Best canadianjokes podcasts we could find (Updated February 2018)
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The Bi-Quarterly Women's Social Club
Oh the humanity! The BQWSC is an exciting Montreal podcast (home of the Just For Laughs comedy festival) and an all around funny, nsfw variety hour of strange things and obscene gestures. Dirty jokes abound and you'll laugh out loud, as host Chris Wilding openly discusses his sex life, gets into crazy fights with callers and shares his observations on society, love and everything else in between. Look for the funniest comedians, funny clips, perverted/sexy games, political satire, wtf moment ...
PokerNews Canada Podcast
PokerNews Canada is a monthly show delivering the best in news, opinion, and feature interviews about Canadian poker.
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"Come From Away" Highlights: Idealism, Canadian jokes, Tony Awards, Tim Hortons, plane choreo, did we mention that this is Canadian? Host Quinn Rose with Julian Sheridan Referenced Works Come From Away [Amazon] Show Notes & LinksBy (The Incomparable).
Soiled Restroom Cinema
The Cinematic Flushers take on Canadian stereotypes! When two Canadian convenience store clerks (Harley Quinn Smith, Lily Rose-Depp) encounter a decades old Nazi with a small army of Bratzis, they seek out the hero detective of TUSK (Johnny Depp) to help them save greater Winnipeg. What follows are 88 minutes of lame Canadian jokes, nepotism ca ...…
This is the third episode of Burrito Kind Of Guy with special guest Nikki and Griffin of Molly Rhythm. This was recorded around 3AM in Trenton, New Jersey. We're talking about burritos, their bandname, canadian jokes, wikipedia, their best and worst shows, the city of Trenton, New Jersey, DIY spaces, being a girl in a band with so many "dudes" ...…
Boots doesn't do anything different as he falls into a hobby rut, Izzy reads a book that is basically from the '80s, and Ness shirks her Cullen romance in favor of a nuclear wasteland. Also covered: US taxes, Dragon Age, Izzy's dogs used as an excuse for her slacking, and the greatest Canadian joke ever told. Oh, and some tiny broadway musical ...…
Werewolf Ambulance
First, some errors and omissions: In this episode, I say that you can't really see Tom Cruise's penis in "All the Right Moves" very well but after doing further research with the magic of online videos, you totally can. You can totally see his penis. Please accept my deepest apology for this error. Best,Katie Okay, onto the episode! This week w ...…
Carl Calls the Tom Barnard Podcast to visit for a minute and drop some Canadian jokes. Promoting Mischke next weeks show and lots more!
PNR: Play Nemesis Radio
The days as short as ever and we're losing our minds as we discuss: if VHS tapes had extra features, we don't understand crappy Beats by Dre headphones, we don't buy into status symbols, trucks in are super annoying to us, we don't like other drivers in general, brain chiggers, more offensive Canadian jokes, we pitch a new less than less-than-l ...…
The JK Around Podcast: Taking the Magic Out of Comedy
This week we tributize Russell Peters! But we don’t get into his story right away… We question why Ricky Gervais had a wildly popular podcast, but we don’t! how did he have millions of downloads? We thank our listeners while trying to educate our listeners about subscribing on iTunes. We’re also on Player FM for android. We also discuss that Ge ...…
On this week's episode, Matt makes a Canadian joke, Wes gets lazy, and Norm admires strawberries. All that plus Microsoft's Signature, Verizon ditches unlimited data, Comcast raises its download limits, the latest on SNES emulation, Will and Norm visit Adam's workshop and another episode of fake outtakes.…
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