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The Potters Cast | Pottery | Ceramics | Art | Craft
This is a show about clay artists and their story of life with clay.
Yingge Ceramics Museum
Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum, which opened in 2000, is Taiwan's first museum focusing primarily on ceramics. It is dedicated to preserving and promoting Taiwan's cultural heritage in ceramics, upgrading the ceramics industry, promoting ceramic art, conducting surveys on ceramics in Taiwan, as well as collecting and preserving ceramics. The full tour, available at the museum, has more than 65 stops for the Permanent Collection. For more information please visit http://www.ceramics.tpc ...
Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast
Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast features interviews with culture makers from around the world. For more information please visit our website
A podcast to promote the field of ceramic arts interviewing a variety of ceramic artists I have met during my travels. I am a ceramic artist enrolled in a MFA degree program at Tainan National University of the arts. You can check out my website at . While here I have met some great ceramic artists and want to share them with the larger arts community out there. Please pass the word along if you like what you hear.
Critical Craft Forum
Critical Craft Forum offers conversations about craft and contemporary culture. Conversations include studio visits, discussions about books and exhibitions, panels and more. Hosted by Namita Gupta Wiggers with guests and guest hosts from around the globe.
Sawdust & Dirt
A conversation with potters and artists from the Penland North Carolina hills with host Michael Kline.
NCECA 360 Podcast
The NCECA 360 podcast is the official podcast for the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts. Our biweekly podcast will feature ceramic news, information, interviews with artists, and exclusive NCECA Conference coverage.
Grunewald Guild Podcast
The Grunewald Guild Podcast features updates from the Guild, A non-profit Art and Faith Community in Plain, Washington. Interviews with Artists in Residence, Faculty and staff are mixed in with upcoming events at the Guild.
Ed McLaren's Podcast
This video demonstrates the impression technique used by Dr Ed McLaren DDS, MDC. Dr. McLaren maintains a private practice limited to prosthodontics and esthetic dentistry in which he does all of his own ceramics. He is the director of the UCLA Center for Esthetic Dentistry, a full time didactic and clinical program for graduate dentists. He is also the founder and director of the UCLA school for Esthetic Dental design. The school is a full time program for dental technicians featuring extens ...
Women Who Art
Hi! You've stumbled on a podcast about the arts! We try to cover them all with special guests, fun segments, and an overall interest in women in the arts. Here are some of the arts we cover: Visual Arts Drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, architecture, sculpture, conceptual art Literary Arts Poetry, long form, short stories Performing Arts Dance, music, theater, opera, mime, statue art, slam poetry Multidisciplinary Arts Film, opera, and various performance art
See, Here's the Thing
See, Here’s the Thing is the “expansion pack” to your life you never knew you needed. Hosted by Kate Amatuzzo (Owner, See, Here’s the Thing) and Patrick Thiem (Owner, a ceramic golf hat he made in the 8th grade), the show highlights important pop culture news bites of the week, diving into film, TV, theatre, music and more.
WDCICF ICF Homes Concrete Contractor Dumore Construction & Remodeling is a licensed Hawaii general contractor. Our company’s primary focus is on advanced ICF, insulated concrete forms, house construction and quality ICF materials supply. But we also build structures with other construction materials like wood, concrete, and CMU. We also do home remodeling, repairs, roofs, excavation, pools, fences and walls. Remodeling includes ceramic tile work, mechanical piping and electrical, new sinks, tubs, showers, wind ...
Somehow Good by DE MORGAN, William Frend
A mysterious man arrives in London and, in a freak accident, gets electrocuted on an underground train and loses his memory. A young lady called Sally Nightingale feels responsible, and brings him home to her mother. But in a strange twist of fate it transpires that her mother is the man's ex wife, whom he left twenty years earlier in unhappy circumstances. The old attraction is there, but what will happen if and when his memory returns? A highly melodramatic plot, but with a deft comic touc ...
Caffeine Mark The politically incorrect way to love your coffee
A show dedicated to the beautiful world of coffee. From the farmers of this magical bean, through to the delicious moment it is sipped from a delicate ceramic cup in a cafe somewhere in the world; this show will look at every possible aspect of this gorgeous industry. Caffeine Mark is here to change the world one coffee at a time. Join us in our, sometimes politically incorrect, way of loving coffee. Welcome to the show!
