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We welcome you to listen in as we cover life's topics. You will find sermons, thoughts, and lessons for all ages.
Saynum islaminnak dumal geyak sugteh tan gidbaabinitte celalliyoh :nuwwih tet aagaquk sugen, nagrat tet haak masuginnon, .islaminna temeteek gamadal too gidbaa binitte tet amok kalteh. jaamillil waak sugte cakkette teetih daabisseh.
An energized, inter-generational church dedicated to loving God and loving others!
Can-Do Radio
Stack for the Caddy is a podcast about League of Legends for the common man. Two gold league scrubs talk about everything League and NA LCS without having to worry about silly things like facts. Join us twice a week for breakdowns and previews of what is going on in the LCS and discussions on what is happening with the game that may or may not be incorrect.
"Can Do: Lessons From Savvy Montana Entrepreneurs" is a podcast all about why Montana leads the nation in entrepreneurship and business startups. Host Arnie Sherman picks the brains of successful Montana entrepreneurs and shares their lessons with you. From cricket farms to romance novels, "Can Do" shares the secrets to business success in Montana. Tune in for new lessons Fridays at or wherever you get your podcasts.
We're Jess and Paul, a married couple in our mid/late 30s from New York City, about to embark on the biggest adventure of our lives: adopting a baby! Join us every Sunday for a new episode, as we document the process from the beginning—the ups, the downs, and everything in between. Keep the conversation going! Email us questions and comments, and share stories of your own at WeCanDoThisPodcast [at] gmail [dot] com.
Description: Rod Harter, CEO & Founder of “Specialty Marketing Consultants”, presents the benefits behind... Direct Response Marketing. It’s a form of marketing that a-lows small business owners the opportunity to “hone” their advertising dollars, by add-ing this unique and extremely responsive method of getting the word out. Comparisons are made between “Brand, or Image Marketing” and “Direct Response Marketing”. Most small business’s fall into the trap of advertising the same way big corpo ...
In-depth, candid, professional and real conversations between successful entrepreneurs on how they did it, and how you can learn from their success. Hear their start-up stories, get their advice and be inspired so that You Can Do That here too!
Your hosts — Nick Armstrong, Sameen Mahboubi & Luke O’Grady — go down the rabbit hole of Happy Madison Productions by watching and discussing their films in chronological order! Will the films make them happy? Will they make them Mad-ison? Listen to find out and laugh along as your hosts discuss your (least) favourite everymen such as Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Kevin James and many more! Please excuse the audio quality (if you notice over the hearty laughs you'll be having)!
CANdo - Australia's Voice's recent posts to
Harold Bedu-Addo
New podcast weblog
This is the candotri podcast. If this swimmer-turned-triathlete can do tri, you too candotri. Join me as I swim, run, ride, and explore the ways that technology can help us really enjoy the triathlon lifestyle. I also have race reports, gear reviews, and interviews with the people who inspire me to go harder and better. The candotri podcast is based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada where there are open skies, few mountains, very little ocean swimming, and temperatures that vary from -40C i ...
Stories of amazing women and girls that will inspire you to dream big and chase those dreams knowing you really can do scary things too.
David Caddy
So Here We Are: Poetic Letters from England with David Caddy
Born in, still living in, and probably will die in, the state of Maryland, DJ_SquigY0 started his Internet DJing career back in the late 90s by setting up his own server, inviting his friends to listen, then DJing for only about 2 minutes because nobody would tune in.In 2004, he got the opportunity to actually have listeners when he signed on as a regular DJ in the Lipstick FM community. Due to internal conflict, that site disbanded in 2005, and Squig continued DJing at one of the break-off ...
Guiding you through all things American Sports
You Can Do It
Be encouraged by this message from our youth director - every believer can walk the the walk of faith and finish their race. You Can Do It
The Podcast Caddy Podcast is a weekly show committed to helping people wanting to start a podcast and current podcasters that want to fine tune their craft.
