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ACS Chemical Biology publishes free Podcasts highlighting articles and news pieces published in the journal and discussing the latest activities on its community web site. These include interviews with our authors, editorial board members, editors and science writers.
Principles of Chemical Science (2008)
The Chemical Brothers are a British electronic music duo composed of Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons originating in Manchester in 1989. Along with The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, The Crystal Method, and fellow acts, they were pioneers at bringing the big beat genre to the forefront of pop culture. In the UK, they have had five number one albums and 13 top 20 singles, including two number ones. The duo have won a number of awards throughout their career, including four Grammy Awards—twice for Best Elect ...
The Chemical Engineer's recent posts to
Podcasting about issues that impact the global chemical industry.
2 brothers talk about the differences between being single and living the dad life. While also enjoying an alcoholic beverage, or two.
Chemical & Engineering News Webinars are thought provoking hour long presentations that support C&EN's mission to provide news and analysis of the chemistry enterprise in a timely, accurate, and balanced fashion. The webinars cover new developments in technology in the chemical, pharmaceutical, life science, and instrumentation industries.
Hi there. Do you like My Chemical Romance? Do you like to laugh at the funny things they do? Are you tired of hearing people gush about how hot [insert member] is? Well then, you've come to the right place. :)**Note: This is a comedy podcast, all jokes are to be humorous & not taken seriously. Have a sense of humor, like the band does.**
Published in 1911 as part of the "Harper's Library of Living Thought," this volume presents an introduction to the chemistry of cells in the context of plant physiology and gives an interesting overview of the field of biochemistry and related sciences at the time. The author, Frederick Czapek, was a Czech botanist and professor of Plant Physiology at the University of Prague. He is perhaps best known for his two-volume work on Plant Physiology, "Biochemie der Pflanzen" and for Czapek soluti ...
Chemical DJ
Le Podcast Officiel de Chemical DJ. Des Mixs 100% electro - house.
Chemical Glossary
The main terms that are discussed in an introductory chemistry module regarind atoms, molecules, molecular shape, structure and bonding are explained.
A weekly tour of the periodic table, from Chemistry World, the magazine of the Royal Society of Chemistry.
Official Weekly Podcast from Paul Oakenfold
NEWEST UPDATE as of April 2018: Love Science Elements? We’ve got a special treat for all of you loyal fans, because we’re transforming the podcast into something new and very exciting. So stay tuned for more details!
Modern chillout podcast of Cardinal Zen
Analytical Chemistry is a peer-reviewed research journal that explores the latest concepts in analytical measurements and the best new ways to increase accuracy, selectivity, sensitivity, and reproducibility.
The Chemical History of a Candle is a series of 6 lectures on chemistry presented to a juvenile audience in 1848. Taught by Michael Faraday - a chemist and physist, and regarded as the best experimentalist in the history of science - it is probably the most famous of the Christmas Lectures of the Royal Society. Taking the everyday burning of a candle as a starting point, Faraday spans the arc from combustion and its products, via the components of water and air (oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, c ...
Taking inspiration from trees, scientists have developed a battery made from a sliver of wood coated with tin that shows promise for becoming a tiny, long-lasting, efficient and environmentally friendly energy source. Their report on the device — 1,000 times thinner than a sheet of paper — appears in the journal Nano Letters.
The audio magazine of WACKER shows the many exciting roles chemistry plays in everyday life. Each instalment will give you interesting insights into how chemistry ensures perfectly functioning products in all areas of life. Whether it is drugs, computers, cleaning agents, clothing or toys - WACKER products play a vital role almost everywhere.
A science podcast from Chemical and Engineering News featuring fascinating, weird and otherwise interesting chemistry topics from the American Chemical Society's flagship news publication.
Keeping bees without treatments, chemicals or pesticides.
A weekly tour of the periodic table, from Chemistry World, the magazine of the Royal Society of Chemistry.
The latest petrochemical market news and analysis from the ICIS Americas team.
The World's first podcast for the global chemicals industry brought to you by ICIS. That's some of the most seasoned of 100 professional journalists and reporters who cover the industry for ICIS Chemical Business magazine (incorporating European Chemical News and Asian Chemical News) and ICISnews. For more information on these subscription products check out
Joe Kamalick ICIS Americas Chief Correspondent gives his take on developments in Washington DC.
