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Silver and Gold Podcast is devoted to the DC Comics characters Booster Gold and Captain Atom. Hosted by Roy "Charlemagne" Cleary and FKAjason, each episode focuses on one issue of Booster Gold and one issue of Captain Atom, starting with volume one of Booster Gold and DC Comic's first volume of Captain Atom. We'll also be covering their subsequent appearances and discussing Captain Atom and Booster Gold news.
CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks covers the quirks of the expanding universe to the quarks within a single atom... and everything in between.
TigerBelly is a weekly podcast featuring comedian Bobby Lee and his best friend Khalyla. This is a no-holds-barred arena for half truths, social no-nos, and animal behavior. Disclaimer: It is not for the onion-skinned, baby-eared PC Brigade, or those with eternally bunched up panties.
School of Schlock
A podcast for B-movie discussion. A new film is discussed on the 1st and 15th of every month.
The place to get all your news and info on movies, tv, comics, and video games.
A show about the comic DC Comics Presents starring Superman
DC or Marvel? Twin brothers "Johnny DC" and "Marvelous Joe" review superhero films and debate the superiority between the comic companies by comparing their characters in stat-based duel simulations. Updates on Tuesdays.
A companion to both the DC Comics blogging of Diabolu Frank and The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast, DC Bloodlines covers the library of one of North America's longest lived and most respected comic book publishers, as well as their usage in other media, often with a focus on lesser known characters.
Co-hosts Siskoid and Bass cover the whole of DC Comics' Invasion! 1988 crossover event in FIRST STRIKE: THE INVASION! PODCAST. Every issue, every tie-in, and a little more besides! Siskoid revisits it; Bass discovers it for the first time!
FW Team-Up
Podcasters team up to talk about comic book team-ups!
The greatest team of podcasters ever assembled, THE FIRE AND WATER PODCAST NETWORK features an all-star line-up of shows such as THE FIRE AND WATER PODCAST (hosted by Rob Kelly and The Irredeemable Shag), SECRET ORIGINS PODCAST (hosted by Ryan Daly), SUPER MATES PODCAST (hosted by Chris and Cindy Franklin), the LONELY HEARTS ROMANCE COMICS PODCAST (hosted by Siskoid) and many, many more! Fan the flame and ride the wave!
We are a comic book podcast, discussing two older books and two new books every episode. Hosted by Bill and Seth
Mind Force
Natural Strength Night is an informative, humorous, sometimes a little raucous, good-time of myth busting and honest training information from the trenches. We strive to help everyone involved with old school strength training (without steroids) to not make some common training mistakes. Along with great information, you'll hear a fair share of steroid bashing, flamingo sightings, breaking goons, iron game history, and honest drug-free training information from various leaders and strength c ...
Ryan Daly and a rotating selection of guests read and review issues of SECRET ORIGINS, an anthology series published by DC Comics in the 1980s.
Teenage Wasteland
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Elephants are evolving to be tuskless after decades of poaching pressure; Discovery of room temperature superconductors could bring floating trains and more; Scott Kelly spent a year in space - and it literally changed him; Repeated pain makes men more sensitive - but not women; Waves are getting stronger and more dangerous thanks to climate ch ...…
This week on Multicomicverse podcast! Chris and the Tenacious Angel Talk of course the biggest news from the past week in the Multiverse of Movies, TV, Video Games, Comic Books, and in honor of The Punisher season 2, Black Mask as character of the week. Have anything you like us to read, review, and/or talk about. Email us at podcast@mcvnetwork ...…
Michael is a cheeky bastard. Bobo is fair weathered. We talk tiny roid ankles, The Church of England, One Eyed Harry, and basketball basketball basketball Bonus content every Monday: Sponsor Links: // Promo Code: TIGER https://www.ridgewallet.comPromo Code: BELLY…
Cryogenic freezing has been a sci-fi staple for a while, and it's easy to see why. Someone from our time is frozen and wakes up in the distant future day later. And that's about all that happens in the 60s soap opera snoozer dressed up like a sci-fi film! Join Tom and Ryan as they watch scientific lectures, forget about the bullet in t ...…
