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Chad Millman and his bookmaker buddy Scooch talk about the world of sports betting, from who the wiseguys like in every game to the old school codes of Vegas.
Going Deep with Chad and JT podcast features Chad Kroeger and JT Parr from Chad Goes Deep. In the pod, they will discuss major current events, honor legends, explore ongoing beefs, and give advice to fans who have sent in questions. New episodes released every Wednesday! For more of Chad Goes Deep, check us out at
Industry veterans Joel Cheesman and Chad Sowash discuss a wide variety of topics and news stories around recruiting, human resources and employment. Hiring companies and employers tune in weekly for insights from practitioners, vendors, startups and more.
We asked three people to describe Chad and Ballsy Daily.They said:-“Who?”-“They owe me money”-“Sometimes funny” Chad and Ballsy Daily, your daily dose of 104.9 The Wolf’s morning team Chad and Ballsy including stuff they weren’t allowed to say on the air.
Chad and Jake discuss randomly selected topics.
Chad & Wess Make a Podcast! Listen to the ramblings of two nerds as they talk about things Geek culture like:- Movies- TV Shows- Comics- Games- & More!!Check back every other Sunday to get the latest news and happenings!Check us out on iTunes!
If you are looking to buy or sell a home, get all the information and the latest updates, tips, and tricks from Edina Realty - your professional Real Estate Agents.
Listen to messages from Awaken Church led by Pastors Chad & Lacy Gonzales. You can also watch live and archived services on youtube, FB, our Awaken Church phone app and at
We believe every people group should have an opportunity to hear and experience Jesus
Perfectionists in the studio, passionate on stage and with an army of dedicated Tritonians in every corner of the planet, Texan duo Tritonal invite you to enter Tritonia, a weekly podcast featuring the latest in dance music, handpicked by Chad and Dave.
MINI Cooper Podcasting with db, Todd, Gabe, Chad & Brian
Heroic Intervention is a Warhammer 40K podcast focusing on "Casually Competitive" play and improving your game. Chad and Andrew talk about rumors, games, tactics, hobby, and everything fun! Please drop in a join us!
Zoe Church LA
Welcome to the audio podcast of Zoe Church Los Angeles lead by Pastors Chad and Julia Veach. We hope that these podcasts give you hope, faith and encouragement throughout your week. To learn more about Zoe Church visit
Ignite Church
Sunday messages from Chad Hammons & Ed Webbon of Ignite Church.
This is the feed for a number podcasts affiliated with the Pro Wrestling Only forum and the Place to Be Nation, which include:- Where the Big Boys Play, hosted by Chad and Parv, which looks at NWA/WCW supercards from 1983 onwards.- Titans of Wrestling, hosted by Parv, Pete, Johnny and Kelly, which looks at pre-Hogan era WWF from 1975 to 1983, as well as various territories from that era.- Wrestling Culture, hosted by Dylan Hales and Dave Musgrave, features musings on the sublime nature of pr ...
Jay, Chad, and Randy are your host on the hot new Ballroom2Basement podcast where they talk about everything from pop culture to politics and everything in-between, and also give you an in-depth look inside their own personal lives. You can follow Jay on instagram @jayhabs28 / Randy on instagram @kingdoom85 / & Chad on instagram, twitter, and soundcloud @ian86hamilton
Paranoia Shoppe
A comedy of curiosities curated by hosts Chad and Aaron as they investigate "true" stories of the supernatural, conspiracies and general weirdness... and probably make fun of them all. Part history, part science, all super dumb. But in a fun way!
BTS Radio
Podcast about Chad & Sam's journey through building a media company from the ground up.
BTS Radio
Podcast about Chad & Sam's journey through building a media company from the ground up.
Let's Make Out
Life is a journey and everyday we are trying to make out where it's going. Whether it's in our marriages, relationships, finances, spirituality, parenting or internal; it can be difficult to navigate. The Let's Make Out Podcast, hosted by married duo Chad and Gabrielle of the YouTube channel GabeBabeTV, is here to help you make out all things love, life and laughter!
Weekly Heat from Chad and Zayah on many topics.
Chad the Podcast
Put some prime quality Chad into your ear, with his weekly Op-Ed from the Paper Machete at the Green Mill Chicago about pop news, sports, politics, science, sex, life, death, birth, love, nerds, Star Wars and sometimes it's all about you.
An inside look on two people who are blending their families together. Join Chad and Maria as they openly share the ups and downs in real time of combining their lives.
