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A podcast for the modern day Asian American woman hosted by Melody Cheng, Helen Wu, and Janet Wang. We started this podcast as an outlet for topics we are interested in, and for sharing stories we have as 20-30 something yr. old Asian American women working, dating, and living in Los Angeles. It's no secret that Asian women are lacking in almost all media outlets. As three women working in finance, tech, and production who balance careers, life aspirations, and eventful social lives (we have ...
Each week, the Kaspersky Lab team will break down some useful cybersecurity stories and offer usable tips in 20 minutes or less.
Atheists Talk by Minnesota Atheists
Douglas Cable
The Official YouTube page for Douglas Cable Access in Douglas, MA.Douglas Cable Access29 Depot StreetDouglas, MA 01514508-476-4000 x 222
Cab Chat Show
The Taxi Trades Premier Podcast
A glimpse into the Northwest music scene, spotlighting local/independent/touring artists.With live in-studio performances, conversations, and shenanigans!!!
Listen to the Official Cleveland Cavaliers podcast and go behind-the-scenes with your favorite NBA Basketball team. Gain access to all the latest press conferences, player and coach comments, radio shows, highlights, and more!
A podcast about the trials and tribulations surrounding the hit MTV show Jersey Shore.
The Aux Cable
Get plugged in to advice on everything! Join Ryan Matlock and Matthew Bird every week as they ponder YOUR questions.
Atheists Talk by Minnesota Atheists
Recording myself driving home on Fridays because I don't like what the radio plays.
A weekly podcast where three guys who may be too old to play video games talk about video games: new releases, and from the past.
The Cutting the Cable Podcast is a podcast that focuses on TV and movies that are available via legal streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, iTunes and Amazon. We also provide information about how you can cut your cable and find all your entertainment needs via legal online resources. We review new technology as it arrives in the marketplace and interview people within the technology arena and people who have cut their cable to learn about their first hand experiences.
Brought to you from the pulpit of the Cable Community Church, Sherrard, IL. A nondenominational outreach serving the counties of Mercer, Rock Island and Henry in West Central Illinois Find us online at Or on Facebook at
This book, all of which has been written at the Front within sound of the German guns and for the most part within shell and rifle range, is an attempt to tell something of the manner of struggle that has gone on for months between the lines along the Western Front, and more especially of what lies behind and goes to the making of those curt and vague terms in the war communiqués. I think that our people at Home will be glad to know more, and ought to know more, of what these bald phrases ma ...
Beginning December 1st, 2016 join us for our Church at the Grove Advent Daily Devotionals
Cable Talk
A podcast hosted by ACA's president & CEO, Matt Polka. Covering various topics within telecom.
Kev Cable
My NU Radio show from 21-09-2013
Cable London
Cable turned 3 years young earlier this year and in a comparatively short period of time, we've nurtured many of the world's leading recording artists on their way to international recognition. It's great timing, then, that this week we'll be releasing our shiney new podcast series, aptly named 'Cablecast'.Several of London's premier drum & bass, house, techno, dubstep & future bass brands were launched at Cable and now call the place their home. Our refusal to follow a set musical direction ...
Cab Media 88
All around Indiana is a show that covers things happening in and around Indiana.
Cable Cat Podcast
Booking Contactcablecatmusic@gmail.comCable Cat - deep house project from Ilya Lazutkin. The project started in 2014 with the first release that just hit the top 100 best-selling tracks on Beatport and iTunes. First explosion of project was an album 'I'm Alone' released on the Brazilian label Acid Fruits. At the moment Ilya is working with such labels like: Audiophile Deep, Up Club Records, Toolroom records and has recorded several collaboration tracks with Brazilian stars such as Alok, not ...
Basic Cable
Join unaccredited pop culture experts Jackie Vega and Jacqueline Bull as they bring highbrow analysis to the lowbrow television that we all love (or love to hate).
Podcast by Tom Schaeffer - CEO, Software Engineer, and OTT Evangelist
Citizens Advice Bureau Invercargill Southland Information and general chit chat.
Games, eSports,Fun and more
CAG Foreplay
Get a fresh look at upcoming video games with married couple "The Shipwrecks" from Each week they break down the newest releases, find you the best deals, and discuss what they are or aren't playing. This podcast gives Foreplay a whole new meaning.
Chilax here just writin and singin, hit me up freestyle and let's share some tracks!
Time Warner Cable
TW3 - Time Warner Cable of Albany
This is a gentle, delightful story of life and love on the bayoux of Acadian Louisiana during the latter half of the 19th century. Bonaventure is a Creole raised among the Acadians. He loves learning, and through his calling as a teacher, and his own unique force of character, comes to have a lasting effect on the people around him. A word of warning: This story has occasional references to Jews and African Americans that the modern mind finds offensive. They are retained here in the interes ...
The Link Cable Podcast is a video game podcast hosted by four plucky teenagers: Lach (LMG Gaming), Grant (Slythemagicunicorn), Tom (Biendeo) and Josh (Suppy59). Every episode we discuss the latest and greatest in gaming news, our impressions on new releases, games we've been playing recently, our special segments and questions from the listeners.
