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CFR On the Record
A chance to go inside Council on Foreign Relations events. Listen to world leaders and foreign policy experts discuss and debate the most pressing issues in international affairs.
Join gak as he explores music from the movies, tunes from television and any other cinematic source, along with atmospheric pieces, cutting edge new tracks and strange old goodies that could be used in a soundtrack to be. The spotlight swings widely to encompass composers, genres and other categories, but all in the name of discovery and ironclad whimsy.
Join Don as he explore the world with a skeptical eye. It's the show that applies skepticism and critical thinking to everyday issues. The place where reason and reality cross swords with politics, religion, economics and of course science. Join us each week, subscribe to our podcast and get ready to be skeptical.
CiTR is proud to present one of the best jazz shows in Vancouver. It has been hosted by notable jazz musician Gavin Walker since 1984. He features Jazz music that is respectful of its tradition and influential to the future. Every 11 o clock an album or an artist is featured and explored in depth. Walker's extensive knowledge and hands-on experience as a jazz player has made this show one of the most listened to in its genre.
CiTR -- Folk Oasis
Kumbaya-free folk music!(*currently on hiatus)
Hosted by dj Smiley Mike and dj Caddyshack, Trancendance has been broadcasting from Vancouver, BC since 2001. We favour Hard Trance and Epic Trance, but also play a lot of PsyTrance, Acid Trance, Deep Trance, Hard Dance and even some Breakbeat. We also love a good Classic Trance Anthem that's been heavily remixed. Current influences include Simon Qudos, Nick Sentience, Fabio Stein, Save the Robot, Vision Control Digital, Impact Digital and Reset Records. Older influences include Union Jack, ...
Plug NIGHTDRIVE95 directly into your synapses and immediately receive your weekly dose of dreamy, ethereal, vaporwave tones fresh from the web. Ideal music for driving down the Pacific Coast Highway in your Geo Tracker, sipping a Crystal Pepsi by the pool, or shopping for bootleg Sega Saturn games at a Hong Kong night market. Experience yesterday's tomorrow, today!
Now in its 31st year on CiTR, The Saturday Edge is my personal guide to world & roots music, with African, Latin and European music in the first half, followed by Celtic, Blues, Songwriters, Cajun and whatever else fits!
Formerly on CKXU for years, Canada Post-Rock now resides on the west coast but is still committed to the best in post-rock, drone, ambient, experimental, noise and basically anything your host Pbone can put the word "post" in front of. Stay up, tune in, zone out. I mean if you had a radio show pbone would probably listen to your show.
A chance to go inside Council on Foreign Relations events. Watch world leaders and foreign policy experts discuss and debate the most pressing issues in international affairs.
CiTR -- Pop Drones
Unearthing the depths of contemporary cassette and vinyl underground. Ranging from DIY bedroom pop and garage rock all the way to harsh noise and, of course, drone.
CiTR -- Mantra
Mantra showcases the many faces of sacred sound - traditional, contemporary, and futuristic. Each episode features an improvised blend of organic electronic nu-gaia vibrations - eclectic beats, lush layers, and medicine song - soundtracking the convergence of spirit and the techno-sphere.
Crimes & Treasons is a 2 hours of new uncensored music. Every Tuesday Night at 8pm-10pm PST. With DJ's Homeboy Jules, Relly Rel$ & Horsepowar Issa Arrian, Jamal Steeles & Introducing Malik Ali Aka Yung Avocado.
CFTC Talks
The purpose of CFTC Talks is to provide information about the commodity markets, futures trading and other information about conditions in this country and abroad that affect the markets. Our goal is to talk about and get information on all things impacting these markets. We’re going to talk with a wide range of experts in the markets: government agencies and offices, exchanges and clearing houses, authors and researchers, and market participants. Please listen to the introductory podcast to ...
African Rhythms has been on the air for over twenty three years. Your Host, David Love Jones, plays a heavyweight selection of classics from the past, present, and future. This includes jazz, soul, hip-hop, Afro-Latin, funk, and eclectic Brazilian rhythms. There are also interviews with local and international artists. Truly, a radio show with international flavor.Genre: Dance
Join the movement with Synchronicity: Talk Radio for Your Mind, Body, and Soul. Host Marie Benard is in service to a happier world. The show delves into the topics of personal growth, happiness, love, relationships, psychology, life skills, empowering ourselves, and creating a better world for all.
Strange and wonderful electronic sounds from the past, present and future: house, ambient, vintage electronics, library music, new age, hauntology, fauxtracks and other obscure genres I'm just going to make up as we go along. Music from parallel worlds, with inane interjections and the occasional sacrifice.