Kyo Yaki / Kiyomizuyaki(Kyo-ware / Kiyomizu-ware)
Although there were potters in Kyoto during the Nara(710-794) and Heian(794-1192) periods, the ceramic industry began thriving here during the Azuchi Momoyama Period(1573-1603). During the subsequent Edo Period(1603-1868), many studios were built here. Kyo-ware, featuring a broad variety of techniques and elegant designs, is widely used as household tableware, ornaments and utensils for tea ceremony and flower arrangement.
Messengers of Evil by ALLAIN, Marcel and SOUVESTRE, Pierre
Fantômas was introduced a few years after Arsène Lupin, another well-known thief. But whereas Lupin draws the line at murder, Fantômas has no such qualms and is shown as a sociopath who enjoys killing in a sadistic fashion.He is totally ruthless, gives no mercy, and is loyal to none, not even his own children. He is a master of disguise, always appearing under an assumed identity, often that of a person whom he has murdered. Fantômas makes use of bizarre and improbable techniques in his crim ...
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In our fifty-second Minute, Bill refuses to make love to Jojo under the watchful eye of her parent's ceramic Jesus sculpture, but that doesn't stop Jojo for making another go of it as he heads out the door. It's halfway through the movie and halfway through the podcast, which marks the start of a two month hiatus here at the Mystic Pizza Minute ...…
For the past couple years, anyone even remotely engaged with the art world in Madison was bound to bump into artist, educator and activist Carlos Eduardo Gacharná at some point or another. Gacharná’s work harnesses techniques from glassblowing, neon, and ceramics with a beautiful fluidity and an uncanny grasp of texture. But he’s made just as b ...…
The 100 Word Stories Podcast
Every morning, she makes a fresh pitcher of iced tea. And she brings a fresh lemon in her purse. She buys a bag every Saturday when she goes grocery shopping. There’s a nice ceramic knife and cutting board she uses for the lemons. The break room refrigerator has a reliable icemaker in the door. At the end of the day, she sighs and dutifully cle ...…
High School... What a time. For some it was great, for others not so great and for most of us it is something we all experience. This story is about my high school art teacher Mrs. Hendricks. She was a small and delicate elderly women. She taught pottery and ceramics in my first period art class my junior year at Saint Joseph High School in Sou ...…
UnitedQ - UK BBQ Podcast
E91 is with Jess Pryles! Jess Pryles is a cook, author, TV host and aprofessional Hardcore Carnivore.Her expertise lies in all things red meat, having once been referred to as “the goddess of all things that have previously moo-ed”. She creates dynamic original recipes with a Southern and Tex-Mex twist, and is also a respected authority on low’ ...…
On this edition of our show, we learn about "Eloquent Craftsman: Tom Manhart and His Students," a new exhibition focusing on the artwork and teaching career of Thomas A. Manhart, a thoughtful and influential sculptor who was a much-admired professor of art at TU from 1963 to 1993. This exhibition -- setting the work of Manhart alongside pieces ...…
RNZ: Standing Room Only
Associate Professor Linda Tyler from the University of Auckland is one of the guest speakers at the Art Crime Symposium in Wellington. She's particularly interested in counterfeit Chinese porcelain in New Zealand. She should know, she owns quite a few fake Ming ceramics purchased over the years. These days she can tell the real thing from a mas ...…
Go to and sign up to get notified of future episodes and other cool stuff for guitar players, or subscribe on itunes at How the company went from being an antique electronics radio supply company to a parts supply store for Tube Amps… Easy and fun mods and kits, even g ...…
As Echoes and Shadows Collide by DJ WAXTURNAL
A remastered and mixed encore presentation of the once upon a time 90's LA underground band 900 CERAMICS. This rare 80 minute podcast is a mix of tracks from their only cd release in 1998- Dogmas & rare b-sides, and music video tracks. The podcast also includes some solo tracks by lead singer Andrea Lane as she moved in more of a ...…
