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DevOps Cafe hosted by John Willis and Damon Edwards
The Catholic Cafe
The Catholic Cafe radio show is a 30 minute program designed to convey the Truth of Catholic Doctrine and Teaching in an informal, conversational format. Deacon Jeff, Tom and their guests sit around a table at the cafe and chat about the Church! Archived episodes are avalable at the (click listen)
This is the ORIGINAL Paranormal Cafe, hosted by Rob Simcox. The Paranormal Cafe has been broadcasting live since September 2005. Rob founded Black Horse Paranormal Research in 1993 and has done numerous investigations into paranormal activity and psychic phenomenon. Rob has appeared on Television shows such as Philly After Midnight, It's Your Call with Lynn Doyle, and has been profiled in print media as well. In addition to free-wheeling open forum shows, The Paranormal Cafe features guests ...
Animal Cafe
Conversations with pet experts, professionals and enthusiasts sharing the latest in national news in animal welfare and issues, behavior and training, animal health and science, the pet industry and pet-friendly travel.
WXPN's live performance and interview program featuring music and conversation from a variety of important musicians
Yes another pop culture show. I talk about all the things that are involved in the world of Nerd or Geek. This the Entertainment Tonight of Podcast shows. News,comics,movies,TV,comedy,books,games. Come join me your host John "Stoney" Burke as I try to keep you informed of what is going on in the world of Pop Culture.
A short podcast about motorcycling with interviews from bike builders and moto junkies.
Jazz Cafe
Tune in for your weekly dose of jazz music hosted by Lou McConnell. Proudly supported by: Rhubarb Café on Highgate and Harvest Café in the Harvest Court Mall
JAngel Talk Café with Joy The Cafe is a gathering place where you have the opportunity to experience the presence of angels, ask questions, and receive messages. Learn about angels and their purpose in your life and in humanity. Joy asks you "Have you ever felt the presence of an Angel? I have! An Angel’s love is unconditional, there is nothing you can do, say or think, that would make your Angels leave your side. When I consciously started working my Angels and the Archangels it was a life ...
Cafe Mambo Ibiza - bringing you the latest and hottest tracks from the dance music/edm/house scene with some classic sunset tracks and Cafe Mambo customer voted favourite tracks.Tweet your music requests to @mamboibiza.Follow us on and on twitter
Firearms Cafe
An Armed Society Is A Polite Society
My name is Guido van der Meulen, and married to my beautiful wife Astrid and I live in the Netherlands in a small town called Geleen. My love for Lounge Music started about 12 years ago, during a vacation on the island of Bali. While I was there, I bought a Chillout CD in one of the local Balinese markets and to...
Art Cafe
Art Cafe is like an open table. Everyone can join us live, everyone can ask questions, even those for which it's hard to find an answer. Everyone can be inspiration for us to discuss new things. To help artists community and you.
Catholic Café
EWTN, Global Catholic Television Network
Activism, art, education, science, psychology, philosophy, health, spirituality… All these and more are featured in this lively, short (10-20 minute) companion to the diverse, award-winning one-hour New Dimensions program that has been broadcast on public radio since 1973. For more information and over a thousand hours of downloadable programs visit
AA Cafe Podcast
Explore coffee through history, science, music, and other vaguely-related topics. Join Brian Franklin from Tulsa-based DoubleShot Coffee Company and co-hosts Mark Brown from and Julie Watson from as they meander around coffee-inspired ideas and engaging interviews.
Café BDI 2.0
O podcast do Blog do iPhone
Join Trevor Current and Joseph Cristina each week as they talk about the art and business of photography. Get inspired by these working professionals as they discuss the creative side of photography and the tools you need to succeed in business.
Urban Guru Cafe
Discovering what you truly are
The Speakeasy Cafe's Sound of Ink open-mic poetry show airs every Thursday at 4pm west coast / 7 pm east coast time! Hosted by Nyla Alisia, this show offers non-stop poetic entertainment where it is all about YOU the POETS! The Speakeasy Cafe is an eclectic, supportive, passionate and inspiring place to come share your words, listen to other poets, inspire and be inspired! Poets write because they have something to say, Come take the mic and say it! You are always welcome at the Speakeasy Cafe!
The Kitchen Café
Flora Shedden, Neil Forbes and Sumayya Usmani are joined by food innovator Simon Preston and spice expert Ghillie Basan to share recipes and cooking tips in their weekly visit to the kitchen.