On alternate Sundays between 8-9 pm listen to " Rhythms India " on CiTR Radio 101.9FM - Producer and host - Nalini Bhui. Rhythms India is a dynamic show that presents several genres of rich Indian music in different languages, poetry and guest interviews as well. Presented are: Dance, Folk, Qawwalis, Traditional, Bhajans, Sufi, Rock & Pop. Also, semi-classical and classical Carnatic & Hindustani music and old Bollywood numbers from the 1950s to 1990s and beyond. Enjoy pure instrumental items ...
CiTR -- Arts Report
The Arts Report on CiTR brings you the latest and upcoming in local arts in Vancouver from a volunteer run team that likes to get weird! Based primarily in Vancouver, BC, your show hosts (Ashley and Jake) are on the airwaves on CiTR Radio 101.9FM, Wednesdays from 5-6pm. The Arts Report also uploads special broadcasts in the form of web podcasts on their Mixcloud ( and blog ( Get your daily dose of the latest in ...
2 hour Ethiopian program on Sundays. Targeting Ethiopian people and aiming to encouraging education and personal development in Canada
CiTR -- Asian Wave
Tune in to Asian Wave 101 to listen to some of the best music from the Chinese language and Korean music industries, as well the latest news coming from the two entertainment powerhouses of the Asian pop scene. The latest hits from established artists, rookies only just debuted, independent artists and classic songs from both industries, can all be heard on Asian Wave 101, as well as commentary, talk and artist spotlights of unsigned Canadian talent. Only on CiTR 101.9 FM.
Rockers Show / Playing the best in roots rock reggae, Dub, Ska, Dancehall with news views & interviews.George Reggae Barrett Celebrating another 33 years Rockers show on CITR 101.9 FM Radio Host Dj, Concert Promoter. Sound system Operator.Born and raised in the oldest inland Town in Jamaica, Bath St Thomas, about 45 miles from Kingston. My passion for reggae music came at an early age. My home where my mother runs the family business was next door to Robert Night Club and Tavern. On the week ...
CITR's 24 HOURS OF RADIO ART in a snack size format! Difficult music, harsh electronics, spoken word, cut-up/collage and general CRESPAN© weirdness.
Join Nardwuar, the Human Serviette for an hour and a half of Manhattan Clam Chowder flavoured entertainment. Doot doola doot doo... doot doo!
CiTR -- Kew It Up
Radio essays and travesties: Sonic Cate(s)chism / half-baked philosophy and criticism. Experimental, Electronica, Post-Punk, Industrial, Noise : ad-nauseum
CiTR -- Code Blue
Code Blue plays the blues... All the blues, all the time. The blues is changing, like everything else. PAUL NORTON, JIM BURNETT and ANDY BONFIELD are your three knowledgeable hosts, bringing you the latest and the greatest, from the classics to the newest and bluest notes.
Thunderbird Radio Hell features live band(s) every week performing in the comfort of the CiTR lounge. Most are from Vancouver, but sometimes bands from across the country and around the world are nice enough to drop by to say hi.
This 90-minutes symposium was presented at NACFC Anaheim 2011, offering information on the current treatment options for patients with cystic fibrosis, as well as information on emerging therapies. The topics include:- CFTR gene modifiers: what are they & how they work- The importance of the CFTR genotype/phenotype interaction- The role of gene modifiers in determining CF presentations- Using gene-targeted therapies to implement individualized treatment
CiTR -- Queer FM
One of the longest running LGBTQ+ radio shows in Canada, Queer FM Vancouver: Reloaded blends current events, human interest, arts, news and entertainment with a focus on LGBTQ+ involvement and community building. Get your rundown on Vancouver, Canada, and the World in every colour of the LGBTQ+ rainbow, our allies and more. Check out Barb Snelgrove and DJ Denise on Queer FM Vancouver: Reloaded with highlights from LGBTQ+ artists and content from around the world with special attention on hom ...
Sweet treats from the pop underground, since 2006! With your host, Duncan
CiTR -- The City
Each week host and producer Andrew Longhurst provides listeners with an alternative look at our changing urban spaces in this weekly urban affairs show. The program includes news, interviews, discussions, documentaries, and music. You'll find critical discussions of the people, politics, policies, and processes shaping urban geographies on issues ranging from gentrification to food security to urban economic change.
Pacific Pickin' brings you the best in bluegrass plus its roots and branches: old time, classic country, rockabilly, western swing and whatever jumps off the shelves at us. Most shows have an artist feature and a gospel set. Hear the historical recordings and the latest releases right here.
