Best cartel podcasts we could find (Updated April 2018)
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Podcast by Cartel Aristocrats
Matt Locke and Chris X sit down and fire up their microphones for an off the cuff breakdown of everything relevant.
Coaches Cartel
The Coaches Cartel is for you health and fitness business owners that want to live with more freedom, earn more money and impact more people with work you love. Giving you the world's best leaders in marketing, advertising, social media, business building and personal development for you to have the simple steps to create the business and life you dream of.
Champagne Cartel
At Champagne Cartel we're all about toasting the beauty and chaos of life with free flowing champagne and good girlfriends. We believe in prioritising our health, well being and happiness. We don't give ourselves the burnt chop and we think guilt is for suckers!
Two of the best podcasters came together to talk off the cuff politics and current events.
Gossip Cartel
Welcome to the Gossip Cartel podcast, where amazing things happen.
The Lambda Cartel. We discuss and build functional architectures.inquiries:
Director Matthew Heineman talks about Cartel Land. The award-winning documentary follows two very different vigilante groups fighting Mexico’s violent drug cartels—each in its own way. Heineman—who embedded with both groups—gives us a chilling and visceral meditation on the breakdown of order and the blurry line between good and evil.
Coriscant Cartel
a group of friends play a pen and paper RPG game toghether.
A fun filled show that focuses on battle rap and other hot current events and breaking news that we come across!!!!!
AnTeCH: The BeAT CarTeL performs Live AnTeCH brings those Funky Vocals and Tribal Beatz!!! For booking Inquiries, Contact
Cartel Rebelz
Cartel Rebelz we from the DMV area a duo hip hop group spitting about street life and having a good time our motto is "Loyalty' over everything "Da Initiation" is the first mixtape for 2012
"Sound Cartel is a house music promotional group and DJs that was founded with social consciousness in mind.” Marshall Jones and Nugz have been involved in the scene for more than 20 years combined. Driven by their passion for House Music, they have joined forces to bring you quality music, quality DJs, and quality events.
Keto Cartel Podcast
Me having a conversation with people about how their lives have been changed for the better by eating a ketogenic diet, and the positive effects that has had on their mind, body and spirit.
Vise Goodn and Jaro take you on a journey, starting your weekend the right way.
The Cartel Publications is a popular Urban Fiction publishing house.
CARTEL ID RADIO, is a monthly podcast presented by the Mexican DJ CARTEL GANG. The objetive of Cartel Id Radio is promote the best tracks of the genre Big Room House and EDM Movement. CARTEL ID RADIO is a project Non-profit or otherwise that violate the rights of the authors, and does not receive any economic benefit in making this podcast. #WEAREMUSIC All rights reserved, each of the authors or representatives.
Smashing by Night by Soul Cartel.
Welcome to UK DJ and producer EvilKeg's Breakbeat and Electro Music Podcast. From here you can download mixes, listen to breaks promos and catch up with his bi-monthly radio show It's Almost the Weekend from the mighty as well as his bi-monthly show on's a bit rude, bad boy :D
Welcome to the Podcast Series of Oliver Meneses’ Books.We will post content about the developing of the span of work displayed in
Welcome to the Podcast Series of Oliver Meneses’ Books.We will post content about the developing of the span of work displayed in
The Fix for your Music Needs... If you like what you hear subscribe so you get the New Music Mixes as they come out.
This program is designed to educate first responders, civic leaders, social workers, education professionals, faith based leaders and parents about how predators access, groom, recruit and exploit victims into prostitution and sextortion. We analyze real cases from the perspective of Law Enforcement, the victim, and the perpetrator. We look at hard core trafficking cases and how law enforcement is able to intervene. We examine cases of child pornography and the Dark Web. We examine how preda ...
DJ Ballistic's part of Entertainment Cartel
When the Pollution Cartel threatens to carry out their devastating plan to poison the Rio Grande, Inspector McCloud and his new partner Stormy must save the day. Hindered by their hair-triggered Washington team leader Agent Public, they must win back the trust of the town and stop the Cartel before it's too late.
Rackets Podcast
The Rackets Podcast focuses on news related to organized crime. The subject matter isn't limited to traditional gangsters, such as drug cartels. The show also focuses heavily on white-collar criminals, including corrupt politicians, lobbyists, corporate criminals, crony capitalists, shady government officials, etc.
Three guys talking about Life, Politics, and Memes with friends. Joined by our Executive Producer Dj Mike Cartel who creates hot new mixes for every episode while chiming in with his two cents.
