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VANISHED: The Tara Calico Investigation
An investigative podcast that explores the unsolved disappearance of the University of New Mexico student, Tara Calico, a 29 year-old mystery that is hailed by Investigative Discovery Magazine as one of their top ten unsolved cases. Come along with host Melinda Esquibel, a former classmate to Tara Calico & a filmmaker turned amateur investigator, as we examine the old case files. Follow us on Twitter @VanishedPodcast on Facebook @Vanished: The Tara Calico Story on Instagram @Justice4TaraCali ...
Calico Cast
The Three Amigos: Kenny, Robert, and Terrance are The Calico Cast. Tune in each week to hear the gang talk about all the things in the world of entertainment that they find interesting along with personal anecdotes that are sure to leave you wanting more.
Calico Cat, The by THOMPSON, Charles Miner
This is a cute story of a mysterious feline annoyance and the result of a man acting upon his annoyance. The cat begins a vicious spiral of events that ends with lies, the arrest of a boy, and the guilty conscience of a man. (Summary written by Allyson Hester)
Calico Cat (version 2), The by THOMPSON, Charles Miner
The consequences of letting your irritation get the better of you are humorously portrayed in this story of a self-important man who fires a shotgun at an annoying cat on his fence.. and hits a man skulking in the bushes. What did the cat do to enrage him? Why was the man in the bushes? And how can the whole matter be covered up and done away with before the neighbors start gossiping? (Summary by Mark F. Smith)
Calico Rock United Methodist Church
A Caring Family of God, Faith and Love
Tu Fe Catolica En Cristo Nuestro Señor
Un programa cristiano catolico para todo el mundo! Conoce tu fe en Cristo Nuestro Señor!A catholic christian program for the whole world! Know your faith in Jesus Christ our Lord!
Dom Bruno Gamberini
Arcebispo Metropolitano de Campinas
IDEK is a podcast where host Clare Dickerson interviews folks without any direction or plan. Things can and do get weird. What do you want to talk about today?
Ciudadano de Fe
By our baptism, we are committed to following Jesus Christ and to be "salt for the earth, light for the nations." It is necessary that all participate, according to our position and role, in promoting the common good. This is inherent in the dignity of the human person ... As far as possible citizens should take an active part in public life. We are all here as pilgrims. Be a faithful citizen! Be a Ciudadano de Fe.
Homilias de Padre David Bergeron, de la comunidad de los Companeros de la Cruz, haciendo ministerio en el Centro Catolico Carismatico de Houston, Tx
Regnum Christi | Spiritual Soundbytes for Kids
Three-minute audio reflections by Br Peter Hunyh, LC
Nonsense Verses by Edward Lear by LEAR, Edward
This is a collection of some of the delightful nonsense verses and stories by Edward Lear. A lot of them are also my favorites. The Jumblies, The Owl and the Pussy-cat; the Broom, the Shovel, The Poker and the Tongs; The Duck and the Kangaroo; The Cummerbund; The Dong with the Luminous Nose; The New Vestments; Calico Pie; The courtship of the Yonghy-Bonghy-Bo and Incidents in the Life of My Uncle Arly. Also included at no extra cost are two sections with my favorite Lear limericks. Only abou ...
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This episode we do something a little different. No, not that. Weirdo. This time, Mort's taking a break while Kate does the educating! Come listen to a tale of snitching, Calico cats, and gender swapping with Lizz and Taylor!
VANISHED: The Tara Calico Investigation
On July 9th I was on Nancy Grace show which can now be heard on SeriusXM Radio Channel 132 on Friday, July 18th, 2017 at 12 noon EST. Here the teaser here.
This week Cheya Cary joins me once more and we chat with our pal Seth Woodward, an OC comic & podcaster. He tells us of a scary experience he had in the woods while acid was involved. We also smoked a little before this episode, so we get very sidetracked and ramble a lot. Enjoy! Check out Seth's podcast Good Word With Woodward - which Cheya & ...…
Second song from my album "There Ought to be a Law", songs about things that infuriate me far out of proportion to their importance.Thanks to Sandy Calico, for suggesting the subject.Andy Balham plays guitar and bass. Everything else is me.I got a new laptop, I'll Just tear the stickers offAnd then it's time to go out on the internet!Easier sai ...…
Oops I forgot to check my volume levels this week so I’m basically inaudible. I made it easier on everyone and just cut my speaking parts out entirely but I have a pretty damn good playlist full of groovy tunes. Read on for the full playlist: Giant Claw vs Guerilla Toss – Dollface on the Calico Highway Kinuko Ohmori – There’s A Hurricane Tonigh ...… Hello listeners. This weeks tune is a messy kind of not really finished idea, distorted thing about a guy dragging a body around and saying that he's been watching the end of the world on his telly. It kind of harks back to things I maybe would've wr ...…
The Alaskan Pirate & His Salty Seamen sounds naughty but it's not. Really.