Creating and facilitating non-traditional variations on public media themes. Sometimes highlight reel, ideally playground.
An alien crash lands on Earth, and for ten years terrorizes the planet, hiding, periodically killing and eating people and stealing materials for some unknown purpose. The only hope is Bart Stanton, a medically-engineered superman, designed for the sole purpose of confronting the “Nipe”. (Summary by Mark Nelson)
Do you live life for yourself, or for everyone else? Are you aware of opportunities to be and do whatever you want? We’re sharing our journey to realizing the power we have to be grownups and do whatever we want. Follow along!
Live electronic improvisations from BIG DATA CANE and friends.more at
Jill Wigmore-Welsh Morewell Method You Can Stay Well !!
What God Can Do For You TV reached millions of people around the world every year. Regularly hosted by Bishop Michael Reid & Dr Ruth Reid sharing the Gosplel of Jesus Christ.
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
Earth We Can Do This is a globally focused podcast that explores global, personal and interpersonal issues that affect each person and Planet Earth. Changing Planet Earth and our collective lives for the better is something we can achieve right now! We are not doomed at all - but in fact have the potential to make this a wonderful, beautiful, loving place in the Universe. We CAN make this a better world, with more love, more compassion, and more intelligence. Host Paul W. Slusher, Founder an ...
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Paul informs the Colossians to be watchful of certain things and not let anyone rob them of what they have. We also look at idols and things that rob us from serving God with a full heart fervently. Both audio and slides can be found at Sermon by: Brian Birdow
In this lesson we review salvation and what mankind must do to become a Christian. We also look at what is expected of the Christian. Both audio and slides can be found at Sermon by: Brian Birdow
In this lesson we examine what motivated the Jews to kill Jesus and how they had a mockery of a trial. Both audio and slides can be enjoyed at Sermon by: Brian Birdow
In this lesson we examine what we are most known for and does it match up with what we should be known for as Christians. Both audio and slides can be enjoyed together at
In this lesson we examine the teaching of Jesus, commonly called the sermon on the mount. We examine the first blessed attitude and what it means to be poor in spirit. Both audio and slides can be enjoyed together at Sermon by: Brian Birdow
Jesus was and is the Master teacher, He is our example on how to think and live. Jesus the Master was the GOD-man, He existed as God and then became flesh John 1:14 thus becoming the God-man. He had power from above, but how did He use it when confronted by His enemies? In this lesson we examine how He behaved under persecution and how we shoul ...…
In this lesson we examine what it means to put off or lay side per Hebrews 12:1. What are things we need to lay aside and what are things we need to pick up as children of God. Both slides and audio can be found at Sermon by: Brian Birdow
In this lesson we examine the apostle Paul and his former life and his life after his conversion. We see how that he was able to add once he subtracted some things from his life. for slides and audio. Sermon by: Brian Birdow
n this lesson we examine the God given role of a woman who is married and how she is expected to behave. We even look at a wife who is a Christian and finds herself married to a non-christian. We follow the text of 1 Peter 3 and deal with a husband and how he is supposed to give honor to his wife and what all that entails. We also address what ...…
In this lesson we examine Philippians 3:17-19 and ask and answer what is an enemy and are we enemies of the cross? Most in Christianity understand it was through the death of Jesus on the cross and Him shedding His precious blood that we have the forgiveness of sins. Sermon by: Brian Birdow…
The announcement and coming of the Messiah was foretold years ago, in fact we see the promise even in Genesis. In this lesson we examine the prophecies of old and their fulfillment in the New Testament. Both audio and slides can be enjoyed together at Sermon by: Brian Birdow
In this lesson we examine and study the grace of God and what exactly it is. Once we know what has God decreed and what we deserve we can better understand grace. Both audio and slides can be enjoyed together at Sermon by: Brian Birdow
Individual Session #07 Mixed By Ricky CastelliThis Month you can expect to hear cuts from the likes of Ricky Castelli.Ricky Castelli support his latest release on Individual. (Widar ft Cleo Higgins - Enough (Ricky Castelli Rmx));Tracklisting:01.Yves Murasca, Rosario Galati, Chasing Kurt - THE LIGHT [Kittball]02.Keinen Music (Rampa & Adam Port & ...…
At times in our lives we may find ourselves broken and struggling to fully believe God. We might have faith but not enough faith to fully trust God in his word. Both audio and slides can be enjoyed together at Sermon by Brian Birdow
We are commanded to grow as children of God. In this lesson we examine 7 habits that will keep us growing while we run the Christian race. Audio and slides can be enjoyed together at Sermon by Brian Birdow
In this lesson we define what a hypocrite is, the effects that we have on others if we are hypocrites and how God feels about it. Both slides and audio can be enjoyed together at Sermon by Brian Birdow
Dr. Takeshi Kimura and Dr. C. Michael Gibson Discuss REAL-CAD – Does High-Intensity Pitavastatin Therapy Further Improve Clinical Outcomes?
