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The archived series of horror stories, told through the dusty lungs of an analog cassette. While our latest episodes are releasing on the DimensionBucket Magazine, you can visit our fiendish beginnings here!
Tabs Out is an all cassette podcast with a focus on experimental music and cassette culture.
Washington, D.C.'s premiere Vaudeville-Western-Steampunk band monthly podcast. Programme 1 broadcasts their entire debut album in a classic 1940s radio style. Bluegrass, country, showtunes, rock n' roll, indie rock and more! Later podcasts feature interviews and other live performances and musical explorations of the band's archives.
Comedy Cassette Tape
A short and mostly regular comedy Australian sketch type podcast made from local and imported ingredients.
Presented as a series of highlights from government surveillance and secret media archives, Weird Cassette Radio is a sketch comedy podcast created by three friends from Birmingham, Alabama. Sometimes written, sometimes improvised, each episode is an absurdist mini-marathon, densely packed with fast-paced bits and ridiculous characters. Sporadically produced and released as often as life will allow, WCR is on its way to becoming a new favorite for fans of other great shows like Superego, Com ...
Did you ever watch movies in the 90's? Ever rewatch them and discover that your favorite movies were actually terrible or maybe extremely problematic?? Or maybe, you haven't rewatched them and you need someone to do it for you Join Thom and Trevor on a cinematic adventure as they rewatch all your favorite movies from the 90's and let you know if it holds up or is a steaming pile of nostalgic hot garbage.
Blank Cassette is the podcast that dives into your mixtapes song-by-song and block-by-block to get the stories behind them!RSS FeedSubscribe on iTunes
Dubbed Cassette
Usually, my friends enjoy the same shows, music, or movies I do. Sometimes, they don't, but to talk about them, it helps if they've seen it too. So, I'm dubbing the source so we can enjoy it, and a conversation, together. Join the convo, keep the tape!
Ready Cassette Go! is a Disney fan podcast that follows Bre, Ben and Kat as they watch their favorite Disney Movies again as adults!
A Toronto based Podcast Network.
Ghost Cassette Diary
A ghost finds a tape recorder
Spool's Out Radio
Cassette-based music show hosted by Tristan Bath in association with The Quietus, and broadcast weekly on Resonance FM
Cassette-based underground and experimental music podcast for your listening displeasure. Hosted by Ted Butler.
It Makes A Sound
Deirdre Gardner finds a lost cassette tape from 1992 in an attic and embarks on a quest to revive the sound of a generation. A new serial fiction show from Night Vale Presents.
Currently Off Air is a monthly radio transmission that might feature cassette tapes, cut-ups, documentaries, occasionally true stories, spoken word and themed music shows, comedy and soap operas in space.New transmissions air on the first Sunday of the month at 11pm-midnight on Radio Reverb 97.2FM and DAB in Brighton, UK, streaming live on
CiTR -- Pop Drones
Unearthing the depths of contemporary cassette and vinyl underground. Ranging from DIY bedroom pop and garage rock all the way to harsh noise and, of course, drone.
Glory Cassette Audio from our archives - 1956-1960
Cassette Audio from our archive - 1970-1980
Glory cassette audio from our archives - 1960-1970
Audio from our cassette archive - 1980-1990
Podcasting since the 1980s.
2018 Audio from our outreach meetings
Enjoy :) Follow us :D The Podcast Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @recordsfromdbin DJ Lone Wolf HD Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram: @recordsfromdbin PirateNovelist: Twitter & Instagram: @piratenovelist
Strange Rules is a cassette, vinyl and digital imprint based in England. Each episode of the SR Podcast presents guest mixes, field recordings, sound collage or audio documentary.
Mixtape Rewind
Musician Mark Jeacoma loves listening to music, not just songs but entire albums from beginning to the very end. With the help of friends, fellow musicians and celebrity guests he offers a voice-over commentary discussion while the album plays in the background.