Ask The Doc
Ever wonder what life is like at the dildo factory? Ask The Doc visits Doc Johnson's creative director and marketing guru Chad and Sunny inside America's largest sex toy manufacturer. Come hear what all the buzz is about!For this and other great Playboy Radio shows go to
A conversational family podcast that's Full of Fibre! Hosted by Rad Dad Chad and Jen M. Special appearances by #Lilman!
Mike Eklund and Chad Smith discuss easy ways to make better financial choices. By day, they are fee only financial advisors who pull stories from experiences and questions they hear regularly. Whether it’s retirement, tax savings, investing, estate, or 401(k) decisions, Chad and Mike help you understand your options and provide tips to help with your decision-making. If you’ve been putting off your financial to-do list or are just not sure what you’ve been missing, The Financial Symmetry Pod ...
listening sessions for the third ear ~ cut-up collage edits & free-format mixtape compilations eclectic selective assemblage ~ ranging from difficult to easy listeningvarious genres ~ various artistsinstrumentals . songs . spoken_word oddly modified - modly oddifiedmerging into medleys of metapsyphonicaCustomer Review: "Constantly Unfolding""AgentA mixes together a wide assortment of music, clips of commercials and television audio into a smooth moving assemblage that both challenges and gro ...
Podcasting to the world from the heart of Santa Monica, CA, renowned paranormal investigator and Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker Chad Calek (American Ghost Hunter, Paranormal State, Sir Noface), along with life long best friend and acclaimed film producer Justin Holstein (A Blood Red Sky, The Ghost Prophecies)) co-host the debate-filled, heavily opinionated, highly entertaining PARAMERICAN RADIO podcast, which is a bi-weekly podcast in which Calek and Holstein present listeners with the ...
Digital Motion Gaming
A podcast by gamers, for gamers. We discuss many other topics as well in the entertainment and Internet world.Hosted by Chad and Kaylor
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On this week's show, Chad and Marcus talked; - The Ten Reasons that Drove them Away From the WWE - The Super J-Cup - Marcus and Chad finally talk IMPACT's Ace and more! Monday @ 10 – SportsCorp Podcast on Mixlr Tuesday @ 10 – WrestleCorp Podcast on Mixlr Wednesday @ 9 – WrestleCorp Review Podcast on Mixlr Thursday @ 10 – ComicCorp Podcast on Mi ...…
Chad and Ballsy discuss the confusion over the Memorial Cup standings, camping without a fire and alcohol, food kryptonite, Washington and Tampa, and Rick Van Dyke talks about the time he was sued by Metallica.
We are a podcasting couple who loves to disagree about all things movie related and anything else that might spark in our crazy mind! Do you have a hate/ love relationship with your best friend/ partner? You will so relate to this podcast! This week we are checking out the movie "Tucker and Dale vs Evil". Our stream of consciousness style discu ...…
Chad and Ballsy discuss Rider Training Camp, The Vegas Golden Knights, local landmarks, the royal wedding, and Chad plays a recorder. Ugh!
Welcome back Readers! This week Tommy, Chad, and Steven are weighing in on the most recent school shooting that took place at Santa Fe High School. We also discuss Deadpool 2 on Steven's Cinema Showcase and try and put an end to the Laurel/Yanni debate that has taken the internet by storm! And of course Sports! w/Chad tells you everything you n ...…
The one where Chad & Wess Ruin Deadpool 2. Also, Chad shares his opinion about shows and movies he doesn’t watch!Website: www.chadandwess.comReddit:…d1016738126?mt=Twitter: @cwmakeapodcastFacebook: ...…
This time on Schooled Ya, Chad and Clint play another round of Would You Rather: Teacher Edition, discuss side-hustles and getting by on a teacher’s salary, and report on what’s happening in their lives in Dad Chat! In this episode, Clint talks a bit about "Forensics" and gives an incomplete definition of what it is and how it works. Here's how ...…
TBTC IS BACK! Andrew and Tyler are back with a new Lyrical Analysis segment. Alos, the guys answer a question relating to leading musical worship songs that you don’t agree with. And finally, the guys discuss an article that highlights the celebrity pastor world. RESOURCES Chad Veach Article
The O.G. #Goodbrothers are on a reunion tour to bring you an amazing episode of View From The Top Rope. Chad and Diesel (JR is on assignment) come to you from Zeus's Dojo to give you the greatest podcast in the known/unknown multiverse done by 2 #GoodBrothers from WI. The show this week starts with both Chad and Diesel gushing over their excite ...…
Chad and Ballsy talk "me time", social change, Kurt Cobain's guitar, and Canadian politeness.