Culture: Caddo (Native North American) Based on a story by: Unknown Summary: A story about how Coyote, despite dogged determination, was left lupining for his friends gifts. Production: Producer - Scooter Writer - LJ Donnell Director - Hank Romanesco Engineer - DJ Drummond Engineer - David Allen Players: Andrew Whitby - Coyote Chris G - Raven L ...…
Jesus the Master taught several things and they are all important. There is one teaching in taught in every gospel and on different occasions. In this lesson we examine that teaching. Both audio and slides can be enjoyed together at Sermon by: Brian Birdow
We all have things that demand our time and attention. Things of importance, like family, career, and health to name a few. Though all of things are important we must remember to keep God first. In this lesson we examine discipleship and giving God first place. Both audio and slides can be enjoyed together at Sermon by Brian Birdow…
Many of us love magic, we sit in awe at the magician thinking "how did he do that?" But we know it is just an illusion or a trick. The same is true with the devil and his schemes. The devil attempts to trick you and I, to make us believe a lie! That what he has to offer is not really that bad, in fact it is good. In this lesson we examine the s ...…
The gospel is not some after thought, it was in the mind of God before the foundation of the earth. The apostle Paul wrote to the church at Rome explaining the gospel in further detail. He had a strong desire to go to Rome and minister to the saints there but he had been hindered. In this lesson we examine the five p's of Romans chapter one. Bo ...…
Jedediah Smith was an archetypal, backpacking mountain man. He spent his life exploring the Western United States, hunting mythical rivers, trapping beaver pelts, and surviving by wit and luck. In our first podcast episode, Cody dives deep into his life (and his Wikipedia page) to look at the adventure, the face-sewing, and the contradictions o ...…
In this study of Romans 1 we discuss what it means to walk in the newness of life. The Bible describes to different walks in life, the walk before our lives in Christ and the lives we live after we become Christians. This lesson talks about the ways of the old man in the old life and how we need to turn from those things. Both slides and audio ...…
The tongue is a very small part of the body, yet it can be used as deadly weapon. In this lesson we examine the sin of gossip. Both audio and slides can be enjoyed together at Sermon by Brian Birdow
We will all one day stand in judgment before a just God. We do not know the day, month, year, or season that He will return so we must be and stay prepared. In this lesson we cover the parable of Jesus with the five wise and five foolish virgins. Both audio and slides can be enjoyed together at Sermon by Brian Birdow…
Trusting in HIS will is not always easy but it always what is best for us. In this lesson we examine why we should trust in God and things that help us when we doubt His will for us. Both audio and slides can be enjoyed at Sermon by Brian Birdow
Sometimes we tend to doubt the power of one person taking a stand for what is right. Often times people are reluctant to be on a island by themselves because it is the unpopular thing to do. In this lesson we examine one vote that changed the world and the One God Man whose death on the cross changed the world. Both slides and audio can be enjo ...…
In this lesson we study the book of Hebrews and see what they were facing then and how it applies to us today. We ask and answer what do those faithful examples of old teach us? Then we look at chapter twelve of the book of Hebrews and consider Jesus. Both audio and slides can be enjoyed at Sermon by Brian Birdow…
The post 8-6-17 EXODUS: Lessons from the Wilderness appeared first on Caddo Mills United Methodist Church.By admin.