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Episodio especial desde el corazón del Fuzzville, en un resort medieval situado en Benidorm. Charlamos brevemente con Carol y Jose, organizadores de esta cita de punk y garage que alcanza su cuarta edición, para después pasar a entrevistar a tres de los grandes protagonistas del cartel de este año; The Detroit Cobras, The Stems y King Khan. Y o ...…
Matt and ChrisX discuss the Jim Comey interview with ABC.
Matt and ChrisX discuss the incident at the Starbucks in Philadelphia. Machete attacks in London on through the roof and Russia warns against another American attack on Syria.
Show 40 RL Grime - I Wanna Know (ft. Daya) Diskord - Enemy Boombox Cartel - Moon Love (ft. Nessly) Trampa - Middle Fingers Slander & Sullivan King - Welcome To The Fire (Smooth Remix) Circuits - Resistor AMC & Turno - Alliance Rickyxsan - This Feeling (ft. Kalibwoy) Eliminate - Walls Hillsdom - Nocturne (ft. Novokane) Dossa & Locuzzed - Shag VI ...…
Matt and ChrisX discuss President Trump aligning with France and the UK to bomb Syria.
Matt and ChrisX discuss the bombing of Syria after the chemical attacks on its on people and The Cartel welcomes Alex Titus to the program.
Matt and ChrisX discuss the bombshell IG report that outlines the lying of Andrew McCabe. The Cartel welcomes former Federal Prosecutor Sidney Powell to the program.
Matt and ChrisX discuss Mike Pompeo on Capitol Hill. Cory Booker makes a spectacle of himself. Rod Rosenstein gets summoned to the White House.
Matt and ChrisX discuss the indoctrination of children in schools. They talk about the Holocaust, Paul Ryan being replaced before July and The Rapture happening on April 23rd.
Why the Monsanto-Bayer Monopolistic merger will threaten the future of food security and farming Ellen Brown is an economist and attorney in Los Angeles and founder of the Public Banking Institute – a non profit economic venture to develop viable, sustainable solutions to America’s banking crises by promoting people-owned state and community ba ...…
This week we discuss the class changes, new augments, and further Conquest refinements coming in Game Update 5.9. We also touch on general Star Wars news, including Rian Johnson’s plans for his new trilogy. 1. Introduction 2. Tip of the week Congratulations to this week’s winner, Sapfire! Thanks to Agent Ironspider for entering. Please send you ...…
All evil is the same in the eyes of the lord. I don't think the bible said that but it should. I never understood that more than when I do now and I'm not even religious. Basically what this means is that while there are varying degrees of evil, for example killing someone vs. just punching them, they are essentially both are you not doing what ...…
Matt and ChrisX discuss the caravan of illegal immigrants arriving at the southern border. MS-13 gang members and Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown sends National Guard to border.
Matt and ChrisX discuss Rod Rosenstein letting Devin Nunes view the EC of the Steele Dossier to the FISC and California is having problems with the weed black market.
Matt and ChrisX discuss the retirement of Paul Ryan and the circus that is the investigation of Facebook and Founder Mark Zuckerberg on Capitol Hill.
Matt and ChrisX discuss the raid on President Trump's personal attorney. We talk about the ramifications behind that raid and welcome Dallas criminal attorney Loretta Powers to the program.
Matt and ChrisX discuss the situation surrounding the FBI raid on President Trump's personal attorney Michale Cohen.
Matt and ChrisX discuss the Lynch/Comey coverup and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg heads to the Capitol.
Matt and ChrisX discuss the chemical attacks in Syria and London is looking into knife control.
Matt and ChrisX discuss the demise of Facebook. Facebook finds Diamond and Silk unsafe to the community.
There has been alot of demand for my stories related to Mexico. I recorded a podcast on the things I learned about life driving to Mexico. While I talk about my journey in there, I could get more gritty and detailed about the actual trip in case people decide to do it. I don't want to discourage anyone, but I do want to let you know the facts s ...…
If you've listened to my podcasts, you've heard me talk about Mexico a lot. I always say I'm going to do a podcast on that experience and some of the stories associated with it, but I haven't until now. So in thinking about what to write, I have decided to make it high level of what I learned about life through that experience so here goes: Eve ...…
Matt and ChrisX discuss President Trump's decision of sending the National Guard to the border. AG Jeff Sessions institutes a "zero-tolerance" policy and Trump goes after Anchor Babies.
Matt and ChrisX discuss social media and the effects it's having on our society and our youth.