Man In A Room
An unscripted, meandering exploration into whatever comes into the mind of a man in a room.
I listen to music all the time and love talking about it with people who also love these albums. This podcast doesn't include the actual music, nor is it a real "record review". I'm just taking a nostalgic look back at my favorite records and how these particular albums have shaped our lives.
Don't Freak!
Don't Freak is a monthly podcast loosely based on pre-internet / alternative culture. Anything D.I.Y., no-fi, lo-fi, punk rock, underground comix, tape trading, cassette culture, rock-n-roll record digging and even tape digging. Host Adriaan Mol
After two decades in a Peruvian rainforest, Glen and Scott return to a United States where Donald Trump is president, people no longer buy cassettes, and -- most alarmingly -- Tupac Shakur is missing. They set out to solve one of the great mysteries of our time: Where is Tupac? And why did he decide to disappear?
DJ Tu4nt-Abl3
All Vinyl to (and from) cassette
Digging deep into vinyl bins, mp3s, cassette tapes and even old movies, FORBIDDEN CITY PODCAST brings you the Strange, the Weird and the Bizzare. From Rockabilly to Novelty and from Gospel to Satan!
Weeknights from 7:00pm, we dish up three hours dedicated to the big names and best music from the '70s, '80s and '90s.Celebrating the bands and songs you remember hearing for the first time on vinyl or cassette. The artists whose T-shirt you bought from a merch stand back in the day and still wear with pride.
Join VHS enthusiasts Lyndsey and Sean every other Monday as they dive into each other's video cassette collections, from childhood favorites to obscure gems. Is "Surf Ninjas" the classic that Lyndsey remembers? Will Sean find a horror tape he doesn't like? Is Jonathan Taylor Thomas' hair as soft and luxurious as it looks? Find out now on Tapeheads!
A weekly dive into the Free Music Archive's vast and wondrous collection: cassette punk, indie-hop, freak-folk, and more electronic & experimental than you can shake a stick at. Join the Listening Party!
A weekly dive into the Free Music Archive's vast and wondrous collection: cassette punk, indie-hop, freak-folk, and more electronic & experimental than you can shake a stick at. Join the Listening Party!
This a podcast about politics and race. It's also music, sports, and pop culture. But it's mostly about politics and race. And Trump. And cassette tapes.
Tidepool Orchestra
You're in your car, in the drive through, but you drop your wallet. While looking for it in between the cushions of the seats, you find a dusty old tape cassette. You shrug, and place it into your neglected tape player. A female voice comes on and says "Welcome to the calming sounds of the Tidepool Orchestra. Side A."
Devotional yogic chanting with a Western influence. CDs and cassettes for sale, artist background, schedule of live appearances.
Signals is a record label based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Limted edition vinyl, cd-r's, cassettes & limited artwork multiples.
Uploading the shiurim in Tanya. These recordings were first distributed by cassette and were retrieved from And from Made for personal use only.
Brass Elevator
Brass Elevator is a Sound Collage Podcast made primarily from found cassettes, reel to reel, field recordings, and other found sound.
Welcome to eightiesDJarchives! We are a division of The SFDPS (San Francisco Disco Preservation Society). We are dedicated to preserving DJ mixtapes from reel-to-reel, and cassette tapes from the 80's. This Hearthis page has been set up for mixtapes of 80s funk, soul, R&B, New Wave and Pop. Please visit our other mixtape archive page (SFDPS) to listen to DJ mixtapes from the 70's/early 80's disco + Hi-NRG era.
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On the eve of his 34th birthday, a man finds a cassette tape he and his mother made for his father on his 34th.
This week's 360 is independent of KUSF In Exile/SFCR/KXSF, the latter of which is now operating at 102.5 on the frequency modulation bandwidth. I've decided to step back from all the fun n' frolic altogether although I want to continue doing podcasts from my little hovel as I've been doing for nigh a decade now. This program is somewhat of a co ...…
Sunday PM 1992. Verse-by-Verse study in Jude from our cassette archives.