Cultural Quarter of an hour
This week I have a look around BCB Festival on it's opening weekend. I also bump in to Throw Down judge Keith Brymer Jones. #BCBFestival #SOT2021 #clay #cityofculture #ceramics
When struggling adolescents seek support, they go first to their friends. Many of these struggling teens are dealing with mental health and other serious issues. This places a great deal of pressure on those teens in helping roles who want to help their friends without compromising the trust of those friends. In this episode, Roy addresses this ...…
The Potters Cast | Pottery | Ceramics | Art | Craft
Malcolm Greenwood's focus on production has allowed Malcolm to develop a level of skill and discipline which continually brings more simplicity and freedom to both his exhibition and production work. Additionally, there is a constant exchange, to and fro, between these contrasting areas of Malcolm's work. Great satisfaction is gained for Malcol ...…
Redefine The Relationship
Join the gang as they have a round table discussion about how the skills and interests we develop affect your dating and social life.[I just got home from working a double and I'm trying to listen to the episode and write this description before I fall asleep, so sorry if it makes no sense - Kuykendall]Kirk destroys everyone's ear drums with a ...…
Think on This - Learn Random Knowledge
Who were the Maya? The Maya were Mesoamerican Indians that, before the Spanish conquest, possessed one of the greatest civilizations in the Western Hemisphere. It is believed that they started to settle into the Yucatán region of southeastern Mexico, Guatemala, the Honduras and northern Belize between 1600 BCE and 1400 BCE in villages with an a ...…
First Presbyterian Church of Baton Rouge
If you had a beam of light from God’s eternal glory, why would you put it in a brittle ceramic jar? That’s exactly what God does. There is a treasure given to human beings: the ability to see who Jesus is and to love him for it. That knowledge lights up our souls into eternity. But we who have such knowledge live in these aging, decaying, limit ...…
Cut up the banana, put it in the blender,And shake it all up, shake it all up[x2]You got a banana smoothie (banana smoothie) [x2]Drink up, taste it, swallow itGet up, get on top of itFeels right, aloha and Mahalo...Stay straight, right now it isHave faith, getting out of itFeels right, aloha and Mahalo...Cut up the banana, put it in the blender ...…
BFM :: Night School
We reflect on pottery, sculpture and ceramics today to discuss the tactility of the creative process. Joining us to do that is Albert Setyawan, artist and scholar in the making, who shares his thoughts and experience on how and where the cultural, material symbolic and spiritual come together in the good use of hands and earth.…
Loved loved loved having my man and OG entrepreneur Tony Conrad stop by to talk business, answer call-ins and hang out. The call-in questions here are completely unrivaled and out of left field, ranging from a tomato farmer wanting to invest in hydroponics, the creator of a business that takes human remains and converts them into ceramic mugs, ...…
Download: Ogg vorbis / mp3 Video: Episode auf YouTube Themen Pixel 2 wasserfest und Always-On Modus Es gibt keinen Snapdragon 836 laut Qualcomm News Rekord für Vorbestellungen bei Galaxy Note 8 bereits gebrochen Scheinbar zurecht: Erste Reviews sind begeisternd Tiefere Duo-Integration bei der Google Phone App Alle Nokia Android Geräte bekommen ...…
In this weeks episode, I meet Salma Carreon.She makes ceramics, etchings and paintings. This includes hand painted shirts and a few commissioned murals around town. But what she really wants to do... Listen to the whole story and find out. Links and notes at http://www.americanbandito.comBy (American Bandito).
A jewelry software specialist from Boston moves to Twin Falls to start a ceramic shop... talk about a unique story!The second the STBD series, "Where's the art community in Twin Falls?" we chat with Robin & Tony, artists, entrepreneurs, community builders, and married couple.