Café Seoul is an award-winning podcast for and by expats living in Korea.Join Rob, Eugene and friends as they discuss many issues and experiences in the country they now call home.On news of the weird with Eugene, our resident newsman brings up of the strange or funny news items that have been trending since we last saw him.Then, the Café Seoul crew answer YOUR submitted questions about life in Korea. Wanna ask something? Give us a shout at cafeseoulpodcast@gmail.comRoboseyo is on the pulse, ...
The world’s dedicated freediving podcast. Longform interviews with deepest humans on Earth!
Mandolin music from the Mandolin Cafe
Café com Tulipa
O Café com Tulipa é uma plataforma de conteúdo cristão reformado que tem o objetivo de trazer informação de qualidade para todos.Queremos desconstruir os termos e palavras complicadas da teologia reformada.
A podcast devoted to superheroes, 80's music, comic culture, coffee, and more.
IRC is where hundreds of thousands of people from around the world come every month to hear and download the best new indie rock, plus special mixes, playlists, features, festival coverage, band profiles, Top Ten Songs list and so much more.
MAD WORLD OF COOL JAZZ...bebop, cool jazz. live jazz and vocal jazz
PurePerformance Cafe
PurePerformance Cafes are short interviews with practitioners and thought leaders from around the globe. We found it a great way to get introduced to a new topic or just learn what others are doing in their day-to-day job to contribute to better quality and high performing software.
Bytemarks Cafe
Serving you the first byte of science and technology on Hawaii Public Radio since 2008!
Café con Chisme
The Latinx podcast you’ve been looking for is finally here! Join Sebastian & Yasmin Ferrada as they discuss all things Latinx, race, pop culture, y más!email:
Cafe con Pam is the weekly podcast featuring fearless Latinas, Latinos, Latinx and People of Color that break barriers, change lives and make the world a better place while living in the US. Cafe con Pam is the platform where Latinx are able to share their stories and inspire one another through conversation of course while enjoying a fabulous cup of coffee.
James Kirby and Alan Kohler discuss the biggest news in business, finance, and economics, and what it means for investors. Presented in partnership with The Constant Investor. Title music, Blues for Oliver, by Benny Golbin.
Cafe Bots
Software developers discussing life, the universe and everything!
Oracle Cloud Cafe
Listen to conversations with Oracle Cloud customers, partners, thought leaders and experts to get the latest information about cloud transformation and what the cloud means for your business.
The worlds first weekly podcast on Irish Family heritage, historyand genealogy. It is hosted by Michael C. O'Laughlin, themost published author in the field. Topics include: rare books;traditional music and dance; research and travel. Interviews with 'movers and shakers' and everyday Irishdescendants in America, Canada, Australia, and the U.K. are included.Brought to us by the Irish Roots Cafe, and sponsored in part by the IrishGenealogical Foundation.
Bytemarks Cafe
Serving you the first byte of science and technology on Hawaii Public Radio since 2008!
Firearms Cafe
An Armed Society Is A Polite Society
Café Concerts
Café Concerts
Welcome to the Trivium Cafe, where Truth is always on the menu. We're serving up hot hearty Knowledge, with a zesty side of Understanding, and washing it all down with a sweet cup of Wisdom.
Podcast of Culture Cafe on RTE 2XM presented by Nessy
Therapy Café
Zane Winslow and Thalia Chase meet each week at the Therapy Café to answer your lesbian relationship questions. Note: Thalia Chase and Zane Winslow are fictional characters created by Darla Baker and KA Moll respectively. The authors play the parts of their characters when answering these questions and the advice is not a replacement for real therapy. This is purely for entertainment.
Weekly conversation with health experts, mindfulness experts on how to live a wellness lifestyle, what they have learned in the process, and practical advice and encouragement to inspire you to optimize your health and live the life that you want.
Programa Café Empreendedor - Gestão, Negócios e Empreendedorismo.
Cafe Italia
Cafe Italia Show
Due to requests from loyal following around the world, every post and mix on Indie Rock Cafe is automatically posted as a podcast which you can get on your computer or smart phone by subscribing. Get the best indie songs delivered to you how you want to hear them, and save them as MP3s too by visiting our homepage.
Cafe Bellydance
Hip Swaying Carpet Ride Through the World of Bellydance
Weekly conversational podcast about the big questions of life.
The Crime Cafe
Interviews and entertainment for crime fiction, suspense and thriller fans.
