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Our journey through the Book of Acts takes us into the mystery and depth of God's grace and the complex subject of forgiveness, tying the gospel into current events like the murder trial of Amber Guyger.By CedarParkChurch.
Stay and wait. Listen as we continue through the Book of Acts and explore themes of leadership, decision-making, waiting, and receiving the promises of God.By CedarParkChurch.
We don't like tension. When we experience discomfort we are tempted to either control the situation or withdrawal from it. However, Jesus invites us to face the discomfort, wait for the Spirit, and become his witness.By CedarParkChurch.
Join us as we kick off our new series for fall 2019 on the Book of Acts. Pastor Lee Kosa starts us off with the coming of the Holy Spirit.By CedarParkChurch.
Guest speaker Dan Forest returns to Cedar Park to conclude our summer series on the parables, with the Parable of the Prodigal Son.By CedarParkChurch.
Where is your treasure? Join us as Pastor Andrew Kowan challenges us to think about money and possessions in light of the truths of Jesus' parables.By CedarParkChurch.
Guest speaker Nancy Duxbury walks us through the Parable of the Rich Fool from Luke 12: 13-21.By CedarParkChurch.
Stay Awake! Our summer series on the parables continues with a look at the story of the bridegroom from Matthew 25: 1-13.By CedarParkChurch.
Guest speaker Dora Dueck joins our summer series with a message on the Parable of the Fig Tree.By CedarParkChurch.
Guest speaker Debra Cotter leads us through the Parable of the Lost Coin and what it tells us about the love and grace of Jesus.By CedarParkChurch.
Wealth Creation and Retention by CedarParkChurchBy CedarParkChurch.
We say we care for the poor, but do we know their names? Listen as we are challenged and humbled by the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus.By CedarParkChurch.
What is the trajectory of our hospitality and generosity? Does it extend only to boomerang back to us? Is it a closed loop, or an open circle? Hear how and who Jesus invites to his table.By CedarParkChurch.
When has an encouraging word from another lifted your spirit? Explore with us themes of honor, self-worth, and exaltation in God's kingdom, as we continue moving through our summer series on the parables.By CedarParkChurch.
The story of Jesus healing on the sabbath from Luke 15 sets the stage for our continuing exploration of the parables.By CedarParkChurch.
The gospel story of the good samaritan points us towards an uncomfortable truth. We might need help from people that make us feel uncomfortable. Listening to new stories with humility can help us learn hard truths about our world and our church. Listening to stories of our LGBTQ+ family, like Beth Carlson-Malena’s, can help us grow in love and ...…
What if the Kingdom of God was hidden in plain sight? What if the Kingdom of God was all around us in places like farmer's fields, extended care units, and among our neighbours? This message asks us to look for and receive God's Kingdom in the everyday places we live, work, and play.By CedarParkChurch.
Do our beliefs separate people or bring them together? In telling the parable of the tax collector and the Pharisee Jesus draws the circle of God's mercy even wider still.By CedarParkChurch.
No matter how many times you have heard one of Jesus' parables another reading always yields fresh insights and provocations. This message revisits the familiar story of the Good Samaritan and asks, "Is there anyone we don't have to love?"By CedarParkChurch.
In this season of Eastertide, listen as guest speaker Debra Cotter reflects on the story and meaning behind the resurrection of the risen Jesus.By CedarParkChurch.
Don't look away from the cross. Listen as Pastor Andrew Kowan gives us a Good Friday homily for 2019 that reminds us of Jesus' suffering for our salvation, and collecting our tears in his bottle.By CedarParkChurch.
During Lent we have been following Jesus' footsteps through different spiritual seasons. This week the journey brings us to the cross, and an invitation to bring our burdens into the hands of God.By CedarParkChurch.
Our spiritual lives are not static. They grow and change through seasons and stages, and this week we move from simplicity and complexity to perplexity.By CedarParkChurch.
When it comes to life, faith, and all things spiritual, things can often go from joyous and simple to difficult and complex. Explore personal stories of loss, injustice, and lament with us as we journey through the lenten season.By CedarParkChurch.
What do you do when it feels like you have hit a spiritual crisis? Spiritual Director Dan Heavenor explores the dynamics of hitting "the wall" spiritually.By CedarParkChurch.
How comfortable are we with changes and different seasons of life? Guest speaker Matt Balcarras brings us into the season of Lent with a personal story of loss and grieving, and of finding the peace of God and support of the church in the midst of it.By CedarParkChurch.
As with the seasons and ages or stages of life, join us as we begin our lenten series on the different stages of our spiritual lives. Part 1 explores the experience of awakening.By CedarParkChurch.
Part 4 of our series Welcome to Cedar Park explores what defines us as a Jesus centered community. The parable of the Two Lost Sons invites us to re-consider our categories of "us" and "them."By CedarParkChurch.
