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The words you choose are as important as the way in which you deliver them. We know that tone is all important but word selection cannot be ignored. The words we choose evoke a cognitive and emotional response. Our job as communicators is to send a message as accurately as possible to achieve a desired result. The old saying 'Sticks and stones ...…
Desiree Luethy and Chanti Niven speak about how to help kids confront their fears to become confident speakers. How to encourage open communication at home and provide encouragement so that your child has the best chance at success.
We all want our kids to be confident and learn how to speak well. Chanti Niven and Desiree Luethy run the Captivating Kids program to help kids achieve their full potential and during this show we will be discussing ways in which to raise a confident child to become a confident and successful adult. Model the behavior you wish to see you in you ...…
Monday on Accent ON! host ILONA EUROPA had a pleasure to invite to our studio two powerful and beautiful ladies: CHANTI NIVEN and DESIREE LUETHY ChantiNiven.comPlease check our facebook page for more info and "LIKE US" LUETHY is the Chief Operating Officer and trainer for the Captivating Speakers and Captivati ...…
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