"Education News Parents Can Use" is a monthly TV show of the U.S. Department of Education. The program focuses on schools, learning and the implementation of federal education regulations and law, including the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. Its purpose is to offer parents information about getting involved in children's learning. Cable in the Classroom is pleased to provide these broadcasts in podcast (audio-only format), suitable for listening to on your computer or portable MP3 player.
Crazy Cab Stories
Settling in a new city can raise a lot of questions. How does the bus service work? Can I join the local library? Where do I go to get advice on renting a home?Tune in on Tuesday at 8.30pm as Dianne and the team from Citizens Advice Bureau bring you all the latest news and information of special interest to new migrants settling in Dunedin.Thanks to the Office of Ethnic Communities Settling In Fund for its support for Otago Access Radio's Connecting Cultures Zone.
Podcasts by Time Warner Cable Sports, from Time Warner Cable of Albany
This show will feature music released on our label, Endemik Music - avant hip hop to folk electronic. You can also expect to hear exclusive songs from our artists and music from other artists who are affiliated with Endemik Music. Enjoy!
Our official podcasts finally here!
LibriVox volunteers bring you 12 recordings of A New Arrival by George W. Cable. This was the Fortnightly Poetry project for May 17th, 2010."The New Arrival" is a valuable poem because it expresses the joy of a young father over his new baby. If girls should be educated to be good mothers, so should boys be taught that fatherhood is the highest and holiest joy and right of man. The child is educator to the man. He teaches him how to take responsibility, how to give unbiased judgments, and ho ...
Award-winning stage and screen director and actor Jeremy Sims, and iconic actor and national treasure Michael Caton (The Sullivans, The Castle) discuss the making of Last Cab to Darwin – a film adaptation of the Sims-produced hit play — which follows a cancer-stricken cabbie (played by Caton) who seeks to die with dignity.
320 exam 3
Welcome to the official podcast channel of Cable in the Classroom, the cable industry's national education foundation. Working at the intersection of the cable industry and education, our aim is to expand and enhance learning for kids in and out of the classroom.
UI-7 is the cable television service of the University of Illinois. Its goal is to provide professional-quality local programming that is relevant to the community -- the campus, the communities of Urbana and Champaign and other constituencies with access to UI-7. UI-7 serves as a resource to spotlight the University of Illinois campus community through programming that is by, or of interest to, the University of Illinois campus community.
The Cable's Leaders in Learning Awards is Cable in the Classroom's annual awards program to recognize administrators, educators, community leaders and policymakers who demonstrate vision, innovation, action and transformation in education. The objective of the awards is to promote and encourage innovative learning practices by honoring individuals who have transformed an aspect of education on a large or small scale.
Salat cine num kee salat caba numih cukmit yabta Mucaadara.
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This week’s topics include outcomes for payment, on- or off-pump CABG, cannabis for pain or PTSD, and the cognitive impact of a PCSK-9 inhibitor. Program notes: 0:41 Cannabis and pain or PTSD 1:41 May alleviate neuropathic pain in some 2:44 Socially not good 3:04 Holding providers responsible for outcomes 4:04 Outcomes can’t be used for […]…
Carolyn: Welcome to Circulation on the Run, your weekly podcast summary and backstage pass to the journal and its editors. I'm Dr. Carolyn Lam, associate editor from the National Heart Center and Duke National University of Singapore. We have such a special podcast for you today. The entire podcast is going to be a conversation with two very sp ...…
Commentary by Dr. Valentin Fuster
Commentary by Dr. Valentin Fuster
Coronary artery bypass grafts, or CABG, are among the most common heart surgeries. What can you expect as a patient during one of these procedures? Learn from Dr. John Kern, a UVA expert in heart surgery. Tagged under: Bypass, Heart Health
Show notes at In this episode I’ll: 1. Discuss an article that evaluates continuous vs intermittent dosing of cefazolin during CABG surgery. 2. Answer the drug information question “Can I give heparin subcutaneously for VTE prophylaxis to a patient with an epidural catheter in place?” 3. Share an update on a resource ...…
Show notes at In this episode I’ll: 1. Discuss an article that evaluates continuous vs intermittent dosing of cefazolin during CABG surgery. 2. Answer the drug information question “Can I give heparin subcutaneously for VTE prophylaxis to a patient with an epidural catheter in place?” 3. Share an update on a resource ...…
Different types of heart surgery are used to fix different heart problems. Heart surgery is used to treat heart failure and coronary heart disease. It's also used to fix heart valves that don't work well, to control heartbeats, and to replace a damaged heart with a healthy one. Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) is the most common type of h ...…
Commentary by Dr. Valentin Fuster
Commentary by Dr. Valentin Fuster
Patients who received care from low-performance anesthesiologists, defined as anesthesiologists in the 25th percentile in the distribution of anesthesiologist risk adjusted outcomes, had an almost two-fold higher risk of death or serious complications than patients who received care from high-performing anesthesiologists, even when patients wer ...…
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