Matt and ChrisX welcome to the Cartel Cody St. John from Diamondback Firearms. The Cartel announces it's giveaway of a Diamondback Firearms DB15EMLB AR-15 plus they talk about the recovering economy.
Matt and ChrisX discuss President Trump giving the number of National Guard troops on the southern border and over 1 million illegal aliens in California have drivers licenses.
Matt and ChrisX discuss the IRS scandal discriminating against the Tea Party and Imran Awan never received a background check.
Matt and ChrisX discuss President Trump cracking down on China with Tariffs. America First Policies Curtis Ellis joins The Cartel to talk tariffs and China.
Matt and ChrisX discuss the current situation with border security. Trump signs proclamation and Border Patrol Union President Brandon Judd joins The Cartel.
Matt and ChrisX discuss the shooting at YouTube headquarters.
Matt and ChrisX discuss President Trump sending the military to the southern border.
Matt and ChrisX discuss London and their rising violence even though they have strict gun laws, plus CNN glorifies JFK's adultery while going after Trump and porn stars.
Matt and ChrisX discuss border security and welcome Julie Poner to the program. They also talk about the New York Magazine portraying Trump as a pig and the Hamas led protest against Israel.
This week in Crypto News Weekly we talk about Cryptojacking Cyber Attacks and the Telegram ICO raising 1.7 billion.Our market analyses regarding Bitcoin. Will we go down to 6k? And to top it all off, our first coin of the week, Power Ledger! What is Power Ledger, and how do they want to change the world? Hosted by Walter and Sico from Amsterdam ...…
Ever wonder how all America's wars are financed? Chuck Carlson peels back the onion on the machinations of the Federal Reserve system in this informative, 20 minute podcast. Most Americans don't realize that the Federal Reserve System is not an agency of the federal government. Rather, it is a private banking cartel that was brought to life in ...…
Matt and ChrisX discuss President Donald Trump taking to Twitter to kill DACA.
Matt and ChrisX discuss the Utah bill that allows parents to parent their children and the right fights back on advertising against MSNBC.
Matt and ChrisX discuss the current situation swirling around Laura Ingraham and David Hogg. Hogg then goes after John McCain and the NRA.
Matt and ChrisX discuss the scandal unfolding around Andrew McCabe. Another special prosecutor is called for.
Matt and ChrisX discuss the fighting going on in the Middle East. They welcome The Terminal List author Jack Carr to the program.
If an 11 year-old and former cartel accountant can make a cryptocurrency anyone can.
​The ON THE RADAR PODCAST, focuses on music coming to, through, and from the greater NW Ohio regions.Peapod returned to Underhill Recordings to talk to the guys in Of Virtue. The Lansing, Michigan band spoke about the ever changing music world in being a band for close to a decade, how tough it is to do music and tour, their tours in Europe, an ...…
We discuss Game Updates 5.8 and 5.8a, the revamped Conquest system and the further plans to improve it, and much more. Also mentioned is the very strong rumour that EA is working on a new open world Star Wars game, and just why Luke was so whiny in Episode IV. 1. Introduction Here is Chill’s latest themed alt, Chillcroft! 2. Tip of the week Con ...…
This week Sullivan King joins us for a bass head's dream mix that's a perfect blend between heavy metal, dubstep and electro! Subscribe to Kannibalen Radio: Tracklist Lektrique 00:22 - Sam Lamar - Reason [Unreleased] 01:52 - Apashe - Majesty [Kannibalen] 03:26 - Bensley - Ascension [RAM Recs] 04:54 - 1991 - Dun Know [199 ...…
Matt and ChrisX discuss the feud between Laura Ingraham and David Hogg. Liberal advertisers boycott her show.
Matt and ChrisX discuss 400 sheriffs asking the Congress to get tough on Immigration. Former Trump advisor Rob Wasinger talks about the Omnibus bill vs. Budget.
Coinbase is planning on adding ERC-20 tokens to its offering of cryptoassets Hypertokenization, 1000’s of coins and confusion Cryptocurrency and blockchain associations from Russia, China and South Korea plan to file a class action against social media giants for banning crypto ads. Was there a cartel collusion and abuse of power? Blockchain te ...…
The ON THE RADAR PODCAST, focuses on music coming to, through, and from the greater NW Ohio regions. Peapod returned to Underhill Recordings to talk to the guys in Of Virtue. The Lansing, Michigan band spoke about the ever changing music world in being a band for close to a decade, how tough it is to do music and tour, their times in Europe, an ...…
Matt and ChrisX discuss the successful opening of the relaunched Roseanne television show and President Trump shakes things up at the VA.
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