Andy gets a Pixel from a totally not a scam deal. Russells finger slips on titanium and ceramic, and he ends up poorer for it. Flo touched a Note 8, and totally didn't spontaneously combust. All this and more on this episode of your second favourite podcast, MATERIAL! This episode of Material is sponsored by: Squarespace: Make your next move. E ...…
Essential Phone Unboxing! The essential unboxing video you've all been waiting for. Subscribe for my Essential Phone review.This video is about the new Essential Phone available only from TELUS in Canada. Pre-order yours now at Essential phone is one of the most exciting developments in smartphones for 2017 / 2018. Ess ...…
We are made clean; we enter the Holy of Holies. What shall our response be before a Holy God? Here I Am, and Send me! A part in unlocking the ability in going forth with the Gospel is by understanding the Japanese technique: Kintsugi. Kintsugi is a Japanese method for repairing broken ceramics with a special lacquer mixed with gold, silver, or ...…
Week two of living the strenuous life is in the book. Here’s what I accomplished. The weekly challenge This weeks challenge was to read an entire book of at least 150 pages. In any other week this would have been a fairly easy challenge. However this week I did not have a lot of free time so getting an entire book completed was for sure going t ...…
The Potters Cast | Pottery | Ceramics | Art | Craft
Dana Bechert is a full time ceramic artist living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Dana was raised on the Connecticut shoreline by two artisan parents. Growing up Dana was introduced to various trades and skill sets, including pottery. Dana attended the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore Maryland. Upon graduating with a deg ...…
Louisville, KY Real Estate Podcast with The Sokoler Medley Team
EGGFest is a unique event with delicious food; but the eggs here aren’t what you think. Today, Sandie and I are coming to you from the annual EGGFest at Brownsboro Hardware & Paint. Before we move on to what’s going on here at EGGFest, let’s talk a little bit about our market. The first piece of news is that interest rates, while they’re stayin ...…
Ears on Art speaks with Arroyo Grande artist Ethel Tink Landers. She creates in several different medium including painting, ceramics, etched stone, and book illustration.By (Crissa Hewitt).
We visit Chico's Blue Room Theatre to talk with the director and the two lead actors from "Frost/Nixon," the play opening next week that's based on the real life TV special in which host David Frost interviewed the disgraced post-Watergate ex-president Richard Nixon. We also talk with three artists from a group called the "Claymates" who have a ...…
This episode was recorded on July 24, 2017, on WPRK FM. Listen to the whole conversation in the player above! You know that fear. The one where you’re paralyzed, you can’t even open the door to go in and join your friends. You’re just standing there, outside the paint it yourself pottery place, terrified that you’re going to mess up the cup, or ...…
Left Right Out
Peter Moody talks $hit (literally) after completing Kokoda last Friday and the first man in many decades to play first class cricket and AFL football, Crow Alex Keath, joins the gang in a two guest spectacular. AFL, NRL, cricket, ceramic cows, racing a shark; this episode has it all. Oh, and plenty of laughs!…
The Potters Cast | Pottery | Ceramics | Art | Craft
Courtney has been a studio potter in Missoula, MT for the past four years. She first moved to Montana in 2009 as a resident artist at the Archie Bray Foundation. Afterwards she moved to Missoula as a resident at The Clay Studio of Missoula and decided to stay. Courtney studied Ceramics at the Oregon College of Art and Craft. Her designs are inf ...…
The Potters Cast | Pottery | Ceramics | Art | Craft
Brad Miller is an artist currently working out of his studio in Venice, CA. Brad received his MFA from the University of Oregon in 1977. From 1980 thru 1992 Brad worked at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass Village, Colorado. He served as Executive Director at the Ranch from 1984 thru 1992. Since 1992 Brad has focused on his studio prac ...…
Friends of Kevin Radio
Host Kevin Willett is joined by John McCann of Artistic Prints. Artistic Prints can create exquisite murals using ceramic tiles, glass or aluminum photo panels of your artwork. Find out more about Artistic Prints by visiting their website at To learn more about the Friends of Kevin Networking Group, go to http://frie ...…
This episode of Tell Us Something was recorded in front of a live audience on April 6, 2017 at Free Ceramics in Helena, MT. 9 storytellers shared their story. The theme was "The First Time”. Today’s podcast comes to us from Aaron Parrett and is titled "Confessions of a Dissolute Banjoist". Thank you for listening. With a banjo on his knee, Arro ...…
The Potters Cast | Pottery | Ceramics | Art | Craft
Betsy Williams is a studio potter living at 7500 feet above sea level in northern New Mexico. Her work highlights user friendly shapes and quiet yet compelling decoration.
Studio Visits
This week Jake and Jenna welcome Ceramist and Michigander Anne Beyer into the studio and we talk about her recent adventures up and down the east coast. we rehash the age old debate between sculpture and functional art, and deep into the world of ceramics. you can check out Anne on Instagram @annekbeyer and you can rate us and write a review on ...…
The Potters Cast | Pottery | Ceramics | Art | Craft
Marina Temkin is a potter in Washington, D.C. She got into making pottery on a whim, when she took a class at a local community studio and fell in love with clay—but quickly learned that making good pots requires a lot of hard work and vigor, hence her business name: Whim and Vigor. Marina loves to play with color, texture, and pattern, and she ...…
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