We played Purple Heart tonight. Oh yeah we did. Also Mizzen, do drink up—you'll want to gird yer loins for this show.
Bilgemunky Radio
Bone Island Buccaneers, Budd Bay Buccaneers, Brigands… the b-words were out in force tonight.
Bilgemunky Radio
Tonight we toast the (mediocre) career of Calico Jack Rackham. And then we play lots more pirate tunes!
Bilgemunky Radio
The Truth About Rum, you ask? Well, if you drink some Black Heart and wind up in Buccaneer's Bog you'll likely have to take your Chances with some Skeletons who then get beat up by Oderlessey who's a Damn Fine Sailor but also a Brutal Pirate although nicer than Calico Jack Rackham but not so nice as Anney Bonney and Mary Read.…
Tonight we mark the occasions of Blackbeard's and Calico Jack Rackham's untimely demises with a helping of songs dedicated to each. Musical Blades, Roy Mette, the Jolly Rogers, and many others all contribute music inspired by these infamous men. Also tonight, new music from Captain Bogg & Salty, and an excerpt from the new Lafitte's Return albu ...…
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Three Lions – Fuengirola The Three Lions – Fuengirola The Three Lions is fairly large pub in Reyes Catolicos, a street in north Fuengirola about fifty metres from the beach. It is not far from Los Boliches and easy to find on the Internet, which will give you more precise directions on how to get to it. The Three Lions is owned and run by two B ...…
En las noticias de esta semana, una victoria para los servicios de despensa de comida y feligreses de la Catedral Holy Name of Jesus participaron en una excursión en la catedral. Mas adelante – el Papa Francisco exhorta a la Iglesia a un "esfuerzo necesario" para la formación de los discípulos misioneros... cómo responden al llamado los líderes ...…
Listen to some of battle rap's most influential battles with our special guests! Full battle located on YouTube! Follow Geechi: @GeechiGotti Follow Illmac: @Illmaculate Follow Chase Moore: @Chasemooremusic Follow the RYD team: Follow RYD - @RUINYOURDAYNOW Follow Avocado - @avocadoisgod Follow Clayton - @DamnItsClayton Follow Laugh N Stalk - @Dr ...…
Wisconsin Bound
Personal Maintenance episode! an apology to Yellowstone Cheese, Splinter’s origin story, Breatharian family, Orca gangs, cat-licking,, to hair or not to hair, hygiene myths, face-down meditation and other strange meditation techniques, learning accents, examining Shia’s fashion
Fanatic! I have a day off from rolling and tumbling on set. With the power of the two ibuprofen tablets I took an hour ago to neutralize the effects of getting tossed around like a near sixty year old ragdoll and long visits to the gym, I am able issue these notes. I am listening to the tracks for our show and I must say, I do believe we’ve don ...…
This week The J's are joined by OKnice, live from The Lake Monster Brewing Company, in St Paul, MN. The Oklahoma native discusses his music, upcoming shows, battle rap, and upcoming battles. We continue the conversation with, how it felt for OK (bars) when NBA Champion Kevin Durant left The Thunder, McGregor trash talking Mayweather, what he ex ...…
This week I had a nice chat with my pal J.D. Jackson. J.D. & I met in an online community for podcasting & comedy fans and we spend a good chunk of time discussing podcasts, as well as relationships, Marvel & DC movies, current events (Comey's trial, our buffoon president, etc.), going back to church and more! It gets ranty and it gets deep and ...…
This week, I'm talking to the amazingly talented Jasmine Jones! This interview was so much fun for me as I have been Jasmine's number one fan for years! She shares a delightful story about how she got started hand lettering and tells us about her new company, Wild Hope Co. We discuss her work with Studio Calico and her lovely life in Kentucky. ...…
Songs From The Basement
THIS IS A BASEMENT REPLAY.......By popular demand...60's psych songs still have some merit 50 years later.We also had a major power outage in the basement for the last few days, but were back. So we thought we would run an older show that has a bunch of great songs that will give us a groovy Summer mood and we might play the other psych shows t ...…
