Best casual sex podcasts we could find (Updated August 2017)
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The Sexy Librarian's Erotica Blog-Cast with Rose Caraway
The Sexy Librarian's Erotica Blog-Cast, sister podcast to Rose Caraway's "The Kiss Me Quick's Erotica podcast", is a multi-topic, fun, casual discussion primarily centering around writing and producing erotica. Rose will introduce you to some of the hottest authors in erotica today. (Disclaimer- Although this podcast can touch on subjects of sexuality, this is not a sex-education podcast) Find Rose Caraway's Sexy Librarian Blog page at
Black Widow
Jessica Kelly dares to go against the grain when it comes to the world of sexuality. She ventures into the idea that maybe there are no boundaries when it comes to sex. Maybe you don’t have to be in love with your sex partner. Maybe, there is nothing wrong with passionate, casual sex.In this scripted erotica podcast, join Jessica as she navigates these thoughts through exploration of her sexual freedom. While trying to avoid the pitfalls of sex and relationships, she is driven by her vivid i ...
The Dirty Bits
History can be hilarious and is ever-changing. There are new discoveries all the time that continuously give fresh and interesting commentary. Learning the personal and intimate details about historical figures gives a deeper understanding of the motivation behind their actions that helped shape society for generations, and gives humanity what can sometimes seem like unrelatable historic figures. It's also entertaining as hell to imagine people typically portrayed in a stately manner doing t ...
The MAN-to-MAN Podcast - Blog
John Iadarola of the TYT network joins psychology professor Kway Gordon in a podcast that is both casual and intellectual. In each episode they take on the issues ranging from sex to politics to gaming, or whatever else is on their minds -- always with informed insights and an irreverent sense of humor.
Whiskey and Whine Podcast
In a chaotic world of debauchery, who can modern listeners count on for a fresh take on everything ranging from current events to casual sex? Just check in with your hosts Dan and Lindsay, the friends you probably shouldn't have invited over for the holidays with your family.
Being a Woman... for Men
Welcome to Being a Woman… For Men. A show where a guy, me, Ethan Banville, talks to women about obstacles they’ve faced in their lives and careers just for being women. Don’t worry, dudes and bros, this show isn’t a bunch of angry people screaming into a microphone. It’s a casual, funny and informative hour where I talk with executives, comedians, teachers, writers, lingerie makers, athletes and more who share life experiences that women don’t normally share with men. That’s right, we’ve got ...
Casual Fridays
Welcome to Casual Fridays with your two new internet friends, Anitha & Jose. Tune in every Friday as we talk about pop culture, sex health, and what Anitha's ovaries are full of — it's something different every week!
GamerHusbands Radio
We are GamerHusbands Radio! We are five husbands that love gaming, and now we are going to talk about it! We are definitely hardcore gamers. Our Resume? Over 100 combined years of gaming. Our coverage will span more than just the gaming general. Weekly discussion topics will be a main focus. Some of the topics that we'll cover are; Sex in gaming, the comeback of Sony in 2014, Microsoft vs. Sony , Politicians vs. Gamers, and Game Violence vs. Movie violence. Just to name a few. We are going t ...
NotPorn Podcast
NotPorn is the Sex-in-Film podcast where long-time friends, Lyra & Laura, discuss sexuality in mainstream film and television (i.e. not porn.) The discussions are frank, casual and explicit. When discussing specific movies and shows, major plot points may end up being revealed. The entire podcast should be considered SPOILER territory. Each episode description lists the titles involved, in order to give fair warning.
PT Below The Waist
Jamille Niewiara and Jessica Chastka are co-hosts of their new podcast called "PT: Below the Waist", a patient oriented podcast discussing topics related to pelvic floor physical therapy and how it addresses bladder, bowel, and sexual function issues. The podcast features two pelvic floor physical therapists casually conversing about their experiences and thoughts towards pelvic floor related issues . Every few weeks, they will be posting podcasts about different diagnoses, tips/recommendati ...
