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The Food Chain
The Food Chain examines the business, science and cultural significance of food, and what it takes to put food on your plate.
Warmachine and Hordes Battle Reports
Chain Attack
Warmachine and Hordes list theory, battle reports, and caster analysis.
Supply Chain Radio
Tune in to conversations with GT Nexus on cloud technology, collaborative networks, and supply chain innovation with insights from the industry's most well-versed professionals. Topics will include supply chain visibility, finance, transportation and logistics, B2B networks, data quality, planning & execution, and global commerce best practices.
The Doberman Dan Show is where top performing entrepreneurs share their lessons and secrets for prosperity, financial independence, time freedom and building a lifestyle-driven business.
The Square One Supply Chain Podcast is to help business and professionals make better decisions when moving their goods across Canada and beyond.
Supply Chain Secrets
More Supply Chain Secrets from Rob O'Byrne to help you in your organization and career. Each episode is a bitesize length of helpful Supply Chain and Logistics podcasts with tips and insights from Industry leading Professionals.
A podcast about BDSM, Kink and Relationships. Featuring Rope_Squirrel. Interviews, news and various other things from the BDSM and Kink worlds.
Have you struggled as an entrepreneur? I have. I think we are a different breed, we work for a vision that not everyone understands; sometimes that can be a lonely journey. I have been a teacher, personal trainer and finally found my place in marketing. I enjoy helping people reach the level that they believe they can, because I believe they can get there. Through this blog, and my podcast, Create Your Own Life, I seek to help you build the business and the life that you dream of. Dream big. ...
Hall-of-Fame basketball player Rebecca Lobo and carbon-based life form Steve Rushin discuss marriage and other incendiary issues in the finished half of their basement
Teaching the ABCs of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Decentralized Technologies
Host Dan Singer welcomes special guests for discussion about the important and helpful information for all Supply Chain Associates.
Neal and Nathan guide you through the world of Blockchain, helping you understand Bitcoin, Ethereum, an ICO and all the exciting Crypto projects people are starting.
Talk Chain
Matt and Rob get into the latest in the cryptocurrency markets
The Food Chain is an audience-interactive newstalk radio program that airs live on Saturdays from 9am to 10am Pacific time. The Food Chain, which has been named the Ag/News Show of the Year by California's legislature, is hosted by Michael Olson, author of the Ben Franklin Book of the Year award-winning MetroFarm, a 576-page guide to metropolitan agriculture.
Off The Chain
Since I am an author I will be discussing my books. I will also load up the shows with other authors, artists, and a menagerie of characters. Because of who I am one will never know what the show will bring. It keeps the suspense alive. You see I am not only an author, I am a person of action, whether it is an injustice that needs righting, education of the masses, or other off the chain subjects. I believe in discourse, but I do not believe in bashing. So all shows will be with respect - bu ...
Straight Talk about all things Supply Chain with Lora Cecere of Supply Chain Insights LLC. Supply Chain Insights is focused on delivering independent, actionable and objective advice for supply chain leaders. A company dedicated to research, turn to us when you want the latest insights on supply chain trends, technologies to know and metrics that matter.
Supply Chain and Logistics Management
All Things Women's Disc Golf
A podcast of three dudes (most of the time) hanging out and recording it.
My job is to connect you with global experts, thought leaders and executives in all things supply chain. I will do my best to pick their brain on Supply Chain and Logistics leading edge technologies, leadership stories and personal success habits.Stay tuned for more episodes here: I am most active on linkedin so please do connect with me here:
Jeremiah Mitchell, Andre Palm, and Jeremiah Harding discuss philosophy, news, and sometimes the weather.
Off The Chain
Off The Chain is a podcast for people interested in Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain technology and new fields in Crytoeconomics.Right now it is the place to listen to talks and interviews with the thought leaders and evangelists of the technology, from both archives and recent presentations.