Exploring The Well
Blake, Scott, and Matt Host and Talk of Scientific Issues, Breakthroughs, and News. One a Physicist and Aerospace Engineer, one with a Ph. D in Chemical Engineering, and one Science Lover in The Film Industry. Science Talk With No Limits
Junior Chemistry
Episode 27:the Barrens, the Fiery Furnaces, the Vaselines, Soundgarden, Jonathan Fire Eater, Interpol, Nat Brower and the Power, Mudhoney, My Chemical Romance, Pearl Jam, A1 People, Dr. Skinnybones, Joy Sisters, Highway Gimps, Second Hand Coke, R.E.M., Nina Hagen, I Fight Dragons, MUSE, Weezer, Mazzy Star, Windmill, XTC, A Black Tie Affair, Daughtry, DJ Deadfish, Ace of Base, Slayer, Early Man, MAME, Rabato, Smashing Pumpkins, Thinktankok, VHS or Beta, Rival Schools, Scharling, Morning Fuzz, ...
Podcast by slow chemical offers information, history, and insight for CBRN (Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapons) professionals. Our Podcasts discuss the history of CBRN and the CBRN Profession.
This podcast contains all of the audio features that appear on the JACS Beta website (
A close look at chemical elements, the basic building blocks of the universe. Where do we get them, what do we use them for and how do they fit into our economy?
The Council On Chemical Abuse (COCA) is the single County Authority (SCA) for Berks County and in that capacity, is responsible for the planning, implementing, and evaluating Berks County's drug and alcohol services supported by public funding.
Presenting Audio Interviews with Federal, State and Local Homeland Security and Preparedness Professionals.
The Dawn Farm Education Series is a FREE, annual workshop series developed to provide accurate, helpful, hopeful, practical, current information about chemical dependency, recovery, family and related issues; and to dispel the myths, misinformation, secrecy, shame and stigma that prevent chemically dependent individuals and their families from getting help and getting well.
Green Living: organic food, green homes, environmental protection, green health, cutting-edge research -- just some of the exciting topics Diane explores. Diane is an Integrative Intuitive Counselor, Author, and Speaker. Her new book, "Intuition for Beginners" will be published April 2013 and she's the author of "Invisible Blueprints" and contributing author to "The Long Way Around" and "Speaking Out." Born and raised in New Orleans, Diane has an A. B. in French from Duke University and did ...
Agent Orange Legacy is fighting for the services, support and rights of the children of Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange - Dioxin and their families.
Heal yourself with boosting the immune system, learn to understand what is lymphatic therapy and how it can help you improve your health
Validating DeSantis
A discussion for biotech and pharmaceutical engineering professionals
Sudden Depth
A profoundly superficial conversation about trends in society, culture, and politics.
Prized Science
The American Chemical Society (ACS) gives more than 60 national awards to honor accomplishments in chemistry and service to chemistry. Prized Science strives to give people who may have no special scientific knowledge, the opportunity to watch, listen, and discover how the chemistry behind ACS’ awards transforms life for the better.
RMIT teaching programs include the following disciplines:Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing EngineeringCivil, Environmental and Chemical EngineeringElectrical and Computer Engineering
A detective story so hard-boiled it's cracked. This serialized audio play by Jared Jeffries follows the adventures of private investigator Spencer Marx through the twisted maze of Alphabet Town.
Dec Vs Food
Podcast by Chemical Physiques
Myers Detox
Wendy Myers, FDN-P, CHHC, reveals cutting edge science-backed tips on detoxification, modern paleo diet, weight loss, supplements, natural healing, and more. Her favorite topics is how toxic metals and chemicals create fatigue, brain fog and disease. Visit her site Free yourself from fatigue and brain fog with her Myers Detox Protocol at
Your weekly internet oddity show
The video science podcasts from Bayer turn the spotlight on research and knowledge. Our approximately 5-minute reports outline how Bayer is conducting research into new therapeutic options to treat cancer and multiple sclerosis, what’s special about carbon nanotubes and the contribution that Bayer makes to safeguarding harvests. High-quality 3D animations help to make these topics more easily understood.
Welcome to A Super Smiley Adventure with Megan Blake, The Pet Lifestyle Coach® In living with dogs, cats and horses, one thing I’ve learned is that if we are open to it, animals will lead us on amazing adventures. Whether it’s Super Smiley, my giant mutt, hiking and camping across New England and inspiring an entire Flash Mob Dance Campaign; Tout Suite The Travel Kitty traveling with me to Pet Friendly Resorts; or Starfire, our beautiful Arabian, leading me on inner journeys of self-discover ...