@martinkremser#kdbmafia RadioShow on Frisky Radio ID: Kremser & Roucka - Bawar [Original Mix] - Mфлштп You Dance Records Kora - Caddo [Original Mix] - Sol Selectas Shlomi Aber - Foolish Games Feat Moggli [Shlomi Aber's Blackout Version] - Defected Mohn - Toyi [Original Mix] - Click Records Super Flu - ...…
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The post 7-16-17 EXODUS: Commandments 5 and 6 appeared first on Caddo Mills United Methodist Church.By admin.
RADIO SHOW 0308 201701 – Just Her – Follow You Down (Oliver Schories Remix) 02 – Djuma Soundsystem vs Bongo Pusk – Duende (Original Mix)03 - Andhim – Donner (Original Mix) 04 – Sebastian Leger – Le Danse du Scorpion (Original Mix) 05 – Dee Montero – Halcyon (Original Mix)06 – Dusky – Cold Heart (Original Mix) 07 – Tim Engelhardt & Leonard Bywa ...…
INTERLINE LOUNGE 078: Track List: 01. MELOHMAN & JAVI BORA - Rise Up feat. Shyam P (Till Von Sein Remix) 02. MARK E - Being Hiding (Original Mix) 03. BONA FIDE & JOHNNY LEONI - Violine Of Love (Original Mix) / ACKER 04. KORA (CA) - Caddo (Original) / SOL SELECTAS 05. QUANTUM COLLAGE - Her Beauty (Original Mix) / OUIE 06. J. BERNARDT - Wicked St ...…
Hi, it´s the second Week of July 2017 and you listen to MikeMonotonPodcast live from Mallorca. The Mix lasts 1 Hour and if you like the Tracks, then you can check on the Tracklist. 01 Giorgia Angiuli - Axial Tilt 02 Rampa - Bimma 03 C. Vogt - Purple Hills (YokoO Remix) 04 Dee Montero - Halcyon (Original Mix) 05 Doctor Dru - Praerie (Original Mi ...…
God must be the first thing in our lives. We have many activities and things which compete for our time, this lesson talks about why it's important for us to put God first. Both slides and audio can be enjoyed together at Sermon by Brian Birdow
Aurélien G. Presents Take me up * Episode #13 "This Take me up Episode #13 is my summer mix compilation of the hottest tracks that have been working for me on my dance floors! The theme for me this summer is going back to my underground house roots. I feel that this summer's Take me up is probably the closest one to my heart." 1 Cola CamelPhat ...…
The post 7-9-17 EXODUS: Commandments to Love God (1-4) appeared first on Caddo Mills United Methodist Church.By admin.
This Father's Day themed lesson discusses what the Bible expects of fathers. We learn what God commands fathers to do, it gives examples of Godly fathers, and looks at God himself for the ultimate example. Both slides and audio can be enjoyed together at Sermon by Brian Birdow
A trailblazing public servant in Louisiana is the product of Grambling State University. Steven Jackson is the youngest person ever elected to the Caddo Parish Board of Commissioners and also the youngest to serve as president of the commission. He visited the HBCU Lifestyle Podcast to tell his story. Steven shared how his experiences as Studen ...…
On this weeks episode of Expanded Perspectives, the guys start the show off talking about how a new design concept that aims to combine the luxury of a hotel room with a high-speed rail system could make traveling between U.S. cities faster and far more comfortable. Then, Archaeologists excavating a site in Eastern Ethiopia have found evidence ...…
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