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Joy of Business
Aired Monday, 31 July 2017, 4:00 PM ET Business On The Move Guest Bios: Maggie Schlarb Are you an adventurer at heart? Maggie sure is!!! One of Maggie’s greatest joys and gifts is to assist others to use question, choice, possibility, and contribution as a way to create greater in business and in the world. When Maggie is not facilitating class ...…
The Vital Connection Between Sex, Intimacy, and Vulnerability - Interview with Daniel Leibowtiz from the Intimacy Institute We all seek connection with those around us. We have casual conversations with our friends and small talk with strangers and acquaintances. Typically, we seek a deeper more intimate connection with our loved ones, and yet ...…
So The Wind...
Subscribe via itunes or using this. ... "tout le monde sait où" "cette route nous mène..." black keys - set you free (peel session 31.07.2003) four thing - 1:57 (s/t - 2016) mahom - dub in faluja (fell in - 2017) You/In/Be/Arc - side A (excerpt) (excavations series 7 - 2017) piper street sound - zikazikazika (barrier island - 2017) xiu xiu - fo ...…
In this episode, we talk breaking penises, New Yorkers, jacking off in New York, sex in America and how it's shamed, self discovery in your 20's, masturbation, unsolicited dick pics, being a preachers kid and the affects it has on being a woman in a casual sex environment and hostages!
Snacks and Chats
Josie & T (Josie Oloioto'a & Te Awariki Lardelli) talk about using their vlog to confront casual racism, sexism and homophobia, and the sex-ed they wished they had in high school. They also talk about mental health and the importance of strong platonic relationships, the impact of religion and culture on their lives, and the epic story of how t ...…
The Gender Knot
Should men be involved in feminism, and if so, how?Men are super involved in feminism these days – and there appears to be a cultural trend in getting men involved in the fight for gender equality. We’re seeing this daily: be it the UN’s HeForShe campaign which is all about this, or male celebrities like Pharrell Williams and Ashton Kutcher tal ...…
As the story begins, we meet Detective Soma Dan, a mother of two and a homicide investigator at Helison PD, and Paul Stevens, a young man living in the southern city of Lieutenia. Both are about to have their lives upended. NewAlephChapterOne CHAPTER ONE: “Your tone implies you believe him.” “My tone?” lines formed on Detective Matthew Travis’ ...…
Curious about polyamory or opening up your relationship? Not sure how to do it without making yourself crazy with jealousy and angst? With personal and honest stories, sex educator Euphemia Russell talks about what polyamory and open relationships are, why you may want (and not want) to explore it, and tried and tested ideas for how to do it we ...…
Comic Robin Schall joins Jared on this week's Friday episode of The JTrain Podcast, to read your emails and answer questions about hooking up with someone who wants to keep things casual, choosing a the right person to hook up with, feeling complacent in a long-term relationship and being in a relationship where the sex has faded. Plus hypothet ...…
One pernicious idea surrounding sex is the commodity model or the "market value" of sex. The idea behind the “economy” of sex is a model of interaction between straight men and women based on the idea of supply and demand. It comes in a number of flavors - some of them more overtly misogynistic than others - but the basic premise is this: The p ...…
Are you tired of relationships that go nowhere? Are you frustrated and disappointed of always ending up with Mr./Ms. Wrong and don't know why? I hear from women and men all the time that they were so certain that they found their perfect match and partner for life. Then suddenly without warning, they discover that their relationship is in shamb ...…
Sex Talk With My Mom | A comedy talk show inspired by Howard Stern, Joe Rogan, Tim Ferriss, Bill Burr, & Sex with Emily
This episode spans the promiscuity spectrum beginning with 30-year-old virgins and ending with a one-night stand. KarenLee shares her experience throwing off a pick-up artist. Cam talks about his first clown show and his thoughts on casual sex.We’d love to hear your thoughts on this episode and answer your sex or relationship questions! Please ...…
How do you make love? In a factory, apparently. Come listen as we talk about our squishy hearts just waiting to be wrung out by machines. We also address yet more questions about weed and casual sex, the big is beautiful movement, traditional heads of household, and getting WICKED DRUNK. The conversation somehow then devolves into anime body pi ...…
Highlights from this week: What type of property will be in strong demand in the future? Three looming changes all investors must prepare for Why Friday settlements could be a mistake A warning about apartment blocks fire and safety risks What people will tolerate just to get into the market Transcripts: What people will sacrifice to get a prop ...…