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Peter Schiff was interviewed by the Health Ranger for the new InfoWars show called "Counterthink." See episodes at NaturalNews videos would not be possible without you, as always we remain passionately dedicated to our mission of educating people all over the world on the subject of natural healing remedies and personal ...…
01. Luca Debonaire - Reach Out To Me02. Marnik, Blazars - King In The North03. Oliver Heldens, Shaun Frank - Shades Of Grey04. Freejak, Perfecto Allstarz - Reach Up05. Kronic, Far East Movement, Savage - Push (Styline Remix)06. Sean Finn - San Salvador07. Otto Knows, Avicii, Andi Vax - Back Where I Belong08. StadiumX, Going Deeper, MC Flipside ...…
Fifty years ago this week, student protesters threw Columbia University into turmoil. Hundreds of students took over several campus buildings in protest of the university's proposed construction of a gymnasium in a public park and its links to the Vietnam War. The students refused to leave until the university agreed to their demands. By the ti ...…
Check out the new website: NaturalNews videos would not be possible without you, as always we remain passionately dedicated to our mission of educating people all over the world on the subject of natural healing remedies and personal liberty (food freedom, medical freedom, the freedom of speech, etc.). Together, we’re hel ...…
THE SYRIAN CRISIS. Host Bruce Franchi sits down to discuss the origins of the conflict in Syria and the experience of the millions of refugees that have fled their homes. If you would like to contribute to the refugees in some way, here are some great options: Karam Foundation: providing aid to the people recent ...…
Episode 26 focuses on the missile strikes launched against Syria by the United States, the United Kingdom and France in response to the suspected chemical weapons attack in the Syrian city of Douma.I provide opinions and commentary on how the West has dealt with Syria since the civil war began, particularly U.S. involvement.I assess the ramific ...…
Sessions Fires It Up & North Korea - "Yes, it will be investigated," AG Jeff Sessions surprised the establishment with the news that the Justice Department will investigate potential abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). Inspector General Horowitz issued a criminal referral of the previous number two man at the FBI, Andrew ...…
Sundial's guests for Wednesday, April 18: Cuba's Raul Castro stepped down and the new leader of the communist island is Miguel Diaz-Canel . WLRN's Tim Padgett discusses what the new president means for U.S.-Cuba relations. Aileen Marty is a chemical weapons expert as well as a leading authority on contagious diseases. She shares her thoughts on ...…
Loveland… it sounds like a hippie amusement park doesn’t it? Well it’s not, it’s actually the last name of Dan Loveland, Tetra Health Center’s first guest on the Medical Marijuana Podcast. Dan is not only a patient of medical marijuana, he’s an incredibly informed, articulate, motivated and compassionate person. This week, he sat down with the ...…
Good morning, RVA! It's 50 °F, and serious wind is in the forecast again. Expect temperatures in the upper 60s to be tempered by Big Time Gusts. Water cooler Yesterday, I was confused by the compromise reached with House of Delegates Republicans to expand Medicaid that would lower subsidies to low-income customers while raising subsidies for mi ...…
Operating in international waters between Italy and Libya the SOS Méditerranée NGO rescue ship Aquarius, in partnership with Médecins Sans Frontières, has saved more than 27,000 people over the past two years. The MSF medical team on board the ship treats rescued people for dehydration, hypothermia and chemical burns to skin as a result of fuel ...…
We see the horrific use of chemical weapons in places like Syria and sometimes think, “It’s happening there, and it’s terrible, but it’s not happening here.” Without trying to incite irrational fear, Stephen suggests that such attacks could happen on U.S. soil. In this episode, he provides clear information about chemical warfare, as well as th ...…
Kirk Billingsley has been charmed by cider ever since he was a kid. Coming home from school he fondly remembers being mentored by his dad who had a barrel of sweet cider (non fermented apple juice) outside the family’s home in the same county of Highland where he still lives today. In 2015 he opened Big Fish Cider Company after making cider non ...…
Divide & Conquer: The Campaign To Stop Donald Trump's Re-election Episode #1252- The Pete Santilli Show with Pete Santilli & Deb Jordan - Tuesday April 17, 2018 Todays guest is Dan Bidondi Dan Bidondi is a freelance reporter living in the state of Rhode Island a career that spans over a decade. After the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, le ...…
Divide & Conquer: The Campaign To Stop Donald Trump's Re-election Episode #1252- The Pete Santilli Show with Pete Santilli & Deb Jordan - Tuesday April 17, 2018 Todays guest is Dan Bidondi Dan Bidondi is a freelance reporter living in the state of Rhode Island a career that spans over a decade. After the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, le ...…
On this politics day edition of River to River, host Ben Kieffer talks to Hans Hassell, assistant professor of politics at Cornell College and Jim McCormick, professor of political science at Iowa State University about this week's political developments. Stories include Paul Ryan’s planned retirement, the recent chemical attack on Syria, and M ...…
Pesticide drift during the 2017 growing was historic -- about 3.6 million acres of soybeans were damaged by the weed killer dicamba. The Environmental Protection Agency and several states have slapped on stricter guidelines for the 2018 growing season, but enough damage has been done that stakeholders across the industry are worried that we've ...…
Mitch talks about snowy weather in April 17th. He is also chats with Brian Beebe about Trump’s alliance with Fox News and why that could turn ugly…Also The Conspiracy talks about the Syrian Chemical attack as fake.