Stormy & I have turned this conversation into an all new podcast! ⚡️ Check out Real Eyes Realize Real Lies!⚡️ GET OUT YOUR TINFOIL HATS, FRIENDS, BECAUSE WE'RE DEEP DIVING INTO SOME JUICY (pun intended) CONSPIRACY THEORIES TONIGHT. Starting with Katy Perry's new video Bon Appetit (below), Stormy & I go over the video as it plays, discussing how ...…
This week we decided not to have a theme! Fuck the theme police! Clare tells of her visit back home to Wisconsin for her 30th birthday Cheya waxes poetic about being a twin. Comedy & storytelling by Cat Davis, David Rosenberg, Kelly McConville & Francisco Rodriguez. We had a bit of a technological mishap so the audio from this recording is from ...…
This time, we journey back to Calico to check in on opening weekend of season 2 of Ghost Town Alive at Knott’s Berry Farm. How has the story progressed from the season 1 cliffhanger? Is Mr. Fortune still looking for a date? Has anyone seen Hop Wing Lee? Listen in as we talk about the […]
radio CALS
This week, Rex and Paul chew the fat about Sam Houston's brother's grave, Calico Rock, the River View Hotel there, Angler's Resort near Mountain View, jam sessions in Mountain View, folk festivals in the area, the JFK Overlook at Heber Springs, Wilbur Mills, Fordyce and its great sports history, the Smithsonian's Hometown Teams traveling exhibi ...…
I sat down with my pal Emma Tolkin to talk about her app Vibes. In this particular episode…a lot happens. To set the scene: We thought it would be appropriate to discuss her app Vibes outside near the pond, immersed in bird noises, you know, real vibesey stuff, but there were some crows who were super talkative, and yard work began. Before we m ...…
In this episode, we have incredibly tangential conversations separated by different recordings, songs from Boise musicians and stuff. Either you’ll think this is funny or you’ll think it’s um not? Check us out on social media! MEGAN & BRANDON @junkfoodrunners on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook MUSIC DJs from Mars “Bleached Bones of the Crow” by S ...…
VANISHED: The Tara Calico Investigation
An investigative podcast that explores the unsolved disappearance of the University of New Mexico student, Tara Calico, a 29 year-old mystery that is hailed by Investigative Discovery Magazine as one of their top ten unsolved cases. Come along with host Melinda Esquibel, a former classmate to Tara Calico & a filmmaker turned amateur investigato ...…
Talkin About The Passion
Ryan and Jake from SHARKLEGS talk with Thomas about escaping the shadow of Star Wars, the benefit of dogs in the studio, and Ryan's misadventures recording with Macklemore.The Seattle psychedelic pop-rock band SHARKLEGS is comprised of Ryan Bedard (guitar, vocals), Jake Jones (bass, synth), and Landon Cross (drums). The trio plays with classic ...…
1. Plastic Coated Dancers - Freak Heat Waves 2. Liquid Honey - Freak Heat Waves 3. Maze - William Alexander 4. Mr. Noah - Panda Bear 5. Jungle Swingers - Macula Dog 6. Bridge of Ignorance Returns - Cloud Becomes Your Hand 7. Doll Face on the Calico Highway [Giant Claw Remix] - Guerilla Toss 8. Mystery Track 9. Disney - Kara-Lis Coverdale 10. Te ...…
Como ejemplo de la ola de odio anti-cristiano en todo el mundo, el Pastor René Pereira comparte la historia de un sacerdote católico en España que es el blanco de una viciosa campaña de persecución por predicar la verdad dentro de su propia iglesia.
Nineteen year old Tara Calico disappeared during her daily bike ride. Despite search efforts, she couldn't be located. Nine months later, a chilling photo appeared suggesting that Tara was being held captive. Over the next twenty years, speculation abounded and the mystery of Tara Calico became even more complex and frightening. Was it an abduc ...…
After suffering a loss at the hands of Calico and Agean, Vermilion City's gym leaders, Rose and Cobalt go back to demand a rematch. But the gym leaders have others plans.. And Victor & Biscuit as hostages! Annie and Jonathan Craton join Jake, Josh, and Alan once again in this very unconventional episode! Patreon: Emai ...…
Rose and Cobalt arrive at the end of the Vermillion Gym and meet its two leaders: Calico and Agean. Can they defeat them, or are they too mad at each other to make a good team? Annie and Johnathan Craton join Jake, Josh, and Alan in the thrilling conclusion of the Pelipper Pier Gym! Patreon: Email: ...…
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