Conversations with today’s leadership thinkers and influencers
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Hey Gang what be happening. This show Scott and I get a little filthy again but hopefully rein it in a little. We have news on #HalJordonandtheGreenLanternCorps #Supergirl #Superman #Wolverine #Analog the comic getting adapted for a movie. #Batgirl Comcast still trying to get Fox. #Batwoman #Thundercats Jake Gyllenhaal for Spider-Man. #BoosterG ...…
Holy Moses, y'all, it's another episode of One on Lund! Thanks so much for listening. Episodes are available at the Sexpot Comedy site ( and iTunes! In this week's episode, host Nathan Lund is real excited to have 10 new t-shirts from 6 Dollar Shirts! This is a new experience for Nathan, as he normally gets one or two shirt ...…
Live church serviceEmanuel Pentecostal ChurchDeer LakeNewfoundlandCanada
On this week’s episode, Dr. Grate talks with the group from Collaborative Change about their Parent Cafe and how they plan to make a difference here in Westfield.
West Coast Cookbook & Speakeasy is Now Open! 8am-9am PT/ 11am-Noon ET for our especially special Daily Specials, Metro Shrimp & Grits Thursdays!Starting off in the Bistro Cafe, the Russia story fits into a long pattern of Trump associates selling off American foreign policy to the highest bidder.Then, on the rest of the menu, after the NFL cave ...…
In Jek/Hyde by Amy Ross, a gothic classic finds a new home in a shiny research town. Join us as we talk about loyalty, the #metoo movement, and the darkness inside. (transcript) In today’s episode… Amy Ross’s novel Jek/Hyde offers a new vision of the gothic novella, “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” by Robert Louis Stevenson. In the ...…
We Are The Muzik Makers..
Hey Vikes! The first ever WCI Planting Project will be held on Saturday, June 2nd from noon until 3pm. Come out and make the front of our school more appealing and better looking. You can earn up to 5 community service hours for your graduation requirement. Sign up and find more information outside of student activities!Attention English Langua ...…
What's the pitch for Social Art? It's in the name! Social Art's Lisa Braun has opened her door for many of our SLF interviews, and in this episode she chats with us about what they do. Also we chat with instructor Steph Dylke who you'll be able to see instructing painters (this could be you!) at Summer Lights 2018, at the Garment Street Hub (Ki ...…
Episode description Fandom 1: Danny Phantom Fandom 2: Jonas Brothers Tag: Cafe AU * Haunting At The Amity Cafe * by Alanna : // AO3 I'm sorry, Luke's was too badly formatted I decided it would be best for everyone if I didn't upload it. Intro & Outro Music: Unstable Universes Theme by JulianLovesLife Find out more on the Unstable Uni ...…
Hoy 23 de mayo de 2018 en celebración de la inauguración de la Hacienda La Mocha en el norte de Ponce, hablamos sobre el café puertorriqueño.
Located in Lower Dunsforth, the Hideaway Kitchen is a refreshing new restaurant and cafe not far from Boroughbridge. The food and drink show has been testing the menu and meeting the owners!
If I walked up to you today and simply said the word “stress,” what would come to your mind? Some would say “Jim, I’m so stressed out, I just don’t know what to do?” Others would reply “I live off stress, along with several gallons of coffee each week.” It is true that cortisol is one natural hormone that attracts the Zone. However, stress left ...…
John Kani recently has become very well-known because of his role as the black panther but actually John has been involved in theater for many years. I first met John in the 1980s when I was involved in the movie he was doing called Soweto Green and then I worked at the market theatre where John was at that time synonymous with what we known as ...…
Street Wannabes Radio interviewed Katy Lueck of LUECK at KPISS. We talked about forming LUECK, her music / music video "Delirium", playing around Brooklyn, traveling to Ireland (producing "Hamlet In The Golden Vale") and much more. Recorded 5/18.Up Coming Shows:WOMEN THAT ROCK & ROCKNROLL SCENE PRESENTS: HERSDAY 5/31at Sidewalk Cafe featuring A ...…
Jan de Vries ( ), Solution Architect at 4dotnet, gave us a great overview of monoliths vs microservices, how to best migrate and also what to avoid. More details about his talk on the DevOps Tallinn website. ( )…
Management is often the first position we get promoted to within the cafe and it comes with a lot of added responsibility and pressure. From my own experience and observations over the years there are 3 things that effective managers put into practice and are always looking to get better at. In todays Shift Break we discuss what those things ar ...…
