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Can't Lit
A podcast about books and other stuff in Canada. Hosted by Dina Del Bucchia and Daniel Zomparelli
Yanks Call it Soccer Podcast
The Yanks are based in Long Beach, California and were formed in 2010. Since that time they have neglected their jobs, friends, and pretty much all responsibilities to bring you the funniest and most thought provoking content that will be impossible not to discuss around water cooler or during afternoon tea.
How Hard Can It Be?
Up close and personal with the real people behind the hits and misses in Boston's venture capital big time.
Reading West
This podcast features Western Canadian authors reading from their novels, short fiction, poetry, memoirs, or non-fiction. It is created and hosted by Saskatchewan novelist Lisa Guenther. Reading West is open to featuring published authors from B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. For the most part, the podcast focuses on literature, but writers working in other genres are welcome to inquire. For more information on submitting, visit You can also c ...
We Call It Soccer! - A podcast by Two United Fans
A decidedly American take on the sport we love. We Call It Soccer (WCIS) comes to you each Wedneday with segments on MLS, the US lower leagues, MNUFC, US national teams, EPL, and noteworthy soccer news from the rest of the world. In less than a hour you'll have a snapshot of all the important soccer happenings worldwide with a focus on the US and MNUFC.Follow us on Twitter for our latest updates!(Formerly known as TUFcast - We rejuvenated our branding for greater vertical integration synergi ...
Calitics Podcast
The Calitics podcast is dedicated to keeping an activist eye upon Sacramento, just like our blog.
What Do I Call It Podcast
A guy rambles. No he doesn't.
Whatever We Call It
The comedy, news, and nerd culture podcast you never knew you wanted. Hosted by Jeb Black and Terence Wiggins, these best friends bring you the best weird news stories, comic and video game talk, and answer your questions weekly.
Don't Call it A Podcast - Parallel Universe
Chandler and Phil talk about life and other stuff whilst being trapped in the middle of the Oklahoma.
Call It What You Will Salinas
A podcast done by Salinas residents that talks with members of the community about local politics and issues of the Central Coast.
In the Distance
The Unofficial UBC MFA Creative Writing Opt-Res Literary Podcast!
A few mad football fans breaking down the week in the EPL and Champions League from a North American perspective.
In Scotland we call it GURNING!
The gurniest podcast series about gurning...
Call It What You Want!
The podcast is just having real talk about weird topics!
Let's Call it... Something (LCIS)
Comedians T.J. Stone and Jena Axelrod have contentious conversations about the human experience, with dick jokes, in this hilarious podcast, Let's Call it... Something (LCIS). More on
Yanks Call it Soccer
The Yanks Call it Soccer Podcast is a weekly show that is your number one source for all soccer topics you never knew existed.
Sure, Let's Call It News
Sure, Let's Call It News: A podcast discussing the world's strangest news stories run by two thrill-seeking goofballs
Call It How We See It
Podcast by Call it How we See it
Call It Like It Is
New podcast weblog
What Should We Call It?
An improvised podcast by Patrick and Justin wherein they tackle a new format each week.
Call it in the Air
Call it in the Air is bringing the noise to you. From fitness, sports & music, Derek Phillips, Josh Ortegon, & Shane Miller have you covered!
Oh, Call It by Some Better Name by MOORE, Thomas
LibriVox volunteers bring you 15 recordings of "Oh, Call It by Some Better Name" by Thomas Moore. Thomas Moore was an Irish poet, singer, songwriter, and entertainer, now best remembered for the lyrics of The Minstrel Boy and The Last Rose of Summer. (Summary by Wikipedia)
How Legends are Made - daily insight and tips into how you can live a legendary life
Dream. Plan. Execute.
