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Make money....Helping the world
Technology products featuring Yahoo!, Google, and many others that help your organization save money and make money.
Christian Leadership
Leadership by the book.
Transforming Tomorrow’s Leaders Today through sharing real world experiences and pearls of wisdom in our powerpacked messages. Our hosts Laurie Rubidge and Chad Schapiro are International Lead Trainers who have created success for decades. Next Level Leadership Radio is inspiring people across the world to reach new levels. Our main goal is to change people’s lives and create new found passion for their effectiveness as a leader. SUBSCRIBE TO BLOG:
Turn Your Head And Laugh!
TYHAL is a dive into the mental psyche of an anxiety riddled comedy club manager and his attempts to host a podcast. With a holding hand from Co-Host and comedian Gerrit Elzinga, Seth Shapiro attempts to bring you the best in audio entertainment as they chat with comedians about whatever they feel like, and mainly end up makeing fun of Seth. If you enjoy conversations with comedians, anxiety filled managers, and awkward silence than this is a podcast for you! Seth Shapiro is a manager at DrG ...
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How to treat people with RESPECT! This podcast is dedicated to showing the love and respect that individuals in our lives need.
I felt so moved to share about the NLL Memberships this week when I heard one of the coffee calls from my partner Chad Schapiro on our "Basic Membership package" and thought...."the world needs to hear this". I hope you will join us soon and I hope you can hear my heart why! Thanks for listening!
When I first entered into leadership I was amazed how many people would talk such a great game about all of the things they looked forward to doing. It would get me really excited and then massively dissappointed when those words would have no follow through. Finally I was taught the major lesson "watch what people do not what they say" and I s ...…
It's funny how easy it is to be distracted when someone shows us something "new".....but it is so important to keep on task of what we have set out to do...I hope these steps can help to do just that! If you haven't had the opportunity to hear last week's podcast from my partner Chad Schapiro, please stop and listen asap...So powerful of "who t ...…
Many times as leaders we can become so focused about the vision in our minds and hearts that we don't connect well with those we are leading. The key is to keep in mind their goals and ambitions. How do they connect to the vision that is in your heart to create a shared vision.
Personal growth is fundamental in the making and improving of a leader. It requires adapting several foundational areas that are building blocks to others. Those components include being teachable, consistency, perseverance, patience, and self-motivation. Let’s dive into those five essential basics of personal growth with host Chad Schapiro.…
The quarterback position in football is so similar to the leader position within an organization. Bruce Feldman just came out with a great book titled,"Then QB: The Making Of The Modern Quarterbacks". Enjoy this podcast as we take key lessons on how it applies to us as leaders.
Mornings are the most crucial part of our day. And how we begin them sets the tone for the rest of the day. Next Level Leaders know this truth and mentally prepare themselves when they get up to make sure they have the best day possible!
Most of our motivation will come from consistent focus on our long term character. However, research does show that there are some short term things we can start doing right now that can increase it immediately. In this episode Chad Schapiro goes through 5 tricks that can boost our motivation immediately.…
Leading change starts with a compelling leadership vision for change. Leaders at all levels need to inspire people to change in order to overcome significant challenges and achieve important goals. In today's show Chad Schapiro will cover 7 keys for a strong vision for change! Subscribe to our podcast and blog to get free leadership training ti ...…
Oh my gosh! We have all heard that, right? but isn't it true? How many of us have been guilty of losing sleep over things that never even happened....Oh my, me too....I hope this podcast can help remind us of the importance of not sweating the small stuff. I hope you enjoy! Subscribe to the blog to get free leadership tips and videos from Lead ...…
We've all heard of the jack of all trades master of none! Well...that is such a crucial concept when leading forward. We need to bring every resource possible, the time, money, energy, etc...towards the vision at hand. As leaders the more focused we get then we model that for others to focus on the task at hand as well. Today's podcast will tal ...…
This weeks host Chad Schapiro discusses The Leading Leaders Cycle. Whatever we were put in place to lead involves other people. That goes without saying typically because the leader with no people going after a vision or purpose is by themselves and not a leader at that point. The key is that when we do start leading these leaders we understand ...…
One of the life changing lessons I learned on this journey is that most overestimate where they will be in one year but underestimate where they could be in ten! Whether it's moving in to a new house, working out at the gym, or starting an organization we often get hit with a ton of extra expenses at the beginning that were not planned for at a ...…
Chad Schapiro discusses the tug of war we face in our busy lives. Not the original tug of war that we are use to playing with a rope and trying to pull one side of people across the line but rather a tug of war in the mind and our actions. We have to commit to doing more of certain things and less of others so we can win in our daily lives! Lis ...…
Chad Schapiro covers a topic that is personal and up close after the passing of his Grandfather-in-law. Learn how the power in committment, not quitting and sticking with it is not only important in our leadership development but our home life as well. Enrique Mendoza was married to Esther Mendoza for 60 years. Listen to a part of their inspiri ...…
In today's podcast our host and international trainer Chad Schapiro covers 7 Leadership keys! These keys are essential for our growth as a leader and crucial to unlocking our fullest potential. 7 LEADERSHIP KEYS: Let go of your ego. Be a good follower. Build positive relationships. Work with excellence. Rely on discipline not emotion. Focus on ...…
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