Fox News host Sean Hannity is defending his relationship with President Trump's fixer and personal lawyer. A judge forced Michael Cohen to reveal Hannity as one of his clients. We'll talk to Rikki Klieman about how the judge also denied Cohen's request to review material seized by the FBI. The president overrules advisers and scraps new sanctio ...…
"Space Clearing Your Home with Channelled Healing and Essential Oils".If you would like to find out more about how you can use these beautiful essential oils to support yourself and your family, just email and I would be happy to send you a sample or have a chat. Download my FREE Healing with Pure Essential Oils Guide at ...…
WHAT CHOICES ARE YOU MAKING TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE & RELATIONSHIPS? 1. Dr. Gary Null's natural approach to dealing with depression. 2. Are you willing to remove ALL toxicity from your life, including family and friends, foods and chemicals?3. What Sleeping With Married Men Taught Me. Listen to Beatty's response, featured in the New ...…
On todays segment of Dear Science with AUT's Allan Blackman, we talk about a Nazi warship during WW2 damaging the growth of Norweigan trees using chemical smokescreens. Allan takes us into the fascinating world of chemical recycling using enzymes, bacteria and some awesome science. And finally Will thinks its Einsteins birthday anniversary but ...…
We all know by now that Friday night President Trump gave the green light to the U.S. military to strike Syria, and hopefully that is all it will be. I hope they got the message Friday night that President Trump will not allow the chemical attacks to continue and they will stop it. However, my fear is that this is only the beginning and I’m hop ...…
Leo and Joe discuss the surprise weekend air strikes against Syrian military sites (:45) and the congressional reaction to President Donald Trump’s decision to use force in response to the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons (3:00). They also discuss what limits have and haven’t been placed on executive branch war powers (6:30) and the ...…
In an explosive interview, James Comey calls President Trump morally unfit to serve. Hours earlier, the president himself called Comey the worst FBI director in history and accused him of revealing classified information. The Trump administration is expected to announce new sanctions against Russia today after the weekend missile attacks on Syr ...…
This week on Low Carb Conversations with Leah Williamson NTP and Guests, Leah is out on the Farm as she chats with Farmer Rohan Morris from Gleneden Family Farms. Sit back and relax while Leah discusses the latest health news headlines with special guests. This week we have a special podcast direct from Gleneden Family Farm at Maryvale in Queen ...…
Comedian Joe Nehme @growupjoe joins the Two Dry Guys as their first official guest to talk about regulating brain chemicals and being an all around pillar of the community.
Syria & Chemical Weapons - The Pentagon says these strategic attacks have set back the Syrian chemical capabilities for years. President Trump declared “mission accomplished” after U.S. military forces carried out missile strikes with Britain and France against Syrian chemical-weapons facilities. Do we have proof that the Syrian government used ...…
Trump 'A perfectly executed strike last night. Thank you to France and the United Kingdom for their wisdom and the power of their fine Military. Could not have had a better result. Mission Accomplished!So proud of our great Military which will soon be, after the spending of billions of fully approved dollars, the finest that our Country has eve ...…
Matt and ChrisX discuss the bombing of Syria after the chemical attacks on its on people and The Cartel welcomes Alex Titus to the program.
The United States, Britain and France order airstrikes to target chemical weapon sites in Syria; a child refugee on Nauru has been allowed to travel to Australia for urgent medical treatment, and Sydney FC lift the Premiers Plate.
All evil is the same in the eyes of the lord. I don't think the bible said that but it should. I never understood that more than when I do now and I'm not even religious. Basically what this means is that while there are varying degrees of evil, for example killing someone vs. just punching them, they are essentially both are you not doing what ...…
Catherine Boullay, journalist and TV Producer in Paris, reports on the French position in relation to possible military action in Syria
Abs speaks to the US correspondent Adrian Brune We do not participate in Twitter diplomacy.” That’s what a Kremlin spokesman said yesterday after President Donald Trump tweeted that Russia should “get ready” for a U.S. missile strike on Syria in response to last week’s chemical attack in Douma. Though Trump later struck a conciliatory tone, sug ...…
The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has backed the UK's findings that Novichok was used to poison former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter on British soil.
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