Help: Zone 041 (5/20/18)Host: ℞ayzor (Raymond Garcia)Location: Coalinga, CA USAMusic Tracklist:Kinnie Lane & Electric Runner – How Long (Charlie Puth Cover)℞ayzor’s Break 1 (Admo – Sparks)Night Vision – Runaway ...…
Sunday AM 1992. Verse-by-Verse study through Jude from our cassette archives.
Over the last fifteen years I have gathered music of all genres to keep in the 'crates' and being a DJ, you need it all. My genre of choice was HI NRG - or just NRG - and was heard on the radio by WILD FM, in the nightclubs of DCM and Black Market, on various mix tape cassettes (I still have some) and CD's from when personal CD burners were ava ...…
This week I talk to Ayn Randy, a punk band who three girls and a dude, going strong for two years.We talk about their music, gender and feminism in the rock scene, finding venues as a punk band, the importance of youth to music and the making of their cassette album.Check out Ayn Randy here: ...…
References and Links: Halle Brothers, Cleveland Fox Valley, Illinois Evolution of the Keyboard The Loop - Downtown Chicago Marshall Field and Company Building, Chicago 1971 - Ray Tomlinson develops the first program that can send email messages, via the Arpanet, between people using different computers. (From Timeline of Computing 1950 to 1979) ...…
Sunday PM 04-18-2010. Apologetics study from our cassette archive.
Shawn Arnold returns to Lopez Radio to do our first in person podcast. We talk about podcasting, busting balls, music, censoring yourself (or not), first cassettes, first CDs, and a lot more. You can follow Shawn @ShawnATL, on Twitter, and you can follow the show @lopezradio.
1. DJ Orkidea – Dreams Are Free (Original Mix) 2. Sunlounger – White Sand (Original Mix) 3. Armin van Buuren feat. Gabriel & Dresden – Zocalo (Original Mix) 4. Anry – Serene Sky (Original Mix) 5. Alex M.O.R.P.H. – Photograph Feat Roberta Harrison (Estiva Remix) 6. DJ Eco – American Blues (DJ Eco And Martin Roth Edit) 7. Emilio Fernandez – Reyno ...…
MJ Lallo In Conversation with Mark McNeill Mark McNeill welcomed MJ Lallo onto his show Celsius Drop for some conversation and cosmic cruising. Working as a voice over artist for NASA and the Vatican Observatory, Lallo created soundtracks for the swirling stars of the Milky Way. These space fueled explorations were only part of her pioneering e ...…
May 10, 2000: Grasping inner strengthHe or she…who sits silent—continues to piece together…while the talkative refuses to admit they weren’t listening. Interviewer:Are you a musician or a lyricist? Reply:I’m someone who makes up crap but refuses to flush it down the toilet. Interviewer:Someone asked about where this creativity comes from, your ...…
Marshall Riley, Losing the Plot’s queer anti-folk musician in residence, returns to talk about his latest album, MARS HALL, a concept album about a boy’s boarding school that takes place in his dreams.We talk about boys, conspiracy theories and getting your shit together!Get “MARS HALL” now from Captain Crook Records:Latest album, “MARS HALL”, ...…
Child's play TV show news, stranger things season two soundtrack on cassette, the purge TV news, and Brian's review of killer Klowns from outer space
Ktel Cassettes & records intro / Yacht Rock Show...George Benson. Manhattan Transfer/ Bad Business Band
Cake - Satan Is My MotorFastball - Fire EscapeBarenaked Ladies - It's All Been DoneNada Surf - HyperspaceSaint Etienne - Lose That GirlSloan - On The HorizonMary Lou Lord - His Lamest FlameJuliana Hatfield - Swan SongThe Posies - Farewell TypewriterSpoon - Advance CassetteQuasi - Our Future Is GuaranteedMono Puff - Back-Stabbing LiarSean Lennon ...…
Jim DeRogatis has been writing about the allegations against R&B singer R. Kelly for nearly 20 years.; Credit: Mike Pont/Getty Images Darby Maloney with Jonathan Shifflett | The Frame® The accusations of sexual mistreatment by R&B singer R. Kelly, often involving young girls, go back to the 1990s. And they continue through to today. Writing in ...…