On this week's WrestleCorp Podcast, Chad and Marcus talk; - Ronda Rousey is getting a title shot, but is it too soon? - We're pretty sure Nikki and John are working us, but to what end? What angle? - Rich Swann is officially apart of the IMPACT Wrestling roster, but will fans give him a chance? - All In is abuzz but will a UFC fighter be return ...…
Chad and JT dive into the Iran deal, talk about when it's important to be chill/not chill, JT describes what he means by having a "rocket in his ass", the crazy texting controversy in the news, helping gullible people out. As always, we touch on babes, legends and beefs. For bonus content, check out our patreon at…
Hollywood has done so much Trump bashing on TV that even liberals are getting burned out and tired of it. An op-ed on called Saturday Night Live’s anti-Trump political cold openings “elitist pieces of liberal propaganda, that are limousine liberalism at its worst.” Anti-Trump late night host Jimmy Kimmel said in an interview about his ...…
Chad and Ballsy talk creative air conditioning, the stupid royal wedding, and standing at concerts. They're also joined by Rob Vanstone of the Regina Leader-Post to talk about his beloved Winnipeg Jets and Matt Bradley of the Regina Pats to talk about their prep for this weeks Memorial Cup.
Episode 169 - Tickle Chicken by Dave, Josh, Chad, and sometimes Isaac
Welcome back Readers!! This week your hosts Tommy, Chad, and Steven discuss some Falling Down moments. On Tommy's Tantalizing Topics we discuss the 65,000 text message incident. Sports! w/Chad we weigh in on the new gambling legislation as well as catch up on the playoffs. On Steven's Cinema Showcase we Get Your Netfix and breakdown the new Net ...…
We continue our interview special, “20 Minutes with Chad,” with filmmaker/web producer Chad Meisenheimer. Have a question for Chad, Simon, or the show? Email us at or use the ‘contact us’ link at the top of the page. The post Extra Features Interview Special: ’20 Minutes with Chad’ – Episode 6 appeared first on Extra Fea ...…
Chad and Ballsy discuss tv shows that need to be brought back, Chad's preparation for a baby in the house, new hipster fairy tales, 20 years since Seinfeld, and the Memorial Cup.
Chad and Cameron sit down to write a new Batman comic book. Not just new as in no one has read it yet, but new in the sense that it will enlighten a generation of sheeple cursed to wander this mortal plane in agony and numbed pain for never hearing the pure inspiration that is concealed within these newsprint pages.…
ALL DARIAN DURANT EDITION. Chad and Ballsy discuss Darian's retirement with Rider teammates Chris Best and Luc Mullinder. Also, young up and coming quarterback Noah Picton of the Regina Rams/ Toronto Argonauts weighs in on one of his idols calling it a day.
On today's episode, Chad & I discuss some ways that the Nintendo Switch could be improved. We hope you enjoy it! Please visit our show page: Please subscribe on iTunes or Apple Podcasts: We are on Pocket Casts on iOS & Android: We are on ...…
Chad and Ballsy talk with Brian Munz of TSN 1290 in Winnipeg about game 7 between the Jets and Preds, vanity plates, best movie endings, magical moments in life, and the Saskalert "chosen ones".
Chad and Ballsy discuss teacher appreciation week, The Rider Plaza of Honour inductees, celebrity salaries, and the end of ticket scalping. But at what cost?
Welcome back Readers!! This week your favorite hosts Tommy, Chad, and Steven start the week off with bathhouses. "Sports w/ Chad" introduces a new segment and a shout out to a phenomenal sports talent. We discuss Lebron James and his impact on the NBA Eastern Conference. This week we deep dive into comedy on "Get Your Netfix". We discuss everyt ...…
Whew. There is a LOT to unload in this episode. I knew going in that @chadsmart was not a fan of Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi. But after I finally had a chance to watch the movie recently, I wanted to sit down with him and chat about the movie. Ol Chad had just one condition, however. He wouldn’t talk to me about Star Wars until I saw The ...…
Whew. There is a LOT to unload in this episode. I knew going in that @chadsmart was not a fan of Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi. But after I finally had a chance to watch the movie recently, I wanted to sit down with him and chat about the movie. Ol Chad had just one condition, however. He wouldn’t talk to me about Star Wars until I saw The ...…
2:54:28 – Frank in NYC, plus the Other Side. Topics include: Crazy Cat, Krazy Kat, bus station art, paper towels, 1492, darkness, reincarnation, Fortnite Battle Royale, bad news from The Pinball Arcade, Hawaii volcano, kombucha memories, The Royal Book of Oz, biomorphic field theory, The Site on MSNBC, Revision3, orgone pyramids, artisan keycap ...…
Have you ever encountered a “Coming Soon” listing during your home search?Whether you have or this is your first time hearing this term, allow me to explain. When a home is described as a Coming Soon listing, this means that the seller has begun marketing their property prior to listing it on the MLS.Sellers may choose this option if they still ...…
We have a fun show today where Chad and Matt discuss hot lava, birthing methods (as briefly as Matt can get the discussion), Cobra Kai, compromise in the Church, pizza rolls, and even their new TMB mascot The HUB 2000 or "Hubbie." Listen in!