Part 3 of our series Welcome to Cedar Park explores a few emphases of Anabaptism, including a core commitment to not only worship Jesus but to also follow him.By CedarParkChurch.
In this second installment of our series on "Welcome to Cedar Park," we explore the story of our larger church family heritage, and the history of our Anabaptist traditions.By CedarParkChurch.
This series explores the history, vision, and values of Cedar Park Church. Learn about our origin story in this message and how it informs who we are and who we are becoming.By CedarParkChurch.
Join us as guest speaker and author Julie Kraft shares her personal journey of faith through lived experience with bipolar disorder and offers a story of hope.By CedarParkChurch.
When it comes to sharing our faith, how do we break through the baggage of others' lives and the static of our world? Listen as Pastor Andrew Kowan shares his powerful story.By CedarParkChurch.
We are guided by facts, but moved by stories. Guest speaker Tim Ernst unpacks for us the power of stories...the stories Jesus told, and the stories we can tell to be open and honest about our faith.By CedarParkChurch.
What if evangelism was more like a work of imagination, a witness to beauty, a means of inviting others into a whole life of reconciliation in the New Creation that Jesus started? Join Pastor Andrew Kowan in exploring the idea of this new creation as music, and listen for the incredible song that Jesus is singing.…
Listen as guest speaker Tim Ernst kicks off our first series for 2019 on sharing our faith, challenging us to listen to our neighbors and be present to those around us.By CedarParkChurch.
Songs in the Night - 4th Sunday of Advent by CedarParkChurchBy CedarParkChurch.
Luke tells the backstory of Jesus' birth through song. Four songs of hope ring out in the darkness promising that a new day will dawn. In this message Richard Somerset tells the story of he and his wife's journey through infertility. This powerful contemporary story of suffering, waiting, and hope echoes the ancient story of Zechariah, Elizabet ...…
Luke tells the backstory of Jesus' birth through song. Four songs of hope ring out in the darkness promising that a new day will dawn. This message invites us to consider the songs of the anawim–the needy, faithful, and musical people of God. Listen to Mary’s ancient Magnificat and Megan’s contemporary song that sings of God’s rescue.…
Luke tells the backstory of Jesus' birth through song. Four songs of hope ring out in the darkness promising that a new day will dawn. The story of Zechariah and Elizabeth is the story of waiting, lament, and hope. This message invites us to listen to Zechariah's song and to songs of lament and hope from within our church community.…
Climate reports warn that the world is barreling full speed ahead towards impending ecological disaster. As we careen downhill, a voice from the top of the mount calls to us offering a way to avoid a worst case scenario. What is this ancient voice saying? Will we listen?By CedarParkChurch.
Fight, flight, or is there a third way? When it comes to responding to conflict, Jesus teaches us the way of non-violence. This message explores Jesus' teaching on "turning the other cheek" and cites several vivid examples of non-violence.By CedarParkChurch.
Fight, flight, or is there a third way? When it comes to responding to conflict, Jesus teaches us the way of non-violence. This message explores some of Jesus' teaching on what it means to practice enemy love.By CedarParkChurch.
Join us as Pastor Andrew Kowan frames for us how we think about our outreach, our impact, and our mission, and how our faith stretches beyond these walls, puts on boots, and engages our neighbours.By CedarParkChurch.
Greg Toews speaks about his work with Partners Relief and Development in conflict areas in Myanmar and the Middle East. He shares how their hope is reconciled communities living in peace, and how that challenges the church to follow Jesus by taking action in the midst of conflict.By CedarParkChurch.
When it comes to self-image, there must be an alternative between the "arrogant angel" and "worthless worm." This message walks through Luke 18:9-14 and explores how we make peace with our conflicted selves.By CedarParkChurch.
Many people oscillate between pride and shame when it comes to how they view themselves. Is there an alternative between the personas of the arrogant angel and worthless worm? This message walks through Luke 7:36-50 and explores how we make peace with our conflicted selves.By CedarParkChurch.
Who is responsible for the events in our lives, us or God? Is it all up to God, or all up to us? Listen as Pastor Andrew Kowan explores this question, invites us to the table, and encourages us to look where where God's peace can be found.By CedarParkChurch.
In a culture of political division, de-humanization, and scandals, how do we re-claim our humanity? Explore with us the beatitude of "Blessed are the pure in heart" and what it means to see things with a third eye, in the way of peace.By CedarParkChurch.
Jesus came to resurrect a language of peace in the world, a tongue that has largely died out. Through citing movies like CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, ARRIVAL and personal stories of encountering God in a foreign land, Pastor Lee Kosa illustrates the way of Jesus in an either/or culture.By CedarParkChurch.
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