CiTR -- Soca Storm
Born of the disco era SOCA music is the #1 dance music genre in the Caribbean. It is the evolved form of Calypso music of Trinidad & Tobago a tiny Country and Island rich with culture and passion. Carnival is a big deal in the West Indies and SOCA Music is the booming sound that defines the season. Today, Carnival is an almost year round phenomenon with a circuit that stretches around the globe. This music is ENERGY, passion, and pace. Infectious rhythm, positive beats, that are sure to upli ...
CiTR -- News 101
Vancouver's only live, volunteer-produced, student and community newscast. Fridays tune in to hear an independent perspective of what's going on in the world how it affects you. News 101 covers current affairs ranging from the local to the international. We bring you the best that independent journalism has to offer, including syndicated media coverage by Free Speech Radio News and Democracy Now! We also have regular interviews with professors, politicians, student groups and clubs, advocacy ...
CiTR -- AstroTalk
Space is an interesting place. Marco slices up the night sky with a new topic every week. Death Stars, Black Holes, Big Bang, Red Giants, the Milky Way, G-Bands, Pulsars, Super Stars and the Solar System.
Australia and Canada share vibrant independant music scenes where perhaps a similar cultural history, sense of geographic isolation, and vast touring distances, breed particular kinds of musical creativity. Join your host Matthew for a weekly mix of exciting sounds, past and present, from his Australian homeland. And journey with him as he features fresh tunes and explores the alternative musical heritage of Canada.
A mix of the latest house music, tech-house, prog-house and techno + DJ / Producer interviews and guest mixes.
host: anita bee
Timely commentary on current research, best practices and clinical management issues, provided by an expert panel of Cystic Fibrosis Specialists
Little Bit of Soul is a show devoted to playing, primarily, old recordings of jazz, swing, big band, blues, oldies and Motown.
The cat's pajamas: a phrase to describe something/someone super awesome or cool. The Cat's Pajams: a super awesome and cool radio show featuring the latest and greatest indie pop, rock, lofi and more from Vancouver and beyond!
CiTR -- The Burrow
Noise Rock, Alternative, Post-Rock, with a nice blend of old 'classics' and newer releases. Interviews w/ other living humans.
CiTR -- La Fiesta
Let's get your party started with "La Fiesta"! Tune in every second Sunday from 3-5 PM with your host DJ MIXXX. Listen to internationally acclaimed Radio Latina Caliente that makes your body move and your heart beat. Lose yourself in the sounds that will fill your soul and get you ready for your night out! La Fiesta - hot, sultry and all you.
Hello hello hello! I am Russian Tim and I play new, international and local punk rock music. I also interview bands sometimes. Broadcasted in broken-ish English. Great Success!
Dan Shakespeare is here with music for your ear. Kick back with gems of the previous years.
Eclectic audio alchemy; the soundtrack for your transmutation. Rock, electro, weird stuff, dark stuff, and whatever's banging around in the mind of maQLu this week.
CiTR -- Radio Zero
Less chit-chat. Hook it up.
Every show is full of electro bleeps, retrowave, computer generated, synthetically manipulated aural rhythms. If you like everything from electro / techno / trance / 8bit music / and retro '80s this is the show for you!
End of the World News is grooves and news from around the world, mashed and crashed against the wall. Lauren, Adam and Graeme talk trash about international events with caffeinated cartoon voices from the world press and the dark net. The Big World Love Vibe: Roots & Beats, Funk & Soul, Dubbed Vibes & Dyslexic Drum & Bass. The antidote to The Corporation. Call in and we will put you on.
Stay Ahead of the Curve with these valuable continuing education resources for the Cystic Fibrosis Care Team.
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Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis, USArmy, Ret. - senior fellow for Defense PrioritiesCraig Shirley - Chairman of Citizens for the Republic (CFTR)Dr. Henry Miller - Robert Wesson Fellow in Scientific Philosophy & Public Policy at Hoover Institution, regular contributor to Fox News Opinion and to The HillAnn Coulter - Syndicated Columnist and Best-Sellin ...…
Mike chats with Bill Hayes about his years at 680 CFTR, Mix 99.9, The Fan 590, Q107 and AM640, what it was like working with his brother John Derringer and how proud he is of his son Bryan Hayes.
Mike chats with radio deejay Bob Callahan about his years on 680 CFTR and Mix 99.9 and.... well... every Toronto station you can name and why he left it all to become a detective with the Toronto Police Service.