Chad and Ballsy talk about the Premier, critters in strange places, kids in traffic, uplifting music, and chat with Pat Canadian head coach Darrin McKechnie.
It's the third annual Derby episode, recorded in the heart of the Ft. Lewis Derby party! It's a free for all crossover as Carrie and Lauren are joined by Shawn, Chad and John from Bourbon and Bad Opinions. We talk derby topics, Kentucky topics and lots of general nonsense. John talks about his first job at Kmart, Carrie explains why she will ne ...…
Chad and Ballsy talk Mother's Day, Milky Way, beer, hockey, and Chad realizing he's getting old.
This is it! Thanos can demand our silence no longer when Chad & Wess discuss their thoughts on Avengers: Infinity War. Also, stay behind for discussions of the latest trailers and movie news, and find out if you won our latest giveaway!Website: www.chadandwess.comReddit:…d1016 ...…
Chad and Ballsy talk Star Wars Day, the Saskatoon/ Regina Rivalry, new old Guns n' Roses, how to pronounce "Teitz", and our favorite Facebook moment.
On today's episode, Chad & I discuss Splatoon 2 and what's been going on with the game recently. We hope you enjoy it!You can watch the Inkling Open 2018 Finals here: can find information about the Splatoon 2 World Championships at: visit our show page: ...…
Chad and Ballsy discuss horrible roommates, paranormal activity, tinder, and classy first dates.
Sorry for the delay Readers but Tommy, Chad, and Steven are back and better than ever! This week on "Steven's Cinema Showcase" we go all in with Avengers: Infinity War! We wrap up the super hero weekend with Psychokinesis on "Get Your Netfix". This week on "Sports! with Chad" we talk about the NFL draft, and Chad keeps us in the know on the NBA ...…
Chad and Ballsy talk overrated rock bands, sayings you may not know are racist, Jets, Raptors, Lebron, Kanye, and the man who ate thirty thousand Big Macs.
On this episode of Rhian's Hope, I am finally talking to Chad Joseph Songy, founder of many things, but most relevant to this episode, Zebra Crossing Adventures. We start with doldrums of 9 to 5 life, and move on to his experience as a white male, his efforts to have important conversations about equality across the world, his goals in launchin ...…
Andy, Chad and Josh celebrate 10,000 downloads of the Thorocast.
Chad and Ballsy talk parking ticket hotspots, weather with Jeff The Pig Spleen guy, Winnipeg Jets with TSN 1290's Brian Munz and self pleasuring fantasies.
Hear Matty and Rich party with the greatest partiers of all time Chad & JT! We are missing Roe on this Episode but he will return for Episode 4!
Mike, Chad and special guest Jaelyn get into our approach to prayer, our mindset in it and our expectation from it. Also, Mike addresses some strange laws in the Old Testament in Mike's Top Ten.
Chad and Ballsy discuss the Avengers, Cosby, Tinder, the Koreas, and more headed into the weekend.
You like music? You like beer? You like to have fun? Well, so do Lou and Chad and boy did they ever have fn on this episode. There may have been a bit of pre-game drinking going on, but, in the end you are the one's who get the fun out of it. Lou and Chad are old and there fun was rewarded with the morning after. This week the guys talk the cla ...…
Beginning his life as a missionary kid living the first chunk of his life between the Caribbean and South America, Chad would describe himself as a “hellion” in his younger years. Having a passion for music and art, but knowing that singing and playing wasn’t his gifting, he kept his passion and dove into the business side of music starting a l ...…
Nice guys finish last...because they're miserable assholes. Guts Danson calls in to disrespect Chad and the audience.
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