impression of a carcass and play dead. Or you could coat your whole body with a deadly poison. But one genus of toad likes to spike the sauce with a little something extra. But you just do what you gotta do to su ...…
This week’s message in the Exodus preaching series comes from the first half of Exodus 33 and offers a solution to an old school complaint. The title is: MO’ PRESENCE, MO’ PROMISE.Listen well and leave a comment.If you can’t get the audio on your device, visit the main podcast page at podcast is on iTu ...…
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