In the latest episode of #LM2Talks, tune in for a conversation about black media using the foundation of a thesis I developed when writing a proposal for a paper exploring the civil rights movement in the social media era while I was pursuing my masters in communications and media. I’ll be exploring the shows Dear White People and Atlanta, as w ...…
Soul Cafe - Lovezone II Lalah Hathaway - That was then Jackiem Joyner - Say Yes Roszunn - How Much You Mean To Me Raheem Devaughn - Dont Come Fast Allen Stone - Whats Going on ++Featured Artist Tink - Pain and Pleasure++ Faded Part Time Lovers Eric Roberson and Lalah Hathaway - Dealing (Live) D Mills - Breaks For You Jonathon Butler - Holding B ...…
The Clink Charity runs restaurants in prisons across the country including HMP Styal near Wilmslow. But the food isn’t your stereotypical prison food – this is high quality food cooked and served by the prisoners. In this Podcast we’ll hear from some of the people that work alongside the prisoners and from rose – an ex prisoner now working in t ...…
It has arrived! Years since starting our first podcast, we have reached a huge milestone with Episode 100! In this episode, recorded live from our Episode 100 Party at Lucky Dice Cafe in Huntsville, AL, The Rocket Punch crew, past and present, sit down and chat about what hitting this number for the podcast means to them. Join Will, Chris, Came ...…
In episode No. 3 of Coffee and Conversation Podcast, I interview Chef Anne-Marie Coulon Ferguson of Little Lion Cafe in Ocean Beach, CA. She shares her story of entrepreneurship and how she chooses happiness and her inspiring story of walking into an existing cafe and walking out a business owner at a very young age is pretty incredible. I have ...…
The second Draft Toronto podcasts features live readings from Zak Jones, Erin Foley and Daniel Tremblay. Zak reads two poems, ‘Dinner Bell’ and ‘Tidal Wave Surmounting’; Erin reads two poems, ‘Marauders’ and ‘Compost’; Daniel Tremblay reads two poems, ‘Shade’ and ‘The flowers here are very smart. Recorded live at The Belljar Cafe in Toronto. Th ...…
West Coast Cookbook & Speakeasy is Now Open! 8am-9am PT/ 11am-Noon ET for our especially special Daily Specials, Smothered Benedict Wednesdays!Starting off in the Bistro Cafe, a passage in former DNI James Clapper's new book, "Facts and Fears," describes the effect of the massive Russian propaganda campaign in support of Donald Trump in the 201 ...…
Paige Warner is performing at the Accommod8u Hub Stage/Bob Blue stage as a part of June 9th's Summer Lights extravaganza. We talk about that, but also about releasing her debut EP "Revealed", as well as looking here & forward in her career, and being a female artist. Forgive the MP3's compression of her wonderful performance. There will be a HQ ...…
The Culture Club embarks upon its second British Bake Crawl. Join Ellie, Mel and Harry as they visit and review cafes across Nottingham, including: 'Tough Mary's Bakehouse', 'Homemade' and 'Think'.
Sean, Bryan and Braden discuss some of the new news surrounding Disneyland Resort including the Pixar Pier Special Event and Flo's V8 Cafe new menu.We have a sponsor: Get Away Today!Use our referral link to get $10 off and 2+ night Southern California package, tickets or use promo code mainstreet10B ...…
This program features a conversation on the student-produced "Lions After Dark" program with host Elizabeth Rodriguez and guest Brandon Bailey, a recent Texas A&M-Commerce graduate, sharing their perspective on the city of Commerce. It may surprise you how positive it is. "Lions After Dark" recently won second place for student radio entertainm ...…
Part of the mix
Ryan Townsend ( ) gave us insight into how they are launching large scale ecommerce websites, how to optimize web performance and why it is more important to deliver a fast experience vs no experience at all. More details about his talk on the DevOps Tallinn website. ( ...…
Here is just a sweet and endearing story of a non-verbal interaction I had with one young child at the end of my travels in Central Europe and the Czech Republic. I am not sure what country she was from and therefore do not know what language she spoke. I can tell you it was not the language of the Czech Republic and it certainly was not Englis ...…
mobile payments and backstage interview with the world loves Melbourne discussing the future of coffee and convenience
Nommé "plus grand artiste du monde" dans un sondage de CNN, Charles Aznavour a influencé certains des plus grands artistes. Elton John, Sammy Davis Jr, Fred Astaire et Céline Dion, Chico & The Gipsy King ne sont que quelques noms à avoir enregistré ses titres les plus acclamés. Charles Aznavour nous parle d'inspiration derrière ses chansons - e ...…