Future Landscape of CFTR Modulators
What is cystic fibrosis? Cystic fibrosis is an autosomal recessive disorder involving the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) gene, which causes complications in the lungs, pancreas, and other organs. Subscribe - More videos - Support us on Patreon - ...…
A novel treatment of cystic fibrosis acting on-target: cysteamine plus epigallocatechin gallate for the autophagy-dependent rescue of class II-mutated CFTR. Tosco A, De Gregorio F, Esposito S, De Stefano D, Sana I, Ferrari E, Sepe A, Salvadori L, Buonpensiero P, Di Pasqua A, Grassia R, Leone CA,Guido S, De Rosa G, Lusa S, Bona G, Stoll G, Maiur ...…
A novel treatment of cystic fibrosis acting on-target: cysteamine plus epigallocatechin gallate for the autophagy-dependent rescue of class II-mutated CFTR. Tosco A, De Gregorio F, Esposito S, De Stefano D, Sana I, Ferrari E, Sepe A, Salvadori L, Buonpensiero P, Di Pasqua A, Grassia R, Leone CA,Guido S, De Rosa G, Lusa S, Bona G, Stoll G, Maiur ...…
A novel treatment of cystic fibrosis acting on-target: cysteamine plus epigallocatechin gallate for the autophagy-dependent rescue of class II-mutated CFTR. Tosco A, De Gregorio F, Esposito S, De Stefano D, Sana I, Ferrari E, Sepe A, Salvadori L, Buonpensiero P, Di Pasqua A, Grassia R, Leone CA,Guido S, De Rosa G, Lusa S, Bona G, Stoll G, Maiur ...…
A novel treatment of cystic fibrosis acting on-target: cysteamine plus epigallocatechin gallate for the autophagy-dependent rescue of class II-mutated CFTR. Tosco A, De Gregorio F, Esposito S, De Stefano D, Sana I, Ferrari E, Sepe A, Salvadori L, Buonpensiero P, Di Pasqua A, Grassia R, Leone CA,Guido S, De Rosa G, Lusa S, Bona G, Stoll G, Maiur ...…
Mike chats with boom 973 DJ KJ about his years on 680 CFTR as Kris James, how he ended up on boom and everything in between.
The Current State of CFTR Modification
Benefits of CFTR Modification Beyond FEV1 Improvement
The Effects of CFTR-modifying Therapies
In this 1 hour Webinar, we will review Cystic fibrosis, as well as an in depth summary of variant classification as it relates to CFTR. Kendra Waller, Genetic Counselor at Ambry Genetics, reviews classical symptoms of CF, as well as CFTR related disorders. Prior to her graduate work, Ms. Waller worked as a research technician for the Human Geno ...…
Hear from Francis Collins, Tsui Lap-Chee, and Jack Riordan whose labs worked together to discover the CF gene. CF luminaries Bob Beall, Pamela Davis, Philip M. Farrell and others share how the discovery of the CF gene changed everything. Faculty present the clinical data and how patient care is evolving.…
Guest Dr. Marco Seandel from Weill Cornell Medical College joins the hosts to talk about… The post Ep. 24: Sperm Stem Cells Featuring Dr. Marco Seandel appeared first on Stem Cell Podcast.
What Does CFTR Tell Us About Lung Disease?By (eCysticFibrosis Review).
In the forty-fifth episode of the Twilight Pwn, John & Fred discuss “What’s In The Box” the 144th episode of Rod Serling’s classic television series, The Twilight Zone. Topics include technophobia, a dark revelation from John’s past, and why “Yonkers Yonkers Fan Dance Yonkers” was the worst thing you could say to a person in 1964. John’s Rating ...…
Learn about the 5 classes of CFTR mutations, the latest research on emerging therapies for each mutation class and follow four individuals with CF. These case-based modules were presented at the 36th European Cystic Fibrosis Society Conference in Lisbon, Portugal.By (DKBmed).
This program describes the correlation between a patient’s CFTR genotype and their CF phenotype, explains the importance of genetic testing in suspected adult-onset CF, and identifies the practical uses of the CFTR2 database.By (DKBmed).
Founding Rivals...a great chunk of founding history....the rivalry between Madison and Monroe. Then, who is the next Reagan? Bill Pascoe from CFTR says Iowans say it's Newt. Michael Gerson from ONE encourages us to assist AIDS ravaged sections of the world. Then what have Iowans decided about Herman Cain? WOW!…
Why would a deadly genetically-transmitted disease persist? Doesn’t “survival of the fittest” mean that any genetic mutation that causes premature death should quickly be extinguished? In the case of Cystic Fibrosis, the problem is even more dramatic, because CF causes infertility in men. How could this gene possibly survive? Yet it not only su ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: The Language of LifeSubtitle: DNA and the Revolution in Personalized MedicineAuthor: Francis S. CollinsNarrator: Greg ItzinFormat: UnabridgedLength: 10 hrs and 44 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 01-05-10Publisher: HarperAudioRatings: 4 of 5 out of 13 ...…
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