Girl Boner Radio
Sexologist and author Dr. Nikki Goldstein joins August to discuss sexual exploration as a woman in the digital age, casual sex, masturbation, thinking with your vulva versus logic and perks of a sex and dating bucket list. You'll also hear Dr. Nikki's and Dr. Megan's thoughts for a listener whose boyfriend wants to see other people, but she wan ...…
The Sacred Medicine Podcast: Functional medicine | spirituality | sisterhood | sex | sensuality | empowerment
This week’s podcast interview has been, hands-down, my favorite! My guest Eva Clay, an acclaimed psychotherapist and sex and love expert, shared wisdom that was beyond profound! Are you single and question whether or not casual sex is something you want to engage in? Or do you play small in the dating world so as to not come off as too powerful ...…
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Three Lions – Fuengirola The Three Lions – Fuengirola The Three Lions is fairly large pub in Reyes Catolicos, a street in north Fuengirola about fifty metres from the beach. It is not far from Los Boliches and easy to find on the Internet, which will give you more precise directions on how to get to it. The Three Lions is owned and run by two B ...…
Vintage Talk Radio – episode 04 How to have good manners Vintage Talk Radio – episode 04 Men’s manners toward Women The whole code of manners toward a woman is based on the assupmtion that she belngs to to a weaker sex, with frailer muscles and more delicate sensibilites. To what extent this is true is a matter for physiologists and psycholotis ...…
The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love—Sponsored by PURE Hook-Up App
Comedian Will Miles is a modern man. He pays for his porn; he respects politically correct vocabulary; and he hosts a podcast with his girlfriend optimistically titled Hopefully We Don’t Break Up! For a year and a half they've stayed together to talk about dating and relationships. It's like this podcast if someone had been willing to love me b ...…
Unscripted Season 1 Finale, thank you for all the support, I will be back in September!! Tune in to the dope two part finale about casual sex and an amazing cypher by dope rappers and an amazing songstress. I promise you don't want to miss this! Warning: Some of the content in this podcast is for an adult audience and may offend some people. No ...…
Our first guest speaker is a special one! In this episode, we dive deep into Casual Sex with Reid Mihalko, sex educator, public speaker, and America's favorite Sex Geek. Check out Reid at: Visit our website at: And don't forget to write a review about us on iTunes! ;)…
Isn't That Spatial is a podcast dedicated to casual geography and the spatial component of whatever. On this episode, we're exploring the spatial component of the oldest profession in the world - sex work! You can view the show notes and related content on our website at!
The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love—Sponsored by PURE Hook-Up App
Polyamory takes work. That work becomes a lot more difficult when you or your partner is dealing with mental illness. Kat returns to The Manwhore Podcast after a wonderful appearance on episode 19. But as the Senate Republicans shove through a health bill that will make access to mental health services out-of-reach for millions of Americans, Ka ...…
Twenty episodes in and we discuss casual sex, what makes good head, getting surprised by anal sex, dildos that vibrate and are suction cupped, naming your boyfriend’s penis, dirty talk, moaning, being the guest in a threesome, waxing our private area and swallowing!
We all have our own idea of how sex and dating should be, but are we assuming too much? On today’s show, Emily is here to give you new perspectives to take your sex and dating life by storm, with a little help from Menace! Are you self-conscious about your curved member? What’s the deal with voyeurism? Swiping right on casual, but can’t seem to ...…
Today's Guest: Richard Brody, author, Everything Is Cinema: The Working Life of Jean Luc-Godard Everything Is Cinema: The Working Life of Jean Luc-Godard by Richard Brody. Order your copy today by clicking on the book cover above! I studied French New Wave cinema in college. Took it twice, in fact, in Professor Robert Ray’s class at the Univers ...…
Sex With Rubi
In this twinning episode, we discuss sex in the laundry room, taxi cabs, penis size, guys and girls being a hoe, how enjoyable casual sex is, our magic numbers, L.A. being a sexualized city, marriage and kids!
Welcome back to Broken Pussy Podcast.Join Amethyst, Topaz and Montana explore casual sex.. previous shenanigans and how to shoot your shot. We also answer some questions from curious cat and out brand new limited edition segment of the show.
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