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TaDa Ministries
Home of Catholic to Catholic, a podcast about all things Catholic, and the TaDa Ministries blog. We discuss everything from why Catholics do what they do to what's going on in the world around us.
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How do we respond to Jesus' call to be his disciples? Simply trying to "be good" doesn't cut it. There are too many choices to make, too many voices calling us to follow them, and not enough familiarity with discipleship to try to just wing it. Is it possible to be a faithful disciple of Christ and still live in society? What does taking up our ...…
Why do Catholics Have Priests? (RCIA Fast Track 2013) There are many questions about the priesthood today such as why can't women be priests, why can't priests marry, and why do we need a hierarchical priesthood at all? In this talk we'll look where the one priesthood of Christ, how all baptized participate in it, and why some are called to par ...…
Who is Jesus? (RCIA Fast Track 2013) As a Christian you may feel you know everything there is to know about Jesus. In this talk we go over why it's still important to discuss who he is and we go over some of the subtleties of his life that may be easy to miss. Download mp3:…
Here's a recording of the Saints & Mary talk I gave to our 2013 Fast Track RCIA class. We go over why we bother with saints, what the difference is between a canonized saint and everybody else, what's so special about Mary, and lots of other stuff. Please forgive the last 15 minutes not having the best recording quality. We're still testing how ...…
This is a recording of a talk I gave to the 2013 Fast Track RCIA group last week. We cover things like the structure of the Bible, some common misconceptions, how to read it and the like. Give it a listen and share your thoughts! Listen to mp3.By (Dan Brooke).
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