First there were cassettes, then CDs, then MP3s — each supposed to be the death of vinyl records. Yet they remain popular, and more and more bands are releasing their music on vinyl. Last year 14 percent of all albums sold were vinyl records — the 12th straight year of vinyl sales growth. We’ll hear from collectors and aficionados about why thi ...…
Get hip to some lofi house, one of the most sleptttt on music genres out there, on 4 DA LOVE OF LOFI. Niggas really fucking love lofi house. Def one of the most gigged out sounds out there. Some come join BLR as he dives into dem wonderous lofi house sounds. And as dat body wigglin, and you're digesting a pill or two, just remember you're sweat ...…
Good2Groove Tracklist: 1. Kiki Kyte - Disco Chick 2. GIOVANNI DAMICO - Look At You (Sugar Bomb) 3. BERTRAND BURGALAT/YUKSEK - Icare (Yuksek remix) 4. Benjamin Ferreira - What U Will 5. DJ KOZE - Pick Up 6. DEELICIOUS- Sexy Cream 7. PHIL WEEKS - That House Groove 8. Jamie 326 & Masalo - Testify 9. CHEWY RUBS - The Game (original mix) 10. GIOVANN ...…
Doctor Nod: “Angel of Death” (Sing Song EP, 2018) Racoo: “Clean Air” (Airport Hospital, Metal Postcard Records, 2018) Dreamherbs: “Break Your Jaw” (Break Your Jaw Single, Metal Postcard Records, 2018) Def!cit: “Short Stay” (Short Stay Single, Metal Postcard Records, 2018) The Kumari: “The Kumari” (The Kumari, Metal Postcard Records, 2018) The B ...…
It’s the big one! After literally years of anticipation, the purple man himself, the ambassador for Big and Tall stores everywhere, Thanos, is out and about, loud and proud - and ready to rumble. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has spent many years and many films getting to this stage, so the only question that remains is ‘do they pull it off?’. ...…
Club Kevin is brought to you by The Cassette Company. They make authentic high-quality, low-cost sunglasses, eyeglasses and watches. Get yourself a new pair of sunnies and a watch for 20% off at with the discount code 'eagle20'This week's episode was recorded previously while the Kevins are away and getting their new ...…
She has watched as records were replaced by cassettes, CD's, iPods and web-based streaming, but Dilyn Radakovitz is keeping vinly alive at her seven Sacramento area Dimple Records stores!By Kat Maudru.
This Week on It Came From a Pa Basement, I sit down with Cassettes. We talk their new yet to be named album, past shows, ragging on bass players, and Rob Halford. I had a blast this week, and as always please subscribe and leave a review.
Bill tries a new intro, Ricky Gervais, audio issues, Trump -> calligraphy -> head zookeper, pic of ice cream pie, baloney/bologna, Emily Dickinson, papier mache, root canal, soft hands, cat update, chainsaws, bad episodes, riding the bus, ComActRom, American Ninja Warrior, Bill's pants, incense, future dates, trashing space, caterpillar poison, ...…
This week on Bad at Sports Center, Gabe Holcombe of Lillerne Tapes joins Brian Andrews, Dana Bassett and special guest host, smaller Dana (aka Alexis Bassett aka DJ Lil Sis), to discuss ten years of cassette releases and what types of audio are, and are not, allowed in prison. Enjoy some smooth jams as Holcombe previews the latest Lillerne rele ...…
Ok so we don't know basketball, but lucily we know Disney! Tune is as we ride the wave of this Disney VS Pixar bracket making its way around the internet. Don't worry though, of course we'll hit the classics with Just Preesh Play, Any Blu You Can Do, and Coming Attractions.Four, Floss, Five, Six By Blue DucksDestination by AnitekSpot Rockers (C ...…
The gang gives Far Cry 5 a good going over, and some hot takes threaten to boil the abundant piss.