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As Canada Day and the Fourth of July are just on the horizon, we thought we'd talk about fireworks, CanLit, and an exciting announcement by a well-known American author! Fireworks are happening tonight (July 26th, 2017) on the Windsor/ Detroit waterfronts at 9:55 pm! If you're looking for a Canadian/ American read, check out The Inconvenient In ...…
Three amazing guests in one super episode! Finalists Kai Cheng Thom and Ali Blythe along with event MC Leah Horlick join Dina and Jen the day after the Dayne Ogilvie Prize for LGBTQ Emerging Writers ceremony. We talk poetry (a lot, in so many ways), exclusion in canlit, the problem with "universal" stories, and so much more. This episodes has l ...…
Carleigh hosts a panel discussion regarding the recent fervour in the CanLit community around issues of cultural appropriation. Jacqueline Valencia (senior Literary editor of The Rusty Toque and board member of Canadian Women In Literary Arts) and Alicia Elliott (Tuscarora writer whose work has appeared in The Malahat, The New Quarterly, and Gr ...…
McClelland & Stewart was the publishing house that, at one time, served as the home for the likes of Margaret Atwood, Michael Ondaatje, Leonard Cohen and others. In 2000, under the direction of building magnate Avie Bennett, it was broken apart and sold to the University of Toronto and to Random House Canada. It's now entirely owned by a foreig ...…
Sorry to have kept you waiting, Friends. Here, at long last, is our discussion of our non-fiction pick for our 50th PODCAST! Our streak of picking really good reads for this category remains intact. Listen to us talk about it, and then maybe let us know what you thought of the book, or what you thought of what we thought. Our Classic CanLit pic ...…
The conversation surrounding Hal Niedviecki's editorial and subsequent termination as editor of 'Write' magazine has highlighted the insularity of Canadian journalism from the broader social changes sweeping society.Beyond all the noisy pundit rhetoric about free speech, are mainstream voices in media, journalism and CanLit prepared to discuss ...…
Going to an open mic can lit my creativity bug that had been complacent the last couple of weeks, but was halted by the flu bug, but it gave me time to reflect as I recover from my sickness. It is also episode 300 that I way undersell or don’t even mention. If you would like to sit on the comedy therapy couch let me know comedy therapy couch or ...…
This week on FemRadio, Samantha Lapierre chats with writer Jacqueline Valencia, all about her work and activism creating safer spaces in the CanLit community. And Emily and Stacey have your Canadian feminist news headlines, Toronto events, and stuff we're digging. ---Aired March 13, 2017Produced by Stacey Copeland, Emily Joveski, Samantha Lapie ...…
If you’re a Canadian who loves books as much as you love radio, then it’s almost a guarantee that legendary broadcaster Shelagh Rogers has been in your life for a long time. Rogers is the host and producer of CBC Radio’s The Next Chapter, Canada’s leading author-interview radio show focusing on indigenous and settler Canadian writers. She start ...…
Can't Lit
No guest? No problem. It's just Dina and Daniel! They went to Kelowna and lived to tell the tale. This episode has so much: spring books we're excited about, a literary festival/winery recap, so much singing, and a very special CanLit Feud featuring one of the hosts.
Happy New Year, listeners! Daniel has a post-vacation glow and Dina beams from an amazing otter encounter. Our smart and talented guests are writers Beni Xiao & Mariah Devcic. These sharp young ones talk about writing, university, periods, the culture of CanLit and so much more. Don't call them emerging. They're already here!…
FIRST WORDS w/ JC Bouchard
Prolific writer Julie Mannell talks about academic elitism, being a literary outsider, and her greatest fear: not writing. Truly authentic, Mannell is already a force in CanLit and beyond.
Co-host Sheila Heti removed her name from a letter that caused turmoil in the CanLit community. The letter, signed by 88 prominent authors, asked UBC to review the firing of author Steven Galloway. He has been accused of sexual assault, though it's not clear if that's what he was fired for. Consultations on the future of the CBC are wrapping up ...…
The glamorous life of an intern (8:20),the incredible whiteness of CanLit (22:15), and playing video games for the story (44:40).By Lauren Mitchell.