Helping Small Businesses Tame the Wild West of Supply Chain Management
Podcast by powered by APICS Atlanta
Living our lives to our fullest potential, finding our happiness, and reveling in our uniqueness,
The Chain Reaction project is a series of stories written in response to each other. A story is passed to the next writer in the chain, and they respond to it with another story, as loosely or as closely as they wish. Their story is then passed onto the next writer, and so it continues.Produced by Lydia Thomson
Chained No More
Are you struggling with the issues of trust, abandonment, betrayal, insignificance or fear? Are you living in the ashes of broken relationships? Are you barely surviving as a step-parent or a single parent and feel like you are drowning? Maybe you are a pastor. ministry leader, or counselor and looking for some quality resources. Welcome to "Chained No More"; a radio show that will bring dynamic experts from many different sources to help sort out life's most difficult issues, give you helpf ...
The podcast about chain restaurants. Comedians Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger review fast food/sit-down chains and generally argue about food/everything.
The Chain Breakers
Breaking the invisible chains that hold you back, debt, money and mindset. helping you identify and break the invisible chains holding you back.
Chain Reaction
Blockchain is a really heady topic. It’s abstract and requires mental gymnastics just to begin to see the bigger picture. In each episode, we’ll talk about blockchain and decentralized blockchain apps (or DApps) through the lens of some of our world's biggest problems. Brought to you by Very. Learn more at
Giving all the Honor and Glory to God for Life.Through constant Prayer and support Young Adults Talk will "Leave a Mark that Can't be Erased by Breaking the chains of Silence". As Head of this Ministry The Chain Breaker, I ask that you join us all over this world as God set his people on high through Christ Jesus, it's time Saints, let's come together. We at YAT ask that you join us, Let All Souls Unite and Pray which is asked of us by God in 2 Chronicles 7;14. So we ask for you to Let All S ...
Denis and Katie interview inspiring people on topics around debt, wealth, investing, financing and more. Building wealth is a fundamental principle where there is not enough knowledge - follow them on their journey to pay back all Katie's debt and learn from the masters themselves! Episodes Monday & Thursday, which are perfect for your commute, teach you actionable ways to build your financial life and achieve your dreams. During the episodes, we touch on questions that unlock thought leader ...
More Than a Chain
Podcast by Duncan Bhaskaran Brown
Gold Chain Gamers
Sincere and Curtgz together as The Fresh Gamerz bring you the latest and greatest in the gaming industry and community through hilarity, informative opinions, and raw debates. Join us as we cruise through these gaming streets and enjoy the ride.
Supply Chain Vodcast by Professor Richard Wilding - Introducing the concepts of Logistics & Supply Chain Management.
Neal and Nathan guide you through the world of Blockchain, helping you understand Bitcoin, Ethereum, an ICO and all the exciting Crypto projects people are starting.
A Podcast for healthcare supply chain managers, value analysis professional and anyone who manages a supply budget or cost management initiatives in a healthcare organization today. Robert T. Yokl, President & Chief Value Strategist will share (with special guests) his over 35 years of healthcare supply chain operation, consulting and training in the latest strategies in Cost Management, Cost Avoidance and Reducing Overall Supply Chain Spend While Dramatically Improving Quality and Customer ...
As a young Jewish teenage boy, Henry Oertelt lived with his mother and brother in Berlin, Germany as the storm clouds of Hitler’s Nazi hatred, discrimination and violence toward Jews grew darker. Henry avoided arrest by the Gestapo until 1943, when at age 22 he began his amazing saga of surviving five Nazi concentration camps. His story of the 18 cliff-hanging events which led to his Nazi death camp survival is told in his book, An Unbroken Chain.In a world premiere podcast here at KVSC, Dr. ...
Discussing a large variety of topics: music & fashion, sports, movies, and who to keep an eye on.
Chain of Command
An Infinity podcast focused on tournament play, rules, and big personalities.
Healthcare Supply Chain Radio is brought to you by The Journal of Healthcare Contracting. Join us each week as Publisher John Pritchard is joined by a thought leader from the US Healthcare Supply Chain. Healthcare Supply Chain Radio will explore progressive tactics, models and collaborations seen in today’s Healthcare Supply Chain. You can expect to hear from leaders from our nation’s most progressive IDNs, Hospitals, GPOs, Distributors and Regional Collaboratives. The stakes have never been ...