The gang gives Far Cry 5 a good going over, and some hot takes threaten to boil the abundant piss.
New pod, new name! Let’s Talk is now Stuck With You.. because that seems to be the case. On this week’s pod, we introduce a new segment called “The Impossible Question”, where we come up with strange and interesting hypothetical questions, this one is a doozy! We also discuss the first albums (back when cassettes and CD’s were a thing) and our ...…
The SlothBoogie Show went south of the river last night on @balamii radio in Peckham. Get stuck into some pretty varied House & Disco selections from Pat & Danny for an enjoyable 2hrs.Come to our party with Jad & The (Toy Tonics) this Sunday at NTs, London Fields, Hackney: & Plae C ...…
Like magnetic ribbon through a cassette, these are the drips of our sewer.By (Nick the Rat).
Taken from a cassette recorded off the radio. *May contain radio static and pauses in the commercial breaks.
In this episode, Uber self-driving car killed a woman in Arizona recently, was that accident avoidable? There are many calls coming from different quarters to quite Facebook and streaming is taking over the music industry, so what's next? Show Notes Last Sunday, in the city of Tempe, Arizona, Elaine Herzberg who was 49 years old, attempted to c ...…
Mix #313 we bring you DJ BEAR COLE from Arizona. He started his DJ career with two cassette players, two CD players, and a Tascam 4 Track Recorder. The year was 1993. He worked up to his first pair of Technics, and then his first professional gig in 1997. Quickly gaining speed and playing clubs, bars, concerts, and events all over the Southwest ...…
Many of our favorite businesses were built out of someone loving something and then figuring out how to make it better. Yvon Chouinard created Patagonia because he loved rock climbing, hiking, and being outdoors. Everything else stemmed from that. Ben & Jerry loved ice cream, Jake Carpenter of Burton snowboards just wanted to find the perfect r ...…
Joe makes an arse out of himself. We bitch slap Weinstein. Remember cassettes? There’s the ghosts of Pacman’s past. Joe proves he’s actually … nice! The boys love jokes and both tell a few spectacular jokes about wasps, trains, bears, sex, sharks, and more. The boys think of a new App. And Joe loses his mind as … the teachings of Thoughtful Tro ...…
Mr. Stampe kills Jonathon Kirk – Mix Tape Evidence item #343b. Object: audio cassette 1/10 Presented to jury: N/A Description: Telling of Mr. Stampe killing Jonathon Kirk. Action: destroy immediately. Download NOW RSS feed…
Mr. Stampe kills Jonathon Kirk – Mix Tape Evidence item #343b. Object: audio cassette 1/10 Presented to jury: N/A Description: Telling of Mr. Stampe killing Jonathon Kirk. Action: destroy immediately. Download NOW RSS feed…
Giant steam powered spiders, wacky inventions, Will Smith, and the male gaze--add that all together and you get Wild Wild West. This movie has an incredible cast and maybe has aged better than we thought it would... but don't take our word for it, catch Wild Wild West while it's still on netflix! Email Support! Patreon. ...…
hi everyone! today is a big day. the day of the first cassette tape of the first album ever coming through demo records ltd. if you feel like joining my adventure doing this, just listen to the podcast where i go through all the stages. very happy about this. see you tomorrow, ana from demo records ltd.…
Malcolm Tent is a musician, record label mogul, music archivist and all around interesting guy. I met Malcolm back when he was the proprietor of Trash American Style, one of the most important record stores in the Tri-State Area. He also runs the record label TPOS and has released music by The Pist, Antiseen, GG Allin, David Koresh and his own ...…
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