When summer finally arrives in Canada, people walk around cities and towns in a daze. It’s as if we’ve all woken up on another planet and are trying to remember long-forgotten survival skills. Once the shock wears off, people flood onto patios and into parks to pay homage to the sun and to melt the winter’s chill from our bones. Some very lucky ...…
Summer is here and your hosts get to bask in the talented glow of multi-hyphenate and human delight, Vivek Shraya! We talk about her new book, even this page is white, new photography project, Trisha, and her band with her brother, Too Attached. We also talk about Pride, hip hop and R&B, racism in canlit, pop culture and everywhere, summer , sh ...…
The sun is shining and our guest is our dear friend, rosé. Daniel talks about his fun adventures and new home. Dina's Rage Minute makes its first appearance and she introduces a new game: Race Horse or Poetry Book? CanLit Feuds is here for you, along with other literary trash talk . Special cameo appearance by human delight Gabe Liedman.…
In this episode of the Amnesty International Book Club, old friends Yann Martel and Charlie Foran discuss Yann's book Beatrice & Virgil - but they don't stop there! Join us for this conversation that jumps far beyond the page of a novel and dives into many different aspects of human rights, remembering horror and facing fears. The Amnesty Inter ...…
It's always a special occasion when Jillian Christmas is around. Dina and Daniel invite the talented writer, musician and Artistic Director of Verses Festival of Words to talk about writing, but also how miserable fall is, love songs and protest songs, Charmed Can Lit, children's soy lattes, large print erotica on public transit and of course, ...…
Forget pumpkin spice lattes – the real sign of fall in Vancouver is the buzz about the Vancouver Writers Festival. We sit down with artistic director Hal Wake to learn what the Writers Fest has in store for us this year and to hear his thoughts on the current state of CanLit.
Happy summer, listeners! This episode D&D talk to the charming Aaron Chapman about his books, Live at the Commodore and Liquor, Lust and the Law (both Arsenal Pulp Press) Vancouver and its history, what our summer reads are and we even throw in a CanLit Feud (featuring an American!). And finally, Can't Lit turns 19. To celebrate the legal drink ...…
Our second reader selected the novel A Complicated Kindness (2004) by celebrated Canadian author Miriam Toews. We spoke about teenage reading, the author’s deft treatment of emotional trauma, and the profound empathy found in reading the right book at the right time. Our reader (a very talented writer) also emphasized the importance of reading ...…
Ah, the profound satisfaction of picking up the right book at the right time. The subject of this first post is the novel A Bird in the House (1970) by beloved Canadian author Margaret Laurence. This series of short stories chronicles a writer’s recollection of her childhood in the small fictional town of Manawaka, Manitoba. When our featured r ...…
Can't Lit is on the road! The duo head to Galiano Island to meet with author Michael Christie. We talk about his new book, If I Fall, If I Die, (McClelland & Stewart, 2015), weird island names, flashbacks and otters. By request we bring back fan favourite, Can Lit Feuds, and introduce a new segment, Daniel's Dream Corner.…
Chelsea Rooney joins Can't Lit to talk about her debut novel, Pedal (Caitlin Press, 2014), but also to go down great paths discussing the movies Scream and The Craft, along with our favourite topic, Can Lit fueds. We also get into meta narratives, and bring back fan favourite (maybe?) Literary Would You Rather? Plus we introduce a new segment, ...…
Notebook on Cities and Culture
Near the University of Toronto, Colin Marshall talks to Alana Wilcox, Editorial Director of Coach House Books and author of the novel A Grammar of Endings. They discuss the past twenty years' boom in Toronto writing; what factors, including an embarrassing mayor in the nineties, made "mythologizing our own city" possible; why Coach House prints ...…
Kreative Kontrol
Carrie Snyder lives in Waterloo, Ontario and is the author of two story collections, including The Juliet Stories, which was a finalist for Canada’s 2012 Governor General’s Award for Fiction. Her debut novel, Girl Runner will be published in Canada by House of Anansi on September 6 and in the United States via HarperCollins and in the U.K. via ...…
D&D bring Billeh Nickerson to an undisclosed location that may or may not be a bath house to talk about his cheeky sweet new book, Artificial Cherry (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2014), retro CanLit feuds, and of course, Judge Judy. Also making an appearance: feelings!
We discuss Brown Girl in the Ring by Nalo Hopkinson (which I already reviewed here), then get caught up in a discussion about Canada Reads and CanLit. Download the Podcast Source of our theme song Canada Re ...…
Colin Marshall sits down above Gastown, Vancouver, British Columbia with novelist Timothy Taylor, author of Stanley Park, Story House, and The Blue Light Project, as well as the short story collection Silent Cruise. They discuss what, exactly, Vancouver is; what, exactly, CanLit is; his being born into a nomadic lifestyle; his inadvertent predi ...…
We could call this the "Food Episode," as much of it centres around the many dishes we love to eat. This is perfect for our guest, Kevin Sylvester, whom many of you Canucks may recall from his CBC radio days.Kevin's books, Neil Flambé and the Marco Polo Murders, and the sequel, The Aztec Abduction, are fresh stories for kids who are looking for ...…
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