Hello everyone and welcome back to The One More Podcast Podcast! I'm glad you're back to listen to another installment of this project of mine! Hey it's Blake and JW and I! We talk about some funny things and some serious things. College, desserts and other sheeeet. The new schedule is audio podcast Tuesday and video podcast Friday! Support me ...…
You've heard his name on Joke and Destroy probably more than any other. He's the Sultan of Saosin, the Papa Papa Roach, the one and likely only Cory Helie! Check out Cory hosting DoomRoom at Ratio of course, this Wednesday! Right now! Go to Ratio! This week the boys argue about the amount of Explosions in the Sky in commercials, the art of maki ...…
Paul takes a look at music with the theme of the night. Moanin' At Midnight - Howlin' Wolf Last Night - Mar-Keys Saturday Night Special - Sundown Playboys Midnight Cannonball - Joe Turner Midnight Ravers - The Wailers One Night - Elvis Presley The Night Before - The Beatles Midnighter - The Champs Let's Spend The Night Together - Rolling Stones ...…
Join the "PodFather" David Garofalo at the Studio 21 Podcast as he talks about sharing. Podcasters are, in general, are giversPodcaster share their storiesHopefully, the receivers are also shares and will share the podcast on social mediaSocial media is about sharingAs a podcaster, you deliver free information, knowledge, stories or entertainme ...…
Real Estate Attorney Rick Carter, Comedian Tony V, and Para Legal Extraordinaire Kathy Holtshouser welcome Artie Januario to discuss people behaving badly in real estate transactions. Artie and Tony V discuss landscapingA broker in Texas had 3500 sales in a yearDiscussion of good v bad buyersNeed to bring a bank check to closingLenders do verif ...…
Så nåede vi til anden sidste afsnit i denne sæson af Bundærlig. Vi sidder denne gang udenfor på café Gavlen på Nørrebro. Og ja I har gættet rigtigt, vi spiser også i dette afsnit. Vi snakker lidt om hvorfor vi er i live som mennesker og jordens undergang. Hvor længe kan man overleve uden mad, hvad skal Annes madblog egentlig hedde og hvor stor ...…
Electric cowboys, Free refrigerators of the civil war era, Daniel gets raided, Daniel's terrible diet, Tate streams coding, Tropical King Café has it's issues.
West Coast Cookbook & Speakeasy is Now Open! 8am-9am PT/ 11am-Noon ET for our especially special Daily Specials; Tarrytown Chowder Tuesdays!Starting off in the Bistro Cafe, ex-felon and new NRA President, Oliver North, says he wasn’t criticizing the Parkland shooting survivors, he was just calling them dupes.On the rest of the menu, Trump is so ...…
Old Mexico opened in Ithaca’s southwest nearly three years ago, and the Aguirre family is opening their third location in the area soon, at the Shops at Ithaca Mall. The Zocalo Mexican Bar & Grill will be next to Cafe Square, the mall’s food court. Read more about Old Mexico’s new Ithaca Mall location Subscribe to the 14850 Dining Podcast in iT ...…
Hunt County Historical Commission chairman Carol Taylor relates the story of a riverboat captain who lost 300 oak barrels of "good whiskey" in the 1850s, when the Red River was at least partially navigable.By (John Mark Dempsey).
Smart Money Cafe: Your Second Chance in Real Estate. Hosted by Sean Rogers & LA Super Agent Lisa Puerto. @lasuperagentOk Smart Money Nation. Stop playing and step your wealth game.Welcome to the Smart Money Cafe. SMC host Sean Rogers and. Lisa Puerto are giving you the insider scoop on real estate. Smart Money Cafe is ...…
Raw and Uncut Version: How I Cut My Car Payment in Half Facebook to the Smart Money Cafe. SMC host Sean Rogers discusses money. Today SMC host, Sean Rogers shares how he actually cut his monthly car payment in half!! Starting a Smart Money ripple affect:+Saving over $250 pe ...…
Is your average car payment robbing your future? Welcome to the Smart Money Cafe show where we discuss your money. How to grow it, how to keep it, and figure out why it disappears... so fasttt
Southwest Airline flight has to make an emergency landing when it suffers a massive engine failure. Metal from the engine breaks one of the windows and a passenger is almost sucked out of it.Our hearts go out to the 143 horrified passengers and especially the injured person who was almost sucked out of a small airplane window. On the money side ...…
Ok Smart Money Nation. Stop playing and step your wealth game.This is a very authentic and unique interview. It is done in 90% french. Smart Money Cafe was privileged to grab an interview with 5 Star French Chef Shaun Stephens.The fun is in the positive energy and pride Chef Shaun puts in his delicious meals. So get your money right, fly to Que ...…
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