If you are interested in learning more about the blockchain industry and want to hear from some of the biggest thought leaders in the space, this is the podcast for you. Hosted by R3's Catherine Rutter, you will hear from a plethora of guests in the blockchain world. The first few episodes star appearances with Mike Hearn, Colin Platt, and CommodDT co-founders.Be sure to subscribe and rate the podcast!
This is the story of Charles Ball, an American slave who was born in 1780 and remained a slave for fifty years thereafter. Ball told his story to a lawyer who turned it into this written work. (Summary by Tom Causby)
Have you struggled as an entrepreneur? I have. I think we are a different breed, we work for a vision that not everyone understands; sometimes that can be a lonely journey. Join Ash Sobhe as he gives you the steps and skills that successful entrepreneurs, business people and artists applied to create life on their terms. Are you ready for the ride?
Chain Reactions
somanymusic's podcast
Welcome to Supply Chain Professor, where amazing things happen.
Teaching techniques to the 70% of Americans who are in debt how to climb out of that debt by reprogramming their thought process and giving them the foundation to stay out of debt and climb to economic success.
Makers of Chains
A podcast using WYSIWYG conversation, humor, and culture to talk about blockchain technology with those making and championing in the industry.
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C/Life Orlando is the Orlando Campus of Calvary Christian Center in Ormond Beach, FL. We meet at Chain of Lakes Middle School, 8700 Conroy Windermere Road, Orlando FL. Find us online at or on Social Media, search @Clifeorlando
A new MP3 sermon from Sovereign Grace Reformed Church is now available on with the following details: Title: God’s Golden Chain Of Salvation Subtitle: Romans Speaker: Kent Harding Broadcaster: Sovereign Grace Reformed Church Event: Sunday - AM Date: 4/22/2018 Length: 37 min.
Hello, and welcome to another episode of Macintosh & Maud Haven't Seen What?! This week, Macintosh and Maud are wearing their flannel and combat boots as they dive in to the early-90's grunge scene! If only the plot and characters and overall vibe of the movie had worked just a little bit better. Enjoy our review of Cameron Crowe's 1992 love le ...…
Price-conscious students are demanding a return on their college investment. On the next episode of On Campus Radio, we visit a public college in Indiana that's buying a for-profit college chain to offer a more affordable degree online. Plus, a look at one private school south of Boston trying to stay viable.…
Scripture: Luke 20:34-38, John 5:25-29, Revelation 20:1-10 (Read from ESV) Preacher: Rev. David Inks Sermon Outline: Introduction I. Pre-Mill View of the Resurrection II. A-Mill View of the Resurrection III. Comfort of the Intermediate State Conclusion Sermon Video: Scripture Reading: Luke 20:34-38 King James Versio ...…
Episode Notes In this episode of The Secondhand Podcast, Bert Jerred talks about vintage electronic keyboards. When, how, and why did they come about? How do they represent cultural change in the realm of music-making? The Emergence of the Electronic Keyboard In a 2010 article in Music Trades called, “A Century of Premature Eulogies for the Pia ...…
Table of Nonsense: Intro: Austin Powers 1:30 – Chris wants to know if you can offset the neon pee coloring effects of asparagus by drinking a gallon of water beforehand. 4:00 - John is ready for the spring time and sauter wants to slaughter mother nature 7:50 - Chris is the mussolini of mosquitos and burns their children with bleach 13:50 – Joh ...…
Two weeks ago the show was about Blockchain Security, this week I will be talking about various tools available for some blockchain platforms.Basic blockchain architecture as it pertains to block creation and consensus mechanisms is very sound. The algorithms used to accomplish the cryptographic functions might be questionable. Hence special co ...…
Mark 5120 ESV 5 They came to the other side of the sea to the country of the Gerasenes 2 And when Jesus had stepped out of the boat immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit 3 He lived among the tombs And no one could bind him anymore not even with a chain 4 for he had often been bound with shackles and chains but ...…
This week the 'Spudking' - Tony Galati joins Tim McMillan on Inspiring Stories to chat about his growth as a businessman running and operating a chain of Spudsehd stores, his family, and his ongoing battle with the Potato Marketing Corporation.