0:00:00 - Introduction0:03:03 - No-Prize Time0:06:35 - Captain Marvel Special Look0:11:20 - Question of the Week0:11:43 - Punisher Season 2 Official Trailer0:15:33 - Luke Wilson joins Stargirl as Pat Dugan/S.T.R.I.P.E 0:17:24 - Superboy vs. Rogue intro0:21:29 - Superboy profile and powers0:32:04 - Rogue profile and powers0:40:17 - Fight specula ...…
Blue pigment found on a medieval woman's teeth suggests she was a skilled, literate artist; A genetically modified houseplant could suck up dangerous indoor air pollution; Viruses that kill superbugs could save lives when antibiotics don't work; Zombies in Antarctica - Isolated researchers enter 'psychological hibernation'; We're making our fre ...…
This week on Multicomicverse podcast! Chris and the Tenacious Angel Welcome 2019 by listing the Heavy hitting movies of 2019 as well as listing out top 10 most anticipated in Movies, TV, and Video Games of the year! Have anything you like us to read, review, and/or talk about. Email us at Don’t be shy be part of the show! ...…
Nikki tries the curling iron. Bobby reveals his Bird Box vision. We talk singularity movement, Princess Diana, and Chinese finger puppets. Bonus content every Monday: Sponsor Links: Promo Code: BELLY…
**SPOILER REVIEW**0:00:00 - Introduction0:03:09 - No-Prize Time0:05:53 - Punisher season 2 promo video0:10:16 - Question of the Week0:11:20 - Runaways season 2 review1:01:01 - Sign offiTunes: ...…
The Q & Q Question Show for 2019 features 10 scientists each answering one listener question.
Happy New Year Everyone! This week on the return of the Multicomicverse podcast! Chris and the Tenacious Angel Talk the biggest news from the past 3 weeks in the Multiverse of Movies, TV, Video Games, & Comic Books! Have anything you like us to read, review, and/or talk about. Email us at Don’t be shy be part of the show! ...…
Facebook Eyes is back. We talk intentional text errors, a fatty poke, shaking nubs, and a boring alarm. Bonus content every Monday: Sponsor Links: https://www.ridgewallet.comPromo Code: BELLY
It's that time of year again! The annual Schlockys are here, and Tom and Ryan have a boatload of bad films, characters, visuals, and moments from the past podcasting year to review and rank. Who will take home the coveted Worst Character award? Which visual was the most offensive to the eyes? And what moments set us off on furious rants? Find o ...…
0:00:00 - Introduction0:03:58 - No-Prize Time0:06:58 - Aquaman surpasses Justice League in world-wide box office0:08:46 - Merchandise art confirms Jude Law's character in Captain Marvel0:11:25 - Question of the Week0:11:55 - Titans season 1 reaction0:16:49 - 2018 Brothers Awards Intro0:20:27 - Best Trailer 20180:26:41 - Best Original Music 2018 ...…
TESS, the planet hunting space telescope, is on track to discover a sky full of exoplanets; Lab grown lungs are transplanted in pigs today, they may help humans tomorrow; The year in Climate Change: Fires and heat-waves show things are heating up; Billions of viruses are raining down on you from the upper atmosphere every day; Even kids as youn ...…
Dumbfoundead auditions. Bobo auditions too. So does Gilbo...and Koloko. We talk ecstasy daddies, condor shit, a dick bone, and the blue blue sky. Bonus content every Monday: Sponsor Links: Promo Code: BELLY
Merry Christmas, team-up fans! Boy, have Siskoid and Plasti-Cast's Max Romero a treat in store for you! The Brave and the Bold #148, starring Batman and Plastic Man, as written by Zany Bob Haney, with art by both Jim Aparo and Joe Staton. Can these two unlikely friends (we mean the superheroes) save Gotham's Christmas?! Find out! Then stick aro ...…
**SPOILER REVIEW**0:00:00 - Introduction0:02:45 - No-Prize Time0:05:21 - Doom Patrol holiday teaser0:09:08 - Question of the Week0:09:58 - Aquaman review1:02:12 - Sign offiTunes: t ...…
Episode: The Finale Russell’s Comic Brag Limited Collectors’ Edition DC Comics Classics Library Well, this is it. The final episode of “The DC Comics Presents Show“. About the only usual segment you will be hearing is “Listener Feedback” and “Russell’s Comic Brag“. After that, you will be hearing some statistics, answers to my survey questions, ...…
A writer and sound engineer investigates the science of the human voice; Our atmosphere is a thin veneer on our planet, but this writer says it's where the action is; A revolution in evolution is turning back the clock more than 200 years, says new book; How important is dust to making it rain?
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