This second half covers Alice in Chains. Ryan really did a great job of making the case and also related very personal stories about how Alice in Chains impacted him starting at the age of 14 and continuing up through the present day. He even uses the band and the songs to relate to his children's lives.Telestrion - Blazing in the Sky available ...…
Today’s special guest is Stryper’s Michael Sweet. Let’s a second to talk about Walmart and commas. Stryper’s God Damn Evil is banned from Walmart stores. Why? Because of a comma From an article on found HERE “Expressing concerns over the album title, leading national retail chain Walmart has refused to carry chart-topping rock b ...…
And the award for most accusatory "Millennials are Killing" headlines goes to...the Chain Restaurant Industry! Congratulations!To be fair, millennials aren't accused of killing all chain restaurants. Millennials are accused of killing moderatly-priced, sit-down, chain restuarants, like Applebee's, Chili's, Buffalo Wild Wings, but NOT Chiptole, ...…
We don't waste much time in this one on the intro before getting right in to it with not one but two guests and both of them were advocating for separate sides of the question. It was such a good conversation that it went over two hours so this is part one and covers just the Pearl Jam portion.Samford's band Telestrion's new is available here: ...…
Verse 30 of Romans chapter 8 says, "Moreover whom He predestined, these He also called; whom He called, these He also justified; and whom He justified, these He also glorified." In our last study we looked at the subject of predestination. Pastor John explained that God predetermines what He is going to do with those whom He elects. God is in t ...…
Show Highlights Picking a location is stressful and time consuming, but it can still be one of the most fun parts of starting a float center. Graham and Ashkahn examine what to look for in a new center and how to go about the search. Along with all this, they explain some of the nuances you want to discuss with your landlord when drafting your ...…
This is the third message in the "Jesus Off The Chain" series.
On today's episode, your favorite people named Phil and David regret not getting into Garry Shandling sooner, vent about succumbing to vices and ...crying? Outro song: 5446/Ball and Chain by Sublime
Welcome to The Poetry Exchange.We have conversations with individuals about a poem that has been a friend to them. In exchange we make them a gift: a unique recording of their chosen poem, inspired by the conversation and their thoughts and feelings about the poem.The Poetry Exchange takes place in a range of venues and settings, featuring publ ...…
To listen to this weeks podcast, click on the arrow. this weeks show I interview Amanda Koone, Director of Communications for the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Fredericksburg, Texas. This Texas Hill Country town settled by Germans in the mid 1840's offers ...…
Auston English joins us for Episode 25.
C/Life Orlando is the Orlando Campus of Calvary Christian Center in Ormond Beach, FL. We meet at Chain of Lakes Middle School, 8700 Conroy Windermere Road, Orlando FL. Find us online at or on Social Media, search @Clifeorlando
This week's episode of Analytics Neat starts with a look at the newest GDPR-related features from Google. We will also do a walkthrough of two updates from Celebrus that caught my attention, including a very cool integration with Adobe Analytics. Finally, we'll tie it all together with a concept I coined as the "data chain of custody" problem i ...…
C/Life Orlando is the Orlando Campus of Calvary Christian Center in Ormond Beach, FL. We meet at Chain of Lakes Middle School, 8700 Conroy Windermere Road, Orlando FL. Find us online at or on Social Media, search @Clifeorlando
Original Show Notes: Become Richer with Matt Lane Matt Lane is a the author of the blog, Optimize Your Life. As a part time blogger, and full time attorney, husband and new father, Matt’s goal is to help people learn that the purpose of money is to allow us to live a happier life, so we need to focus on the big picture of how to build that happ ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Kingston Free Presbyterian Church is now available on with the following details: Title: The Golden Chain of Redemption Subtitle: ROMANS - The Reformation Spark Speaker: Rev. Ralph Hall Broadcaster: Kingston Free Presbyterian Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 4/15/2018 Bible: Romans 8:29,30 Length: 44 min.…
The BEST Independent Music from around the world: EDM, Hip Hop, Indie Rock, Indie Pop, R & B, Rap, Reggae, Jazz & more...Hosted by DTongAdvertising & Sponsorship: Song Play & Promotion: TO YOU BY:Windsor Watches - A new concept of luxury elegance Dude Weekly Podc ...…
This Week Christian and Gerard talk about#Changethechannel #MrRogers, #ToysRUs, #JossWhedon talks about #JusticeLeague, #KBToys coming back and much more.Follow Us:Facebook: https://t ...…
All evil is the same in the eyes of the lord. I don't think the bible said that but it should. I never understood that more than when I do now and I'm not even religious. Basically what this means is that while there are varying degrees of evil, for example killing someone vs. just punching them, they are essentially both are you not doing what ...…
The basic idea of bitcoin is simple: Instead of a financial institution holding a bank ledger, a chain of computers linked through the internet are all using the same software to record and verify every transaction. But how can a cryptocurrency be worth anything in the first place? Economics correspondent Paul Solman reports.…
As artists we are constantly struggling to find our way. It's really easier than we think though. This podcast covers the different traits you need to embody to become a well rounded artist. Committing to the process and enjoying that process. They constantly create & stay committed to the process - All great artists constantly make art in an e ...…
Stories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @aprn Listen now Former climate official says details surrounding his reassignment look “damning” for Trump admin Elizabeth Jenkins, Alaska’s Energy Desk – Juneau A new federal repo ...…
Would you rather be a slave or a son? The legalism of the Law keeps us in a state of slavery. But Jesus came to redeem us from the Law and set us free. Discover how to break the chains of slavery and live in the joy of sonship. Its Slaves versus Sons in this message from Pastor Jeff Schreves comprehensive study of the book of Galatians called D ...…
The linkages between environmental health and human well-being are complex and dynamic, and researchers have developed numerous models for describing them. The models include attempts to bridge traditional academic boundaries, uniting fields of study under rubrics such as social–ecological frameworks, coupled human and natural systems, ecosyste ...…
SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - Dazzle (Hayaena) 1984DANSE SOCIETY - Somewhere (Heaven Is Waiting) 1984PLAY DEAD - Sacrosanct (Company of Justice) 1985THE DAMNED - Eloise (12" single) 1986THE CURE - Other Voices (Singles) 1980BAUHAUS - Kick In The Eye (Mask) 1981GANG OF FOUR - A Hole in the Wallet (Solid Gold) 1981ARMS OF SOMEONE NEW - Hollywood (Pro ...…
Show Notes Episode #3 Who’s Yer Con 2018 Ben Rosset Between Two Cities Between Two Cities Capitols Expansion HomeBrewers Planet 9 Play to Win Colossal Games Imperius Kami-sama AEG Edge of Darkness Aeon’s End Calimala Pixie Queen Escape Room Terraforming Mars: Hellas & Elysium Anderson Public Library Game Nights Love Letter The Castles of Burgun ...…
Episode 24.www.topofthedudechain.com
Cody and Nash talk Religion, casting fear aside to transition, and finding their own happiness (and beliefs!). Cody recounts his childhood in a cult-like religious environment while Nash shares the surprising non-homophobic beliefs of his Armenian Church. Cody shares how he broke free of the religious chains and found his own path to a God that ...…
Playlist: Kellarissa - Black Sea Bella - Give It A Night Summer Camp - Horizon Weird War - I Live In A Dream Vancougar - Distance The Dudes - Ain't Nobody David Candy - Bad Bad Boy The Magnetic Fields - Love Goes Home To Paris In The Spring The Choir Practice - Red Fox Chain & The Gang - Music's Not For Everyone The Magnolia Electric Co. - Fare ...…
It’s our first Listicle episode! Last year was a formative year of gaming for us; we played loads of new games and filled in our collection from the gaming gap brought on by graduate school and having babies. Even though it’s already April, we discuss our favorite “new to us” board games of 2017. It was hard to choose! SPOILERS below! . . . . . ...…
howard's butthole.foon chain.cheesesteak for the weedies.koolaid eric.strap up pussy.go ruck challenge.poopball gun.tad of chad.honky chop woman.sympathy for the pubey bandit.caffanino.full lovitz.second patt.matt is still charlie's favorite.ubi favorite is still mike.mediocre fun pac.go get in on the shirt preorder at mediocresho ...…
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